20 Luxurious Things That Lewis Hamilton Spends His Money On

For those of you who don't know who Lewis Hamilton is, he's a British champion F1 driver for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team. He's won the World Championship four times in his time as a racer and he definitely has the paycheck to prove it. The amount of money this guy rakes in every year is actually mind-boggling.

I know that it's a dangerous job driving at hundreds of kilometres-per-hour and so you better be getting paid a lot to make it worth your while...but that danger pay, plus the sponsorship pay, plus the championship pay, plus the product-pushing pay...Hamilton is making more money in one year than I'll likely ever make in my entire lifetime.

He makes over 30 million pounds per year (being a British racer) which means he's making upwards of $50 million each year when you take in his pay and his promotional stuff. So, let's see how he spends his giant Scrooge-McDuck-style pile of money. From jets to cars, to women, to kid's dresses, he throws an awful lot of money around.

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20 $16.5 Million Bombardier 605 Challenger Jet

Alright. I have to be fair to Hamilton in this case. A $16.5 million jet is actually on the low end of what it typically costs for a...oh wait, that's right. That's meant to be 16.5 million pounds. So it's actually well over $20 million.

Don't get me wrong, it is a pretty sweet-looking jet. I would rather save myself the millions and just take the 1st class ticket in regular flights, but that's just me. But I guess if you have so many of your own places in all different parts of the world, it may be much easier to get out to each of them with your own private jet. I definitely don't know what that's like, especially since I've never even had my own place. Maybe one day I'll get some of that feeling, but I and most of you will be pretty far away from ever experiencing something like this.

19 $18 Million London Mansion

Let's break this down. This is kind of important, in terms of how one spends their money. So Hamilton gets a several million dollar private jet...then he gets an actually fairly tiny mansion in London that is only a couple of million dollars more than the jet. I'm not sure how that makes much sense.

Just hop on someone else's plane to get where you want to go and spend more money on sexy cars and women! I think that makes more sense. But when you're worth over $130 million I guess it doesn't really matter much to you how you blow your money. I'm sure there are many of you who wish you had so much money that you could just buy a jet, a bunch of homes, a bunch of cars, and a bunch of women. Well, keep dreaming or start driving.

18 '66 Shelby Cobra

The Mark III Cobra was a Shelby design with Ford that was done up in 1965. The new Cobra had surprisingly wide fenders and a nice big opening for the rad. Some Cobra 427s got the treat of being fitted with Ford's 428 engine. This car is simply meant for the road and not for racing. Which is not something you'd likely expect from Hamilton, but I guess he needs some time away from racing every once in a while.

A similar model to Lewis Hamilton’s was listed at auction not long ago and is expected to sell for around 1.2 or 1.6 million pounds. So, maybe pretty close to $2 million. And this isn't even the most expensive car that he owns. Which is just crazy. He's a lucky man, that's for sure.

17 Golden Andy Warhol Necklace

Andy Warhol did a piece called 'Cars, Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupe'. It is basically that classic Warhol look that you're probably most familiar seeing The Beatles in. The same image in different colours in a grid formation. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good shot of Hamilton wearing the necklace, but Hamilton has a small print version of the painting on a gold chain around his neck.

The original, full-size painting sold for over $2 million in 2007. Just imagine how much that golden Warhol necklace will be after Hamilton bites the dust! If the original print went for $2 million after being around for 20 years, then I think this necklace with both Warhol history, Mercedes history and Hamilton history may very well fetch the same amount or more.

16 Grenada Hotel

Lewis Hamilton's dad is originally from Grenada. For those of you who don't know, Grenada is an island chain. What does Hamilton have to do with the island other than it being where his dad is from? Well, it turns out that he has a piece of a hotel development that is over $30 million!

It looks like Hamilton just keeps opening up avenues for him to make even more money. And why not? Sure, he might be making millions every single year but if he's going to be spending millions every year as well, he better get some more promo deals and branch out into other businesses. I don't think it's likely that the hotel industry in Grenada is going to go belly-up anytime soon...unless the place gets hit with a hurricane like Puerto Rico did this past year.

15 Honda CRF 450 RX

If you're going near 400kmph when you do your day job...you're not likely going to be intimidated by something much slower like motocross. Sure, you're hitting big air and only have two wheels under you as opposed to having all the downforce and the four wheels of F1 cars, but motocross is nothing like F1. And maybe that's why Lewis Hamilton enjoys taking out his Honda CRF 450 RX whenever he gets the chance.

What I think is the best thing about that is that his Mercedes crew makes fun of him for it. I could see why simply from what I mentioned above about the greater danger simply from the speed of the car versus the bike. But hey, if Hamilton likes to spend money on a motocross bike and track for his offtime, then he probably deserves it.

14 New York Flat

He's got stakes in a hotel in Grenada and he has a multi-million dollar mansion in London... So, why not also have a flat in New York City? It makes perfect sense, doesn't it? If I had the money to have a place everywhere I went...I would too. I mean, it would be awesome not to have to pay for a hotel room everywhere I went.

That being said, I'd then have to worry about paying taxes on each and every place all the time. And then I won't be staying in ritzy hotel rooms as often. I think I would probably spend fewer millions on the hotel rooms than on the homes. But hey, Hamilton has the scratch to throw at it, so lucky him for hanging out with people like Kendall Jenner at his New York pad. I'm sure it is never a dull moment.

13 Ferrari LaFerrari

This just makes me drool. The Ferrari LaFerrari (or as they call it on Top Gear the Ferrari The Ferrari) is one of the prettiest little Ferraris to hit the market in the past decade. It is called the Ferrari The Ferrari to suggest that it is the definitive Ferrari. It is the highest selling car ever to hit auction.

The regular Ferrari The Ferrari sold at auction for $7 million. The Aperta version of the same Ferrari sold for $10 million just this past year! It is a serious car. And guess who has one...Of course, it is Lewis Hamilton! Originally, there were only 499 of these cars, but a 500th one was made specifically to be sold at auction. The "codename" for the Ferrari The Ferrari was F150. Now, for poorer people, this might confuse us because of the Ford F150...but typically someone who owns even an F150 Raptor isn't likely to have a Ferrari The Ferrari.

12 Monaco Apartment

So, let's keep a tally here...Lewis Hamilton has a multi-million dollar mansion in London. He has a multi-million dollar stake in a hotel development in Grenada. He has a flat in New York that surely cost at least a couple of million.

And now, he spends much of his downtime in his ritzy apartment in Monaco. And why not? He spends enough time racing in Monaco. He may as well have a sweet pad to go back and party at after he wins. I'm not sure why he has a pad in a high-rise apartment and not just a yacht to live out in the harbour, but there it is. Maybe he can handle break-neck speeds in an F1 car but not the rock of the waves in a boat. Oh, wait. There is that time that he lost the Grand Prix there and spent the rest of the day partying with Bella Hadid on a luxury yacht...

11 Mercedes AMG SLS Black

I have to be totally honest...this is my very favourite Mercedes-Benz ever! Well, I prefer the SLS hybrid (I just like this red colour better than the safety jacket colour of the electric SLS). Either way, this car is so revered in the industry that former Top Gear host once said of the SLS that it is "the greatest car in the world," noting that "it's more powerful than a Ferrari 458, just, it's a little bit louder than a Lamborghini, and it's way more fun than the 911RS GT Turbo 3S..." That's pretty incredible praise.

Now, to be fair to Hamilton here, this is actually one of the cheaper cars he's ever bought. Everything so far has been in the millions. This bad boy is actually on $500,000. Only half of a million. He either really liked the look, or he decided to be fairly frugal when he bought it.

10 NBA Finals

So, look...this might not seem like a big deal. Why would it really matter that Hamilton hung out with another super-rich athlete to watch the NBA finals? Well, it is because of the cost of the tickets.

I just want to give you a "for instance". A pair of tickets to the very same game that these two athletes are enjoying from courtside seats sold for $133,000. Now, I'm almost sure that these guys didn't spend that much on their tickets, but that should give you an idea that they definitely forked out a lot of dough in order to see the game from the seats they did. I'm thinking that they probably feel like these NBA tickets are no more than the cost of cover at a bar for someone who pays $10 or $15 to see some sh*tty indie band.

9 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 Replica

This...is...a...beautiful car! Oh, Eleanor. Well, not quite. You might be familiar with Eleanor from the Gone In 60 Seconds films (because remember that Nicolas Cage wasn't in the original).

Now, the issue with both Hamilton's version of Eleanor and the film remake's Eleanor is that they are both not technically the same car. Sure, Hamilton's is still a '67 Shelby GT500, but it is a CR version that uses all officially Shelby parts, but much of it is modern. The GT500 from the remake of 60 Seconds actually wasn't a '67 at all. But Lewis Hamilton likes to at least feel like he has a true bit of Eleanor. And I would like to think that too if I spent at least $200,000 on a car. Replica or not though, Hamilton has a beautiful car.

8 Disney Princess Dress

This is an interesting little story. At one point, Hamilton posted a video on social media about how he thought it was wrong for his nephew to be wearing a princess dress (which was a gift his nephew received from his parents on Christmas). Hamilton had a huge blowback from people all over social media giving him sh*t for shaming his nephew for wanting to wear a princess dress.

I get that Hamilton came from a family and a time where it was unusual for a boy or man to wear dresses, so I don't begrudge him his opinion. I'm sure some people reading this think it is weird. Either way, Wandering through Disneyland with his niece and nephew, we can see above that Hamilton changed his tune and he even bought his nephew a Rapunzel dress for him to wander about the amusement park in.

7 Maverick X3

Other than the dress for his little nephew, this little piece of machinery is probably the cheapest thing on this list of luxuries. The Maverick X3 ranges in price from $17,500 to $30,000. I think it's safe to assume that Hamilton paid out the bigger bucks to get something a little closer to the $30,000 mark.

It's not all that shocking that Hamilton would be interested in running a "mud monster" like this. He drives really fast for a living and then rides a motocross bike and a mudder in his off-time. Totally makes sense. And this pretty tiny piece of machine is actually turbocharged! That's pretty damn decent and I'm sure it packs a whopping punch for Hamilton to get a fun run out in the mud and down the dirt tracks to change up from his usual tarmac speed course.

6 McLaren P1

It's amazing the amount of money that Lewis Hamilton has spent on just cars alone. So many millions of dollars. It's kind of painful to think that I will never make enough money in my life to even get this gorgeous McLaren P1. I might make enough to eventually get a '67 Shelby, but not one of these.

They start at over $1 million but can go as far up as almost $3.5 million. I can't seem to say enough just how crazy it is that Hamilton makes so much bloody money just from driving around a track really fast. That being said, I wouldn't do that same job for that money because I know that I would end up in a flaming wreck and either dead or severely handicapped. So...good for him for being able to do that...I just don't know why they make so much. Why do we care so much?

5 Rita Ora And Several Other Models And Stars...

Alright, gents...be prepared to be a little envious perhaps. Now, it is no shock that an awful lot of money can buy an awful lot of things. I'm not going to say that all of the women Hamilton has been with were with him only because of the money (some of them have a comparable or higher paycheck than him) but...well, just look at the list. Danielle Lloyd, Jodia Ma, Lotta Hintsa, Vivian Burkhardt, Nicole ScherzingerRihanna, Rita Ora, Barbara Palvin, Winnie Harlow, and even Sofia Richie.

Sure, this is over the years (though the last few were pretty well one after the other) but it certainly shows there is a certain profile for Hamilton when it comes to dating. There isn't a single one of these women who doesn't have a decent name in their specific industries. I guess he doesn't go slumming. I imagine that costs quite a bit.

4 Maybach S600

Another damned expensive car...but this might actually be officially the cheapest car of the entire article. Or if not, it is only just on par with the '67 Shelby GT500CR. So, like everything else that Hamilton spends his money on, this might be cheaper than what he usually spends...but he's still spending more than I make in probably six or seven years.

Which is kind of depressing, I have to be totally honest. The special wheels you can get with this Maybach are $1100...each! Who would pay that much just for the wheels? I can't imagine what it costs to replace the tires when they go. A lot of people do mistake this car for a Mercedes S Class (which is at least $50,000 less than the Maybach. If you really have to look at the badges on the back to know the difference...sorry, Hamilton you wasted your money.

3 Prince's Golden Fender Strat

I guess that Hamilton is either a big Prince fan, or just a fan of pretty, gold-looking things that he never intends to use. Do you have any idea just how much Hamilton spent on getting this signature guitar of Prince's? Just have a little think to yourself about how much you think it cost...he bought this damned Fender Strat for over $100,000!

I'm sorry, I know Prince is often thought of as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, but how much do you think he personally paid for the Fender in the first place (if it wasn't already a gift from Fender)? The most expensive production Fender out there right now doesn't take in more than $20,000 and that's still way too much for a guitar. I play guitar and I play live all the time. I don't think my entire sound system and guitar collection even comes close to the cost of the most expensive production Fender, never mind the Prince Fender at $100,000.

2 Pagani Zonda 760 LH

Ah, the Pagani Zonda. You know, I like Pagani and I know the reason for the spoiler is to help with stability and the downforce on the car when driving at speed...but I think there is a better reason why they call it a spoiler. Because it kind of makes the car a little ugly. That being said, I would not say that to Hamilton because I wouldn't want him to think he paid $3 million just to get a kind of strange and partially ugly supercar.

And who am I to criticize what people do with their many millions when I don't even have one million to spend out there on the car market? I rent when I need a car, so I'm just jealous of Hamilton's ability to own all of these cars. I'm willing to bet that a few of you are feeling the same.

1 MV Agusta Dragster F4 LH44

This is a custom bike that is named after Lewis Hamilton. That's what the LH44 is in reference to in the name of the bike. And this isn't even the first of these MV Agusta bikes that Lewis has had a hand in designing. This is just the most recent. The older RR LH44 raked in just under $40,000. This newest model, I swear to show off that he can spend even more money and maybe make more (if he gets any scratch from helping design) costs $60,000.

It might be a cheaper vehicle than some of the others that Lewis has on his list, but this is still more than I'll ever end up paying for a car in my life. I can almost guarantee that. And I'm pretty sure the same will go for most of you. Hell, a nice pickup truck goes for cheaper than $60,000.

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