20 Absurd Gifts Found In The $30,000 Grammy Goodie Bag Celebs Definitely Don’t Need

The Grammys are always such a fun event especially for the artists who are nominated for awards. We just love to see the shocked faces as the winners are announced. Sometimes there aren’t shocked faces, of course, after all, Taylor Swift probably always knows she’s going to take an award home. Even for those that don’t go home with awards, it’s a night of glamour and networking. Not to mention there is the matter of the coveted Grammy goodie bags that attendees get to take home with them. It seems every year that these gift bags get more lavish. It's kind of humorous that they are given to the very people who are so wealthy that they probably own everything in the bag anyway. But that’s just how it goes in the biz!

Gift bags have always been a welcome tradition when it comes to award shows. It’s rumored that this year’s goodie bags are worth more than $30,000. We bet you are just dying to know what’s in them. The goodie bags have around 40 items in them and some of the items are very unusual.

Distinctive Assets is the LA-based marketing company who was hired to put these gift bags together. Rachael Leah, of course, is the woman behind the genius in the bags. We know you are dying to take a peek inside yourself. Check out some of the things inside this year’s goodie bags for the Grammys.

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19 Bartending Lessons

We’re not really sure why there would be a gift card in there for bartending lessons — it’s pretty absurd. What would a celebrity worth millions want to do with a mixology course? One of the gifts inside the bag is a $5,100 gift card for the Liquor Lab for the purpose of private mixology classes. We don’t see Beyoncé taking advantage of this one; she probably has people living in her mansion who mix her drinks for her. Sure the lessons are taught by some of the top bartenders in the country, but is this really a gift that they thought a celebrity would be interested in? Maybe they are getting desperate, after all, what do you get someone who has everything? Probably not a gift card for a mixology class. We imagine these gift cards are going to be re-gifted to someone else this year.

18 A Cookbook

There are certainly some stars that like a homecooked meal, but for the most part, celebrities like the idea of going out to a restaurant and not worrying about cooking or personal chefs preparing their food for them at home. Isn’t that one of the many perks of being a celebrity? One of the gifts inside the bag is a cookbook titled Cook Yourself Happy: The Danish Way. You would think that they would use a cookbook that’s a little more generic unless there's a new trend in Hollywood that we just haven't heard about yet.

17 A Nurse

Seriously, where do they come up with these things? It must be just a lack of ideas because it’s starting to boggle our minds. In the gift bags, they are offering $4,500 towards Nurse Gigi, a board-certified nurse. She is located in New York, but for a few extra bucks, maybe she is willing to travel. This is basically your own nurse that will come to you and provide you with some services. A couple of those services include body contouring and dermal fillers. Maybe this is a service that a celebrity would appreciate because then they don’t have to leave the house. But we’re thinking that maybe a day at the spa would be more enjoyable than receiving a nurse as a gift. Some of these gifts are just absurd.

16 A Psychic Reading

As absurd as this sounds, we are betting that every single one of these gift cards will be used this week. Whether people believe in psychics or not it can be tempting just to see what a psychic might have to say, especially when it comes to their disastrous love lives and unpredictable career. Will their next album be a hit or will their boyfriend cheat on them again? The goodie bags are offering a gift card for a psychic reading over the phone from Go Beyond Here. The great thing about the gift is that it’s an over-the-phone reading, so celebrities don’t have to be worried about being photographed going into a psychic’s office.

15 A Trip To The Spa

A spa vacation sounds like our kind of gift and we're sure most people would agree. Now, this is a gift that we can see everyone using. Not all the gifts in the goodie bag are absurd, though some of them do make us shake our heads. This is a gift that would certainly come in handy. The lucky celebrities that get the goodie bags also receive $8,850 to Golden Door Spa. It’s a beautiful and exclusive spa found in the stunning mountains of San Marcos, California, and $8,850 will get you a weeks’ worth of services at the spa. There are plenty of celebrities that could use a week off. Not that they couldn’t afford to do that on their own, they hardly need a gift card to do so.

14 A T-Shirt

One of the gifts given in the goodie bags is a Cotton Canary “Live Uncaged” t-shirt. For those of you that don’t know the brand, they are all about creating clothing for women that will make them feel like superheroes. It’s about the modern woman and who she should be in today’s society. “Clothes should embolden you. You have the power to take on the day, and your outfit needs to match your attitude and let you shine,” says Cotton Canary. These clothing items are meant to make a woman feel more confident, courageous, and charismatic. It’s custom-made for the person so that it’s the perfect fit every time. It sounds like a pretty cool gift to us. It’s a brand we may have to check out as well.

13 Skin Serum

A great gift for the celebrity indeed because celebrities are always concerned about what they look like. Women are always concerned about aging especially in an industry that judges them for daring to age a single day. There is a gift card in the goodie bag worth $2,316 for Dr. Jane. For that amount, you get a year’s worth supply of Healing Saint Luminosity Skin Serum. A year’s worth seems like a pretty decent deal. They are also willing to throw in a gift of Healing Saint Hair Follicle Stimulant for that price. We imagine that this is a gift most of the celebrities would use. Maybe not the men, though there are plenty of male musicians that are obsessed with their looks, as well. If you don’t believe us, just look at some of the selfies on Instagram.

12 Ear Cleaning Device

What? Talk about an absurd gift idea, especially for a lavish gift bag like this one. Nothing says awesome like an ear cleaning device by Clear Ear. We imagine this would be a bizarre gift to pull out of a goodie bag. It’s also probably not something that a celebrity needs or wants. Out of all the things that this company could have put into a goodie bag, we’re not sure whose bright idea it was to put an ear cleaning device in there. This is sure to become a novelty gift that someone will look at and then pass on.

11 Perfume Samples

Part of the gift bag surprises includes perfume samples inspired by songs. It’s actually pretty clever and it’s perfect for the Grammys. Especially if one of the singers happened to be at the event and it was their song chosen. We love the idea! Some of the samples are called, “Like a Virgin,” "Besame Mucho," “S*xual Healing,” and “I Put a Spell On You.” The company that makes them is Art Meets Art. The only disappointing aspect of the gifts is that they are just samples. We think they should have given them full-size bottles.

10 Circus Training

We’re not even joking around with this one; they actually gave away gift cards for circus training. As if that’s what a star is looking for in their life. Part of the gift bag goodies included family circus training from Le Petit Cirque. The gift is meant for the children of the household, and you can genuinely send your children off to this place to get them trained to be in the circus just like Cirque du Soleil. We didn’t even know that something like this even existed, but there you have it. Your children can go to circus training; we hope they are already limber considering they are going to be whipped around like trapeze artists. “Known for their breakneck stunts and spectacular stage performances, this awe-inspiring and mystifying production company of young world champions/Guinness Book record holder contortionists, acrobats, aerialists, martial artists, singers, musicians that feature pro-level youths ranging in age from 6-15 that are raising the bar in family entertainment.”

9 Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening seems absurd for a celebrity to get as a gift. The reason for that is because they generally get these services on their own from people they trust. We don’t imagine there are too many celebrities out there that need teeth whitening services. Were sure if they did, that it would have already been taken care of by now, but at least with this gift, they won’t have to pay for their next service. Part of the goodie bag includes $1,900 from Smile Direct Club and it can be used toward a teeth whitening system or to get invisible aligners to straighten the teeth. Again, it seems like an absurd thing to get a celebrity as they probably go to get these services completed at their own dentist’s office. But maybe they will give the Smile Direct Club a chance.

8 Concierge Services

This is a gift that we would like and we're sure that the celebrities would enjoy this one just fine. Now, this is a great gift for celebrities, well for anyone really. Who wouldn’t love some free concierge services, especially if it’s at the airport? Traveling through the airport can be such a hassle sometimes, especially without some help. Alpha Priority Worldwide is offering these lucky celebrities $1,500 toward a luxe meet-and-greet service while they are at the airport. It sounds like they will meet you and get you out of the airport as quickly and easily as possible. That’s certainly handy for the celebrities that travel a lot and most of them do. Alpha Priority Worldwide works in more than 400 airports worldwide, so it would make traveling with their services a whole lot easier.

7 A Self-Help Book

We got a good chuckle out of this absurd idea from the Grammy gift bag. However, some of these celebs actually need something like this. The book is called Rule #1 Don’t Be #2 by Dan Milstein. If we take a look at the book itself it does have some possibilities, after all, it’s about dreaming big and believing that you have limitless potential. This might be a great book for the everyday person, but not for someone who is already living their dream. We suppose that everyone can use a pick-me-up to get through the downs of life, but we don’t see too many celebrities reading a book about how to get what they want out of life, especially since they are accepting their Grammy win of the evening.

6 Breathable Foundation

A great gift for women, perhaps, but not something a male celebrity would be interested in, but perhaps he can give it to his girlfriend or sister. Oxygenetix is giving the owners of the gift bags $1,200to use toward their products. Some of those products include the breathable Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation. Breathable foundation sounds really great actually because nothing clogs the pores quite like makeup and it usually has negative consequences for our skin. Most women would love to have access to thousands of dollars worth of skincare products mainly because they are pricey. Again, this may not necessarily be something that a celebrity needs because they probably already have a routine in place. But not too many people will complain about free products, so it’s probably a pretty great gift for them to receive.

5 Anti-Aging Products

Who doesn’t need a little bit of anti-aging help every now and then? Celebrities, as we know, are obsessed with staying young for as long as possible. Whether it’s a good or a bad thing, the Grammys have thrown in some anti-aging products. Most people don’t usually like to admit that aging has to be dealt with sooner or later. Most people decide to deal with it seriously in the form of a facelift or Botox, but there are steps that can be taken to prevent aging as well. Evolved Science is offering celebrities $825 toward its most popular skin-infusion formula. Most importantly they are offering the Ultimate Anti-Aging IV Infusion which actually works to boost energy. We could all use a little bit of extra energy in our lives and these celebrities get it right in their gift bags.

4 Media Training

There are actually services out there that can help celebrities rock their performances in front of the teleprompter when they are at awards shows. We had no idea that it was even possible. We often see some celebrities at award shows and some of them do well on stage while others don’t. Sena-Series is offering celebrities $500 toward nailing down their teleprompter skills. That’s definitely a cool gift that we could see celebrities taking advantage of. Just imagine how nervous Jennifer Aniston feels when she has to go up on stage and knows that Angelina Jolie is in the crowd watching her. She wants to make sure that she knocks it out of the park. The media training would provide them with the skills to feel comfortable reading from the scrolling-script machines. It’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

3 Custom-Made Guitar

Before you get too excited, it’s not like it’s a Les Paul or anything and it’s only worth $450, but the grab bags contain a guitar. These must be some seriously big bags that the stars take home, or maybe they are just shipped to them later. The company Epiphone has created a custom acoustic guitar specifically for the Grammy goodie bags. These guitars are created with the truth™ campaign and their goal is to expose “the addictiveness of cigarettes and the tactics of the tobacco industry.” There has been a campaign against cigarettes for eons and it sometimes seems like a battle that will never end. Guitars are probably not something that celebrities need because if they did own them, they probably cost a lot more than $450. They will likely end up being re-gifted to someone else, like many of the other items in the bag.

2 Wi-Fi Pet Feeder

Can you believe that these things actually exist? We’ve never heard of them, but maybe you have. These celebrities were gifted a $300 pet feeder that works through your home Wi-Fi. We know a lot of celebrities that consider their pets to be their fur babies. Shop Modern Innovations is the company behind these feeders and they are so remarkable, you can program them to feed your pet when you aren’t even home. Because it’s connected to the Internet, the feeder will allow you to watch, feed, and even speak to your pet all in real time when you are away from home. Talk about a pretty cool gadget. We doubt that this is something anyone really needs never mind a celebrity but it would be something cool to check out.

1 Moonshine

Each goodie bag contains a bottle of Southern Wicked Lemonade Moonshine. Celebrities get a bottle, as well as a sample of their newest blend. “Why behave when you could be wicked.” Well, we would have to agree because let’s be honest, everyone gets a little loopy when it comes to moonshine. This isn’t just your average moonshine either and it might be something that the “everyday man” just might want to get his hands on. The drinks are marketed toward women, however, we're sure men like to take a sip every now and then as well. Their tagline is, “Southern Wicked Lemonade is "Potent Enough for a Man But Made for a Woman!” This might just be something celebrities loved to get in their bags, especially for the after party.

Plenty Of Gratitude

Celebrities probably have lots of opportunities to be grateful, just look at the kind of lifestyle most of them live. So, part of their goodie bag came with materials from the company Thankful which is a website that promotes gratitude. That’s kind of a cool gift to give. “Join a movement that’s changing the world, one Thankful Moment at a time.” We’re not sure that celebrities would consider it a cool gift or not, but it’s certainly an inspirational movement. It sounds like a great thing to get involved in.

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