17 Times Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Outdid Angelina With Her Amazing Style

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt surely made one of the loveliest couples in Hollywood history. Despite their separation and ongoing divorce (although there are rumors that they called off the divorce), Brangelina was still one of the power couples who influenced America, not just through Hollywood movies, but also through their advocacies in life. They were, and still are, proud supporters of gay marriage and donated millions of dollars to charities. Jolie alone has a secret world of charity works. She was even appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. But we will not talk about Brangelina; we are here to talk about Shiloh!

Given that Jolie has a big heart for charity work, she also has a big heart for kids. She adopted two kids – Maddox and Zahara – before giving birth to Shiloh. After Shiloh, Jolie and Pitt adopted Pax Thien and later had their twins Knox and Vivienne. All of Brangelina's children are awesome in their own different ways. But again, we are here to talk about Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.

The first thing that you need to know about Shiloh is that she is adorable! Shiloh got her mom and dad's genes perfectly right. Shiloh never failed to give the cameras her sweetest smile and amazing style. She even caused a massive stir because of her style. Shiloh wants to dress like a boy and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, she can wear everything she wants! Kudos to Brangelina for supporting Shiloh. Let's take a look at Shiloh's amazing look over the years. Here are 18 photos of Shiloh that will definitely show off her cuteness!

17 All Wrapped Up

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This is Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. Born on the 27th of May, 2006, she is the first biological child of Jolie and Pitt. This is one of the first photos of Shiloh back in 2006 after her birth because her privacy was closely guarded at that time.

Looking at this young and adorable Shiloh, you can definitely say that her blonde hair is from Pitt's genes and her lips look like a copy of Jolie's iconic pouty lips.

Of course, Shiloh's dreamy blue eyes caught everyone's attention. She is, indeed, a beautiful baby who inherited both of her parents' striking looks and best physical attributes. The power couple definitely knew from the moment they had Shiloh that she would become one of the best faces of the world.

16 No Shoes, No Problem

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Since Maleficent wears black, Shiloh should also wear black. Black is beautiful and this also suits Shiloh's beauty and adorableness. Yes, at this angle, she clearly looked like her daddy. Just a plain black dress when she was a baby suited her. At this time, Shiloh was spotted shopping with Jolie in Monaco on May 12, 2008, just a few days before her second birthday!

She grew up so fast and she grew up having cameras everywhere she goes. This is not just because she is Jolie's and Pitt's first biological daughter, but also because she looks exactly like her parents.

15 Shiloh Goes Shopping

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Shiloh is a toddler in this photo and her outfit slays!

Look at how she was able to pull out this cute coat, black jeans, and black rubber shoes, all while carrying a basket? Yes, that is a basket.

She was with her mommy Angelina and her sister Zahara, when this photo was taken on February 18, 2009, a few months before she turned 3 years old. They were leaving the Lee Art's Shop in New York City when they were spotted.

Of course, those fans and paparazzi are not just there because of Jolie, but also because of Zahara and Shiloh who totally know how to show off their outfits while smiling to the photographers.

14 The Stylish Bangs

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Shiloh definitely rocked her bangs! Yes, this was the same outfit she had one when she was leaving the Lee Art's Shop in New York City with her mommy and her sister Zahara. We figured that you might need to have a closer look at Shiloh before she officially turned 3 years old and absorb how cute and adorable she was when she was still that young (but she is still adorable today!).

She had that side swept fringe that was really complimenting how beautiful her hair was.

Her fringe did not cover her beautiful eyes to remind us that they are still as beautiful as the first time her photo broke the Internet. Such a cutie, Shiloh!

13 A Trip To Italy

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This is around the time that Shiloh decided that she liked to dress up like a boy. Fret not because she was still adorable even when she decided she wanted to cut her hair and wear some boy clothes. You better admit that Shiloh has a distinct and unique fashion sense, but she never failed to pull off any outfit, this one included. This is a photo taken in Venice, Italy, on March 27, 2010 before she turned 4 years old. Even though not pictured, Shiloh was with her mommy Jolie when they decided to roam Venice. Just like any other photo, Shiloh can be seen wearing a coat, pants, and cute shoes that she pulls off expertly.

12 Shiloh Had All The Fun

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This photo was taken on April 16, 2010 while the Jolie-Pitt family was still enjoying their getaway trip to Venice, Italy.

While in Venice, Shiloh did not shy away from Italian fashion (whether she was aware of it or not). Her beige cargos and brown hoodie outfit definitely compliments Venice. In this photo, everyone can see that Shiloh is indeed having a fun time on her trip as she has a beautiful grin on her face. Her eyes can't stop sparkling with joy.

11 Rocking That Leather Jacket

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Look at how Shiloh stole the scene because of her look and style! This photo was taken when the Jolie-Pitt gang was out in Paris in November of 2010. Jolie and Pitt never fail to amuse their children when it comes to vacation and recreational activities. In this photo, the Jolie-Pitt family was just about to visit the Aquarium de Paris, featuring amazing sea creatures, a shark tunnel, and fish touch pool. No wonder Shiloh looks really excited.

Going back to what Shiloh is wearing, that leather jacket defined her future stylish fashion sense.

She totally rocked her outfit. Since she was in Paris, a city that is predominately known for fashion, Shiloh knew how to fit in with her amazing style.

10 Daddy's Favorite!

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Shiloh is back in Venice! She is with her daddy dearest and they totally looked like each other, except for the beard, of course. Even though she loves to dress and look like a boy because she wanted to look like her brothers, Shiloh is a stunner when it comes to her style and fashion sense. Sorry Brad, you need to give this moment to Shiloh because she just outdid your fashion statement.

Pitt also mentioned to Oprah Winfrey back in 2008 that Shiloh prefers to be called John.

This is because she wanted to be John or Peter; it is just a Peter Pan thing. Pitt also said that this kind of stuff that was cute and adorable when Shiloh insisted on being called John, but he also said that this was probably "obnoxious" to other people.

9 The Bob Haircut

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Shiloh's hair grew and became a bob hairstyle, which was actually cute. No worries Shiloh, any haircut certainly suits you. You can notice that her blonde hair was getting long in this photo, showcasing how beautiful it is. Aside from the way her hair is styled, you can notice that Shiloh was growing up so fast. This photo was taken at a local market in New Orleans, Louisiana when the Jolie-Pitt family headed out to get some groceries on March 20, 2011. Yes, Shiloh was just a few weeks away from turning 5 years old in this photo, yet her blue eyes and her iconic lips are still screaming at us to remind us of how beautiful she is.

8 Shiloh In A Festive Mood

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Shiloh still loves the bob hairstyle here because this was taken a few months after their visit to the market on March 20, 2011. In fact, this was snapped after the premiere of Kung Fu Panda 2. Jolie was the voice of Master Tigress, one of the main characters of the animated movie. The movie was praised because Kung Fu Panda is not just for kids, but also for adults. Sure, the film got a lot of acclaim, but the spotlight immediately turned to Jolie and her sweet daughter Shiloh.

Look at her vest and her amazing style.

We're very sorry Angie, but Shiloh outdid your fashion statement here, hands down. No worries though, because she really looks like you.

7 Going on an Out-of-Town Trip

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Would you look at that! The bob style is officially gone! Yes, young Shiloh got a haircut and she still looks amazing. Her style was also on point here; she matched her (suit-designed) T-shirt with a khaki/beige pair of pants and still rocked her unique outfit. The Jolie-Pitt family, once again, never fail to take their beautiful children on wonderful and memorable getaways, and allow them to experience some of the best recreational activities. Snapped a few months before she turned 6 years old, Shiloh, along with her siblings and her parents, took a plane for an out-of-town trip. And you better believe they did this all in style!

6 Shiloh Wearing Flip Flops

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There is no doubt that Shiloh will have good fashion sense even when it comes to wearing flip flops, because she totally looked great even without shoes when some photographer snapped her photo back in 2008. Little Shiloh's feet were probably tired then.

This photo was taken in September of 2013 and Shiloh's hair was getting longer.

Shiloh was with her mommy Angelina Jolie and her brother Pax Thien at the Brisbane Airport in Australia when Jolie was preparing to direct a World War II drama entitled Unbroken.

5 Better Than Brad

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Do you remember the film Unbroken? Aside from Jolie directing the film, she also produced the film. Of course, the whole Jolie-Pitt family should be at the premiere of this movie because this was one of Jolie's directorial masterpieces. Spotted at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California on December 15, 2014, Shiloh was  photographed with her brothers Pax Thien and Maddox, her daddy Brad Pitt, and her grandparents Jane and William Pitt.

Again, sorry Brad, but Shiloh outdid you once again in this shot!

The way Shiloh wore the suit was perfect, but don't worry because Shiloh has your charm, Brad. However, there were also times when Jolie wore a suit on the red carpet, so Shiloh also got her suit style from mommy.

4 Exactly Like Mommy

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Shiloh looks exactly like her mommy, especially when Jolie was starting to make  Hollywood films during her teenage years (particularly in Hacker). Of course, Shiloh got her blonde hair from her daddy Brad, but her smile is all Angie's. Her blue eyes also resemble her mommy's eyes. Despite her boyish outfits, Shiloh remains as beautiful as Angelina Jolie.

Aside from Shiloh's striking resemblance to mommy, this event actually featured one of the best speeches. This photo was snapped when Jolie received her award as "The Best Villain" during the Kid's Choice Awards for her film Maleficent in March of 2015. Jolie's speech was one that everyone – kids, teens, and adults – needed to hear when everyone else thinks you are different.

Jolie said, "Different is good. So, don't fit in. Don't sit still. Don't ever try to do less than you are. When somebody tells you you're different, smile and hold your head up high and be proud. And as your villain, I would also say — cause a little trouble. It's good for you."

3 The Next Humanitarian

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Since Jolie was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, it is a no brainer that Shiloh has a soft spot for refugees as well.

She is definitely following in her mother's footsteps as a humanitarian.

Because she has a unique and awesome style, Shiloh was spotted wearing this mind-boggling, yet meaningful statement shirt sometime in March of 2016 at the Los Angeles International Airport in California after they went to Cambodia.

Yes Shiloh, you are right! Einstein was indeed a refugee and many people rely on Einstein's studies nowadays. The media did not let this one escape and they concluded that this was Shiloh's message for President Trump about the refugees. Aside from this scene at the airport, Shiloh also went with Jolie on a visit to Syrian refugee camps for the World Refugee Day.

2 Simple And Casual Look At Her Mom's Movie Premiere

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Speaking of humanitarian involvement, Shiloh was spotted during the premiere of The Breadwinner at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 2017 where Jolie was one of the executive producers of the animated film. The animated film tells the story of the Afghan girl Parvana, who dressed like a boy to support her family after the arrest of her father. This is indeed a moving story. Shiloh was at the premiere along with her mommy and her siblings Pax, Zahara, and the twins Knox and Vivienne.

Yes, Shiloh looks like Angie, but she also looks like her daddy Brad.

In fact, she is Brad's mini-me in terms of her fashion choices. In this photo, you can also see Vivienne comfortably wearing a gray T-shirt, a pair of gray pants, and gray shoes.

1 Shiloh Is Shiloh – No Questions!

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As of this writing, this is one of Shiloh's most recent photos. She was spotted with her dearest mommy Angie, and her sister Zahara, on January 9, 2018. They were attending the National Board of Review Gala in New York City. Jolie was awarded the Freedom of Expression Award for the film she directed called First They Killed My Father, which is a 2017 biographical historical film about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

Shiloh arrived wearing a black suit just like Zahara, while Jolie was wearing a stunning dress.

But wait; there was another accessory present that complemented Shiloh's outfit for the evening – a sling on her right arm. There is no need to worry, because Shiloh was reported to be fine. It was just a little injury while snowboarding. Either way, Shiloh is still one of those people who have amazing style and she definitely steals the spotlight.

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