16 Times The Hadid Sisters Showed Us More Than We Could Take

What comes to mind if we told you to think of two sisters who can make men drool, women sizzle (with envy that is), necks whiplash, and jaws drop? You might say the Kardashians (really?). No, we are talking about the uber hot, super sexy, and incredibly gorgeous Hadid sisters – Gigi & Bella.

These stunning daughters can probably thank their supermodel mother Yolanda Hadid for their incredible modeling genes, and their father Mohamed Hadid for that exotic touch in their bloodlines. In any case, both the girls were born with silver, gold, and platinum spoons in their pretty pouty mouths, 'cause daddy dear is a rich-as-heck real estate developer in America, who outsmarted even Donald Trump (or should we just call him President Trump now?) when he walked off with the Aspen Colorado Ritz property that Mr. Prez was vying for. His competitiveness wasn’t just limited to his professional ties. In fact, Mohamed even participated in speed skiing in the 1992 Winter Olympics and was the only member of the Jordanian delegation. In fact, he remains the only person to have ever represented Jordan in the Winter Olympics.

Then of course, there is the equally hot mom to these two sizzling models, Yolanda Hadid of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame. A supermodel in her heyday, Yolanda was discovered by Eileen Ford and modeled for a good 15 years before she met Mohamed and got married to him in 1994. After having three children together, Jelena (Gigi), Bella, and Anwar, the couple divorced in 2000. Yolanda married David Foster in 2011, but they too divorced in 2015 upon which she changed her surname back to Hadid, supposedly to match her children’s names.

Not one to lag behind, Anwar Hadid, the youngest sibling of the trio, has taken to modeling too, and with the same sizzling good looks, he might just be one of the towering new contenders the male models need to watch out for.

Now that we’ve rambled enough, and probably raised your blood pressure a bit by talking about the Hadid family, here are 16 HOT pictures of Gigi & Bella – and some equally interesting trivia to match. Feel free to drool as you scroll through these, you might find them too hot to handle!

16 Gigi’s Barely There Bikini

Via Cosmopolitan.co.uk

Guys all over the world should basically thank the Sports Illustrated team and photographer Yu Tsai for this beautiful shot where we cannot see the bikini, try as we might, but we do spot some really sexy body chains. The photographs were shot in the warm, sunny weather of Tahiti, and the waters seem just a tad more sizzling since Gigi is in them.

What you might not have known about this gorgeous bod is that her mother is not just responsible for giving good genes, but is also Gigi’s personal nutritionist. Nothing passes between those lips that mama does not approve of. We meant food though, so you can stop those dirty thoughts right there, right now.

15 A Sun-Kissed Bella

Via CelebMafia.com

The LA waters have never looked so hot, with Bella Hadid relaxing in them in a virginal white swimsuit that flatters her sinfully curvy body. The striped number, with its clingy fit and halter neck, flatters Bella’s gorgeous sun-kissed skin tone and makes her look like a mermaid, very much in her element.

Bella is actually Gigi’s younger sister by a whole two years and is following in her sister’s illustrious modeling career footsteps, though she does have one fashion regret! If asked what fashion advice she would give her younger self, Bella candidly replied that she’d tell herself to keep her legs out of leggings, since she favored them a little too much to the point of being unfashionable.

14 Gigi In A Corset

Via BusinessInsider.com

We think there might be more than a million guys out there wanting so bad to be that corset that drapes Gigi oh-so-lovingly. Under the bright lights with nude makeup, a corset, and those gloves, Gigi looks ladylike and a bit otherworldly at the same time. Flowing golden locks down her back, barely there makeup, and a come-hither expression makes this picture so hot.

Gigi is actually her nickname, she was born Jelena Noura Hadid. Jelena is a variant of Helen or Helena meaning of the moon, while Noura is the Arabic variant of Noor or Nur, meaning light. Basically, her name means light of the moon, and she certainly shines through the rest of the beauties on the catwalk and is almost a beacon amidst a crowd.

13 Bella, The Girl In Red

Via GQ.com

So, whoever put Bella in a red tankini might as well be a certifiable genius, which I'm sure many guys might have thought when they first feasted their eyes on this photo. It’s the subject, if you know what we mean. Bella’s exotic skin tone sizzles in red, with the barely there makeup bringing out that fire in her eyes.

Her name means different things in different languages, though it all seems to fit. She seems pretty intelligent and devoted to being a top model and of course is undeniably beautiful as well. The other meanings seem to suit her equally as well – graceful, adorable and, lovable. People have also noticed her resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence, so perhaps we'll find her in some Hollywood flick in the not-so-distant future? Casting directors, are you reading this? You can thank us later.

12 Gigi In Jaw-Dropping White

Via Lockerdome.com

Gig manages to take our breath away again in a come-hither, now-you-see-me, now-you-don’t kind of monokini in yet another Sports Illustrated shoot (guys, as we said before, go thank the team of Sports Illustrated for continuously bringing you wet-dream worthy shoots). The sun-kissed skin, silvery eye makeup, and those peachy coral lips – packaged in a swimsuit that skillfully shows as much as it hides – is sure to leave an undeniable imprint on any guy’s mind.

The great thing that Gigi and Bella share besides genes is also an undeniable sibling revelry. Nope, you read right, we meant revelry and not rivalry. For these two sisters are incredibly proud of each other’s success and revel in each milestone. Gigi is pretty open about discussing her sister and even called her a thief once. Nope, not kidding. Gigi once mentioned that her sister has a habit of simply opening her wardrobe, sans permission, and taking whichever of Gigi’s outfits so strikes her fancy. Not that Gigi plans to press any charges, I'm sure...

11 Bella’s Hypnotic Appeal

Via Myciin.com

If you start to talk about Bella’s, um, assets, the discourse would be long and tiring. So here, we are just going to mention the one asset of hers that makes the world sit up and take notice: Her eyes, a distinctive shade of blue-green that turn nearly translucent when hit with light or sun. That might be why she is a favorite outdoor muse with many photographers. There have been many shots of her in shadow play, with lights hitting just her eyes and the rest of her body in the dark, creating a siren-like image that magazines tend to lap up. This shot, with her eyes done in metallic gold, brings out the passion in her eyes like none other.

The sibling revelry is obvious on Bella’s part too. She seems to go starry-eyed when Gigi is mentioned. She praises her older sister, though apparently, she is now distancing herself from Gigi. Surprised? Don’t be! We just meant the hair. While Gigi is an all-natural blonde, Bella has chosen to color her hair darker, because she believes that Gigi is more angelic and can get away with anything while she feels she has a darker personality. All’s well in this sisterhood; Bella cannot stop raving about her sister’s much-deserved success.

10 The Girl and the BMWs

Via BMWblog.com

So despite the really awesome BMW line up in this picture, most eyes tend to stick to Gigi’s splendid proportions clad in a splendid red dress. Darn, we said splendid too many times, didn’t we? Well, if the shoe fits… The sun, the sky, the red dress, the cars, and Gigi all combine to make a, well, splendid picture!

Not many know that Gigi has actually been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, also known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis. An autoimmune disease, this causes the thyroid gland to be gradually destroyed and needs to be treated with a low-iodine diet and levothyroxine. She’s not alone in her battle, though, plenty other celebs suffer from thyroid-related disorders, including Kim Cattrall, Sofia Vergara, Missy Elliott, and Oprah Winfrey amongst others.

9 Bella At Her Mischievous Best

Via WallPaperClicker.com

20-year-old Bella’s career path seems to be on as upward a swing as her 21-year-old sister Gigi’s and that’s all the more reason to be wearing an impish smile. Windblown hair, mischief in her eyes, and a mirthful smile, Bella seems to be in love with her career and the camera seems to be equally infatuated with her in this shot used as Allure’s 25th anniversary cover.

While Gigi is battling Hashimoto (the disease, not the doctor), Bella is fighting her own battle with chronic Lyme disease that she shares with her mother, Yolanda, and her younger brother Anwar. Though diagnosed with the disease in 2012, she publicly announced it in 2015. She is also an accomplished equestrian and had dreams of competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but could not do so because of her medical condition. As of now, there’s no prescribed treatment for chronic Lyme disease, and what the doctors earlier thought to be transmitted from tick bites, has far more environmental ramifications and since the symptoms vary, the treatment is experimental at best.

8 We’d Fan Ourselves Too, If We Were This Hot

Via BusinessInsider.com

In her element on the runway, Gigi walked for Tommy Hilfiger in a cheeky, barely there crochet bikini – the models waded through a splash pool for effect. We guess Gigi is kinda bowled over by her own bodaciousness, to the point that she actually had to fan herself a tad before posing. We're just kidding. It’s a Tommy Hilfiger show, the theatrics are just part of the game!

Gigi was also victim to one of Vitalii Sediuk’s celebrity assaults. An ex-media personality from Ukraine, Vitalii has made it is life’s passion to assault celebrities publicly, from breaking Brad Pitt’s glasses to kissing Will Smith, to grabbing Bradley Cooper by the legs, he’s left no stone unturned in being a creepy, serial red carpet pest. After a fashion show in Milan back in September, Vitalii apparently snuck up behind Gigi and lifted her off the ground. Gigi swiftly elbowed him in the face and Vitalii quickly released her. Apparently he did so because he thought that Gigi was not a true “high” fashion model. After the incident, Gigi chased him down the street screaming "Who the f*ck are you, you piece of shit?"

7 Bella Wearing THAT Dress At Cannes

Via StyleCaster.com

So everyone has heard of THAT red dress Bella wore at Cannes in 2016 – a barely there, underwear-free gown that showed more than it covered, and had the fashion industry asking each other, how did she manage to pull it off?

From Alexander Vaulthier’s Spring 2016 collection, this slinky little number (little in how much it did not cover, not in the length) looked as if Bella had gone commando beneath it, but it was later revealed that she was wearing an extremely high-waisted leotard to keep her essentials covered. The always vampy Bella is usually seen in black pretty much everywhere, so this red gown was a departure from the norm, and one of the riskiest things that Bella has worn in a while. A built-in silk bodysuit and some tape stopped any wardrobe malfunctions, and as Bella later said, she was thankful for the wind being her friend that day, instead of a foe. Backless, plunging neckline, and a slit up to the waist, this gown had a lasting impact on the fashion industry for sure!

6 Gigi’s Hot in Lace

Via FashionGoneRogue.com

At a magazine shoot, Gigi sizzles in a peekaboo lace bodysuit matched with subtle makeup, pouty lips, and a choker. The fact that Gigi (and Bella) was born to be a model, is evident from her good looks, endless legs, and lovely green eyes that she inherited from her mother, the way some people inherit heart disease. The genes were passed down to create something even better than Yolanda.

Gigi was the captain of the Malibu High School volleyball team and was also a competitive horseback rider. She still loves horses, and loves to ride for fun. She graduated high school in 2013 and chose not to go to college to instead pursue her dreams of being a model. Backed by Yolanda, who gave her plenty tips and advice, Gigi moved to the Big Apple to realize her dream. And not only did she achieve them, but she rocked it! Gigi was also a Baby Guess model when she was only two. She signed up with IMG models in 2011 and has since been one of the most in-demand models.

5 Bella’s Hot In Lace Too

Via DesktopWallpaperHD.com

Okay, so if we put a picture of Gigi in black lace, we had to dig up one of Bella too to show that they both can rock any look, look so hot, and yet each carry the same style very differently. In a see through lace bodysuit, that does nothing to hide her rather marvelous assets, Bella pulls off this look with dewy makeup and accented cheekbones in an equally as sizzling way.

Unlike her older sister, Bella did not really have any serious plans to model. She told Teen Vogue that she didn’t always want to be in the modeling world. In fact in 2014, Bella moved to New York and began studying at the Parson’s School of Design with a major in photography. She was signed by IMG and dropped out of college because of her busy career but wants to go back to school and become a fashion photographer once she’s done with modeling. She does admit that being in front of the camera is growing on her, and since she was studying the science behind it, she knows what looks good and what doesn’t.

4 Gigi’s An Angel, A Secret One

Via Cosmopolitan.com

With her all natural, tumbling golden locks and an angelic face, with a body made for sin, it’s no wonder Gigi has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel! Dressed in green lingerie with a glittery body cage and shimmery wings to match, she really does look like an angel, though men must hope she's a fallen one!

To stay this angelic, Gigi follows a healthy diet and fitness plan. Since she used to be a volleyball player and a horse rider, moving to New York made her miss her rather active lifestyle. She chose boxing to stay fit and has been a loyal boxing enthusiast ever since. She prefers to make her own meals when she can, the fresher the better, and does like smoothies too, though she does find them not very appropriate at all times. She’s also not in the race to be thin and believes that being fit and healthy is far more important – and is willing to sacrifice her career rather than getting unhealthily thin. She also says that cheat days are important and admits that cheeseburgers feed her soul every now and then.

3 Bella’s Pretty Angelic, In a Sinful Way

Via Pinterest.com

Following in sister Gigi’s footsteps, Bella too became a Victoria’s Secret Angel and walked the runway dressed in metallic gold lingerie. Bella is a serious workout freak and credits Rob Piela at the Gotham gym in NYC for her seriously toned body, though she does admit that she cannot work out in front of anyone and has to do it alone.

Bella admits that she’s not a naturally thin person and is in love with junk food like pizza and fries and, wait for it, Diet Coke. She does drink green juices at least once a week to detox from her hectic lifestyle and eating habits. Mostly though, she eats a high protein clean diet and tries to stay off carbohydrates unless she’s really craving them. Apparently, bread and pasta are indulgences, and like everybody else, she claims her weight fluctuates. Well, duh!

2 Gigi’s A True Babe

Via WallPaperClicker.com

We love Gigi’s shot here. Dressed in an off the shoulder peasant top with the sun catching her eyes, making her skin look luminescent, Gigi looks like the true salt of the earth. And she is – with her trademark directness and well-spoken behavior, almost everyone says good things about her.

Romance-wise, Gigi was in a relationship with Australian singer Cody Simpson from 2013 until May 2015. After breaking up with Cody, Gigi was with Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers for about five months. And in yet another whirlwind romance in 2015, she started dating singer Zayn Malik. They briefly broke up in June 2016, but seemingly are back together, more in love than before.

Zayn recently admitted that he loves to cook for Gigi whenever they are together, and she loves his steak and kidney pie and Yorkshire pudding. He also said that they often sing together and he loves her voice, as much as he loves her. A woman, who looks like a million bucks, has a voice to match, and loves her man’s cooking? She’s certainly one dreamy gal!

1 Bella’s Straightened Up Her Act Perfectly

Via Vogue.com

Sunshine on my window, that’s what this picture so beautifully shows as Bella looks resplendent in bed with the sun lighting her oh-so lovingly!

Despite a few hiccups in 2014, Bella seems to have straightened herself out. Back then, when Bella was 17, she was pulled over in Malibu when she failed to stop at a stop sign and nearly rammed an LA County Sheriff’s patrol car. Her breathalyzer showed a .14, almost double the legal limit, and to make bad things worse, Bella was driving on a suspended license. She was arrested for DUI, and was released on a fine and community service. She then straightened up her act and moved to NYC. The rest, as they say, is history.

Romance wise, Bella was involved with The Weeknd, Canadian singer and songwriter, since 2015. In November 2016, it was reported that they had broken up due to conflicting schedules, though they were still in love. Well, with Bella now being single, it seems 2017 might just be some lucky dude’s year!

Sources: dailymail.co.ukcosmopolitan.combusinessinsider.comharpersbazaar.com

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