20 Fashion Choices That Prove Why Elsa Hosk Is A Nordic Goddess

Who really knows about fashion? When we talk about the industry, the two professions that immediately come to our minds are models and stylists. Stylists are obviously the people who most know about fashion, and because of that, they are the ones who can rack in the most money for the lines they create and sell. Models, on the other hand, are just the beautiful ladies who wear the clothes the stylists create and tell them to wear, aren’t they?

If that is what you think, you could not be more wrong, my friend. Some of them might start out their careers being nothing more than the face of a brand or someone who the big bosses think will be appealing to more people. After all, the name of the game is sales, and nothing sells better than a beautiful face. As their careers go on, however, it is not odd at all to find models who have a better sense of fashion than most stylists themselves. Now, with the emergence of Instagram and other social media platforms, people can get an even better idea of how these models choose the clothes they wear on their day-to-day lives.

One of the models who kills it both on the catwalk and on the streets is the Swedish Victoria’s Secret model, Elsa Hosk. And here are 20 fashion choices that prove our point.

20 Staying Warm With Knee High Socks

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As we told you in the introduction, Elsa Hosk is a beautiful model from Sweden. And what is one of the many things Sweden is known for? Being one of the coldest countries on Earth, that is. With that in mind, it is no surprise that Elsa Hosk would know very well how to protect herself from harsh temperatures. And since she is a model with an exquisite sense of fashion, she knows how to do that in style.

Another thing that Instagram and other social media platforms have shown us through models like Elsa is that you can look good wearing almost anything. Take this picture as a perfect example. We are sure someone has already annoyed you for wearing more wool than you should in one outfit. Nevertheless, Elsa is showing us that there is no such thing as too much wool if you know how to pull it off.

19 The Complete Opposite

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Let’s go from one extreme straight to the other. What is the exact opposite of a frigid Swedish winter? A tropical summer, of course. But how could someone who lived almost her entire life in Sweden know exactly what to wear when she goes to a tropical beach? The answer here is very simple. While a lot of people manage to do it, it is very hard to go wrong with a bikini at the beach. At the same time, it is not every day that you can see someone looking as good as Elsa does whenever she puts on a bikini.

We don’t know who she has been getting her tips from, but she kills it every time she goes to the beach. This is still a fun fact since the average temperature in her native country throughout the year is somewhere between 24° and 33°F.

18 Christmas Time

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The holidays are also a perfect time for someone to showcase how much he/she understands about fashion. But we don’t mean you should make a statement and wear the ugly sweater your grandma knitted for you. Nothing wrong with that, though. Those are tradition, and everyone knows how much we value our traditions. However, you could probably leave the ugly sweater for the Christmas morning and wear something nice for the rest of the day. Once again, let’s take Elsa as a perfect example.

Let us just begin by saying that we do not even want to imagine how cold it must be in Sweden around Christmas time. Nevertheless, this brave woman managed to go out, holding what seems to be her cat, with an exposed belly. But as they say, you can’t look good without some sacrifice.

17 Going To The Gym

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Gym fashion has become huge over the past few years. That is all thanks to the advent of fitness personalities taking over Instagram and other social media. But as much as those celebrities try to push their brands and gather followers, they do not have the fashion sense of a model, it seems. We don’t have anything against our fitness gurus and their clothing lines. Much on the contrary, those are great for working out.

At the same time, that is not the only way to look good while you are at the gym. Sometimes, a classic look might just be the way to go. Then again, you need to be someone who thinks outside of the box to go to the gym wearing yoga pants and a long-sleeved top like this one.

16 Talking About Spices

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Victoria’s Secret does this thing where they ask their models some of the most random questions in order to put the answers on their profiles on the VS website. And by random, we really mean random. For example, one of the questions Elsa was asked while they were building her profile was: “if you were a spice, which would you be?”

Pretty random, right? Her answer was just as odd as the question. According to the interview, if Elsa were a spice, she would be turmeric. For those of you not familiar with it, turmeric is a tasty Southeastern Asian spice used on all kinds of food. For Elsa, it does make sense at least when it comes to the color. If you check out her Instagram posts, she is always wearing yellows and oranges which has the same shade as the spice.

15 That Athlete Life

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One of the things necessary for someone to become and maintain herself as a Victoria’s Secret model is to keep her body in prime shape. Whether people would like to admit it or not, these are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Some might complain that they make people strive for impossible body shapes and sizes, but no one can deny that they are beautiful.

That being said, in order to keep their bodies in shape, they have to go to the gym quite a lot. But most of them don’t do just that; they diversify. Elsa, for example, is someone you can often see practicing all kinds of sports. And although she looks amazing in boxing gear, after watching a few videos of her sparring, we are not quite sure if we would want to be on the other side of those gloves.

14 Basketball Player

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The story of most models is kind of similar. Some might have been walking down the street or going to a talent show in a mall, or everything in-between, but the bottom line is that most of these ladies are discovered at a very young age by someone who sees the potential and pushes them to start in the modeling career.

Elsa was no different, as she started doing modeling work in Sweden from her early teens. But that was not her only profession. It turns out that this lady was a professional basketball player in Sweden before she decided to go full-time with the modeling career. We don’t know how she looked back then, but if it was anything like she does in this outfit, we could make a case for her being the most beautiful basketball player of all time.

13 Her Favorite Place

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For someone who lived her entire youth in a place as beautiful as Sweden and then moved to New York in order to become a professional model, one would imagine that either of those two places would be her favorite spot in the world. But our first guess couldn’t be more wrong. It turns out that Elsa Hosk’s favorite spot on the planet is Tokyo. Yeah, this lady is in love with Japan. In order to gauge just how much, you only need to go to her Instagram page and see how many pictures she posted from her trip to the land of the rising Sun.

While we are sure she enjoyed Japan more than anything, we can also be sure that some folks over there learned a lot about fashion when they saw her walking around the streets. Talk about being classy.

12 All Black

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Since we were talking about the many questions that Victoria’s Secret people ask their models in order to build their profiles, let’s tell you about one that really picked our interest. It is a classic question but one that tells you a lot about a person. The question was whether someone was a morning or a night person. Would you care to guess what Elsa Hosk’s answer was?

If you said night, you hit the bulls-eye. It seems to be pretty much a given for people who love to go to parties and are always invited to big events like models are, but it’s still something that tells you a good deal about someone. At the same time, it doesn’t really matter if you wake up every day at 10 or 11 o’clock, as long as while you’re out at night, you choose to wear stunning all-black outfits like this.

11 Charity Time

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Like many other celebrities, Elsa is one of those people who like to dedicate some of her time to helping charities and raising awareness to serious issues that many folks around the globe face. One particular charity she has taken an interest in and devoted a lot of time to help is the anti-human trafficking organization, FAIR Girls. Interestingly enough, the reason she became so tuned to this issue was that she watched a movie and decided to research the topic and ways to help. The movie she watched was The Whistleblower.

Many people might not be familiar with it because it is an international promotion that grossed a little bit over $1.1 million at the box office. Nevertheless, it had a strong-enough message that we are sure Elsa carries with her even as she is hiking around LA.

10 The Obligatory Paris Entry

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It is virtually impossible to talk about modeling without mentioning France. Most specifically, it is impossible to talk about the subject without someone somewhere picturing an image of the Eiffel Tower inside his or her subconscious. That is just a given. When we think about modeling, we think of the places people most connect those dots with. Those would be New York and Paris. Now, back to the point. In a recent interview, Elsa was asked what the language she wanted to learn the most was.

Of course, the answer to that one was French. And it makes a lot of sense since, as a model, we are sure she goes to Paris several times during a year. Although, the language barrier might not be such a problem since she always wears killer outfits like this when she is there.

9 Working Out

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Like we said before, one of the main tenets of being a supermodel is the idea that you must always keep your body in prime shape. In order to do that, you need to work out all the time, and you need to eat healthy at all times. Those ideas bring to mind the one question we are sure everyone would like to ask a supermodel: “How the hell do you stay motivated to do all of this?”

According to Elsa, the key to staying motivated as it pertains to working out is to remember the feeling you get afterward once you are done with the workout. After all, you always come out of the gym feeling better, don’t you? When it comes to food, however, she preaches an idea of freedom. By that, we mean she says she gives herself the freedom to eat whatever she wants as long as she stays balanced.

8 The Glamour

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Another interesting question she was asked by the Victoria’s Secret folks for her profile was her opinion on which part of her job was the most glamorous. After reading the question, our minds started going everywhere. We thought she could talk about the parties she is invited to, maybe traveling to different places, and getting to know all corners of the globe. Of course, there is also the money that we are sure she gets a lot of, as well as the recognition from fans and co-workers.

But her answer was quite different from our guesses. It turns out that she thinks the most glamorous part of being a supermodel is “getting to work with the most talented hair and makeup artists around the world.” And looking at a picture like this, we can’t help but agree that she does enjoy this special treatment.

7 The Least Glamorous

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Since we were on the topic, let’s also talk about the answer she gave when she was asked which the least glamorous part of her job was. It turns out that Elsa thinks traveling alone in planes is the worst or at least the least glamorous part of being a supermodel. On a side note, let’s just say this is the proof that Elsa is not an introvert. Because being alone on a plane would probably be an introvert’s dream. Of course, unless that introvert was afraid of heights which, in that case, would turn the experience into a living nightmare.

Back to Elsa, we can understand how someone would feel lonely and even bored traveling alone inside a plane. At the same time, just imagine how hard it would be for bodyguards to keep guys from drooling over a lady as stunning as this in an airport.

6 Becoming Someone Else

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While she could be quite a shy and reserved person in her personal life, it seems like as soon as she sees a camera, Elsa flips a switch and becomes one of the most opinionated and talented actresses you could find in the modeling industry. We are not saying you are going to see her in a Hollywood movie anytime soon, but we did find out that she enjoys becoming someone else when she gets in front of a camera.

According to one of her interviews, one of the best parts of the job is when she has to take a different persona and become someone else for any given photo shoot. Here is one persona we are sure Elsa loved to emulate. After all, she looked happy when she decided to go for a Britney Spears-style outfit.

5 Bik Bok

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We could try to hate on someone like Elsa, but it is impossible. The lady really is one of the good people in the world of modeling. We talked about her involvement with charity and bringing awareness to issues as harsh and serious as human trafficking, but she is also thinking about other people even while she is working. A good example of that is how Elsa recently partnered up to release a clothing line with the Scandinavian brand, Bik Bok.

That is an interesting partnership because it was one of the ways she found to come up with quality clothes that are more affordable for her fans and the general public. The truth is that what these models wear every day is undoubtedly more expensive than regular people can afford. And for her to look into a project like this and pull it off is quite nice.

4 Fun Fact

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Here’s a fun fact a few of you have probably heard before. We are sure everyone here is familiar with the movie Frozen. With that little bit of information, you probably already have an idea of where we are going with this. Yes, there were some rumors floating about the entertainment spectrum, which were fueled by a lot of Elsa fans, that she was the inspiration behind the main character of the movie. The rumors got so big that Elsa even researched the story herself, only to find out that she was not the inspiration for the original story. After all, it was written a long time ago in Norway, not Sweden.

Either way, the similarities are quite funny to look at, and you will hardly find a person who would not believe that Elsa Hosk was a princess if they were told that. She does have that princess look, and she pulls it off even in a black dress.

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3 Only The Essentials

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As you can imagine, supermodels are a bunch who travels a lot. Right along with that, they are also some of the individuals who most often get asked about what people should pack whenever they are going on a trip. After all, no one wants to deal with the extra fees you have to pay when you carry more luggage than you should. Well, since Elsa is one of those models, we were lucky enough to find an interview in which she gave her opinion on this matter.

And it turns out that her opinion here is similar to her opinion on most other subjects regarding fashion. Sometimes, less is more. As in you should only pack your essentials; maybe the clothes you know you will need and a few that you can use anywhere. A great example is these shorts and top she managed to pull off at the beach.

2 Hiding In Plain Sight

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Models are celebrities. And like any other sort of celebrity, these ladies need to find ways to live their normal lives while being subject to the public eye. The best way to do this is to hide in plain sight. You need to go to the gym; you need to go grocery shopping; and you need to do all the things normal people do on top of your superstar job. But that could become hard if, every time you go out on the street, someone stops you to take a selfie or ask for an autograph.

Elsa Hosk did find a great way to stay incognito while she is out on the street doing everyday stuff. She needs to hide in plain sight, which is the MO of every single celebrity who lives in New York. That being said, while this outfit might call a lot of attention, it does hide who she is.

1 Pink DNA

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While she is a star who can stand on her own today, Elsa owes a lot to Victoria’s Secret. Perhaps even more to a particular brand within the Victoria’s Secret company. We say that because, for a good deal of her career, Elsa was one of the models who represented the PINK subdivision of Victoria’s Secret. Now, to put together the old and the new, we could not find a better picture than one of Elsa wearing a pink outfit from her new Bik Bok clothing line.

First, there is the fact that she looks absolutely stunning in it, which is not a surprise at all if you have kept up with us this long. But there is also the idea that she had her time with PINK so deeply ingrained within her mind that she cannot steer away from wearing the color every once in a while.

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