18 Savage Memes Of Flat Earthers Being Flat Earthers

So, for all you internet trolls checking this article out, I definitely don't need to explain to you what a savage meme is. But for those of you who are casual visitors to the interweb and its very strange content, then let me give you a bit of a hand introducing you to the idea of savage memes.

Urban Dictionary defines savage as something that makes someone go "what the f–?" And while this isn't the original definition of meme, here is what it has become: a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

So, in case some of you didn't know, there are still people out there who believe that the Earth is flat. Some just like to mess with people and make memes, but there really are people who believe this. Below is a collection of savage memes from the Flat Earth people. Be prepared to feel like they're a little stupid. Because they are stupid. If any of you wonderful readers actually believe the Earth is flat... then I'm sorry to say that you're a dunce. Enjoy!


18 The Earth Is Bigger Than A Little Mirror

Man, I am constantly amazed at the stupidity of the Flat Earthers. This meme is one of the stupidest ones that I've seen so far. So, when you look out to the ocean, you will notice that it seems there is an edge at the end of the horizon (or at least what you can see as the end). First of all, the human eye can only see a certain distance, and this is part of the reason why we see this seemingly flat line on the horizon. However, the Earth isn't necessarily a mirror. I don't know why this is even brought up. True, that the ocean reflects light, but it's not often a mirrored surface (go to a lake for that). And the Earth is a sphere but it's a pretty large sphere. So, it's not likely that you are going to be able to see the gradual curve of the giant planet the same way that you're going to see the curve on a small mirror.

17 If You Believe In A Flat Earth... You're Stupid


Sometimes I just run out of clever titles for these entries because I'm just amazed by the sheer stupidity of these Flat Earth people. When a helicopter goes into the air (still in our atmosphere) it is still subject to things like wind and a small, unimportant force called GRAVITY! Yes, the world is turning at something like 1000mph. And yes, it is also revolving around the Sun. And it is basically a mix of rotation, orbit, and gravity that make it so when a helicopter hovers in one spot for hours it will still land in the same spot because the helicopter is being pulled forward along with the earth below it. It's actually a pretty simple concept. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised that those who believe in the Flat Earth theory have a real hard time with understanding simple concepts. It just makes me sad though.

16 Pepe Dresses Up As Admiral Byrd

I figure the best way to really dig into this article is by using a very popular meme character to get people going. Pepe is one of the most famous and most savage of meme character. He shows up in everything. If you can think of a topic to have a meme for, chances are you'll find this creepy, poorly drawn cartoon character. Typically he's dark green and in all sorts of crude positions or doing all sorts of crude things. This is actually a pretty tame meme as far as savage Pepe memes go. But it definitely doesn't help anyone that Pepe is barking out to a soldier that the Earth is flat. Realistically, because this is a Pepe meme, this is probably not from a Flat Earther, but is just meant to poke fun at them. The problem is that Flat Earthers are so dumb that they will absolutely use this thinking it means they're right.

15 Don't Insult Sean Bean Like This!


Look, Sean Bean has already died in almost every film he's ever been in. Don't kill his reputation now by using one of his popular characters as a spokesperson for the Flat Earth theory! This is certainly not something Sean Bean would ever say. Not to mention that the statement is obviously wrong. Because we do live on a spherical planet. We live on a ball that is spinning 1000mph and water does seem to stay in place. Strange eh? I think Flat Earthers seem to forget that there's this science called physics. Or they may remember that it exists, but I think they actually just know nothing about it. Of course, these are the same people who swear that there has never been a photo of the Earth taken from space. So... it's not like they have a high standard of evidence to start with.

14 This Is Just Terrifying

I can't even begin to understand how this expression is happening on this guy's face. And I also can't imagine what he is actually reacting to. I'm sure this was originally another meme that ended up being used by the Flat Earthers but it is still pretty terrifying no matter what captions you put on it. I might actually have nightmares about this face now and it will have had nothing to do with dumb people thinking that the Earth is flat. That's pretty terrifying. That being said, I might also have nightmares now about people who really think the Earth is flat too. It continues to boggle my mind that some people still believe in something that was disproved hundreds of years ago. It just goes to show that there are a lot of people who just want to live in their own fantasy world.

13 Tom Cruise Is Actually Terrifying...


First of all, Flat Earthers call all of the normal people in the world "globeheads"...wow. Secondly, Tom Cruise is terrifying when he laughs! Oh, my goodness. This is probably the most frightening meme that the Flat Earthers have at their disposal. If the Flat Earthers are saying that they laugh like this when we normal people cry about how the globe is...a globe, then all I can say is that I'm very happy that we don't cry over some failed globe hypothesis...you know, because the world is actually round. There's something very strange about Flat Earthers using Tom Cruise as a spokesperson for their stupid ideas. I mean... he's a Scientologist. So, he's not exactly the smartest guy either. But I'm pretty sure he does believe that planets are spherical and real (since his religious leader was a science fiction author). Way to go Flat idiots.

12 Flat Earthers Have To Stop Using Smart People...

I understand why the Flat Earthers use celebrities like Christopher Walken to push their idiot ideas. They need some sort of popular support to keep afloat. But it's not like Walken actually thinks this. He's a smart guy. Or at least smart enough to know that the world isn't flat. But that doesn't matter. If you can find a photo on Google, then you can take it, add a caption to it and turn it into a meme. A savage meme at that because any meme that uses Walken is usually pretty savage. It's just pretty sad that this savage meme comes from the Flat Earthers who have no idea what a reasoned or rational argument is. Basically, memes are really the only way that Flat Earthers can communicate their position because no one really cares what they say otherwise. But memes are everywhere. It's a good marketing tool, but it doesn't change the fact that their idiots.


11 Are They Really This Stupid!?


There's something about this image that makes me want to slam my face into my palm. You might rightly ask why that is. I have to tell you why. The Flat Earthers seem to think that because there is a giant ice wall that has an edge in Antarctica that the Earth is flat. Like they've reached the very edge of the Earth or something. This makes no sense at all. No sense! If you look just over and beyond that wall, you might notice that there is a whole ocean that keeps going until you hit the next land mass. I just don't understand how some people can be so dense. It drives me a little insane. Let's try and give these guys the benefit of the doubt and say that they meant because there is a straight edge to this wall that isn't rounded, the Earth must be flat. Well... there is more ice below the water dummies! Insert Game of Thrones joke here.

10 I Actually Don't Understand This Argument

First off, they start by saying "if planets really revolved around the Sun..." Ok, the planets in our solar system do revolve around the Sun. That's why it's called the solar system! Holy sh*t. It actually hurts my brain to have to say these things. Now, the reason astronomers developed the model of the solar system in a relatively flat, ovular shape is because... THAT'S THE WAY THE PLANETS REVOLVE AROUND THE SUN! That's just the way they physically move. Thank you gravity for keeping the planets in line. This has nothing to do with proving anything like the Earth being flat. I don't know how many times in this article that I've called the Flat Earthers idiots...but they are complete idiots. I'm not even sorry to any reader here who believes this. If you think the Earth is flat then there is no hope for you.

9 Flat Earthers Don't Understand Gravity


Alright... every time I look at another meme I have to sigh very deeply in order to expel the great number of swear words I want to use in each entry. There is a very important concept in science that the Flat Earthers don't seem to understand (besides the fact that the Earth is round). It's called gravity. Look, let's say you could dig from one end of the planet to the other. If you went in one way, people's feet left above you, you would dig out the other end with people's feet above you. Why? Because gravity keeps us all planted on the Earth. It doesn't matter what part of the globe you're on. This is actually incredibly simple. If you could focus on the Earth and see people on both the North Pole and Antarctica at the same time, this is basically the image you'd see. Because GRAVITY!

8 It's Easy To Debunk The Flat Earth Theory

Ok, if trying to debunk the Flat Earth theory actually turned people into Flat Earth supporters...then every legitimate scientist in the world would be a Flat Earth supporter. You know why? Because so many people have gone about to debunk the Flat Earth theory. But you know what actually happened instead? Well...they debunked the flat Earth theory. The most hilarious and ridiculous and stupid thing is that this meme uses a space photo of the Earth while trying to claim that the Earth is flat. If you've ever looked at the Earth from space (or at least a photo taken from space ) then you would know that it is now impossible to claim that the Earth is flat while still trying to hang on to any idea that you're a smart person.

7 I Am Speechless About This Picture


No, that is definitely a lie. I'm not speechless about this picture at all. Obviously, this is a doctored image. The Flat Earth idiots obviously don't even need captions for this picture. I think it probably speaks for itself. It drives me mad though when the Flat Earth people start shouting that NASA has been PhotoShopping their photos of the Earth from space... and then the Flat Earthers do the exact same thing, clearly changing the image intensely. There is something that is both laughable and incredibly frustrating about the Flat Earth people. I really have to try and think that there is no one who actually takes this seriously. But since Trump was elected president it's been harder and harder for me to actually believe that people couldn't be that stupid. Clearly, they can be.

6 The Pope Is Not A Good Spokesman

First of all, using any religious leader as part of your support for your silly ideas is just going to make you look more silly. You know, because religion is bullsh*t. And the funny thing here is that this meme uses the pope, suggesting that not only is he working with the devil (which God did in the book of Job) but also that NASA is keeping the truth about the flat Earth from the general public. Ironically, the Catholic church is actually completely in support of a spherical planet. It didn't use to be, but it's not like the church hasn't changed its mind on a ton of things before. Once the scientific evidence became too clear, the church had to accept that God obviously made the world round and not flat. Of course, they would argue that this was all originally a test or something.

5 Flat Earthers Don't Even Believe In The Moon Landing


This meme is savage simply because of its ability to make me say something like "what the actual f*ck?" What's sad here and smart on the part of the Flat Earthers is that they are gaining support here by bringing in the "fake Moon landing" people with them. NASA has made some great discoveries and has put people on the Moon, and has taken photos of the Earth from space. But by suggesting that they don't even have a photo of the Earth, the flat Earthers have basically said the Moon landing must have been shot somewhere on our flat planet. There are too many idiots out there who really believe that and I'm guessing they're also stupid enough to believe something like the Earth being flat too. I don't know where these stupid people come from, but we need to put some more money into education around the world.

4 Mirages Are Not Real... Like The Flat Earth Theory

For those of you who do not know, there is a thing called a "superior mirage". Essentially, if the air on the ground is much colder than the warm air above it, you will find almost a double image occurring in the distance. This is obviously different than just looking out to a cityscape on the horizon. And what I find funny about the city photo that is used to "prove" the Flat Earth theory is that I can actually see a curvature toward the ends of the frame. Does that automatically prove that the Earth is round? Oh, wait... every bit of scientific evidence available has already proven that. It's very strange to me that the Flat Earth people would use a scientific phenomenon like the superior mirage to compare a photo that definitely doesn't prove the Flat Earth theory.

3 This Is A Savage Earth Pizza


Have you ever had a panzerotti before? It's basically like a pizza but folded over itself to make a dome. If you could take four of those and put them all together by their big ends, you would get something like a sphere. Now that would be an Earth pizza...and it would be delicious. However, the Flat Earth people would have you believe that the Earth is just like a regular pizza. Flat with some bumps and wet spots around it. Oh, whoops... I said "around". Is that a bad word for a Flat Earth person? That reminds me of a post that the Flat Earth Society made once when they talked about their supporters "around the globe". Ha! They proved the round Earth while trying to give support to their Flat Earth idiot followers.

2 If This Was Real, Trump Might Have Supported Obama

I have almost no doubt in my mind that if this photo actually became a big news deal, Donald Trump would probably have had more support for Obama. He might have stopped talking about how he wasn't American. He has to be American if he believes that the Earth is flat! However, the sign that Obama is leaning against was actually just a trail marker. It had numbers on it and not a stupid statement like "The Earth is flat". So, I guess it's a good thing for Flat Earthers that PhotoShop exists. Which is funny since they keep accusing people of doctoring photos from space or even of just the horizon on the ocean. But hey, they've got to push their agenda as well, so here we have former president Obama supporting the Flat Earth Theory. Of course, this photo was doctored when he was still president. But everyone still thought the theory was stupid.

1 These Guys Really Think They're Under Attack


It makes me really sad that these Flat Earth people would actually use an image of Bart Simpson to try and push their pathetic theory that Earth is flat. And what's worse than that? They're actually trying to suggest that they are constantly under attack! They're trying to say that if they speak out as a Flat Earther today that they are met with violence; they're put at gunpoint. Now, I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen. I think the most that probably happens to them is something like being laughed at. Or being called stupid. And if that makes them feel like they're being attacked then they are more insecure about their own theories than I thought. What's so savage about this meme though is just the fact that they used Bart Simpson to try and push their stupid ideas (the kid who's been in the 4th grade for 28 years).


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