17 Reddit Confessions Of Truth Or Dare Gone Very Wrong

Truth or Dare is something we have all played at some point. It’s pretty much a rite of passage when you’re growing up. Usually, it’s meant to be a fun game you play at slumber parties or even at recess with your friends. But because of the nature of the game–telling a secret truth or doing a ridiculous prank–things can quickly go from lighthearted to deeply embarrassing! It would be fine if deeply embarrassing is as worse as things could get with this game, but as this list proves, things can get a hell of a lot worse!

It’s one thing to have your secret crush come out when you’re an awkward adolescent, but what about landing yourself in a position of having to try to eat a rotting sheep carcass? Yep, truth or dare can get much worse than you think, believe us! We should probably say at this point that half the entries of these truth or dare confessions come from adults as well as kids.

To dive into the most cringeworthy and messed-up games of truth or dare ever played, we tracked down 17 Redditors for their confessions into times the game took a very horrible turn. At the risk of sounding like a total wet blanket, it would take a lot of cash (or booze) to convince me to try one of these dares, but I guess teenage peer pressure is all the motivation you need to do some of these crazy stunts. Here are some truth or dare games these guys are likely to never forget...

17 Looking Like A Potential Serial...

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Whatever happened to being dared to say something weird to the girl you’ve had a crush on since 6th grade or putting a whoopee cushion on your teacher’s chair? Sure, these are cliché dares, but sometimes the old ones are the best. As you get a little older, the ‘dare’ aspect of truth or dare can get seriously hardcore, as evidenced by one Redditor who confessed to doing a dare that made him appear like a psychopath.

As the dare goes, one guy was challenged by 3 of his friends to drive them home while he was fully 'in the buff'. So far, so weird. It didn't stop there though. The worst part about the dare was that if he were to be pulled over, the others planned to tell the officer that they were being kidnapped by a naked stranger! Yikes. In some parts of the world, you can probably just get arrested for driving in the buff, but had the car been stopped, that would have been a long and chilly night in the police station...

16 The Ultimate Ironic Dare

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The phrase “hoist by your own petard” definitely applies here. When a group of friends all wrote down the most embarrassing dare they could possibly think of, they collected all the ideas together for someone to draw. As you can probably guess, the worst (and therefore most awkward) idea for a dare was picked by the guy who had come up with it: “I thought it was so bizarre and great. I never thought I’d be doing it.” Oops!

So, what did this super awkward dare involve exactly? Public humiliation at its finest is the short answer, as the guy found out. His dare consisted of pulling your trousers down to your ankles, wearing your shirt as a superhero cape, and waddling in the hallway with only your tighty-whities on show all while saying the words: “Gotta go fast!” repeatedly. He walked out of his apartment, waddled up and down the hallway, and sure enough, a neighbor saw him. Mega cringe...

15 Dared To Swallow A Can Ring

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It’s probably pretty obvious why this was never going to go so well. Nevertheless, some guys thought it would be a cool stunt if they dared their friend to swallow the ring-pull tab on a can of beer. Since it was a dare, the guy was prepared to do it (despite some more responsible friends talking him out of it). Unfortunately, he swallowed the can tab and it didn’t end up like the "cool" stunt they had hoped for.

It became lodged in the guy’s throat and made a very painful journey down when he did manage to swallow it. He ended up having his stomach pumped. Not cool. The Reddit confession doesn’t elaborate any further so we’re not quite sure if this death-defying dare qualified as worth it in the eyes of his friends. One thing’s for sure though—they were probably put off of beer for a good while afterward.

14 The Fistfight That Turned Into What...

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When you play a game of truth or dare, you don’t expect the night to end in a 'bare' fight with another dude while a bunch of police officers are standing over you and watching the whole thing. So, how did one guy’s flirty teenage game of truth or dare turn so weird so fast? Where to start? Hmmmm. Well, as the game began, things escalated pretty quickly from a few friends taking it all off to a number of couples actually doing 'the dirty' in front of the rest of the group.

When it was one guy’s “turn” with another girl in the circle, he was enjoying himself until it suddenly dawned on him that he wasn’t wearing any protection. Since he couldn’t be sure the girl was using birth control either, he quickly pulled out and ended up accidentally finishing on another guy in the group. No, really, the other guy got furious and tackled him to the ground and before they knew it, they were outside, both without briefs and beating each other up in front of nearby cops. That’s one messed-up dare.

13 The Painful Friend Zone Dare

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There’s no humiliation more crippling in adolescence than being embarrassed or turned down by the person you have a crush on, particularly if your heart gets stomped on and dumped in the wastebasket in front of others. Imagine all this embarrassment finding its way into an otherwise lighthearted game of truth or dare and you have this poor guy’s evening down to a T. One red-faced Redditor relived the time he was rejected in the most brutal way imaginable.

While in a circle playing truth or dare with friends (including the girl he had feelings for), the moment came for him to play and he chose dare. The girl he was madly in love with at this point dared him to, in her exact words, “stop being attracted to me.” Ouch. It turns out, she knew about his feelings and decided that a friendly spin-the-bottle session was the perfect time to break his heart. Wow. If that was her idea of a dare, I’d hate to hear her truth...

12 The 'Teen' Game Turned AWKWARD...

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Let’s face it. When you reach a certain age, truth or dare is no longer the cutesy campfire game of shouting “boo!” behind a stranger or giving someone a peck on the cheek. As you get into your teens, the truth or dare game escalates into something resembling strip poker without the cards or chips. Like poker, you are playing with something, though—your dignity. And one boy lost this hard one night when a friend’s dad arrived home early.

Picture the scene: a dozen 16-year-olds (in the buff) are sitting in a circle in the garage of a friend’s house when the dad walks in on them. Yikes. All but one of the teens grabbed their clothes and ran, but one boy was frantically looking for his shirt and pants. Since the father was pretty pissed at this point, the boy just left and ran down the street until he caught the attention of a cop car. He explained the story to an officer who laughed and took him home. His mom was on the porch as she watched her son escorted to her door (wearing nothing but his undies) by a cop. Grounded much?

11 A Farting Dare - From Hilarious To Hurl-Worthy In Seconds

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Farting pranks and dares are usually something you associate with dudes more than girls (sorry guys, but it’s true!). So something that made one dare particularly funny and gross for one group of friends was the fact that it was the girl who let one rip. And it was so foul-smelling, she actually caused a guy to throw up! When he was around 13, one Redditor recalls the moment things went from hilarious to hurl-worthy in seconds.

He had dared his friend to lie back on the bed and take a fart from their female friend. Thinking a delicate girl couldn’t let a very lethal one go, he positioned himself while she squatted near his face and let off the most pungent thing he’d ever smelled. The other two burst out laughing, but this quickly turned to embarrassment (especially for the girl) as her fart stench made him run to the bathroom and puke. He either had a weak stomach or she needed a serious diet change!

10 A Dare That Could Have Ended In...

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When it comes to their downstairs department, most pubescent boys are preoccupied with being kind to their misters (very, very kind if you catch my drift), so why any boy would want to put theirs in harm’s way–especially at this age–is pretty puzzling. Then again, as this list proves, most teens will do anything to be popular or prove they’re not vanilla in the eyes of their friends, and we mean pretty much anything.

In one pretty messed-up dare, one schoolboy agreed to tie one end of a piece of string to his manhood and tie the other piece to the end of a rubber tire that had come off a bike. He was then dared to run around an open field with a fairly weighty object tied to his...uh...tender bits. He managed one lap around the field with little harm done, but the worst part was when a girl ran up to him and stomped on the tire. The friend who had dared him and was watching this in horror was convinced he had just neutered himself! Thankfully, there was only bruising, but just to attempt that was beyond messed up.

9 Innocent Child’s Play That Led To Charges

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Every kind of school kid takes part in truth or dare at some point, but if you’re known as the “good kid” or teacher’s pet of your school as this boy was, the dare can seem even more adventurous just for breaking out of character (think Martin Prince from The Simpsons flipping the bird to Principal Skinner and you’ve got a good indication of how shocked the staff reacted to this at this school).

During lunch at high school, a real goody-goody kid was dared by his friend to spray a friend’s inhaler into another kid’s ear. Thinking it would be a laugh, he did it but was spotted by one of the school deans who was ready to slap him with an assault charge. He also called a cop into the school to “have a chat” about his reckless behavior. Luckily, they let him off with a warning, but if this had been a bad kid, his life could have been derailed because of one stupid dare. Crazy.

8 You Have The Right To Remain Excited

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Proof that some teenage boys out there are dumb enough to do anything if it means impressing some hot girls for a few minutes. In this case, one guy ended up doing something he’ll likely never forget for the rest of his life (and neither will the police officer who caught him doing it). So just what was this embarrassing prank? Apparently, the guy was sharing a hot tub with a group of girls when he was dared by them to...erm...rouse the troops in front of everyone.

Eager to please, he jumped out of the hot tub and started, you know... Unfortunately, just as he was in the middle of getting excited, he felt a flashlight appear on his face, and from around the corner, a cop appeared. Yikes, that has to be one of the most mortifying things I’ve ever heard. We’re not sure if the girls set him up or if he was there on another charge, but both dudes are not likely to forget that night in a hurry!

7 The Dare Set Up By Baby-Crazy GF

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The most people get out of a game of truth or dare is some juicy gossip or making your friends laugh, but one crazy girlfriend had other ideas when playing the game with her man. While playing truth or dare one night, one girl dared her boyfriend to go with her in the next room without using any birth control. So far, so stupid. But the most messed-up part is that this wasn’t a spontaneous dare, this was all set up because she was desperate to get pregnant!

Luckily, her boyfriend saw sense that night and refused to go along with the dare. They both argued for a while and broke up later that night. The boyfriend and their friends discovered later that she wanted to set him up for that dare, not only to get pregnant, but to ensure he would marry her straight away afterward. Seems like the guy had a lucky escape from her, really. Psycho.

6 Rejected For A Toilet

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Whether you think you’re a certified stud as a teenager or someone who doesn’t have much luck in the romance department, we all like to think we have some kind of a sporting chance...even in our super dorky, awkward stage of puberty. Sadly, any scrap of self-esteem this poor Redditor had before one game of truth or dare was quickly flushed down the proverbial toilet he was rejected for when a kissing dare turned pretty harsh.

While playing truth or dare in a friend circle, one girl was dared with the option of either licking him or licking a toilet. Three guesses which one she picked? Eww, seriously? How dirty or unattractive must this poor dude have been for her to think the object covered in fecal matter droplets was a better option? We’ve all been rejected at some point in our lives, but it surely doesn’t get much worse than this.

5 A ‘Truth’ That Really Hurt

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It’s a fact that when playing truth or dare, most will opt for the more fun option of dare. This is mostly because we assume a dare to be wilder than a truth, but sometimes, picking truth can turn out to be just as shocking (if not more so) than watching your friend drink out of the toilet bowl. When people ask someone in the group for a ‘truth’, the aim is to get the whole room to fall silent in complete shock, and in this case, they got awkward silence in spades.

One hurt Redditor revealed the time her then-boyfriend was playing truth or dare and chose to tell a devastating truth. In front of all their friends, this is the time her other half decided to spill the beans that he had been cheating on her. Wow! We applaud him for his honesty, but telling her entire social group before telling her? That’s cold.

4 The Gross Tampon Dare That Couldn’t Be Unseen

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When one girl threw a house party for New Year's, she was told by her mom that she could only have one if she promised to share the house with her older sister, who also had her own party going on in the kitchen (that must have been annoying to clean up). Anyhow, while the younger party guests were having some pretty innocent fun in the living room, one boy wandered into the kitchen to grab a drink for his girlfriend and stumbled across something that must have scarred him for life.

The older sister was playing a pretty gross version of truth or dare with her party guests, and just as the boy walked in to fetch the drink, he watched as one girl in the truth or dare circle pulled out her used tampon and handed it to a guy who began using it like it was a raspberry popsicle. Ew!

3 A Not So Jokey Truth

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The rules of the game may specify that if you’re not prepared to dare, you have to tell a burning hidden truth. Well, unless the truth is unbelievably devastating (or if you have a gun to your head) most people are probably going to lie just to seem interesting. This is a theory one guy was really banking on when his friend told him straight up that he had “f***ed his older sister.”

The question originally put to his best friend was, “What is the one thing you haven’t told me?” When his friend replied with a completely stony face that he had "got with" his older sister, he assumed he wasn’t serious and laughed it off. But when his usually jokey friend kept a straight face the whole time, the guy’s smile was wiped quickly off his face.

2 We Love Toilet Humor, But Please…

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Of all of the truth or dare games you don’t want to backfire, this is it. So far on this list, we’ve had a few toilet humor-type dares already, from smelling farts to someone licking an actual toilet, but this takes things to a whole ‘nother level of gross. It’s fair to say that toilets are involved in quite a few dares between friends, but few go as far as this one did. One Redditor describes the moment he and his friends instantly regretted daring their friend to do something...shall we say...crappy because he quickly took revenge on all of them.

The dare was for one guy to stick his arm in a toilet all the way up to his elbow. He was dared to this after 5 other friends had all gone for a number two in the same toilet without flushing. Gross AF. To their combined disgust and amazement, the guy made good on his dare and shoved his arm elbow deep into their business. Nice.

1 The Taste Of Rotting Sheep

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There are many dares on this list that leave you wondering why the person didn’t just turn on their heels and say “Goodbye.” But it seems that most kids will do anything to avoid the risk of being unpopular. Even, say, tasting a rotting sheep corpse for instance (totally normal game of truth or dare, right?). While out on a school camping trip, one Redditor recalls the time that he and his classmates came across a dead sheep that had been lying out in the open for quite some time.

One of his friends dared him to not only touch the sheep’s carcass, but to stick his finger quite far into the sheep’s decomposing remains and bring his finger back up to his mouth to “taste it.” Insanely, he did the dare. So what was his conclusion? “It tasted exactly like you would expect.” We wouldn’t know, we’re not mad enough to lick decaying sheep for a laugh.

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