18 Paused Moments Captured Just Before Reality Hit

Sometimes you can plan something so perfectly and it just does not work out. Life is a series of random events that lead you to different things, different places and different people. It is true what they say, magic happens when you least expect it and this article is proof of just that. Our lives are filled with picture-perfect moments, however, perfect moments that are pictured are usually those that were not planned.

Nowadays, with the internet and social media, it is so easy to share these moments with not only your friends but with the world. Social media has allowed us to share parts of our lives and has given the world a platform to bond (and hate) over. With photos being the main focus on social media, it is not surprising that we were able to find some of the most awesome moments caught on camera moments before the inevitable hits.

This article is jam-packed with photos captured literally right before reality hit and, let me tell you, some of these shots are pretty epic.


18 About To Take A Dip

Sometimes in life, you do something and you do not expect the outcome to be what it is. This is exactly what happened when this dude asked someone to take a picture of him. This is an epic photo that was captured seconds before this woman got soaking wet.

As you can see, the dude in front is posing, the women behind is both mid-conversation and mid-fall. This is without a doubt one of the funniest photos on the internet because of how oblivious everyone in the photo is. We are not positive about what happened after this photo was taken but we are sure if this woman fell into the water, I mean, how could she not?

This picture is funny, mesmerizing and hilarious and I seriously can't get over how perfectly it was captured.

17 That Must Have Hurt


If you are one of those people who loves riding your bike around the city, I am sure you can relate to this photograph.

This poor girl was minding her own business, riding around on her bike when her wheel got caught in the sewer. As you can see from the picture, this poor girl in mid-air is about to make contact with the pavement.

If you pay close attention to both her face and her body language you are able to see and feel the fear brewing up within her which is totally understandable. We do not know who captured this photo but we do know whoever did was probably impressed with their ability to capture the perfect moment right before disaster hit!

16 That's Not Good

This picture gives me so much anxiety, I can't even believe it is real! Whales are one of the most interesting and gigantic creatures on the planet. People dream about seeing a whale and after Free Willy came out, it was almost as if everyone was fantasizing about bonding with a whale.

As majestic and interesting as they are, their giant size can make them a danger to people, as you can see in the above picture.

Can you imagine what was going through those guys' heads as they looked up and saw a huge whale flying above them? Seriously, think about it. I honestly don't know about you but I would have passed out as this picture was being taken!

15 Oh, Brother!


There is so much going on in this picture I can barely stand it and to be honest I am kind of obsessed with it. Thinking about getting it framed for my personal collection but that's a different story...

First of all who let these children drive a four-wheeler. Second please take a minute and really look at the two boys and their expressions; the one driving is secretly loving it while the other one is seeing his life flash before his eyes. Last but not least take a look at the grandmother, focus on her legs and her arms and then take a look at her face...pretty hilarious isn't it?

You just know that the kid went flying and that both of the boys got a good old fashioned ass whooping from their grandmother right after this picture was taken.


If you saw this photo and did not laugh at all, there must be something wrong with you because I personally think this is one of the most random and funny photos I have ever seen!

This is one of those pictures that does not even need a backstory (although we wish we knew why there was a goat in the house). Just by looking at it you are able to see that this was a fear-infused moment.

Not only does the goat look angry, he is about to attack and the girl in the picture knows exactly what is about to happen. If her body language was not enough, take a look at her facial expression: priceless!

13 Nice Outfit...


This is without a doubt one of the greatest pictures ever taken!

12 Watch Your Back

The cheetah is a majestic and beautiful animal that is also known as the fasted mammal in the world. Cheetahs are one of those animals that you can't help but be intrigued and terrified by all at the same time. However looking at this pictures makes me slightly anxious and is leaving me with zero desire to ever be close to one.

To me, there is so much fear and anxiety in this picture. Not only is the man running to try and save himself but the cheetah itself is giving off serious amounts of intensity. The cheetah's insane precision as he goes in to attack is really something to pay close attention to.

There is no denying that this picture was captured at the perfect moment and I hope this man survived this attack!


11 As Long As You Got Your Selfie Beforehand


The reality is that when a girl is taking a picture of herself, she is only focusing on herself, not on what is going on around her, which is demonstrated in this picture.

This photo displays a beautiful girl posing for her photo without knowing that she is about to be hit across the head with a baseball. Although we do not know what happened after the picture was taken, we are more than sure that the baseball hit her directly in the head.

I really do hope she didn't get hurt, but I'm not going to lie, I couldn't help but laugh when I looked at this photograph!

10 Kids Are Hard To Take Care Of

When they say parenting is hard, they should then follow it with this picture. This makes me laugh because it reminds me of one of those “expectation” vs “reality” memes on Instagram. This couple is clearly trying to get a nice shot on the beach doing something cute (and cheesy) but it goes horribly wrong.

There is so much to take note of in this picture; first, there is a red-headed child who is about to do a 180-degree face plant into the sand, then there is the mother whose facial expression says it all. Following these two there is another child who does not even seem to notice his brother is about to get seriously hurt followed by the dad who looks like he is holding back laughter.

All in all, this is a pretty awesome shot!

9 Focus Less On The Selfie And More On The Duck


It is said that there is a lot that goes into the “perfect selfie” and this girl is trying to master just that. Personally, I have never been close to a duck and decided that doing whatever this girl is doing would be a smart idea. There is no doubt in my mind that the duck bit her finger and, let me tell you, the duck may look cute but they can be vicious.

This is a pretty great shot even though I am sure it was not what she was expecting!

8 This Does Not Look Good...

Hunting “big game” for many is something that should not be done. For these men in the photograph it is a fun activity but for the guy lurking in the back, it is far from that.

Animals are pretty cool and intelligent creatures, especially bears and these two men seem to have messed with the wrong bear squad. What makes this picture even crazier is that the men don't even realize that there is a bear lurking in the shadows, however, you can see that the bear is very much aware of their presence.

I don't know what exactly happened after this picture was taken but by the looks of the bear in the back, something tells me it was not good. I just hope everyone was okay and that those of you reading take this as a lesson as to why you should not hunt big game!

7 She Is Not A Happy Camper


Am I the only one who literally laughed out loud when I saw this picture? This is without a doubt one of the funniest pictures on the internet and I seriously can't stop laughing every time I look at it. This is one of those pictures that just happened to be taken at the perfect second. From the ball hitting her face, to her facial expression and even her glasses slipping off this is a pretty epic shot.

I don't know about who's reading this but I myself have been hit in the face by a ball (embarrassingly, on more than one occasion) and if I had photo evidence of it I would probably make it my display picture on every form of social media.

I love everything about this picture because you can just feel her pain and her annoyance of what is about the happen to her poor face.

6 Too Much Candy Before The Picture

Picture Day growing up was the most annoying day of the year to many, however, no one can deny the memories these pictures provide, especially this one.

Getting sick is never fun, especially when you do so in front of people, let alone having this happen to you.

There is nothing that can be said that will change the perfect timing of this photo and as you can see it was captured at the perfect moment. Thankfully for the kids in front of him, it does not seem to be landing directly on them but we are sure they got hit a little bit. Although we do not know what happened after the picture was taken, something tells us it was far from pretty!

5 Not The Cake!


If you are anything like me you think that cake is one of the most important parts of any day. It is without a doubt one of the best and most vital food groups which is why this picture is very hard for me to look at.

As you can see there is a delicious piece of what seems to be cheesecake falling directly off the plate. Now take a look at the girls face, this expression says it all! She is devastated, mortified and helpless. The emotion and feelings she is giving in this picture is really everything.

Seriously though, this picture is pretty amazing, I mean just look at it, there is so much emotion in it I can barely stand it!

4 Namaste

There is no denying that girls love taking pictures on the beach. Any dude that has ever gone on a trip with a girl will agree to this. This picture is so amazing on so many levels because not only is it an epic shot, it is also captured moments before reality hit the lovely lady posing.

Another funny thing about this picture is that she is sitting, with her legs crossed, in a peaceful and calming position. The funny thing about that is that relaxed is the last thing she probably felt after this picture was taken.

3 Birds Are Vicious 


This picture is amazing on so many levels and there is no denying that whoever captured this picture got more than he was expecting.

The girl in the photo is dressed in an adorable blue checkered dress and is clearly in a scenic location. We are sure she was about to pose for a picture with the beautiful background and her delicious snack when a bird had a completely different plan for her.

There is definitely something evil about this bird and you can see it in his eyes! You can also feel the fear and anxiety being felt by the girl, which to us is pretty hilarious! We love everything about this picture, especially that it was captured in a perfect way and in a perfect moment!

2 Hopefully, It Was Very Hot Out

This is one of the lighter and funnier pictures I found and I am not going to lie, I kind of love it. The girl in the picture is enjoying herself, minding her own business as she catches some rays.

The man in the picture is up to something. You can tell by his face that he is enjoying what is about to happen and whoever took this picture really had the perfect timing.

It is so cool how the water was captured right above the girl and the way it looks in the picture! There is no doubt that right after this picture was taken, the poor girl got drenched.

We hope for her it was a scolding hot day if not she might start scolding the man who did this to her!

1 I Think This Is When The Regret Hit


There is no denying that riding a bike can lead to some serious injuries and this photograph is proof of that.

The following photo depicts a guy riding his bike downhill. We are sure he tried to pull a fancy move or something because the way his body is suspended in the air above his bike makes it pretty obvious. The guy in the air looks as though he is flying with the most graceful body position you can have in this situation. Take a look at his legs and arms as well as the way his head is placed!

The group of people watching him show some pretty epic facial expressions which make this photo even more legendary. I hope he didn't get too badly injured during his flight!


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