18 Lavish Things The Rich Kids Of Instagram Buy On A Typical Friday

How did you spend your days as a teenager or as a young adult in your early 20s? For a lot of people in this age bracket, a normal day would be waking up early in the morning, going to school or if lucky enough to finish studies early, going to work, spending a couple of hours learning or working, trying to get home through traffic, laying on the bed exhausted, and calling it a day.

However, not all people have this normal lifestyle. The rich kids of Instagram actually exist and they flaunt their lavish splurges and luxurious lifestyles on social media. Lucky them, they get to spend their fortune in every lavish way possible on normal days!

These rich kids have this outrageous spending habit that is unstoppable because they simply can afford a very luxurious living. Who are these kids? They can be sons and daughters of the world's most elite class, celebrities and TV personalities, or entrepreneurs. The point is they are all millionaires and billionaires who spend their fortunes just to satisfy their wants and expensive desires.

Of course, spending great amounts of money for their wardrobe collection, cars, jewelry, first-class plane travels, and vacations should be paraded in front of the public. One of the most brilliant and posh ways to parade this is on Instagram because a lot of Instagrammers have an extreme fascination with expensive things. There was even an account named "Rich Kids of Instagram" that posted every luxurious way a rich kid can spend their money (or their parents' money).

Better yet, there was even a TV shows entitled "Rich Kids of Instagram" that aired on the British network Channel 4, but the rich kids that were featured are not alone. In fact, there are a lot of elite and rich kids on Instagram that share how they spend their daily lives with their favorite cars and expensive collections. Below are the rich kids who will make you drop your jaw because of their excessive expenditures! Find out who spent $34,000 just for one plane ticket!

17 Jack Watkin's $2.4 Million Car Collection

via: usweekly.com

Let us start this list with Jack Watkin, the son of a wealthy businessman and the self-proclaimed "British Kardashian". Yes, when people claim that they are living the same way the Kardashians are living their lives, that means that they are wealthy and like to brag about their lavish lifestyle on social media.

Back when Jack was still a 17-year-old teen, he already had a collection of luxurious cars because his parents love him so much (and spoiled him so much)! Just months after Jack passed his driving test, he already owns a $2.4 million car collection – two Bentleys, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Range Rover.

Because cars are not the only expensive things in the world, Jack also reportedly splurged on a $712,000 Bvlgari watch, which roughly cost around $708,000. Aside from that, he is also swimming in a pool of expensive designer clothes, bags, and shoes!

Daria Radionova's Swarovski Crystals

Via: IB Times UK

If the luxurious cars did not send an exciting vibe to your nerves, maybe Daria Radionova's car will definitely give you, not just an exciting vibe, but a glimmering vibe. Daria is another Instagrammer who is famous and claims that she can be the next Kardashian sister, but she resides in London.

For the record, her family background is still a little bit shady, but who cares? Let's focus on the fact that she has a Mercedes Benz that is covered in Swarovski crystals. Daria said that she spent $71,000 on her car, $28,000 on the Swarovski crystals, and $21,000 for her "Russian team" that assembled the crystals on her car. So, how much is that in dollars? Do the math!

16 Alexandra Dmitrieva's Birthday Party At The Ritz

Via: Dailymail.co.uk

When it comes to bragging about wealth and a luxurious lifestyle, Alexandra Dmitrieva can be the next winner! She is an elite daughter of a Russian business tycoon making a fortune from the Russian oil industry. Because she is a rich kid with a very rich dad, Alexandra celebrated her 24th birthday at The Ritz. Although the total amount of how much was spent during that elaborate birthday party was not divulged, you can assume that this would cost a fortune. After all, its The Ritz!

Do not forget how she brags about her money on Instagram. Alexandra posted a picture of her holding hundreds of thousands of dollars during her trip to a Las Vegas casino. She is not a rich kid and a trendy young woman without a pile of designer bags, clothes, and shoes. So yes, she has a collection of those, too!

15 Nicky Kaufman's $2,000 Bottle Of Champagne

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Meet Nicky Kaufman, a champagne lover! While a lot of his "elite-mates" are focusing on luxurious cars and signature collections of shoes and apparels, Nicky is indulging in booze! He loves champagne, not just the ordinary ones but the expensive ones, so much so that he bought a 15 Liter Veuve Clicquot Champagne for almost $2,000 when he had this trip to the Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada.

That is not all! When he had a trip to the Bahamas, he made sure that he will not forget his eight bottles of champagne and his favorite Fendi bag, which can cost thousands of dollars (because it is Fendi!).

Aside from his passion and love for champagne, Nicky also loves expensive jewelry. Let us not forget his extreme fascination with fur coats!

14 Clarisse Lafleur's Designer Clothes

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Do you know Clarisse Lafleur? Aside from the fact that she is the granddaughter of the late Jacques Lafleur, the former President of the Council for the Southern Region of New Caledonia, and the daughter of a rich business tycoon with firms and businesses across New Caledonia and France, Clarisse is Instafamous and loves boasting her luxurious lifestyle and shopping craze on Instagram.

Although she did not entirely mention the amount of her lavish splurges, she reportedly said that she had been spending a fortune on clothes and accessories from her most favorite designers such as Christian Louboutin, Karl Lagerfeld, and Valentino Garavani. She also goes shopping every now and then in Paris because that is her weakness.

13 Mark-Francis Vandelli's Over $70,000 Watch Collection

via: channel4.com

He is British and he is a television personality in London's E4 series Made in Chelsea. Say hello to Mark-Francis Vandelli, another rich kid in our list that flaunts his lavish lifestyle on Instagram. Well, you can't really stop him from spending his riches and fortune because he is, after all, the son and heir of the Russian socialite Diane Boulding-Caserly Vandelli and Italian businessman Marzio Vandelli.

Mark-Francis really has a lot of lavish ways on how he spends his fortune, but let us take our focus on his watch collection. He is a collector of expensive watches and that is his passion. Every year, he would splurge on buying watches such as Cartier, Rolex, and Bvlgari. In fact, his watch collection is worth more than £50,000.

12 Andreas Arnhoff's Collection Of Luxury Cars

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Oh, Andreas Arnoff is more than just a wealthy kid on Instagram, he is also a real estate developer. So, whatever he buys off from his fortune, he definitely earned it! First thing that you need to know is that Andreas is from Norway and he is one of the top millionaires of the world. The next thing you might want to know is how he loves cars and his entire car collection!

So yes, he is one of the Rich Kids of Instagram that has luxurious cars in his possession including his Porsche Turbo. Just in late 2017, he even collected his first Range Rover, which can roughly cost at around $50,000 or more. That is how much he spends just for the love of his life – cars!

11 Roxy Sowlaty's $480,000 Shopping Expenses

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Who would forget Roxy Sowlaty? She was one of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and she also said that she is one of the most well known Instagrammers in the whole wide world! Do you also remember how lavish her lifestyle is? As a self-styled Persian Princess, she boasts six unlimited credit cards because "She has more money than you and that is what she does".

Because she is also a shopping-addicted young woman, shopping designer brands is one of her passions. So, she uses her cards for her shopping spree and even ended up having a bill of $488,685 in just one shopping trip. Oh, and remember, she never regretted it!

10 Neymar's $18,000 Worth Of Sneakers

via: complex.com

Sorry Bella Hadid, but you were not able to break Neymar's record in Complex's Sneaker Shopping series because you only spent $1,157.54. Neymar, on the other hand, spent $18,000! First, do you know Neymar? If you are not a football fan, you probably don't know him. Naymar is a Brazilian professional football player playing as the forward of Brazil's national team. Is he rich? Yes, Neymar is one of the richest footballers.

It is no brainer that if you have millions of dollars, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on sneakers. Since he is an athlete, he indulges in this love for shoes. His collection includes KAWS x Air Jordan 4, Nike LeBron 9 “Watch The Throne”, Nike Air Yeezy II, Nike Hyperadapt 1.0, and more!

9 Robert Cavalli's Million Dollar Diamond Ring

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You may already know Robert Cavalli, the youngest son and heir of the ever famous and respected Italian designer of luxury clothing, perfume, and leather accessories. As a son of a millionaire with a net worth of around $250 million, Robert is living a luxurious and lavish lifestyle! Let us not forget that he splurged on a 100-carat diamond ring, which actually costs millions of dollars, and an original Roy Lichtenstein painting, which also costs at around millions of dollars. Who is the millionaire now?

But wait, Robert is not just a great spender. He also has this great fashion blood running in his veins. He just recently introduced his very own and the newest ready-to-wear clothing line, Triple RRR. The new luxury fashion line will be presented at the Pitti Uomo Men's Wear Showcase.

8 Lana Scolaro's $230,000 Shopping Spree

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So, we have another Rich Kids on Instagram reality star on the list. She is Lana Scolaro and she is not afraid to show off her lavish splurges to the public. You might already know her because she was rumoured to be the "girlfriend" of singer Robin Thicke, who was married at the time. On Instagram, she posts about her fortune and how she really spends it "wisely" on shopping!

Every month, she can simply throw out $21,300 on a shopping spree because all she really wants are designer brands of clothing, bags, shoes, and everything else that a rich heiress should have. That even excludes her lavish vacations and her yacht.

7 Julia Stakhiva's $2.3 Million Wardrobe Collection

via: usweekly.com

Originally from Ukraine but now living in London, Julia Stakhiva is one of the richest girls in the world! So yes, you can compare her to the Kardashians. How lavish is her lifestyle? This is jaw-dropping, so you better prepare yourselves.

First, Julia loves designer clothes, so she is reportedly spending over $280,000 per year just for the addition to her wardrobe collection, which by the way, is worth $2.3 million. She also spends over $420,000 for facial fillers, semi-permanent makeup, teeth whitening, and injections to her scalp, just to maintain her beauty regime.

She even flies to Moscow, Russia every two months because she has a personal hairstylist that is exclusively located in Moscow; she even books out the whole salon. Also, nightlife is surely one of her hobbies, so Julia also hired a personal assistant just to make sure she will not get too drunk.

6 Emir Bahadir's Complementary Fashion Sense

via: bahadiring.com

You probably already know Emir Bahadir, the Turkish real estate mogul, entrepreneur, and billionaire who is Instagram famous because of his lavish lifestyle. If he is not busy with his many businesses, Emir will be seen jet setting to his one-of-a-kind vacations and he is not afraid to flaunt this on Instagram. Don't forget that he was on a vacation with Brian Atwood and Lindsay Lohan.

For Emir, living in a luxurious life means having luxury clothes while knowing how to flaunt it properly. So, he flaunts his custom designer black edition Bentley GT Speed, favorite art pieces, and his West Village Loft, which costs millions of dollars.

5 Rashed Belhasa Is One Of The Richest Teenagers In Dubai

via: gqindia.com

He is an Instagrammer, he is a YouTuber, and he is one of the richest teenagers of Dubai! At a very young age of 14, Rashed Belhasa already started making vlogs that made him really famous, not just in Dubai, but also across the globe. Do you want to know his passion? Sneakers! He loves shoes and for him, collecting them is a form of art.

In 2016, he was known for spending $30,000 just for one pair of shoes. And now, early in 2018, he even spent $10,000 worth of shoes, trainers, and sneakers that he badly needs to add in his collection. So, whatever it is that makes him happy, he will buy.

4 Princess Maria-Olympia's Star-Studded Birthday Party

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Do you want to know how luxuriously crown princesses live? You need to take a peek at Princess Maria-Olympia's life, the crown princess of Greece. Just in 2017, she hosted a star-studded birthday party full of celebrities, and of course, royals. Reports also concluded that the crown princess spent a lavish fortune amounting to millions of dollars, courtesy of her father, just to celebrate her dear birthday.

Of course, she owns a collection of designers' clothing lines, shoes, and bags, because she also walks in runway shows. Princess Maria-Olympia is also known for jet-setting the whole world, but she always knows how good it is to be home.

3 Kendall Jenner's $52,000 Sofa

via: people.com

Here comes the real Kardashians! When you say lavish splurges, you just simply need to keep up with the Kardashians! Since the older sisters are not kids anymore, Kendall Jenner is still young, so she's one of those rich kids with tens of millions followers on Instagram. As an American fashion model, entrepreneur, and socialite, she is living the American dream! So, can you keep up with Kendall?

In 2016, Kendall purchased a sofa designed by the Campana brothers for Edra. Do you know how much a sofa that suits Kendall would cost? It's $52,000! That is how design-savy Kendall is! Just in November 2017, Kendall made another headline because of her $10,000 Yves Saint Laurent boots just to watch a basketball game!

2 Kylie Jenner

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Just like her sister Kendall, Kylie Jenner also keeps up with a lavish lifestyle! Her Instagram, with millions followers, is full of amazing cars, her pets, her wardrobe collection, her Rolex, Bvlgari and Cartier jewelry collection, her designer handbags, her awesome parties, and her luxurious travels! Of course, Kylie's cosmetic line will also be promoted on her account as well. She's just this rich American model and entrepreneur who is also living her American dream.

Oh, and who could forget her best investment? She owns multi-million dollar homes that topped off at $13.2 million when she was still 19 years old. Kylie already has this wealth, not just because it runs on her Kardashian-Jenner's blood, but because she became a successful teenage entrepreneur with a believed net worth of around $50 million. You can’t blame her if she wants to spend millions on real estate.

1 Now, the $34,000 Plane Ticket!

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Do you know Mo Vlogs? He is one of the richest vloggers in Dubai and a social media sensation. His real name is Mohamed Beiraghdary and he has millions of subscribers and followers on Youtube and Instagram. For those who are keeping tabs on his vlogs, you may be aware that he is an avid fan of luxurious cars – Ferarri, Mustang, Huracan, name it!

This time, he did not spend his fortune in cars. Instead, he bought a $34,000 First Class plane ticket from Dubai to London. His Business Class flight was sponsored by The Emirates, but he claimed that his First Class flight is not sponsored. Imagine how expensive and luxurious that flight is because it cost $34,000 for just a single plane ticket. From the breakfast to innovative technologies, to comfortable pyjamas, to the shower on board, everything in First Class is luxurious!

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