20 Excessive Things Jake Paul Wastes His Money On (Like Crushing A BMW)

Jake Paul, full name Jake Joseph Paul, is one of the internet famous, building his reputation online via the micro video streaming service, Vine, in 2013. His popularity grew by filming six second skits on Vine and in a short period of time managed to garner over five million followers on the micro-streaming platform before it closed down. In 2015, Jake Paul managed to land a role with Disney, starring as Dirk in the series Bizaardvark, as his popularity gained over two billion hits on Vine. His success has landed him a cult following on YouTube, and his fame has soared on the platform, landing him over 13 million subscribers and more than three billion hits on YouTube.

From his vlogging and content creation, Jake Paul has earned $11.5 million in 2017 from posting videos on YouTube. Creating such comedic gems as hiding in the White House after an invitation there and sneaking around the Presidential mansion and getting caught by security at 3:30am. Despite other gags that didn’t land him in trouble, unlike older brother Logan Paul, the Paul Brothers remain globally famous YouTubers, Jake achieving this all by the tender age of 21. With so much bank and fame, combined with youth, it is no wonder that Jake Paul likes to splash the cash, but with someone his age, spending can definitely be hit and miss!

20 Buying A Truck To Jump Off The Roof

What way to splash a buck or two and combine that with clicks that allows the millions of hits and millions of dollars to come in than to splurge on a truck?

Jake wakes up some guys who seem as though they are not from America and they are on a visit to the country and takes them outside to an armored truck that he films himself driving along a highway with the pink hoodie wearing merch guys. After the little journey around the streets, Jake parks the truck in the driveway and decides it will be quite fun to record people jumping off the roof of a truck and onto a trampoline and then Jake topped it all off with ordering some pizza.

19 $300,000 Watch!

A time piece, what people more commonly known as a watch, is less of a vital object for measuring time and works more as a piece of jewelry nowadays. Time is more told through our smartphones these days, and watches are less for telling time than they are for being fashionable.

Jake Paul needs not a regular watch, but a watch that is so extravagant, and so expensive that it costs more than some people purchase their houses for. The worst part, that has us all cringing in our seats, is the fact that Jake Paul will undoubtedly make his money back easily and quickly.

18 He Crushed A $100,000 BMW Just For Fun

It seems as though some young people and content creators like Jake Paul and Logan Paul have far more money than they have sense (literally the case with Logan Paul, following his forest stunt in Japan).

This video produced by Jake Paul is solid proof of that concept as he pulls a stunt that no one can possibly think is a good idea and is such a crazy waste of cash and resources when a luxury car is flattened. The BMW i8 is the German manufacturer’s flagship electric luxury coupe and has a starting price of over $100,000 for the lowest priced model and looks like a sleek and beautiful machine that Jake Paul crushed with his armored truck for millions of hits online!

17 Brand New Lamborghini 

There are cars, luxury cars and then there are supercars, the type of vehicle that a person can drive like a Formula One car. It goes through a quiet village that comes from the distance with a deafening roar, only to leave dazed pedestrians far behind as the car is gone as soon as it arrives!

These cars are worth more than many people make in a lifetime, unless that person happens to be one of the most internet famous people! Lamborghinis are one of the most prestigious Italian brands of cars, which an internet sensation of course should own, a sensational car for a sensational success. The typical Lamborghini costs at least $200,000 and that is on the cheap side.

16 Giant Pizza Prank

One of the main elements that comprises Jake Paul and Logan Paul’s channels and is one of the factors that made the content creators so popular and successful, is the odd prank they play on one another, which always made its way to YouTube. Jake Paul is either stimulating that local economy with this prank on his older brother, Logan Paul, or the prank is a total waste of time, money and more importantly, food.

Food waste is never good. But then why not use the bank made by and from YouTube to spend it on more YouTube fans, traffic and dollars? Jake Paul spent one of his videos sending a huge amount of giant pizzas to Logan in a “giant” pizza prank!

15 Customizing The Lambo With...Minecraft?

Oodles of spare cash call for oodles of extra spending on things such as wasting time, but if wasting time has literally become your bread and butter way of making money on YouTube. Then that habit grows into a second nature, as you have to find ever more creative and crazy ways.

What better way to pass the time than pay a little more love and affection to the stupidly expensive Lamborghini you have just bought? Well, Jake Paul certainly thinks that customizing a Lamborghini for the entertainment and envy of his hordes of YouTube fans is a great idea, and why not? Doing what he does has already earned him a supercar, more of the same may give him even more to drive and customize?

14 17K-A-Month House

There are some people that make less than that amount in an entire year! But as soon as someone gets famous and garners themselves a large following and so, like many of people in his position, Jake Paul migrated to the West Coast.

Fame has to network with many other of the celebrity glitterati and therefore gain money and fame by landing an association with some hugely famous producer. Although for a young single man like Jake Paul, even a house that requires someone to pay $17,000 a month is quite a bit excessive. Such a rent obviously buys a lot of space, even in the city of Los Angeles. But Hollywood is all about image and having a house that fits the image is vital.

13 Team 10 Is Apparently Taking Over Hollywood (We're Still Waiting)

Jake Paul and Logan Paul gained fame through using the micro-streaming service, Vine, which allowed six second snippets of video to repeat on a loop. The app was perfect for showing pranks and jokes and all is needed is a Smartphone, therefore teens like Logan and Jake Paul used this to their advantage.

When the brothers moved to Hollywood they realized that they had a natural ability to snare audiences and give those viewers what they wanted, so why not cut out the middle man and create their own company? Jake Paul explains on his website that: “Team 10 is a squad of like-minded individuals who’ve teamed up together to take over Hollywood!” It certainly can’t be said that Jake Paul isn’t aiming high with his career!

12 7 Million Dollar Mansion Complete With A Waterfall

Being a star like Jake Paul where your YouTube revenue inflates to such a degree that you can earn more than $11.5 million in the space of one year, it is time to invest that bank into some property! Also, the fact that Jake Paul pays 17 thousand dollars on his rented Hollywood property in one month, it makes sense that that money should be spent on a mortgage instead.

Although with all of the deals and money that Jake Paul makes, what is the point of getting a house with a mortgage when that house is roughly two-thirds of your yearly earnings? The house in Calabasas is a 15,000-square-foot mansion, including its own guest house and waterfalls in the backyard, enough space for his antics!

11 Great Pools Of Fire!

Jake Paul does not really do himself any favors in the neighbour stakes, as he is literally the embodiment of Zac Efron in Bad Neighbors at times! When he moved to a brand-new Calabasas mansion in Los Angeles, nearby rich and famous, wealthy folk nearby need to watch out, because if his YouTube antics are anything to go by, they are in for some chaos!

Jake Paul’s swanky rented home in Los Angeles should be the place for refined people, not those who are setting fire to their swimming pools! An empty pool is usually for water, but not when you are Jake Paul, apparently. Allegedly, instead of using his pool for taking a dip, he turned it into a huge fire pit instead, it is doubtful that he got his deposit back!

10 Bothering People (Again) With A New Dirt Bike

Life on a quiet suburban road should be peaceful, surrounded by wealthy people who buy giants pads either for retreating from the city’s chaos or using it as a luxury holiday home near to the ocean.

On the outskirts of Los Angeles lies plenty of rugged terrain for the adrenaline junkies of the city to tear around on a dirt bike, but Jake Paul has different ideas. With sleepy and quiet stretches of road out of the front of his pricey rented house, tearing back and forth for views on YouTube, which earns him millions of views and bucks! However, great big black smears and tire marks on the asphalt surely results in more of a headache for the local authorities that have to remove all those stains!

9 Waving Fans Away

At his previous digs there was soon people congregating around Jake Paul’s pad as because it is the age of the internet, things do not really remain secret for long, and attracting millions of adoring young fans online is bound to attract those viewers on YouTube. And those fans of Jake Paul and Logan Paul did exactly that, from his videos around his house it was easy to locate and so the fans did come.

This is what led to neighbours hating living side by side with the two brothers and the antics of Team 10 creating havoc, no doubt his spending money on crazy capers led to a series of complaints from neighbours, splashing cash only ended up in more money and angry neighbours at least!

8 Setting The Furniture On Fire

All bonfires need some kindling to get the furnace started and then some fuel to the whole blaze to keep the blaze, well, ablaze! Amid the flames things soon burn and so does everything around the bonfire if it is left on the grass by someone stupid enough to start a fire on a green lawn!

Having a nice lawn is nice to have during the summer months – even in winter if you are a resident in Los Angeles – to stretch out on and catch some rays. The swimming pool however, has much more use than just a large tub of water to Jake Paul, and so does the furniture. Burning his furniture for his YouTube fans is obviously something of a dip too deep for the rest of the locals though.

7 Disney Contract (Which Got Cancelled)

For close to a century now, Disney has been entertaining children and adults alike with their cartoons and movies. Everyone usually has a Disney movie somewhere among their list of favorites and since Disney acquired the rights to Lucas Film and the Star Wars movie in recent, its domination of cinema is almost absolute.

It comes as no surprise than that the company is fully aware of the influence YouTubers can have, yet they are not afraid of ditching those content creators either. In 2017 Disney cut the ties they had with the largest YouTuber, Pewdiepie and also Jake Paul, after his bonfire, fan and partying antics infuriated neighbours, which much have cost Jake a sizeable amount that probably ran into several millions of dollars.

6 Gucci Mane For Everyday Bro - More Like Everyday No

Gucci Mane is a drug-dealer turned rapper that owns his own record label, known as 1017 Records and has worked with artists as legendary as Mariah Carey. So as a fairly eminent artist himself, it is fair to assume that Gucci Mane will come with a rather hefty price tag if anyone wanted to collaborate with him.

Jake Paul has managed to become famous enough in his own right that it has allowed him to experiment with various different forms of media, not just videos. Recently, Jake Paul decided that his wealth and fame could result in him quite a decent amount of success musically, so he recorded a track titled “Everyday Bro,” which he hired rapper Gucci Mane, for the not so modest price of $250,000!

5 Getting Dad A Motorbike

It is one thing to be the kid of a famous person, having access to all of the privileges and perks that having access to all of that cash and fame can bring someone. It is not very often that the roles are reversed, but in the case of Logan Paul and Jake Paul, they have become far more wealthier than their father, Greg Paul, who has begun to have a sizeable online following all to himself.

Still, with kids that are literally rich kids, a parent gets to receive very pricey gifts, such as legendary and powerful motorbikes. In an emotional and generous video that received close to five million views, Jake Paul buys his dad a gorgeous (and no doubt expensive) Harley Davidson.

4 A New Tesla For The Low Price Of $90,000

Tesla cars don’t come cheap. The automotive company is the brainchild of South African entrepreneur and philanthropist, Elon Musk and is named after the legendary Serbian scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla, who pioneered the electric Alternating Current. Elon Musk plans to revolutionize the stereotypes around electric cars (his roadster able to go 0-60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds!) but this revolution is not cheap, with the cheapest Tesla saloon costing over $90,000.

Who could afford such pricey vehicles, unless that someone is a millionaire YouTube star? Jake Paul does what he does best, filming the reaction his brother Logan had to the electric super car. Marrying tech innovation and luxury is the aim of Tesla cars, the perfect car for the guy who got famous from digital media.

3 He Bought His Best Friend A New Car For Jumping Over His Old One 

One way to get money and nice things constantly and to become a minor celebrity yourself is to manage to become very close friends with a fame sensation, such as Malika Haqq, the recent evictee from the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, who is Khloe Kardashian’s bestie. So it is always a bonus to be one of the faceless and nameless members of someone’s entourage, because when a gift comes your way, it is likely to be an expensive and ultra cool one!

So after Jake Paul’s friend Chad completed a challenge to jump over his car, he would buy Chad a new car. Chad succeeded and Jake Paul bought Chad his dream car, a Cadillac DeVille, the ultimate American “Muscle Car” that has up to an 8.2 litre, V8 engine! What are friends for?

2 A Peaceful Shark Tank 

When you are so wealthy – like Jake Paul is – and can afford to buy a seven million dollar mansion to house himself and the whole of Team 10, there is still a lot of space to fill up in that spacious and luxurious house. With a master bedroom that is larger than most people’s apartments it is understandable to go one bigger with the usual furnishings and fixtures and fittings.

Many people have a fish tank, it is full of pets, is colorful, peaceful and a relaxing addition to any room, but a shark tank? Any fan of Jake Paul knows full well that he doesn’t do anything with half measures and a shark tank in his bedroom proves that beyond all doubt that he acts crazy.

1 $20,000 On A Rolex For His Mom (Okay This One Is Pretty Sweet)

Okay, while we still think that this gift is pretty pricey and expensive for no reason (seriously, it's just a watch), we like that Jake bought it for his mother instead of himself. Christmas is a time of giving, and he made sure he showed all kinds of love to his mother.

The reaction was the best part of this video, rather than the actual watch. His mother was more than happy with it, and cried quite a bit. She was moved by it, and from looking at Jake's videos, it's not the first time he spend a lot of money on his mom. So, at least he has some of his priorities straight. Some.

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