20 Incredibly-Timed Photos That'll Make Us Think We're Losing It

Sometimes, you take a photo at just the right moment and catch someone at just the wrong time. Whether the subject of that photo is actually doing something wrong or just the unfortunate recipient of bad timing, it's the kind of pic that makes friends pour salt on the wound for years or your face becomes a viral sensation within minutes.

It doesn't take a long time to search the Internet to find a plethora of perfectly-timed photos that will make you laugh, cry, giggle, and wonder what the heck is going on. A quick Google search for the term "perfectly-timed photos" would reveal almost 17 million results. From people to animals and objects doing some incredibly wacky things, you could keep yourself entertained for hours if you wanted to.

After laughing for what felt like days, we've compiled 20 different photos of our favorites. These are mainly people caught in precarious positions, but their misfortune is our gain and entertainment.

We're going to assume that all but a couple of the people in the photos were not seriously injured (we're hoping the two that felt the pain were fine), and we're going to pretend that these photos are all legit and not some fancy editing work done via Photoshop. Either way, they're all pretty hilarious. We hope you get a kick out of them as much as we did. Share with your friends, and if enough eyeballs see this post, our next plan is to focus on incredibly-timed photos that deal with exclusively animals.

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20 Called To The Heaven's

via Imgur

That must have been one magical lift. After all, he's being drawn up to the heavens in a beam of light fit for only those chosen few...or is he?

It looks like this guy is floating on up to the sky, but really, the force of him dropping the heavy weight, and it bouncing him off the canvas like a kid being double-jumped on a trampoline makes it look glorious when it's really just a photo with good timing that makes things look more magical than they really are. The timing is just right. He's erect, the facial expression is of pure bliss, the lighting is perfect, and he's above the bar. All those tiny details make this photo a great way to start our list.

19 Excuse Me...

via Tribunnews.com

Whoever smelt it, dealt it. That theory might work in most situations, but in this case, when it appears as though the man in the picture has let out such a huge burst of gas from his buttocks, you can't really do anything but accuse him of being the culprit. Do not go near that dude.

Fortunately for this guy, the illusion of depth and size make what is just an ordinary cloud look much more sinister. This man isn't actually farting at all. He just found a really cool way to take a funny photo that probably got a good chuckle out of his friends on social media. I'm amazed that the person taking the photo could hold still long enough to shoot a steady pic. The minute I saw this, I started laughing immediately.

18 Walk On Water, Babe

via Imgur

There's a number of things that are oh-so-right about this photo. First, the female in question is attractive enough that we wouldn't blame you if you didn't actually notice what makes this photo so unique. When you're done looking at her, bring your eyes down to the bottom of the photo and realize that this beauty can walk on water.

This is either a really creative way to use Photoshop or someone caught this girl right before she was about to take a plunge into that crystal blue water. She hasn't gotten wet yet, so if this photo is legit, she's about to. We're not going to lie and say we wouldn't mind seeing the second half of this photo after she's been dunked. Our first thought is that this might be some tricky editing. Otherwise, we can't explain it.

17 Diving Into Or Hand-standing On Ice?

via Click & Spotted! - WordPress.com

If this isn't water this person is diving into (we know it is), then in a second, he's going to have a very sore head. It appears as though the subject is hand-standing on a reflective frozen lake and goofing around, but that's just an optical illusion. Instead, the successful dive will bring on some immediate but likely refreshing feelings of cold water hitting the body and the need to hop out and warm up.

If this is a lake that people often go to, it's not very busy. We have to assume this isn't exactly the hottest of summer days, and that could explain why the water looks the way it does. We'll give a six out of ten for the dive and an eight out of ten for a very cool photo.

16 Floating Lawn

via Mulpix

What on earth could make it look like this lawn is coming up for someone to surf? It's like the grass is yawning or coming to life in a scary haunted movie where the neighbor's grass is responsible for eating all the young kids on the block.

If you take a closer look, you'll notice that a tree in the background has toppled over and the roots are so firmly planted and widespread that it's pulled the entire area of sod right up with it. It's an extremely cool effect but, we're guessing, an expensive fix. The grass will cost money and so will fixing the house which looks like it's about to get flattened by the tree. Very cool photo. Not a very cool end result for this homeowner, though.

15 Bike, Meet Pole

via thebrofessional.net

You ever catch yourself looking at someone else and then, because you're not paying attention, you do something dumb like trip or walk into a sign? Well, we don't know for sure if the guy on the bike was paying attention to the photographer taking a photo of the man in blue or not, but something went off the rails at just the right moment to capture him going face first into the street light.

It looks like it hurt a lot, and the guy in the blue doesn't even seem fazed by it. If this was a couple on vacation or something, the guy in blue has about the coolest photo to remember his trip by, and the man on the bike probably got up and rode away as quick as possible to avoid embarrassment.

14 Does Nobody Notice?

via sharephotostory.com

Either this lady didn't drink her V8 juice or she, and everyone around her, has no idea that she's falling into the pool. How is it possible? I know if I were falling, I'd be swinging my arms wildly and making a fuss to avoid the inevitable. Not this lady, though. She seems completely unfazed and actually happy about the fact that she's about to get soaked.

Her friends don't care, and no one is reaching out to save her and the guy posing for the photo is surely going to show every one of his friends this picture. The only thing that would make it better is if we somehow found out that these two were related. This is the kind of thing you could hold over your mom forever! There's no lifeguard on duty either, so we're not sure who's going to jump in and help the lady out.

13 Just Land Over There

via thebrofessional.net

We have to assume that the people on this beach realized that they were suntanning and relaxing near an airport. Even if they did, you can't think that anyone realized a plane would ever get this close. It's crazy that this is allowed when you think about it. How unsafe are all these people?

Imagine how loud and windy it must be to be standing under that plane when it flies so close overhead. Imagine the people in the plane watching as they think they're going to land on a bunch of innocent beach bums. This can't be comfortable for anyone, yet the people on the beach seem pretty chill about the whole thing. There's no way you'd catch me on that beach. Not a chance. Plus, the plane is just blocking everyone's sun.

12 Oh Kid, You're In Trouble Now

via BolognaToday

Usually, when you yawn, you want to make it as inconspicuous as possible. Hide it with a stretch, pretend to scratch your nose, or do something else to at least make it a little bit subtle. But, in this situation, what was the kid supposed to do? If he reaches up to cover his mouth, he's likely going to get in trouble. If he does anything to break formation, he's probably violating about 20 rules we don't even know exist. He's pooched either way.

We don't know what everyone was standing in line for, but it doesn't appear to be anything too exciting. The guy next to him is half asleep and the guys to his right (our left) look about as disinterested as soldiers could be. Still, none of them are yawning as big as this unlucky guy.

11 Don't Lose Your Head Over It

via dumpaday.com

You could take this photo another 100 times and never catch it quite at the right moment to capture what this particular picture does. This gymnast is extremely flexible, and her photographer is extremely awesome in their timing. The two together make it look like she's performing her routine headless!

This is actually a pretty famous photo that went viral some time ago, but it's still one of the classics. We have photos of people looking like they have different heads and bodies, but not another one that looks like the head was completely removed from the body. It's almost like someone went into Photoshop and just erased this competitor's head. If we were judging this routine, she'd get extra points for creativity.

10 That's Quite The Ponytail

via La Mancheta

You know you're a redneck when...

If you look closely at this photo, you'll realize that there are two people running side by side. We simply can't see most of the girl running behind the boy in the foreground. The result is what looks to be a young man with one of the coolest ponytails in history, complete with the shaved head on the sides and the long flowing locks in the back.

One way to know for sure that there are two people here is to check out the feet. If this was one boy, he'd be getting ready for a nasty spill as both feet are simultaneously in the air and in a very awkward position. This is perfect timing, and the young boy will probably get ribbed by his teammates for a while after seeing this pic.

9 Boop!

via Pinterest

When you see this picture, doesn't it make you want to say "boop?" You know, that sound you make when you're touching a little baby's nose and trying to make it laugh. This giant hand seems to have found his little baby to poke and play with. The only problem is, the guy doesn't seem all that amused that his giant friend wants to play.

I have a couple questions. I understand that this is a depth perception type photo, but what is the picture selling? I assume it's a billboard of some kind, but what for? What product or service needs a giant hand pointing it's index finger at seemingly nothing? I kind of want to know what's behind the guy with the backpack now.

8 Starbucks Sucks

via Imgur

For those of you who don't know the first thing about ordering a Triple, Venti, Soy, No Foam Latte or a Venti 1/2&1/2, 10 Pumps Vanilla, Extra Whip from Starbucks, then this picture is like music to your eyes. Starbucks people don't understand how the rest of the world thinks they're nuts, and the rest of the world doesn't understand just how nuts for Starbucks coffee drinkers are.

All that said, someone needs to phone the guy who approved this van decal and tell him that he needs to fix this design work right away. The jokes are endless, and it can't be a good image when the staff of the company drive around a van that, every time it stops to make a delivery, tells the passers-by that Starbucks sucks.

7 Like Jumanji The Waterpark

via Noticias ao Minuto

If you've seen the movie Jumanji, then you know the game comes to life and the people playing it have to dodge and work their way around and through some crazy adventures. Well, this bus seems to have turned the street corner into a Jumanji-like waterpark.

With a billboard promoting what we can only assume is a wet and wild-type water theme park, the timing is impeccable as the puddle splash makes it look like the street is the bottom of the rapids these two kids are having a blast traveling down. If you're the owner of the waterpark, you couldn't ask for better marketing than this. It makes anyone the bus drives by realize just how much fun this park would be. Patrons might just have to wait for the weather to clear up a bit.

6 Full Of Hot Air

via EmoSurf.com

There's not much to say about this photo other than to state the obvious. It looks an awful lot like this statue is blowing a horn and out of the end comes a huge puff of smoke. The cloud and the statue are aligned in the perfect way to make it seem like the artwork is coming to life.

This is one of those photos that, no matter how many times you try to duplicate the effect, will likely never be this perfect again. I'm not much for sightseeing, but this kind of action would totally get me psyched to see some history if I thought the statues would come to life and play music and forming clouds. Pretty cool effect taken at just the right angle.

5 Ouch...

via brofessional.net

Let's break down this photo. Look at all the things going on here. There's a young girl in the front row who's completely oblivious to the fact that a baseball bat just whizzed past her head. There's an older gentleman who simply ducked with no regard for the people behind him. There's a guy in the back row who seems completely calm and the guy beside him who looks likes he's trying to catch a bag of peanuts. Oh yeah, and there's the guy who took the baseball bat right in the face.

Look at the face of the unfortunate individual. The timing of this photo shows his cheeks compressed and moving as the air leaves his face. You quickly realize just how much that probably hurt. At least the lady in the sunglasses is enjoying the show.

4 Dozer...

via Imgur

I'm fully aware that what I'm about to say is going to sound extremely childish, but when I was a teenager, my friends and I had a code word for when we saw a woman with large breasts. We used to say "dozer" which was short for "those are big boobs." Well, this is a dozer photo for sure.

We have to assume that the people responsible for the photo were aware of what was on the other side of the newspaper because it's just way too awesome a coincidence that this lady had no idea what this looked like to someone sitting across from her. The title of the article is fitting. We believe that this photo was meant to look accidental, but they are just toying with us.

3 You Got A Little Something, Right There...

via Getting 2 Know Great Health

I don't know why he said it, but my father always used to have this saying, "You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you should never pick your friend's nose." My dad was an odd duck. But, you see a photo like this and you can't help but think, "Maybe pops was right."

If you tried to reenact this scene, 100 times out of 100, you couldn't do it so that the defender here reaches out to block the ball just in time to cram his finger right up the shooter's nose. It leads one to ask, "What was he doing using his index finger to try and block the ball? And what kind of foul is that in the NBA? Is that considered a flagrant foul? After all, it's pretty demeaning."

All we can say is, thank goodness for net cams at basketball games.

2 Can I Squeeze Em?

via Eavisa

Oh, Prince Charles. This is about the worst-timed photo for Charles and about the most perfectly-timed photo for the rest of the world. I mean, just consider all the coincidences going on here that make this photo so great.

She's the only female in a line of just males. She has a sizable pair of knockers. She has a wide smile and everyone else seems unhappy. Well, with the exception of Prince Charles, of course, who is about as happy as a kid in a candy store. The fact that this photographer caught him with both hands out, right at bosom height with the biggest smile on his face, meant that Charles probably had some explaining to do to the Royal Family. The things you can get away with when you're royalty...or maybe not.

1 Floating Podium

via hostmypics.com

Speeches are often kind of boring; unless, of course, your podium floats like speed racer out of a Star Wars movie! The way the sun and the shadows combine to make it appear like an ordinary piece of wood (used as a stage) is floating above the sand is incredibly cool. And, no, you aren't losing your mind. That wood isn't actually moving at all. It's just your eyes playing tricks on you, and the shadow gives the impression of levitation.

On a side note, who are all the guys standing along the water's edge in matching uniforms? This looks like some sort of rally or flag ceremony. Perhaps it's a boating competition. Ah, who really cares? The floating stage is way too cool to think about anything else going on in this photo. I want one.

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