20 Beautiful Destinations Halsey Has Gone To On Tour

Cards on the table right away, I really don't know all that much about Halsey as a performer. I'm far more aware of her as a political figure fighting the world in her own way for gender equality. That being said, this article is neither about Halsey as a musician nor as a political figure by any stretch of the imagination. No, this article is all about some pretty places that Halsey has been to while running around the world on tour.

It could just be as easy as throwing in some photos of the cities that she's visited (and there are a couple of those in the article because some cities are just gorgeous). But I also went and scoured Halsey's Instagram to find some fun shots of places she's been. It's kind of annoying that she often doesn't tag where the hell she is (which is probably so people don't find her and bother her), but it's been mostly sorted.

So, you might enjoy Halsey's music. You might love what she does for gender equality around the U.S. and the world...and while both music and equal rights are very important, it's time now to focus on some rather pretty places Halsey has been...some of which you might wish to visit. Though, you may not have the money to visit some of these places...or the security clearance.

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20 Coachella

Coachella is one of the biggest music parties held every year in Indio, California. It's held in the Colorado Desert in the Coachella Valley. Which makes a ton of sense considering the name. Anyway, it's not like everyone expected to see Halsey playing at the massive music festival. I'm pretty sure she wasn't slated to at all. But when you're friends with Panic At The Disco, you get some perks, like being able to give fans a surprise performance on the Coachella stage at the Empire Polo Club.

And that must have been a really wicked treat for those in the crowd who were huge fans. I'm not sure how many of them would have been, but I'm willing to bet that she walked away with some new fans after that show. And that was just a surprise stop on tour. Good show!

19 Big Sur, California

Big Sur, California seems like one awesome place to kick back, relax, and enjoy some peace and quiet while running around on tour. It would be a sweet spot to take a day or two away before hitting the next concert venue.

Big Sur is loaded with camping sites, hiking routes, and peaceful cabins like the one above. It's bookended by the Pacific coast on one side, and the Santa Lucia Mountains on the other. There are only two state routes heading through it, and the population, however large, is pretty sparsely placed which makes it really easy to sneak in and get away from fans and the paparazzi. If you wanted to sit on a seaside cliff, or just bask in a sunny clearing in the middle of a mountain forest, Big Sur is definitely a place to go...or if you just want to lean back with a drink.

18 Paris, France - Notre Dame

This is definitely a place to head to if doing a world tour and rolling through France. If you're going to stop in Paris, there are definitely a few places you should go and I think that the Notre Dame cathedral is certainly one of those places you should stop in at. Even if you're not religious.

Sure, it stands as a reminder of some pretty awful things in the world, but just look at it. It's breathtaking. And hey, maybe Halsey just wanted to find some sanctuary there from her fans. Though, considering that Notre Dame is representative of the Catholic Church, I'm going to assume it would be a bad place for someone who is so supportive of gender equality. But at least she can take in a huge part of history. And it is at least beautiful.

17 Gulf Shores, Alabama

Man, this would be an amazing place to have a gig. And Halsey was lucky enough to score a gig there. I mean, just look at this place. There are very few instances when this wouldn't be a wicked place to play music. I mean, if there was a hurricane up the Gulf or if there was just a really bad storm then this would not be the ideal place to play. But just look at it!

A big carnival area, some nice beach lighting, a massive stage...And it's got a great view. And just imagine all of the hot bods wandering around. Male or female, I guarantee that there's someone wandering out there for you. You could enjoy some night swimming and take in the music without paying a cent...you could probably even swim around the boundaries that are set up for the concert, though I'm sure security would probably be keeping an eye out.

16 Key Biscayne, Florida

Ok, I don't know if many of you are actually into Halsey's music or style...but I think it would be hard to argue a case against the fact that she's pretty damn attractive. And if having a relaxing day out on the boat in the Florida Keys is what produces a photo like this, then I'm guessing that there are many of you who are hoping that Halsey goes for a boat ride in Florida more often than not.

I'm not sure how many of you have ever been to Florida before but there are some pretty damn attractive parts. The Keys aren't so much like the Everglades (meaning you won't run into a ton of gators waiting to snap at you) and there are all sorts of people with money out there. The bars and clubs along the water and the expensive yachts out on the water...it's a pretty attractive place to be.

15 Vancouver, Canada

I don't know how many of you have been to or live in Canada. And of you who have or do, I'm not sure how many of you have been to or live in Vancouver. But I have to say that it is a gorgeous city. Or at least it is from this sort of aerial view. I've heard some pretty awful things about poverty and drug abuse out on the street, but I guess you could argue that for every city.

Either way, the way in which Vancouver is set up is simply gorgeous, and Halsey was lucky enough to take this in while on her tour. I'm almost certain she decided to head out to the Island. It seems that she has a trend when she travels to place where she needs to find some peace and quiet and you can definitely find it out there. I'm sure it would be a gorgeous place to play and relax.

14 Beach Day!

Alright, I have to be honest right away when I say that I don't actually know where it is that Halsey is in this photo. But I did find the photo on her Instagram and it did coincide with dates along her tour trail.

The one thing that I can say I really don't like about Halsey's Instagram is that she really doesn't put a location tag on many of her posts. I mean...part of me gets it. She probably doesn't want tons of people to know where she is right when she makes a post. That makes sense. It just makes it harder to show off exactly where she is. But I can at least say that whatever beach she's hanging out at in this above photos is pretty damn nice. And it doesn't hurt at all when you take a look at Halsey's bathing suit.

13 Sydney, Australia

It should be no surprise that people find Sydney, Australia pretty damn gorgeous. And, of course, Halsey has scheduled dates there for her world tour. Why not? It never snows, it's summer all-year-round, and while every creature in Australia might be trying to kill you, it at least then adds some level of excitement to big concert gatherings!

Now, it should be pretty obvious that Halsey didn't book at the Sydney Opera House featured on the left of the photo, but that doesn't mean she couldn't make it big enough to eventually play there. Don't get me wrong, having a world tour does make you a pretty big deal, but not necessarily that big. Halsey definitely knows what cities to choose for her tour though. There's always some really pretty place nearby for her to go.

12 Mountain Climb

Surprise, surprise here's another Instagram shot that was posted without a location tag on it. But again, it does coincide with tour dates so it's pretty clear that she was on a break between show dates and felt the inclination to go on out for a day's worth of rock climbing. It's pretty cool to know that Halsey is into that sort of thing. It definitely humanizes her to see her out doing regular things rather than just partying and getting wrecked with Paris Hilton.

Now, even though we're not sure just where it is that she's doing the climbing (probably because she didn't want anyone to know when she made the post), it's still pretty clearly gorgeous. And likely somewhere where there is a desert. A Southern state perhaps? I certainly hope she had sunscreen on that day.

11 Calgary, Alberta

Calgary was one of the many tour dates on Halsey's schedule. I've never been out west in Canada, but there is a lot that is appealing out there, for sure. Calgary is actually a very pretty place.

It's not always the warmest place, that's for sure. Winter is not a good time to visit. And you have to be careful if you visit in July. Mainly because that's Stampede season. No, that doesn't mean that there is a literal Stampede through the city all the way through July, but there are some pretty massive crowds and they certainly wouldn't be interested in going to see Halsey. They'd want country music and they'd want to watch people getting thrown off horses. That's pretty well the Calgary Stampede in a nutshell. Good thing she didn't tour there through the summer.

10 Brisbane, Australia

Halsey has a real love of the beach life, it seems. And more than that, she seems to really like the coastal beach life. It doesn't seem to matter which coast. She can be out on the Gulf Coast or any part of the Pacific Coast...or in this case, the Indian Coast.

Brisbane is a lovely Australian city and, as you can see, is a beautiful beach city. I mean...just look at that stretch of beach. I don't know how many city blocks that is, but I'm sure you could manage to find a place to be alone in peace and quiet for a while. That really seems like a beach where you could avoid quite a lot of fans and the paparazzi. So, it makes total sense that she would book a gig in this city. It's just a quick drive from the venue to the beach. Why not?

9 Paris, France - Eiffel Tower

This definitely does seem like a modelling shot for a specific publication, but so far as I can find out through research, this is actually just an awesome shot that Halsey very much enjoyed throwing onto her Instagram while she was in Paris.

This was the very shot used for an article discussing Halsey's statement, “I look like a white girl, but I don’t feel like one". Her father is African-American, so she's well enough in her right to say that. But that has nothing to do with the location of this photo. Paris. There's not much to really go out of my way to say about this place. It's a beautiful city and so long as you're not boycotting France while you sit at home eating Freedom Fries, then you'll likely agree. And if you're going to be playing a gig there, you may as well get some Eiffel Tower shots.

8 Honolulu, Hawaii

Guess who is jealous by this shot? Me. Why? No, I don't wish I had that bikini bod. I'm way too hairy and masculine to pull any of that sort of thing off. I'm jealous because she gets to take a break in Honolulu while touring.

I'm pretty sure she wasn't even playing a concert in Hawaii which makes the break between tour dates even more of something to be jealous of. She didn't need to be there for music. She just decided to go there because she needed some time by yet another beach while enjoying a place that has summer all-year-round. I can't say I blame her at all. I was once in Honolulu, but I don't remember a whole lot of it on account of being only five-years-old. Maybe I'll go back someday. But I'll want to see more than just one city on the island of Oahu.

7 Sri Panwa Phuket Hotel, Thailand

Thailand is just a beautiful place all around. If you exclude all of the pollution that it and neighbouring Vietnam produce. If you can get by with some days of smog, then, by all means, you should go there to enjoy the beauty of the jungles, the mountains, the islands, and the ocean. There's every reason why Halsey would go to Thailand for a bit of time...well every reason but a concert.

Halsey seems to have a knack for finding time to disappear to someplace exotic and/or oceanic while technically on a tour so that she can get some peace and quiet. I'm not sure if she has a big following at all in Thailand, but if she doesn't then there's even more of a reason for her to go there. It's beautiful, and it's away from crowds of fans, what more do you need?

6 Koln, Germany - Koln Cathedral

There seem to be two different types of places that Halsey really likes to make a stop to when she needs a break from being out on the road or on the plane. They are either coastal areas or cathedrals. I have no idea if there's a connection there somehow or if she's just got a lot of different interests, but it seems like a thing.

Either way, this is the Koln Cathedral. Or as many of you may better know it and the city in which it is found...it is Cologne. Not sure why we have to bother spelling it differently, but there it is. Anyway, Halsey posted this pretty awesome shot of the cathedral on her Instagram while she was between tour dates. She's really got a knack for disappearing when she has days off to get to some really fun, interesting, and beautiful places.

5 Australian Coast

Here we go again on yet another coast. To be fair, Halsey has been on the Australian coast a couple of times, but this time it's celebration time and out on the ocean in a boat as opposed to just hanging out at the beach. I imagine she must have been celebrating either her tour or her album. And what better way to do that than by drinking champagne out on the water off the coast of Australia?

It seems to be that Australia is one of Halsey's favourite places to go. Sydney, Brisbane...pretty well anywhere out on the water near the continent...she just seems to be in love with the place. I'm going to guess because of its eternal summer. She does seem to be really at home with all manner of bikinis so maybe that's her preferred style.

4 Sleepy Mountain Flight

To be totally fair, right at the get-go, These mountains aren't exactly a place where Halsey actually visited while she was on tour. She was on tour when she snapped this shot for Instagram...but it's not like she got the pilot to take a pit stop on the top of one of these peaks. And that being said, I'm actually not even fully sure what mountains these are.

In typical Halsey fashion, she skipped over tagging the location of the photo. She did have an amusing description though to go along with the photo where she mentions that she almost slept through the trip passing over this range. Good thing she didn't stay asleep. I'm sure she needed the sleep since she was on tour, but it's much better to have this sort of photo than get another 30 minutes of sleep.

3 Studio Drop-In

Alright, alright. Those of you who aren't really into recording or studio work of any sort, you might not find this to be a gorgeous place. But this is the studio in which Halsey works and I am drooling right now. I wish I had a full recording console and studio like this! I'm not sure if you can tell what's on the tv screen, but Halsey was watching Lady GaGa on tv while she was working on music in the studio between tour dates. That's a whole lot of work going on all at once. Good for her.

It might be cheating to throw in Halsey's studio, but I definitely think it is a gorgeous place, and she was definitely there while still technically on tour so here it is all the same. She must have a smile on her face every time she walks into that place. I know I would.

2 Auckland, New Zealand

If there is one place in the South Pacific that I definitely want to see at some point in my life, it is New Zealand. What a beautiful place. If you want a good idea of how gorgeous a country it is, just go back and watch through the Lord of The Rings trilogy. All of the beautiful landscapes, the water, the forests, the mountains...it's all wonderful. You could go skiing up a mountain in the morning, and then be swimming in the ocean in the afternoon.

There are a number of places you can do that in the world, but not all as gorgeous as New Zealand. Anyway, Halsey got a chance to stop here for one of her tour dates and I can't help but feel pretty jealous. I guess I need to get my album out there and build up enough of a crowd so I can just add Auckland to a tour date and cover my expenses that way.

1 Beachwood Canyon, L.A. 

Isn't this place beautiful? If you can't be on the coast, you may as well have a nice pool with palm trees around and a wicked view of city and mountains beyond. That's pretty incredible. Now, to be fair here, the place in this photo is likely where Halsey begins and ends each tour. How do I figure that? Because it's her own home! She lives within the Beachwood Canyon area of Los Angeles.

It's got to be a pretty good feeling to get home after a long number of months touring the world...and then just drop into the pool and look out to the distant mountain ranges and the city not too far below, without having to worry about showing off or performing for any of the people there. I have to say that Halsey is a pretty damn lucky person.

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