20 Insanely Beautiful Destinations Michelle Lewin Visited To Promote Her Workouts

If you don’t know Michelle Lewin, then you are certainly missing out and must rush to her Instagram page immediately. She is one of the most beautiful fitness models in the world. The best part about Michelle is that she is truly humble and that’s because she came from humble beginnings. She never knew her father as a child and her stepfather left her mother when she was only 14, leaving them with basically nothing. She remembers an apartment with no furniture and a ton of cockroaches.

She hit up the fashion world even though she was only 5’4” but was determined to do what she loved. She got a lot of backlash for her height as well as the freckles on her body. They wanted her to remove them and change herself and Michelle just didn’t believe in that. She has inspired many women all over the world not to starve themselves, but to be strong, badass females of the world.

If you do follow Michelle Lewin on Instagram, you will notice that she travels a lot to promote her workouts and to really improve her already awesome Instagram account. We are going to revisit some of those destinations with Michelle and experience them with her. They are some of the most beautiful places in the world. Check out these insanely beautiful destinations Michelle Lewin visited to promote her workouts.

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20 Ecuador

Michelle Lewin is here checking out her abs while in the stunning location of Ecuador. This girl loves to travel and wouldn’t we all if given the opportunity. Not only does she show off her great body, but we get an amazing backdrop as well. This girl may be living the dream life these days, but it wasn’t always like that. She struggled for many years, especially when she was younger living with her mother. “Just an apartment without any furniture and hundreds of cockroaches. That was a very traumatic experience, and we both lost a lot of weight since we simply couldn’t buy food,” she said. We couldn’t imagine what she must have gone through, but if anything, it has made her into the strong woman that she is today. In the end, she has created an amazing life for herself.

19 New Mexico

New Mexico is often a favorite spot for Michelle Lewin. Michelle is often seen at Tulum Jungle Gym in New Mexico where she can literally workout on the beach. She’s seriously crunching those abs in this photo and has never looked better. Lifting weights is clearly an important part of her workout routine and that’s why she has the body that she does. She’s not interested in being just a skinny girl. Whether she’s in a traditional gym or on the beach, she always incorporates weight training into her schedule. The great beach-themed weights at Tulum Jungle Gym are actually all made out of 90 per cent natural materials which is pretty cool. We absolutely love how strong this girl is and she’s truly an inspiration to many women.

18 Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a gorgeous location and it can make people feel like they are on top of the world. It’s so beautiful and exotic that everyone should go there when they get a chance. Lewin is always traveling because it helps her promote her workout plans and routines. It gives her fans a chance to be inspired by seeing new and beautiful locations. Speaking of fans, she gets a chance to meet them from time to time and even signs autographs. She’s even been lucky enough to meet some celebrities like Will Smith. “If I’m signing autographs, I just need the lines to be very organized so everyone waits their turn, and I can spend time with one person at a time,” she said. “I don’t travel with a bodyguard, and when people stop me in the street, they are usually super nice and friendly.”

17 Miami, Florida

Miami is the place to be if you love the beach, that’s for sure, and this girl is always seen in Miami. When you are Michelle Lewin, you can get sponsors for workout gear as well as swimsuits because she clearly looks amazing in both. She’s modelling a black bikini here and if this doesn’t inspire you to get to the gym, then we don’t know what will. When it comes to her life as a fitness model, she says that people are always coming up to her and she doesn’t mind that at all. But when she goes to large expos, it can be a bit overwhelming. She says she has five bodyguards that attend the expos with her and they make a ring around her so she can walk through the expo without being mauled. When it comes to autographs, expect to wait in line because they're usually quite long.

16 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Looking absolutely stunning in Dubai, it’s clear that this girl is living the dream. Look at her body and that’s nothing compared to the awesome life that she gets to live every single day. You might think that being a superstar is an amazing life and don’t get us wrong, it probably is. But like a lot of female celebrities, they've learned that there are some downsides to being coveted by millions. She was flattered and happy that she was asked by a well-known R&B artist to be in his music video. Many people would be honored to have such a request, but then she learned his real intentions. “I found out that he wanted to ‘try me out’ first. It was a big thanks, but no thanks. No names, but I can tell you this, what a jackass!” she said.

15 South Beach, Miami

Michelle Lewin spends a lot of time in Miami because that’s where she lives. You see a lot of her promotions going on there for obvious reasons. Living in Miami sounds like a dream come true. After all, you are around warm weather all the time and did we mention the beaches? She’s a big supplement girl and normally, if you are a bodybuilder, supplements just become a part of your life. “Betancourt Nutrition keeps stacking up my place with their products, and I have them to thank a lot for the development of my body. I use their Big Blend, Pro Amino, Bullnox, and Fulldose.” She thankfully has a lot of good sponsors that look out for her at all times.

14 São Paulo, Brazil

She looks ready to hit up a hard workout in this badass outfit. Michelle Lewin will often hit up São Paulo, Brazil when she is going to the Expo Centre Notre. It’s definitely as good a reason as any to be in a beautiful place such as Brazil. She is a girl that is coveted by men all over the world, but this girl only has eyes for one man. Sorry, guys! This girl is taken. She was married in 2010 and the two are total #relationshipgoals. He is also in the bodybuilding world which isn’t surprising. She married Swedish-born Jimmy Lewin. The two basically do everything together. Not only is he her husband, but he’s also her personal social media manager, agent, and her best friend. Talk about an amazing partnership.

13 Egypt

It seems like this girl has been everywhere and how awesome is that. Whether it’s for fitness competitions, modelling, workout promotions, or expos, this girl travels around the world for her business. She’s rising to superstardom and it’s because she has the ability to inspire. We can see why as she walks through Egypt like she owns the place. She is so in love with her husband and you can often see plenty of PDA between them. When it comes to intimacy she says you have a better time in the bedroom the more confident you are and we think she’s right on the money with that theory. She wasn’t always comfortable in her own body, but that has all changed. “I feel way more comfortable now. And then it’s much more fun,” she said. “And girls, well, they like to have fun.”

12 Key Biscayne, Florida

She gets to live in Miami which is pretty cool, but the ability to travel to other warm and beautiful places is amazing as well. As the sun sets in this photo, she looks incredible in a bikini looking out at the beautiful scenery around her. What a life this woman must have and we love being on that journey with her. She doesn’t worry about competition at all in her business, she doesn’t believe that there is anyone doing anything that she isn’t doing and for the most part, she believes they are copying her. Well, isn’t that a big sign of flattery? She has almost 13 million followers on Instagram, so we doubt she has anything to worry about. “More girls are doing the same as I do. But luckily, most are out of ideas and do exactly what I do,” she said. “And no copies have ever become better than the original.”

11 Miami, Florida

This is one of the fitness model’s favorite beaches. We’re not sure what type of food she is enjoying while on the beach, but she looks amazing doing it. She’s in an amazing bikini while keeping the sun away from her face in a matching black hat. Michelle Lewin believes in eating clean which is why she looks so incredible on the beach all the time. But aside from eating clean, she also believes that you should get a cheat day as well to indulge. “Every Sunday I eat whatever I want which is usually all the pizza and pasta I can get hold of!” she said. If you’re looking to follow her clean eating plan she will only eat carbs in the morning and then from then on, her lunch and dinner consist of vegetables and proteins. Then, of course, Sunday she rocks it right out of the park with whatever she wants.

10 Haiti

Haiti is one gorgeous location that people are loving more and more. It’s becoming a solid hideaway from the everyday life. We love every photo of this woman because she has the perfect body, but not only that, but she’s a genuine human as well. Once again, she is showing off her abs and we love the looks that she has. One of the reasons why she drives so hard for her life is that she hopes her story will help others who are struggling. She wants to help others improve themselves and their lives. She loves to be able to connect with them on a more personal level and that’s why she enjoys going to events all over the world. She’s certainly making a big difference and that’s the benefit of having nine million followers, those are a lot of lives you can change.

9 Venezuela

Michelle Lewin recently spent New Year’s 2018 in Venezuela with her husband and family. That is where she is originally from and she came from basically nothing and changed her entire life. She was encouraged by a photographer who met with her and he gave her advice on how to change her career. Her husband has helped to transform her body by helping her to not only lose weight but to gain muscle as well. She was an underweight 17-year-old when she first got into modelling and now she has the perfect hourglass figure. She went from 145 pounds to a lean 120 pounds. She looks incredible in anything she puts on and it’s pretty obvious that she has worked really hard to get to where she is.

8 Dallas, Texas

When Michelle Lewin competes, she will often visit or compete in some of the bikini and body-weight competitions. She is seen here at the Dallas Pro Show in Dallas Texas. Whether she is wearing a bikini, workout gear or a dress she looks amazing. Although we have seen her pose semi-nude in tasteful ways, Lewin isn’t a big fan of posing nude. Her career is based on her showing off the results of her hard works, so she does show off a lot. She always says that it’s just not her style. We know that Kim Kardashian manages to break the Internet every single time she posts a nude but Lewin doesn’t get it. “Not sure why they do that. They don’t need it, so I really can’t figure out the point,” she said. For those of you that do want to see her nude, she finally agreed to pose for the cover of the January 2012 issue of Playboy.

7 Tulum Beach, Mexico

This definitely looks like a fun beach gym to check out. It’s located right on the Tulum Beach in Mexico. Michelle Lewin is looking amazing as ever as she promotes her workout on the beach. Lewin clearly shows off her body, but she’s just not interested in nudes. She doesn’t regret posing for Playboy but has said that since then, a lot of photographers want her to pose nude. “If you’ve been in Playboy, all photographers want nudes,” she said. She has posed for Bodybuildings.com’s Bodies of Work: Volume 2 which comes out annually. It’s suggestive and artistic nudes that are far less revealing than Playboy. They are certainly steamy and again she’s not expected to show off her entire body.

6 Ibiza, Spain

Seriously, where has this girl not gone? Ibiza is of course in the Mediterranean Sea and judging by the photo it’s a stunning place. We love looking at her locations as much as we enjoy her amazing poses. It looks so tranquil here we couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. You probably didn’t know that Lewin is a real movie buff. We can’t imagine where she finds the time to actually sit down and watch a movie, but she does get some free time. She has some favorite movies as well and they include Iron Man and the 1984 movie with Val Kilmer called Top Secret. We can see why she enjoys Iron Man she has the body of a superhero and could probably give Black Widow a run for her money. In fact, she could probably give a few of the men a run for their money as well.

5 Luzern, Switzerland

This girl is so photogenic and you can tell she is enjoying her trip to Luzern, Switzerland. Even fully dressed you can see that this girl has the body of a goddess. There is just something about yoga pants that show off a figure quite nicely. We love everything about this girl and love to see the adventures that she takes around the world. It’s not easy to have a body like Lewin’s and if you want hers you have to get used to training 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day. “I do cardio in the morning for 45 minutes and weights every evening,” she said. “I do all muscle groups once per week, but I focus mostly on glutes and abs, which I train twice a week.” Not everybody has the time to train twice a day, but she’s not in there for more than an hour each time, so it is doable.

4 Venice Beach, Florida

MICHELLE LEWIN in Bikini Top Work Out at Playground in Venice Beach

With a bikini top and shorts, she seems to have found a good use for the playground on Venice Beach. There are always things to do for workouts when you are not at home and Michelle Lewin makes the best of every situation. Some trainers don’t believe in a rest day when it comes to working out but it’s very important to let your body recover from a hard workout and it actually helps your muscles to grow. Lewin takes one day off a week, though she’s not a big fan of it. “I really don’t like to take rest days, but I do once a week,” she said. You have to be a pretty hardcore chick if you don’t like rest days. It’s always good for the body for recovering so that you don’t get injured. That’s usually why bodybuilders are adamant about rest days because they want to avoid an injury at all costs.

3 Moscow, Russia

Many people wouldn’t consider going to Russia as a place to vacation, but it’s a really beautiful place. This photo represents Red Square in Moscow, Russia. The Red Square actually started off as a slum area as far back as the 1400s. It was where drunks and criminals hung out and mobs would use it as the site to hold executions. These days the beautiful square if often home of rock concerts, fashion shows, classical music performances and even festivals of circus art. Michelle Lewin looks amazing here and we can’t get enough of those amazing boots she's wearing.

2 Florianópolis, Santa Catarina

She definitely can’t get enough of those boots either since she's been seen wearing them in multiple destinations. She is wearing a sweater dress here and showing off her great legs. She’s once again in a great location having the time of her life. You may not be aware that her first language is Spanish and of course, she also speaks English. Over the years, this stunner has gotten herself a nickname. You may have seen it in some of her posts or in the comments section, but people call her, “La Cuerpa” — in English, it means “the body.” Which is actually pretty cool, and we can see why she got the nickname. Her body is one of the most coveted in the world; we can certainly see why everyone wants her body. It’s not only foxy, but strong as well.

1 India

India is a stunning place and it’s even more stunning when Michelle Lewin visits. She is looking incredible in these photo and the sceneries are stunning. She is a veteran when it comes to bikini competitions and she says that the goal to winning them is to learn how to pose properly, have an hourglass figure, and to look as beautiful as you can. Sure, that doesn’t sound too hard. “High factors are a wasp waist and nice, round booty,” she said. “You will also need to know how to pose, walk, and move. Think that you will seduce your partner, but your best friend is watching, and she cannot find it vulgar.” It’s definitely an interesting take on the industry. She's said that she wants to have kids, but she has concerns about how her body will change because it is her business after all. “I have said I’m going to have children ‘in 5 years’ for the last 6years, and I guess I still stick to that. I’ll be honest, I am very concerned about the changes that occur with pregnancy since my body is my trademark and my business.”

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