Lambos And Ferraris: 20 Reasons We Need To Follow Mo Vlog’s Insane Dubai Life

The Internet is such a powerful tool in today's digital world. Communication was made easy by helping one person reach anyone all over the world. With just the use of your fingertips, you can access the virtual library of knowledge through the popular search engines Google, Bing, and others. Important government and non-government transactions are also easily done with the use of the Internet. People can socialize with just one click through social media platforms. Most importantly, people can now earn on the Internet.

Yes, you can make money through different methods using the Internet. Some Internet jobs require fundamental or professional skills in computer science, programming, and other related fields, while other Internet jobs only require "digital fame". That is how bloggers were born. All they need to do is write, tell a story, and post it on their website. As years went by, the art of blogging was developed into video blogging or vlogging, wherein a person records a video and posts them on websites or social media platforms, especially Youtube.

In Dubai, the coolest vlogger is Mo Vlogs! Who is Mo Vlogs? For those who are uninitiated, his real name is Mohamed Beiraghdary and he is a famous Youtuber and a famous vlogger. In fact, he has over 4 million subscribers on Youtube and counting! Born in Dubai on March 8, 1995, he is one of the youngest vloggers, not just in Dubai, but in the world to be able to capture the attention and the hearts of viewers by simply recording and posting about his life through vlogs. And yes, he is earning money in his early 20s.

Mo Vlogs is one of those vloggers that the world should follow. Do you want to know why? Here are 20 reasons that should be enough to help you realize that you need to follow Mo Vlogs, not just on Youtube, but also on other social media platforms.

20 Learn About Supercars Like Mustangs And Huracans

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Here is the first thing that you should know – Mo Vlogs loves cars! Oh, these are not just simple cars, but supercars! Mo Vlogs posts videos about the most luxurious cars, not just in Dubai, but also all over the world. It is not Mo Vlogs' channel if there are no supercars involved! In line with his great passion towards these luxurious cars, he posts videos about his Mustang and Huracan, some car events, and features other expensive cars such as the Bugatti Veyron and the Nissan GT-R. He must have at least five luxury and designer cars to show off and he’s not stopping anytime soon.

Aside from showing off these luxuries, he also includes some vital information about the cars and all the other things that you need to know about, so a lot of his followers are also car enthusiasts. Do you love cars? Be sure to follow his channel.

19 Great Content About Luxury Lifestyles

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Mo Vlogs' videos or vlogs are not just about showing off the luxurious cars or his daily routine in life. His vlogs have great content - from exposure to a different culture to the landscape of Dubai. He presents waterparks, shark diving, lavish plane rides, and his trips outside of his country.

Just like a blog wherein words should be properly used and the content should be engaging to read, his vlogs are properly edited and presented. His vlogs do not just show scenes of what he is presenting, they also feature proper editing, music, and effects, which are all necessary to make great content. No wonder he acquired over 4.6 million subscribers and millions of views on all of his videos. He can even rake up to half a million views overnight after his content gets published. Overall, Mo Vlogs knows how to influence his target audience with his engaging and highly entertaining content.

18 Intelligent Branding Is The Key On Youtube

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How was he able to pull off such intelligent branding? Are you familiar with click-bait? The idea is like that, but of course, not in a negative way. You see, Mo Vlogs is a master of video editing, thumbnail placing, and creative captioning. These techniques are not necessarily click-baiting, but more of a marketing strategy that will pique his subscribers' and non-subscribers' interests.

Sometimes, he'll caption his newly-uploaded videos with some twisted captions paired with a confusing thumbnail that you'll definitely watch out of curiosity. Unlike other vloggers who are using click-baits, Mo Vlogs will never fail you in terms of how exciting his video is. And last but not least, he uses wealth to attract more of an audience. In his video thumbnails, he shows money, news cars, car keys, business class seats, planes, and shopping. He also uses the words billionaire, first-class, most expensive, craziest, to entice his viewers.

17 He Is Consistent With His DAILY Vlogs

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Dubai's vlogger Mo Vlogs is a consistent vlogger. If you don't like waiting too long for new blogs to come up, you should follow Mo Vlogs because he uploads daily vlogs. Yes, you read that right! He has fresh vlogs daily which is really great if you are subscribed to a certain Youtube channel. Unlike other vloggers, Mo Vlogs will never let his subscribers and followers wait and wait for his new vlogs just like how people wait for the next episode, or worse - the next season, of their favorite TV series.

Mo Vlogs seems like he never runs out of ideas to produce. And if he ever did, it’s never obvious because he would use smart strategies that would still make his vlogs look unique and well thought out. If you hate waiting and you like to watch fresh new vlogs every day, you should definitely follow Mo Vlogs.

16 Learn How To Be Viral Using Big Brands Like Pepsi

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You will also learn something else from Mo Vlogs. With consistency and intelligent branding combined, Mo Vlogs is teaching his subscribers, followers and the rest of the world how to be viral! If you are an aspiring vlogger, Mo Vlogs is that one vlogger to follow. Why him and not the usual vloggers? Well only because of the obvious reason that he’s done it. He’s made himself go viral. His content always reaches millions of views, so that is a great way to promote himself as the authority in the vlogging industry. You can easily line him up with other great Youtube content creators such as Casey Neistat and Tai Lopez.

Perhaps not all vloggers follow the usual trend most of the time, but Mo Vlogs teaches something different. He is a great promoter of creating a new trend and not just following the existing trends. This is what makes a vlog viral – uniqueness and personal branding.

15 He Was A Gamer!

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Mo Vlogs was a gamer (or still a gamer). Before Mo Vlogs created his famous Youtube channel, he had another channel. It was not like his channel today; it was a gaming channel. He called it "HitSpeckO" where he uploaded COD videos and anything else related to the art of gaming. Judging by the name of his channel, he probably also played Runescape. Whatever game he was playing before, that made him extra cool, especially in those years where few Youtubers were vlogging about games and the gaming industry.

In this channel, his content is focused on tips and tricks to win in online games. He shows real-time gameplay that his viewers can learn from. HitSpeckO was one his first channels to have a decent amount of viewers and subscribers. For a first-time vlogger, getting 31 thousand subscribers, 99 videos, and hundreds and thousands of likes per video is already a pretty good start.

14 He Is Easy To Approach

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Mo Vlogs is a very approachable person. You can already tell in his videos and daily vlogs. He is one of the few vloggers who will let his fans socialize with him. Also, he is not a snob on social media. In fact, reaching out to him is just an easy peasy lemon squeezy thing to do! All you need to do is subscribe to his Youtube channel "Mo Vlogs". You can also follow him on other social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Just hit on the "Follow" button and you can reach him. Yes, he even replies to messages, but due to the large volume of messages he receives daily, he may not be able to reply to everyone. Just comment on his vids and there are times that he will definitely respond.

Well, he could have some people who manage his social media accounts just like any other busy person, but the idea is that the team (if he even has one) relates to his Mo Vlogs viewers, and that is enough to keep people hooked to his channel.

13 Know More About Dubai

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Do you want to know more about Dubai without setting foot in the city? You might want to have insight about Dubai and how wonderful the city is before going on a tour to the city. The solution is Mo Vlogs! Aside from his daily adventures and his luxurious cars, Mo Vlogs also posts about Dubai and its beauty. Aside from boasting about every tourist destination in Dubai, he also mentions the places to avoid and the places that are not worth the visit. Oh, don't forget he also mentions how to avoid some heavy traffic jams. For tourists, this is so helpful because travel websites are not able to divulge this information.

In his vlogs, he already created content for Dubai’s craziest waterparks, abandoned forests, richest kids in the country (some of whom collect $1,000,000 watches and another kid who spends $34,000 on plane tickets), and so much more.

12 His Family's Wealth Comes From Oil Probably

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You probably already know this – he is rich! That is definitely true. He owns several luxurious cars, which are really expensive. So he is definitely rich. Why is he a rich kid? How was he able to purchase those cars? Who are his parents? How do they earn so much money to support his passion? For the non-followers and non-subscribers, Mo Vlogs is the son of Esmail Beiraghdary. Mo Vlogs and his sister, Lana Rose, haven't said much about their parents, but the Internet speculates that Beiraghdary’s business is oil.

Mo Vlog sometimes lets his viewers sneak a peek of his house and it is clear that he comes from a wealthy family in Dubai. However, his parents’ wealth is not the only income source he uses to buy his toys. Just like any other famous Youtube star, like Pewdiepie, Mo Vlogs' net worth is $2 million simply from vlogging.

11 He Was Educated In London

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So, Mo Vlogs is rich. That also means that he is well-educated. Yes, he was born in Dubai, but the family also moved to London to get their children a better education. After completing their studies, they went back to Dubai. As Mo Vlogs mentioned a lot of times on his videos, he went to the Queen Mary University of London. For the people who do not know what this university is, this is one of the most well-known public research universities in London.

You can already tell that both he and his sister have been enrolled in a prestigious school because they know how to speak another language fluently. He speaks English fluently, which is also a good way to reach more viewers all around the world. His skills help him to target audiences internationally. His mother also speaks Persian, which is also a good contribution to his language skills.

10 Learn About A Different Ethnicity

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This is one of the best things that every person in the world should know – there is no ethnicity in terms of vlogging. Mo Vlogs was born in Dubai, left for London to study, and went back to Dubai for a vacation and eventually stayed there (since most of his recent vlogs were shot in Dubai, at his house and his garage). Let us not forget that his mom was speaking Persian on one or two of Mo Vlogs' videos, which probably makes him Iranian as well. In Mo Vlogs' videos, he simply shows that cultural differences, ethnicity, and race are important and should always be respected.

And because he has gained a lot of connections through his vlogs and out of the country trips, he is friends with so many people and influencers from all over the world.

9 He Has A Lot Of Rich Friends!

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He is not just a "one-man vlogger" because Mo Vlogs also features his friends. In fact, he is surrounded by responsible and supportive friends. While other vloggers found their friends and safe zone in the digital world of vlogging, Mo Vlogs also loves to socialize in the real world because he has friends! Here is another thing that you should know about his friends – they are prominent in the Middle East. Let us mention some of his friends - Saygin Yalcin, founder and CEO of the Middle East's first car buying service SellAnyCar, rich kid Rashed Belhasa, and Mo Money.

Some of his friends are also famous Youtubers and rich kids in Dubai. Hand-in-hand, they support and help each other create great content for their avid viewers. One of his vlogs also features his friend looking for someone to date and Mo Vlogs simply accompanies him on his journey. The vlogger also signed up to be his friend’s driver to show support.

8 Funny, But Professional

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Mo Vlogs is full of humor and that shows in his videos! Despite his humorous personality, he remains professional and well-mannered. Since Mo Vlogs is consistent in providing videos on a daily basis and sending positive vibes to everyone, Mo Vlogs is able to show his subscribers and followers that he knows the word "professionalism". His great content does not offend other people and his humorous videos are just to send good vibes to everyone. Also, there was a time when someone threw the "father card" at Mo Vlogs, but he remained positive. He just went on doing his daily videos, which goes to show how professional he is.

Despite his humor, Mo Vlogs has never been offensive to his viewers. He knows where his limits are and didn’t make any videos that are disrespectful and distasteful.

7 He Supports His Sister Who Is Also Big On Social Media

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Gaining fame and wealth from his Youtube videos, Mo Vlogs also supports his sister Parisa (better known as Lana Rose on her own channel) to achieve the same popularity. Like Mo Vlogs, Lana Rose also has her own dreams. And like her brother, she also features luxury cars and other socialite-related content. Though she doesn’t post regularly, with the help of Mo Vlogs, Lana Rose’s subscribers have already grown to 700,000 and her Instagram account has over 850,000 followers where she features makeup, fashion, cars, her watch collection and oil paintings. The girl is already making a name for herself on social media! Both Lana Rose and Mo Vlogs are considered to be two of the most famous and richest social media stars.

6 He Does Things Out Of Passion Like Meet Salt Bae

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Mo Vlog's passion is cars and he shows that in his vlogs. Everything he does on videos is to fulfill his dreams. When you do something out of passion, you will be happy doing it and the people who see your works will also be delighted. Let us put it this way, there are people who have jobs that they most probably don't want to do in the first place. For example, a man working in the office does not really enjoy what he does, but instead, his passion is music. So whenever he plays music, he does that out of passion and for his happiness and the happiness of other people. The same goes for Mo Vlogs; he is happy vlogging and happy with his cars, so he is able to bring happiness to other people. And the best thing about this is that he gets paid while doing his hobbies.

5 He Is Dedicated To His Craft

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Because he is so passionate about what he does, he is one of the most dedicated vloggers in Internet history. He dedicates his time to do these videos. Apart from shooting, he also needs to edit the vlogs and many other things to polish the videos like any other passionate Youtuber. He dedicates a great amount of effort to shoot, edit and brainstorm the type of vlogs he should do next that will definitely benefit his subscribers and followers.

Vlogging is a full-time endeavor, especially if you do not have a team to work with that help film and edit your projects. It takes a lot of time to create one short Youtube video. He also dedicates a hefty amount of money just to film and bring an entertaining video to his subscribers on a daily basis.

4 His Youtube Channel Alone Is Worth $2 Million

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Remember, Mo Vlogs is still in his early 20s. As of this writing, he is 22. Because of his passion combined with creativity, he was able to channel that passion and love for things into profit. He knows how to make his own money out of things he loves to do. Let us go back to the earlier example – the office man who loves music. If he would embrace his passion for music, he could definitely make a living out of it. Although most Youtubers do not disclose how much they earn from their videos (or how they earn from them), Mo Vlogs is without a doubt one of the richest, most famous Youtubers today. That is why it is not a surprise that he is now worth $2 million from his Youtube channel alone.

Aside from this, he also gets to do some side gigs that are related to his niche passions and hobbies. He coaches people about how to become a successful Youtuber and how to make content go viral.

3 He Relates To His Fans

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Mo Vlogs is young but he already knows how to make a fortune. Yes, he is indeed born with a silver spoon in his mouth because of his family's wealth, but his earnings as a vlogger will always serve as a great example for the youngsters of today. He is earning by posting his daily vlogs on Youtube and sharing these vlogs on other social media platforms. As a young person in today's world, he was able to use the most powerful tool, the Internet, to make a living, which is a thing that every young people of today should do. However, his position or status in society doesn’t blind him to become arrogant and disrespectful to his viewers and fans.

There was even this one time when his fans broke into his residence. Although he was shocked about the incident, he still reached out to his fans waiting for him to pass by, thanked them, and chatted a little. He also does fan mail videos and genuinely credits his fans who give him gifts.

2 He Loves His Family And Has A Close Relationship With His Mom

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Aside from having the best time of his life in almost every single vlog he uploads, he also shows how lucky he is to have a lovely and supporting family. Most of the time, he will feature his family, especially his sister Lana Rose, who happens to be an artist and is also popular on Instagram.

Mo Vlogs will sometimes upload their cute brother-sister relationship featuring their quarrels and their jokes together. Of course, he also features "Mommy Mo", Mo Vlogs' mother Nadia. We can also say that they share a close mother-and-son bond. Also, Mommy Mo is cool, just like Mo Vlogs, so be sure to watch the vlogs that feature how cool his mom is. He also bought his mom a luxury car because he said that the car his mom drove at that time looked like a gangster's car. So he bought a car that's a better fit for a decent mom.

1 He Enjoys A Lavish Lifestyle But Stays Cool About It

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Lastly, you need to follow Mo Vlogs because he is cool! It is not just the supercars he has been posting or just the fact that he is a rich kid that made him cool. It is the fact that while being a rich kid is luxurious, he never failed to show how he cares about his family. He is able to channel his passions in a productive way. It is the fact that no matter how much he is earning, he still has friends around him.

He is cool because he is a responsible guy who knows what he wants and how to get what he wants. He is cool because he hasn’t been in controversy with his vlogs and hasn’t offended people with his content. He knows how to respect others despite his status. That is the definition of cool in today's era. So, Mo Vlogs is cool and that's the end of the story.

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