20 Celebs With Car Garages That Would Put Most Luxury Auto Dealerships To Shame

When it comes to the world of the rich and famous, people know that most of the things celebrities end up spending their money on are pretty pointless, but then, that's the sort of luxury you can afford by getting so rich and famous that what you spend your money on doesn't matter. One of the things that people are willing to waste their money on it a huge number of luxury cars. While others might understand this, we're not sure why you'd bother wasting your money on loads of cars when one would do just fine. That being said, we know that we'd end up wasting our riches on something that others would find equally stupid.

Anyway, this sort of thing fascinates us because it just makes no sense, so we wanted to throw together a list that looked at the celebrities who have spent so much time, effort, and money on their collection of cars, they put luxe auto dealerships to shame.

We might not understand it, but are you ready to hear about the sorts of garages that make your mouth water? Well then, let's get started!

20 Missy Elliott's Mom Is A Little Disappointed 

Like many famous collectors out there, Elliott tends to go for cars that go as fast as possible, even if she probably won't get to drive them that fast at any point. The weird thing about collecting fast cars is that you don't really get to drive them to their breaking point unless you've sorted yourself out with enough private land to get them to their maximum speed, and even then, it can be pretty dangerous if you're not a very good driver. Elliott is such a car freak that even her own mother has told her she wants her to stop collecting them, which means, she's clearly got quite the collection. We're amazed she can fit them all in the same garage if we're being honest!

19 50 Cent Doesn't Have To Lie About It Anymore

While 50 Cent might have an infamous past when it comes to lying about his collection of luxury vehicles, that was during a time when he had a lot less money. If you're not aware, he spent his appearance on MTV Cribs trying to convince us all that he has an insane collection of Ferraris which turned out to be rented, something he only admitted later on. Now though, the man has spent years in the business and has made a hell of a lot of money, which has allowed him the chance to own the luxury collection that he always wanted, this time not having to lie about the Pontiac G8 Special Edition and Ferrari F430 that he has in his garage!

18 Wyclef Jean Messes Around With His Cars

It is believed that this man's period in music has allowed him the ability to buy just under forty cars. Not only this, but Jean is a modern man and has spent a lot of time customizing his collection which includes a Pagani Zonda C12-S and a McLaren F1. While we don't think we should be able to tell a man how to live his life or spend his money, we know there's a lot of purists 0ut there who would cringe at the concept of these vehicles being messed with by someone with more money than sense. We say more power to him, but do you agree? Should this guy be allowed to mess with these pristine luxury cars that most of us won't even be able to afford throughout our entire lives?!

17 T-Pain Loves The Color Orange

Look, whether you like the man or not, nobody can argue that T-Pain hasn't been part of numerous hits, meaning that he's been able to amass a huge amount of money and he has spent most of that money on a luxury car collection, just like many other performers before him. This guy likes to go loud with it as well, which is why his garage includes a Joker-themed 1972 Chevy Impala, a bright orange Cadillac hearse, and an orange 1969 Chevy Impala. We're going to guess that this guy likes the color orange and likes to stand out as well. Not only that, but he actually does most of his own customization work, which we really do have to give the guy props for. He isn't some rich guy who has splurged on a bunch of cars. He has a genuine interest.

16 Akon Customizes His Cars Himself

This is a man who has actually created a rap with the name of a car in it, so it's no surprise that Akon also has a luxury car garage, stocked with a Lamborghini Gallardo as well. Not only that, but he has bought a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Ferrari 458 Italia, and an armored Dartz Prombron SUV. While T-Pain favors the loud cars, everything coming in a bright sherbert orange, Akon likes to keep it classy, with most of his cars being European supercars, all in white. There's not exactly anything subtle about these cars, but at least the guy isn't going out there in something loud that also screams look at me with every bit of the bodywork. Just like T-Pain, Akon does a lot of his own customization work on his cars.

15 Bill Goldberg Is Old School 

Unlike anyone else on this list so far, Goldberg doesn't seem to go for the newer and more elaborate machines, choosing to keep it all classical. We're talking a 1965 Shelby Cobra replica, a 1966 Jaguar XK-E Series 1 convertible, a 1963 Dodge 330, a 1969 Dodge Charger, and a 1970 Boss 429 Mustang. As you can probably tell, this guy couldn't love classic American cars more if he tried. It's clear that he's gone back to buy all of the cars from his childhood, his new money allowing him to take part in some incredibly expensive nostalgia, but can you blame him? The man is walking around with a serious wad of cash, so we say go for it and buy whatever it is you've wanted for your entire life!

14 Snoop Dogg Cares More About His Image Than The Cars

Another performer that has spent a lot of his career rapping about cars and using them in his videos to portray a certain image, Snoop Dogg is best known for his love of lowriders. He has custom gold and purple Lakers-themed 1967 Pontiac Parisienne and a 1969 Buick Riviera in his garage and these two cars show perfectly what Snoop Dogg is best at when it comes to car collecting. While others might say that he's just being flashy, that a real collector keeps it simple and subtle, that they're in it for the machinery of it all, Snoop Dogg is not ashamed about his car collection. He takes his money and not only buys the cars, but makes them his own too, turning everything in his garage into a personal statement of wealth, status, and power.

13 Shaquille O'Neal Has To Stretch His Cars To Fit It In Them

While there are many people on this list who spend their time customizing their cars because they have the money, some people have to if they want to be able to use their luxury vehicles as more than a bit of eye candy. We all know that Shaq is a huge man, coming in at over 7 foot, which means he's had to have extensive work done to his garage which includes a Superman Cadillac Escalade, a Smart ForTwo convertible, and a stretched Lamborghini Gallardo. Can you imagine having the sort of body where you have to stretch a car just to fit into it? Maybe it's just us, but we wouldn't bother. We'd just buy cars that we fit into. That being said, we can never dream of having the sort of money that Shaq does.

12 Billy Gibbons Renames His Cars

Gibbons is best known for his work with ZZ Top and his obsession with guitars, but some people don't know that he also spends a lot of his time with cars, which has influenced him building up quite the collection. His garage includes a 1948 Cadillac Series 62 CadZZilla, a 1962 Chevrolet Impala “Slampala”, a 1950 Ford Business Coupe, and a 1958 Ford Thunderbird “The Mexican Blackbird.” As you can see, the man loves his machines so much that he has actually bothered to give them their own special names. He even wrote and released a book about his love for both guitars and cars. This guy is the stereotype of the all-American rock and roll man!

11 Reggie Jackson Is Loyal To Chevy

While this man has a 1969 ZL1 COPO Camaro and a 1941 Willys Steel Coupe in his collection, he's known for having a real love for Chevys overall, with his main dream being to own every single major Chevy that has ever been released. It's good to know that, while it's clear what sort of vehicle he's truly interested in, he doesn't let his passion get stilted by what has clearly been an important machine throughout his life. If you're going to be a proper collector, you've got to make sure that you make room in your garage for something that you might not have realized you wanted. You never know when a car is going to sneak up on you, you know? Who knows what sort of thing you're going to be interested in in a few years from now!

10 Ralph Lauren Has One Of The Largest Car Collections

Ralph Lauren has one of the most impressive collections out there, to the point where his huge garage of classic European vehicles is overflowing with absolute beasts. When he first became an independent designer, he decided to reward himself with a 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 convertible, meaning he's been a fan of the luxury automobile for a long time now. Since that purchase, Lauren has gone on to build up a serious collection that seems to rival pretty much any other fashion designer in the world. Not only does he get to enjoy driving around in his vehicles, Lauren has stated that he will often use his red cars as a way of inspiring him to keep on designing and come up with fresh ideas, making new from the old!

9 Floyd Mayweather Got A Phantom By 50 Cent

This man is known for his high level of money and enjoying living in luxury, despite the fact that he spends most of his life stood in a ring and having punches thrown at him. It's no surprise then that he wants to splurge once he's out of the ring, choosing to spend his money on luxury and comfort. Some of those luxuries can be found in his garage, including his Rolls-Royce Phantoms and a Maybach 62. One of the phantoms was actually given to him by 50 Cent, a man who used to lie about the level of income he had in the form of flash cars. It's good to see that 50 Cent was able to get to the point where he could not only buy luxury cars for himself, but pass those cars onto people he loves and respects as well.

8 Funkmaster Flex Is Living His Childhood Dream

Just like of the many of the older people on this list, it would seem that Flex has set his eyes on the older vehicles, the ones that he probably saw when he was younger, and now he has the money, he's decided to splurge on nostalgia rather than focus on the newer models. The vintage cars in his garage include a 1969 GTO Convertible, a 1971 Torino GT, and a 1965 Impala SS 396. It's interesting to see that, no matter how old we get and how different we are from when we were young, so many of us will still return to the things that would've given us so much joy in our youth. It's nice to see people delve back into their past like this. It genuinely warms our hearts to know that, as we get older, we'll still love the same things.

7 Jay Kay Built Himself A Karting Track

We talked about how many of these cars listed will never reach their maximum speed since they're rarely allowed near that sort of power unless the person who owns them finds themselves some private land where they can hit the speed they'd like. Rather than build a track for his Frua-bodied Maserati A6 G2000, Lamborghini Miura SV, Ferrari 550, Ferrari Enzo, Aston Martin DB5, and Classic Fiat Abarth 1000, Jay Kay went another way with it. Due to his need for speed, he also loves to kart, which is why he has built his own private karting track. Rather than keep his collection filled with only big cars, he has also garnered quite the collection of karts as well!

6 John Cena Has A Thing For Muscle Cars

He might be best known for his wrestling, but Cena has also appeared on a DVD in which he went through his luxury collection of cars, showing the audience a taste of the luxury garage. Among his collection is a 1971 Ford Torino GT, a 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator, a 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge, a 1966 Dodge Charger, and a 1970 Plymouth Superbird. As you can see, the all-American poster boy of the wrestling world has an unsurprising love for the old muscle cars that, to this day, continue to show off the power that Americans wanted in their cars. Sure, he has more sleek numbers in his garage as well, but we reckon he'd take a muscle car over a European supercar any day.

5 Kanye West Is All About Gaining Respect

Is it really a surprise that somebody like Kanye West has decided to spend a lot of his money on luxury cars? This man is all about status and being as respected as possible, and there is no symbol that demands status and respect like a flash car. His luxury garage includes a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, and an Aston Martin DB9, both of which speak to his lack of subtlety and class. This is a man that was never going to go for the older models. This is a man who wants a supercar, something that goes faster than he will ever need to really go, something that looks sleek and tells everyone around him that he has arrived — it's time for you to pay attention.

4 LeBron James Wants Everything White

If there's one thing you need to know about LeBron James, it's that this man knows he likes the color white and that he's going to show you. For most people, buying a car in the color white is a total pain as it means you have to keep getting it cleaned as much as possible, but we're sure when you have this level of money, you can just get somebody to visit your garage every day to clean them for you instead. In his garage, James has a Custom Chevrolet Camaro SS, a Mercedes S63 AMG, a Bentley Continental GT, and a Ferrari F430 Spyder, all of which are white and most of which that have been customized to have white rims as well. Didn't we tell you that this guy, for some reason, is obsessed with the color white?!

3 Lil Wayne Is Flashy In Yellow 

It's not a surprise that a man who brings up his cars in so many of his rap songs actually has a real-life love for them as well. He owns a Bugatti Veyron, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and a 1999 Bentley Arnage among others. This guy seems to like his yellow cars over his white or black, and going for an odd color that certainly lets you know he's around. The Veyron stands out to us as this is the standard of the rap boast, the single car that has appeared in so many rap songs since it's creation that we're surprised more of them haven't been bought by various performers in the past. If you've got the sort of money that you can splurge on a car like that, you know you're going to have to mess up to ever have to worry about money again in your life.

2 Michael Jordan Doesn't Care To Look Cool

Unlike many of the other collectors on this list, Jordan tends to go for the exotic sports car, looking for something that provides him with the luxury and status while also being as fast as possible. In his garage, Jordan has a 2006 Cadillac XLR-V and a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 edition, which both provide him with the perfect cross-section of things that luxury cars have to offer. If you're not as interested in this collection, we don't blame you, but it's nice to see that Jordan is buying for himself and his own enjoyment, rather than looking for something that he can drive about in to look cool or interesting. We could be wrong, but that's what it seems like to us anyway.

1 Manny Pacquiao Keeps It Real

We know it might not seem like it, what with him having a high number of expensive cars, but Pacquaio actually has quite the restrained collection when you place him next to the people on this list. Sure, he still has a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, a Mercedes SLK, a Lincoln Navigator, and a Mitsubishi Pajero V6, but does that really compare to the other more extravagant collections on this list? We're not sure it does. Maybe it's because he's less interested in cars, but we think it's because the boxer likes to keep it a little more real than some of the other people on this list. He knows people are watching and he doesn't want to appear like he's flaunting his wealth as much as some of his other rich and famous mates.

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