18 Cool Features On Jay-Z And Beyonce's $40 Million Private Jet

Once a year fathers all over the world get a special day dedicated to them, where their kids spoil them just to show how much they appreciate their fathers. Most children give their father a mug that says "world's greatest dad" or a homemade craft that they made at school. No matter what you give your father it will put a smile on his face as he says "thank you". We all wish we could give our fathers the world because that is how much they mean to us.

Beyonce did not take the typical "world's best dad" mug route when gifting her husband, Jay-Z a Father's Day gift. She bought Jay-Z for his very first Father's Day a $40 million Bombardier Challenger 850 private airplane just to show how much she appreciates everything he does for their family and to let him know that she believes he is an amazing father. We all wish we could shower our dads with a $40 million gift.

Their private airplane is very luxurious and includes a kitchen, bedroom, leather interior and even two bathrooms because having one bathroom is not good enough. A plane built for royalty and we would not expect anything less from Queen B and her family.

When it comes to the Carter family it is go big or go home. Here are 18 cool features about Jay-Z's and Beyonce's $40 million private airplane.

18 Enough Space For Family Vacations

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With the addition of twins, the Carter family just got a little bigger. For the Carter family bigger is always better and their means of transportation is no different.  Their Bombardier Challenger 850 can seat 15 - 19 people, which is perfect for the whole family and when the extended family are invited. When it comes to family vacations their private plane makes travelling a lot easier. Travelling with three kids can be a tough job, but having a plane not only large enough for your family, but also for the help you'll need is crucial. Let's be honest, we know that Beyonce and Jay-Z do not travel without a nanny for their kids. Their private jet is so big they will never have to worry about not having enough space for everyone in the Carter crew.

17 A Place For Family Time

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When most people travel they are bound to one chair with little room to move, however in the Carter's private plane there is a nice sized living room area perfect for activities. Whether it is playing games with the kids or an area to interact with other passengers, their Bombardier Challenger 850 has a place for everything. Keeping kids busy on a flight can be a task, but with a living room built to entertain the kids they have enough space to play with toys and other items to keep them occupied. Not only is this space perfect for kids, but it is also a great space for the adults to chat. Since Beyonce and Jay-Z are business people we can also assume this living room will be where a lot of business talk will take place.

16 Five Star Airplane Food

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Airplane food has a reputation of being tasteless and pretty disgusting. No one looks forward to eating on planes, but when you are hungry you will pretty much eat anything. Those who live the lifestyle of the rich and famous do not have this issue. Not having to worry about feeding hundreds of people, private jets are able to give their privileged passengers whatever they desire. The Carter's Bombardier Challenger 850 has a well equipped kitchen that has all the amenities needed to cook a delicious meal. It has a fridge, sink, cabinets to store snacks and enough counter space to prepare any meal. Whether they are doing the cooking or they hire a chef, it is safe to say they will not be eating anything that was made in a microwave.

15 Tables To Gather Around

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What's a kitchen without having somewhere to eat. Their Bombardier Challenger 850 has tables that can be used for almost anything. For example a surface to eat that lovely prepared food in their five star kitchen. Tables are important, they provide a setting for people to gather around and spend time with one another. We all know a lot of important conversations take place while consuming food. There is enough space for everyone to have a place to sit and enjoy a meal. The tables also provide an area to get work done, which we all know the power duo need because they must have some kind of business that needs attending to.

14 Comfy Seating Area

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Not only are there comfy single chairs to sit back and relax on, there is also a couch that is perfect to put your feet up and relax. Travelling can be very stressful so having a place to sit down and relax is super important. Their Bombardier Challenger 850 has perfect seating arrangements to provide the essential comfort needed when flying. The single chairs are large enough, which provides space and comfort for those of any size and the couch also doubles as a place to lay down. The seating areas are arranged to provide a social setting, making it ideal for spending time with your family and being able to face people when having conversations. Relaxing is hard when travelling, but the Carter's Bombardier Challenger 850 makes it a little easier.

13 Get Your Beauty Sleep In The Sky

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Sleeping on a plane can be a nightmare and for some it is the hardest thing to do. Not everyone can sleep sitting up and there really is not much space to get comfortable. Also, not everyone has the funds to upgrade and purchase a first class ticket. Beauty sleep is important, which is why the Carter's Bombardier Challenger 850 has a bedroom big enough to give the kids a place to lay their heads. Nap time is important when you are a child, not only for the child but it makes the parent's lives a lot easier knowing their kids are getting the rest they need. This bedroom is also perfect for the couple's busy schedule because when you are always on the go you will find any time to catch a few z's.

12 Two Options When Using The Bathroom

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Waiting in line to use the bathroom is not ideal especially when you really got to go. To avoid this issue their Bombardier Challenger 850 has two full bathrooms on board. With a family of five, surely having one bathroom was not good enough. Or maybe the famous couple likes to have options. These bathrooms include a toilet, shower, sink, mirrors and enough space to get ready. The shower is equipped with hot and cold water and have enough water capacity for a few showers per trip. These bathrooms provide privacy and have enough room to move around and get everything that you need to do done. We can only imagine that when using the washroom you will not feel like you are on a plane.

11 Flashy Interior Fit For The Power Couple

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The interior of the plane is nothing less than amazing. We would not expect anything less from the power couple. Beyonce really went all out when picking out the perfect plane to represent her family. Travelling in style and like the rock stars they are is what the Carters do. Like royalty the interior is filled with gold colour accents and cream coloured leather seating. Fit for a king and queen, the plane's interior is very clean cut, making the space look open and glamorous. Beyonce did not hold back when picking out how she wanted their private plane to look. This plane will let others know that the Carters have arrived.

10 Best Father's Day Gift Ever

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A cool thing about this plane is that it was not just a gift to Jay-Z from Beyonce to show just how much she loves him. It was a way for Beyonce to show Jay-Z that he is an amazing father and show just how much she appreciates him. It is a gift that has meaning behind it, which makes it even more special. Not to mention it is a gift that keeps on giving because it is always at your disposal. Beyonce was smart because this is a gift not only Jay-Z can enjoy, but the whole family can too. We all know that Jay-Z could have purchased this plane himself, but receiving it as a father's day gift will make a father's day he will always remember. I wish I was a part of the Carter family.

9 So Much Room For Activities

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This airplane is not your typical private jet, it is a lot bigger and instead of a jet it is a full airplane. Therefore, there is a lot of room for activities. Having a family of three children it can be a handful. The Carter's Bombardier Challenger 850 has enough space for the kids to run around and let out some energy. They will not feel trapped to a small area. Having a play area is important to kids who want to just play. Hopefully letting out some energy will get them to fall asleep faster. Having so much space also allows for the family to have the potential to expand the family, whether it is to have more kids or new family members that are welcomed into the Carter crew.

8 High-Tech Entertainment System

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On board their Bombardier Challenger 850 the in flight entertainment includes a large flat screen television. Being a family of entertainers, their plane has a top notch entertainment system because we all know how important entertainment is to the Carter family. You are able to watch all the channels you would if you were on land and it has the capability to stream all your movies and shows. I'm sure Jay-Z never misses a sports game, thanks to this lovely Father's Day gift. Keeping yourself entertained on flights is crucial because it helps the time go by and it masks the fact that you are thousands of feet in the air. People get excited when they have a personal entertainment system on the seat in front of them, imagine having a large television system with access to almost any show or movie.

7 Know Your Location At All Times

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In addition to having a sweet entertainment system, this Bombardier Challenger 850 is equipped with monitors that show in flight details, such as real-time location, time, weather and estimated time of arrival. These monitors can be found throughout the airplane. If you are the type of person who always asks "are we there yet", this system will ease your curiosity. Some people also like to know what countries or areas they are flying over at certain times during their flight, while other people like to know how much longer they have on the flight. This is why a system like this is important because there are a lot of curious travelers who always want to know details about their journey.

6 First Class Views

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Every person has a preference about which seat they get on an airplane. Some people like the aisle seat, others like the window seat and surely we can all agree no one enjoys the middle seat. If you are a person who likes the window seat on the airplane, then you would like the views from the Carter's Bombardier Challenger 850. Each window is large and each seat has a dedicated window. The windows are large providing you a great view from thousands of feet in the sky. With the way that the seats are arranged everyone has a good view out the window. The view will make you feel like you are in first class, which the Carter's definitely know how that feels like.

5 Everyone Has Some Baggage

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Most airlines have a limit on the amount of luggage you can bring on a flight. Usually you are allowed one carry on and a suitcase of 50 lbs, however with a whole airplane to yourself the limit goes out the window as the Bombardier Challenger 850 has a lot of baggage storage fit to carry the belongings of a family full of celebrities. With many outfit changes and accessories, we all know that celebrities bring a lot with them when they are traveling, so having the space to store it all is crucial. The Carter's private plane has enough storage space under the plane and at the back of the plane, which allows for more space for their living room, bedroom, kitchen and two bathrooms. No need to think twice when packing, just bring it all.

4 Speed Is Not An Issue

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The Bombardier Challenger 850 can reach up to 37,000 feet in just a short 30 minutes, making take off a very quick process and gets you flying high altitudes in no time. This speed allows for travel time to be shortened. The Carter family  are literally living life in the fast lane. The distance of their destination will not discourage them from visiting a place because not only does their plane provide comfort for a long flight, but it also takes some time off of the travel time as well. It is almost like owning a time machine, but not really. However, I'm sure if time machines existed Jay-Z would get Beyonce one for Mother's Day.

3 Jet Set To Any Destination

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The Bombardier Challenger 850 is able to fly almost anywhere in the world, meaning the Carter's family vacations can happen anywhere and the possibilities are limitless. On one tank the Bombardier Challenger 850 is able to fly over 5,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to six and a half hours. Flying out of Los Angeles, the Carter family can go almost anywhere in North America.  However, even though you may only be able to fly six hours you can always have a stop over and if you have Beyonce money setting yourself up at a luxurious hotel for the night does not seem like a bad option in order to continue your journey the next day.

2 Cabin Crew Not Included

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Even though Beyonce spent nearly $40 million on this plane, this does not include the crew. Each trip they will have to hire a pilot and other cabin crew members. However, these extra people do not interfere with the space you have for your guests. There is enough room for everyone to move around freely.  With an equipped kitchen you are going to want to hire someone to make use of it. I mean if you have Beyonce money why would you want to do anything yourself. The Carter's are able to hire flight attendants to serve them for the duration of the flight. However, I can assume they would also have to pay for their boarding while in a different country and for the services on their return flight, but the family has millions so that will not be an issue.

1 Air Carter Is Very Photogenic

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Who would not want the world to know that they own a $40 million airplane? After purchasing the plane Beyonce has posted a few pictures of herself and family enjoying their new means of transportation. You cannot blame someone who wants to show off what she bought with her hard earned money. The Carter's no longer have to charter private jets. You can assume that they will be doing a lot more travelling and taking a lot more last minute trips because why not. If you have your own plane you are going to want to use it as much as you can. The plane looks impressive in pictures so why not show it off to the world.

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