16 Things Husbands Don't Know Wives Find Incredibly Attractive About Them

Guys think they have women pretty well figured out. Women love the bad boys but they also need a guy that's unafraid to express his feelings. They want to be pursued. And, even if she doesn't want to admit it, she appreciates chivalry. Contrary to popular belief, chivalry is not dead. Chivalry is alive and well! What is chivalry? Chivalry is a classic sign of respect and love. It's holding the door open for her, pulling out her chair, or helping her carry a heavy shopping bag.

Women also go gaga over a hot guy holding a baby or puppy. It triggers a subconscious desire to procreate. From an evolutionary perspective, women are drawn to a guy that would make a good father, both physically and mentally.

After polling the masses, we have figured out 16 surprising things that guys don't know women find sexy about them. With this knowledge now at their disposal, the world will become a more peaceful, and happier place. Men and women will be able to get along like no other time in history. Guys will finally come to understand women. Okay, maybe that's stretching it a bit but a little more insight into a woman's mind is never a bad thing, is it? Without further ado, here you are:


16 Veiny Forearms

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Yes, it's true. Women find veiny forearms attractive. This has to do with the fact that those veins protrude when a person is physically active and healthy.

A woman is naturally attracted to a man they believe can protect them and produce healthy offspring. One of the sexiest things you can do if you are a guy who has great forearms is to show them off. There's no real way of being too bold or overly-showy with the forearms, so have at it! If you have sleeves, roll them up. Rolled-up sleeves and vascular forearms are hot, hot, hot!

15 Shhhh!

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A super confident guy that is more than aware of his heartthrob status is not as sexy as an oblivious guy that's socially awkward.

Yes, confidence is appealing but there is a fine line between being insecure and thinking you are God's greatest gift to all of mankind. A guy that lands somewhere in the middle is the most attractive. There's something unbelievably sexy about a guy unaware of his magnetic appeal.

It's like you know a secret that only he doesn't know. The world knows, but he is completely unaware of how sexy he is. You don't dare tell him either. That would ruin the "secret." To find a guy like this is incredibly rare. They do exist but you have to look in places you wouldn't normally look.

14 Passion

You are having a conversation about something off-the-wall and he starts excitedly talking and then rambling on and on about it. That's darn sexy to see someone so passionate about something. It could be anything, really.

It's hard enough these days to see authentic emotion (emojis don't count, people) being displayed, thanks to technology. Seeing real enthusiasm about something, especially about a unique subject matter or topic, is intriguing and sexy!

13 Those Sweatpants


Yes, it's true. Those old high school or college sweatpants that you only wear when you are suffering from a hangover are actually sexy. They signal something in a woman's brain that makes her desperately want to take care of you and rip your head off for being so irresponsible at the same time.

Now, she may complain about your sweatpants being too old and full of holes but that's just a cover. Don't take her seriously. There's no real way to tell you that your sweatpants are sexy. Plus, she's likely feeling conflicted at the moment and not wanting to dish out any compliments!

12 Bedhead

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"Why hey there, sleepyhead!" Your bedhead is super sexy. Yes, that hair that you wake up with that's sticking up all over the place. It makes women subconsciously see you as someone that needs to be cared for and loved.

Bedhead also makes women obviously think of being in bed. And, being in bed, well, makes women think of a certain extracurricular activity. The messier your bedhead is, the sexier you look.

Fake bedhead. If you haven't been sleeping and your hair is looking picture perfect, mess it up. Yes, it's possible to fake bedhead. And, what happens right after you wake up? You usually take a shower, right? Perfect timing! Ask her to join you! She will likely jump at the opportunity.

11 Hugs

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Women find hugs so incredibly sexy. Well, of course, not just your standard everyday hug like the one you get from your grandparents. We're talking about that unexpected come-from-behind hug. When women are busy working or cooking and the guy comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her. This gives her an immediate rush of oxytocin, the "love hormone."

She feels safe and secure with your arms wrapped around her. You are her protector and guardian. Make sure, though, not to just run up to any girl you find attractive and give her a big bear hug from behind because you could end up with, if you're lucky and at the very least, a broken nose and bruised ego!

10 Being Kind To Others

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Is there anything sexier than seeing a guy being genuinely kind to someone else? They go out of their way to do something nice for another person or maybe are generous with tipping waitstaff? And, when they do something nice, they don't make a production out of it. It's just in their nature to be kind. They aren't aware that the rest of the guys out there are not like them or if they are, they just don't care.

Seeing a guy going out of his way to be nice and help out someone in need, that's downright sexy. Do nice guys really finish last? Heck no! Authentic, giving people like that are difficult to come by. If you are this guy, keep on being you, man! You are a brilliant diamond in a sea of schmucks. If you are a girl and you've found a guy like this, don't lose him! He's a keeper!


9 Silver Fox

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Sean Connery. Harrison Ford. George Clooney. What do these Hollywood A-listers have in common? They are all silver foxes. Women find grey hair extremely attractive and sexy on men.

Many women love older guys because they are confident and sure of themselves. They are experienced. An older man is thought to be more of a protector figure and will be able to take care of her more than a younger guy who lacks experience and maturity.

It doesn't hurt that silver foxes are also known for being absolutely mind-blowing in bed. It all comes down to experience. They know *secrets* and tricks that they've learned from years of practice. They are experts in the field of horizontal bedroom activities.

8 Concentration

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Every man has a unique look of 'concentration'. It could be a furrowed brow, biting of the lip, pressing lips together, or one raised eyebrow. Whatever it is, it's sexy as hell. It's you, and women love this trait.

Men are captivated by a woman who nervously bites her lip, right? Remember 50 Shades of Grey? Well, it's the same for women! Women love that mysterious look of focus and concentration. It's especially appealing when he's concentrating on what she is saying or doing. Now that's sexy. Don't overdo it, though! When you are pretending to focus and/or nervously biting your lower lip, it's obvious and silly-looking. Stop it. Just continue being you!

7 Clean Bedding

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Is there anything better than climbing into bed and sliding beneath crisp, clean, Downy-scented sheets? Not. At. All. It's such a euphoric feeling. You imagine being on a tropical island vacation or the lead in some romantic chick flick. You are the one and only.

If he washes and changes the bedding before you come over to spend the night, you know he's thinking about you. You know things are serious. He cares about your opinion and wants to make a good impression. There's nothing sexier than a guy that shows you he cares in such a subtle fashion like having clean linens just for you.

6 Do You Floss?

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Flossing? Sexy? You bet. The act of flossing isn't particularly sexy but knowing a guy flosses is sexy as hell. Did you know flossing was invented in 1815? Yes, it's true. Someone came up with the idea of cleaning between your teeth with string over 200 years ago.

Why is flossing sexy?! Well, because if you floss, then you obviously take pride in your health and appearance. Being concerned, to a healthy degree, with what you wear and how you look is incredibly sexy. Women are attracted to a guy like this because it's in our DNA. We want to *connect* with and reproduce with a healthy specimen. A man who is healthy and is able to provide and protect us and our offspring for the long-term is definitely more desirable than a guy that doesn't floss nor care about his health.

Also, if you are a guy reading this, don't show off your flossing prowess to us while out on a date. There's no need for that. And, flossing at the table while out on a date is kind of the exception to flossing being sexy. Flossing at the table, plucking nose hairs, clipping fingernails are all extreme turnoffs. Just don't do it.

5 Warm Feet

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It's a widely known fact that guys' feet are always at least 30 degrees warmer than their female counterparts. There's no real scientific reason behind it. It's just one of life's great mysteries; like why are we compelled to yawn when we see someone else yawning? Why did people move those big rocks thousands of years ago to create Stonehenge? What's its purpose? The world may never know.

When a woman's foot brushes up against a guy's foot, a sensual warm flood cascades over her. A surprise or accidental foot touch is even better! It is one of the sexiest moves a guy can have in his romance toolbox. Diamonds are overrated. A warm foot is where a woman's heart truly lies.

4 Good Morning

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There is one thing women love in the morning. No, not that. Well, maybe occasionally that, but that's not on this list.

Women love receiving a good morning text from a guy. It's super sexy to wake up and receive a text from your guy. It lets her know that she was the first thing you thought about when you woke up, and that's a beautiful feeling. She feels loved, and who doesn't love knowing you are being thought of?

Send that good morning text. You will start her day off beautifully, and you can be sure she will be thinking about you all day long.

3 Watching Sports

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Yes, women may rant and grumble about guys being remote control hogs, but in reality, they enjoy watching a guy get all hot under the collar while watching his favorite competitive sporting event. You may look over and see her glaring or making faces, but deep down inside, she's enjoying every minute!

It can be a sporting event of almost any kind with only just a few exceptions. It can be a UFC match-up, NFL playoff game, NHL, NBA, NASCAR; you get the idea. No golf and no table tennis. Watching you watch this is as sexy as watching paint dry. We love watching you squirm, stand up, shout at the referee, give the players a pep talk, yell at the coach, and pace around the living room. "Sexy beast, go get em!"

2 Dance

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When you can dance like no one is looking, that exudes an incredible amount of confidence and s*x appeal. Do you have to be like "Magic Mike" (i.e. Channing Tatum)? Of course, not. If you are the most uncoordinated person on planet earth but you don't care what anyone thinks of you, that's sexy. You can be the greatest dancer in the world, but if you dance meticulously-thought-out steps and are super careful not to make a wrong move, that's the opposite of sexy. Women are picturing you in the bedroom, and a fun confident dancer makes a fun confident partner in the bedroom! The other guy who prances around with every gesture coordinated and planned, that's just screaming "BORING IN BED!"

1 Man's Best Friend


There's a reason he's called "Man's Best Friend." Have you ever seen a dog and a hot guy together? There is nothing sexier than a guy hanging out with his four-legged BFF. Small breeds, large breeds—it doesn't matter. A guy walking his dog or playing fetch at the dog park is hot.

What's cuter than a guy cuddling a pup? How about when you catch a guy talking to his dog in baby talk? Heart-stopping-bring-me-to-the-bedroom-now moment, right? Guys don't need a posse to back them up or give them confidence to go after a girl. They just need a dog!


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