17 Reasons You Should Date A Nerdy Girl

You need to date a nerdy girl. Plain and simple. And, I’m talking about a full-blown nerdy girl. I’m talking about a girl who cried while seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens,

because she was just so happy to have a good sequel to the Star Wars franchise. Oh, and then she went to see The Force Awakens ten more times in theaters, because duh.

Now, nerds come in all shapes and sizes. Not all nerds are universally into the same things. I mean, there’s a lot of nerdy things in which nerds can be interested. There’s Star Wars and Star Trek. There’s Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Doctor Who. There’s D.C. and Marvel. There is so much, guys! While you may think all nerds everywhere are into Star Wars, that’s not true. One nerdy girl may be an all out Trekkie, another may be obsessed with playing Dungeons and Dragons,  and yet another may be a die-hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Nerds come in a ton of different varieties.

While nerd passions may differ, nerdy girls generally have one thing in common: obsession. They are obsessed with their passions, whatever they may be. That’s what separates nerds from regular people. Nerds find their thing, stick to it and worship it. They know everything about whatever it is that they're into. Some Game of Thrones nerds can speak Dothraki! Rather than what they're into, it’s this obsessive nature that truly makes one a nerd.

Why should you date a nerdy girl? UH, because she'll be awesome and she will crush at trivia night. But, we also have 17 other reasons you need to get yourself a nerdy girlfriend below, accompanied by some hot photos of Olivia Munn, who may be the hottest nerdy girl of all the nerdy girls.


16 She Won’t Nerd Shame You

Ah, nerd shame. It comes in all shapes and sizes. One thing is for sure: If you are extremely passionate about something, you’ve probably felt it. It's the moment when someone makes fun of your extensive knowledge about and obsession with any given franchise, television show, or superhero. For example, if you’re dating a girl and she becomes privy to the fact that you’re really, really into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she may mock it. She may shame you for it. Why the posters, comic books, collector’s DVDs? (Um, because you friggin' wanted it.)

Well, if you’re dating a nerdy girl, she’ll never shame you for your obsessions, mostly because she is equally obsessed with her own nerdy things. Sure, she may tell you Marvel is superior to D.C., but she won’t fault you for staying up until 4:36am to win that 1939 edition of Detective Comics, y’know the one in which Batman was first introduced.

Nerdy girls understand obsession and they won't shame you for it.

15 She Doesn’t Get Bored (And She Isn’t Boring)


Here’s the thing about nerds, they are anything but boring. Save boring to describe the basic girls you date – the ones who take pictures of their food before they eat it, the ones who take selfies with the puppy filter on Snapchat, the ones who are all-round predictable.

Nerdy girls aren’t boring because they always have something to talk about. From Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, or Doctor Who theories, to the latest Marvel and D.C. casting choices, to literally whatever she’s into. She’ll talk your ear off about it.

Also, it’s hard for her to get bored with her being so obsessed with things. If you have to travel for work or want to vacation with your guy friends for the weekend, she probably won’t even text you to check in. Nope, she’s busy rereading the Harry Potter novels. There’s nothing better than someone who can pretty much entertain herself and who won’t send you selfies in puppy filter. (Though, even I have to admit that it’s a pretty good filter.)

14 She’s Easy To Buy Presents For

Buying gifts for someone you’re dating is probably the worst part about dating someone. It’s not that you don’t want to shower this special person in gifts. You totally do, but finding the perfect gift is where the trouble lays. You want to get her something she’ll love, something slightly useful and something she probably wouldn’t buy for herself. If you’re dating someone who main interests include celebrity gossip and shopping for clothes (no judgment, since I love both those things), she’ll be hard to buy for. What do you get this girl? An issue of PeopleUS Weekly… a Forever 21 gift card?

This is where a nerdy girl is superior, as you’ll always be able to think of something to buy her. If she’s into Star Wars, you literally just have to go to Etsy, search "Star Wars" and then 1,000 perfect presents will appear before your eyes. BOOM, done.

13 She May Be Extra Kinky In The Bedroom


Nerdy girls may seem sweet, preoccupied, and shy. They may seem quiet, but if you’ve ever dated a nerdy girl you’d know that they are only quiet until you get to know them. Once you get close to a nerdy girl, she won’t shut up – but in a good way! She reads endlessly so she always has something new to talk about. She'll also be able to talk about Easter eggs in Wonder Woman and the latest season of The Flash. Girlfriend has a lot to talk about.

Likewise, she may not be able to shut up in the bedroom either, if you know what I mean. (You all know what I mean.) Nerdy girls usually have a highly imaginative mind, mostly because of all the content they are constantly reading and watching. She’ll probably be kinkier than you ever thought she would be. I mean, most of the X-Men have some really weird sex that has tainting the minds of nerdy girls forever.

12 Um, Conversation

The worst thing in the world is to sit in silence next to someone on a date. No, actually the worst thing in the world is to force conversation on a date. Like, why don’t you just stick a fork in my throat and end it right now? Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but you get the point.

With a nerdy girl, she’ll have endless material to talk about if you’re down for listening. And you should be down for listening, because the love story of Buffy and Angel or her theory about Lost (that she’s still holding on to) is actually very entertaining. That said, she’s also down to listen to your interests. This is a girl with an open mind, who worships storytelling.

Oh, and if you happen to have a shared interest – like Breaking Bad or Star Trek – well, get ready for some deep, deep conversation.

11 Your Obsessions May Become Her Obsessions


A nerdy girl is open-minded. I mean, how the hell else did she get into Dungeons and Dragons? You have to have an open mind for that!

That being said, she’ll likely be interested in and open to your interests. Yes, she may be snobbish – like if you’re super into Game of Thrones but you haven’t read the A Song of Ice and Fire books, or if you fanboy out about The Dark Knight Trilogy and yet you haven’t seen every single Batman movie ever made. Get it together, would ya?

The possibility of her snobbishness aside, inviting her into your obsessions and passions will likely result in her being obsessed and passionate too. This is a girl who gets passionate about things easily, after all.

Hey, if you’re super into the Dolphins football team, she may even start rooting for them. Like I said, nerdy girls are open to everything.

10 Her Interests May Become Your Interests

Your interests may become her interests AND her interests may become your interests. I mean, that’s just how it works when you’re in a relationship, but the good thing here is that her interests may be a lot of fun.

Yeah, you may have written off Star Wars. That is until she actually makes you sit down and watch the originals and Han Solo becomes your #1 guy crush forever. Or maybe it’s Indiana Jones or Blade Runner that she gets you into. Whatever the case, I think we can all agree that Harrison Ford is a gift from the gods, am I right people?

Long story short, if you date a nerdy girl, she will likely expose you to parts of the world that you’ve never heard of and you’ll love it. Get ready to be obsessed with some obscure comic series that no one else has ever heard of, but is actually amazing.


9 “Five Minutes” Really Means Five Minutes


There’s a joke girls tell and it goes, “I’ll be ready in five minutes.”

Ha-ha. It's a hilarious joke. I’ve done it, more times than I care to admit. If you're a guy, many girls have probably done it to you too. In fact, it’s done so often that it’s generally assumed that “five minutes” means an hour. That's the general translation, right?

Well, not with a nerdy girl. When you’re dating a nerdy girl, she probably really means five minutes, especially if you’re running to catch your third showing of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Ain’t no way she’ll miss the first five minutes of any film, even if she's already seen it twice.

Basically, a nerd girl will throw on a t-shirt and go – and what’s sexier than that?

8 She Isn’t Basic

Praise the girl who just eats her food instead of taking a picture of it. Praise the girl who doesn’t need to take 15 photos of her outfit for an #OOTD post. (By the way, #OOTD is outfit of the day, which took me a long time to figure out.)

Your nerdy girl, by the way, will not do these things. She doesn’t care about The Bachelor, the drama between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian or Kylie Jenner’s new lip kit. Okay, she may care about these things a tiny bit, because we’re only human and drama is so entertaining. But she cares much more about rewatching Charmed, like she hasn’t already watched it 46 times.

Even if she has some basic qualities – because who can resist a pumpkin spiced latte? – her other interests outshine the basic-ness and that's a win.

7 She Also Isn’t Extra


Ah, beyond basic there’s several fun, new words. There’s “thirsty” which generally refers to someone who is desperate for attention or sex or both. If a girl posts some scandalous photos on Instagram, you may call her thirsty. There’s also “extra” which refers to pulling all the stops. It’s the Kim Kardashians of the world. It’s the women who wear heels to go grocery shopping. Being extra requires a ton of work.

Also, who is coming up with all these new words?

The long story short here is that a nerdy girl won’t be extra or thirsty. I mean, some nerdy girls are extra and thirsty, but a general rule is that your nerd girl won’t be attention seeking. She’s perfectly happy in her own little world. She doesn’t need the Instagram likes to validate herself. She's happy enough to stay at home, binge-watching Luke Cage and not posting a thirsty, extra, or extra thirsty selfie.

6 One Word: Cosplay

Remember when I said nerdy girls aren’t extra or thirsty? Well, that’s for the most part… unless they’re doing cosplay. If she’s into cosplay, she might be a lot extra and a lot thirsty. If you check her Instagram, you may be surprised to find that she’s amassed a following of thousands of people who like all the pictures of her dressed up as Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Princess Leia, and every other fictional character on whom nerds have crushes.

Yes, it will take her forever to get ready (because she's extra). Yes, she’ll want to take a million pictures of her costume (because she's thirsty). BUT she’ll also be dressed up like Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, or Princess Leia, so who cares? I mean, just look at Olivia Munn as Princess Leia. You really can’t complain about that, even if it took her four hours to get ready and your thumb hurts from all the pictures you had to take of her.

Bonus points for cosplay in the bedroom. Yep, nerdy girlfriends rule.

5 Netflix And Chill Is Really Netflix And Chill


There was a whole wink-wink thing about "Netflix and chill." You know, since it actually means Netflix and sex.

Netflix and chill is when someone invites a person over to watch "Netflix and chill," but watching the movie quickly turns into sex, which was the chill part about it. I don’t want to say I’m against the concept of Netflix and chill, because who would be against the concept of watching a movie and getting laid? However, sometimes you really do want to watch the damn movie! Sometimes, you genuinely want to binge-watch a whole season of television in one day without having sex. Okay, maybe sex in-between episodes, but that's it.

The best part about a nerdy girl is that she’s down for hours and hours of television without the sex. I mean, she probably won't be opposed the "chill" part of Netflix and chill, unless it’s a movie or show that she’s really into. If she’s rewatching The Red Wedding scene, don’t even think about trying anything, buddy. Keep your hands to yourself.

Also, what kind of a sicko would try to get frisky while watching the Red Wedding?

4 She’s Down To Go To Midnight Openings

If you have to see a particular movie the very first second you possibly can, a nerdy girl will be down to go see it with you with absolutely no complaints. In fact, this girl is probably a champion of midnight movie viewings. She probably has a whole routine she does in order to stay up through the movie and to not have to use the restroom during the movie either, y’know because superhero movies are now about 2 ½ hours long.

Even if the movie isn’t a superhero movie, she’ll understand. Like, if you had to see Baby Driver the second it comes out (hi, me – and it was awesome!) she’ll get it. She gets the need to watch things immediately when they are available.

Other girls may complain about being out until 3 AM on a Thursday, but not a nerdy girl.

3 She’ll Never Say Anything About The Money You Drop


When you like something, you spend money on it. Plain and simple.

If you like working out, you’ll spend good money on workout clothes, a gym membership, workout classes, and sneakers. It’s an investment into your workout routine. Your typical girl may spend good money on makeup and clothes. Maybe she's into a band and drops money on concerts. Spending money on these things isn't seen as weird. Money on things like clothes or a gym membership can be waved off as necessary and money spent on concert tickets is considered normal.

The money you dropped on tickets to Comic-Con or the collector’s edition Blu-ray of Logan isn’t so easily waved off as necessary or considered normal. In fact, a non-nerdy girl may question the money you drop on your favorite things. Hell, she may even question the amount of money you drop on tickets to a football game.

A nerdy girl, however, will never question a penny you spend on your interests, mostly because she spends that money too. She understands dropping money on things you love, even if it isn’t the most practical thing to spend money on.

It’s Like Dating Your Best Friend

Beauty is fleeting, guys. I know it’s hard to grasp when you’re looking at someone like Blake Lively or Megan Fox, but beauty is not forever. Well, unless you’re Susan Sarandon, who is a goddess at 70 years old.

For all of us who aren’t Susan Sarandon though, our beauty will fade. The most important thing in a long-term relationship is finding a connection with someone with whom you can talk to and laugh. Yes, in a perfect world, you'd be able to talk and laugh with someone who looks like Blake Lively, but the world isn't perfect - and I know the world isn't perfect, I don't have Blake Lively's legs or hair.

This is not to say that nerdy girls aren’t gorgeous. I mean, you saw that picture of Olivia Munn as Princess Leia, right? Nerdy girls can be MEGA hot, but more importantly, they can be mega interesting. In dating a nerdy girl, you may find that your connection is deeper with her because of common interests and deep conversation. If you date a nerdy girl, she may even play video games with you. It’s like dating your best friend, which is the sexiest thing of all.

Dating your best friend always trumps fleeting beauty.

2 Being Nerdy Is Cool Now

Nerds everywhere may hate this, but being nerdy is actually really trendy right now. That’s right, it’s cool to be a nerd.

After years of being made fun of, after years of having their interests relegated to being lame, nerd culture is now at the forefront of entertainment. If you take the two biggest shows on television – Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead – they are from nerd culture. Game of Thrones was adapted from a series of fantasy novels, in which there are actual dragons. The Walking Dead comes from a graphic novel series about zombies. That’s nerd culture and, yes, it’s mainstream now. Aside from television, with Marvel and D.C. putting out the most successful box office hits each year, comic book characters also became more mainstream. Nerd culture is everywhere!

Being a nerd is cool, which your nerdy girl probably hates.

1 Honestly, Who Is Hotter Than Olivia Munn?


I included a ton of photos of Olivia Munn because she may be the hottest nerdy girl in the history of nerdy girls. I mean, LOOK AT HER. I may just be girl crushing, but I’m pretty sure everyone in the world finds Olivia Munn attractive, right?

Munn got her big break on G4 Network, a television network devoted to video games and video game lifestyle. At G4, she hosted the popular show Attack of the Show! Her next big break would come in the form of HBO’s Newsroom, on which she played – you guessed it – a nerd. Though, her Newsroom character was more of a money nerd, but a nerd nonetheless. Munn recently joined the X-Men franchise as Psylocke and reportedly forced them to get the costume as close to the comics as possible, which is the coolest/nerdiest thing I've heard of a celebrity doing in a while.

Olivia Munn is a nerd, through and through, and she’s also unbelievably hot. So, this is a reminder that nerdy girls come in all shapes and sizes. Just because she’s not dressing up as Princess Leia every single day doesn’t mean she’s not a full-blown nerd girl underneath. So, find your nerdy girl, wherever she may be, and love her, because nerdy girlfriends are the best girlfriends.

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