16 Reasons She’s Swiping Left On Tinder No Matter What

Tinder has certainly brought us into a whole new world of dating, good and bad, and for whatever reason, you find yourself not getting a lot of “right” swipes on your profile. You look at your pictures and you scroll through your bio to see if there is anything offensive and at the end of the day, you sit there perplexed. Why aren’t girls swiping right on your profile? You might not be Christopher Hemsworth, but you're no monster either! So, what could you possibly be doing wrong?

There are little hints or vibes, so to speak, that you could be giving off that make women not want to take a chance on you. Here’s the reality of online dating for women — when we go online, we get hounded by perverts and men that we wouldn’t even meet in a public place in broad daylight. The great thing about Tinder is we can go on there and you can’t contact us unless we want you to.

Unfortunately, we live in the era where it takes very little for us to swipe left, mainly because we have seen it all and we aren’t very impressed. We spend our free time scrolling through pictures looking for our dream guy. Women are more likely to scroll through profile pics these days then they are picking up a book. Sometimes, we just scroll through to laugh at some of the ridiculous profiles on there — admit it, you do it too! If you aren’t having much luck on Tinder, there may be a reason for it and we've got 15 of them right here.

16 There Are Other Girls In Your Picture

Seriously guys, what are you thinking? The thing is, maybe she is your sister, but we don’t know that. If we have to sit there and speculate whether you are ballsy enough to put up a picture of you and your ex or that female best friend you have that we’re going to have to worry about later, we are swiping left all the way. Here’s a breakthrough concept, post a photo of you, just you. We’re okay with a dog or a cat in the photo, but don’t put another girl in there. We’re sure it’s all innocent and it’s just a great picture from that time you went out with your sister for your birthday, but it's best not to risk it. We’re just not going to give you the benefit of the doubt. The last thing you want to post is your “pimping” pictures because we weren’t born yesterday.

15 There Are Fish In Your Picture

You might think you’re original when you put your fishing picture on your profile, but you would be wrong. We swear, if we see one more picture of a guy holding a fish, we might lose it altogether. We get it, you have a passion for fishing and everyone should do what they love. We definitely want to know a little bit about your interests, but looking at a fish just doesn’t do anything for us. It might be an awesome picture to show your guy friends, but it’s not going to be what makes us swipe right. We’re not sure why so many guys post this type of picture, but it needs to stop. So, unless you wrestled Jaws into your boat, we don’t want to see it. That also goes for seeing pictures of you on your snowmobile. It’s a great thing to mention in your bio, but don’t make it your profile picture.

14 Your Profession Is Listed As “Producer”

You might be surprised how many profiles have this profession listed. The problem is that 9 times out of 10, the guy lives in a small town or on a college campus. We would expect and approve of such a profession if you lived in LA, but if you don’t, then we're going to be skeptical. What exactly are you producing in a small town, or better yet, are you making any money from it? We’re not going to lie, when we see that little tagline, we immediately think you might be dabbling in racy webcam films because what else could it be? We are so perplexed by this that we don’t even want to take the time to ask, we just swipe left. Though honestly, sometimes we think we should just swipe right so that we can get an answer to this question.

13 You Have A Photo Of Your Abs

We’re not going to lie, we like abs if you are chiseled — that is a total win in our book. But abs to girls are just a bonus; it’s not why we are on online dating apps. If anything, when we see a guy post a picture of him shirtless, we think “d-bag” almost immediately. It’s literally the first thought that pops into our heads. We would much rather see you with a nice shirt on to see your sick sense of style. You have us all wrong if you think that we are going to be wooed by your abs. And what's even worse, is when guys post photos of just their abs— no face. The only girls that are really set on finding a guy with killer abs is a fitness gal or someone who'd just looking for a hookup. It also occurs to us that if you are posting a shirtless picture, then you're enamoured by physical aspects and are probably only looking for a booty call anyway. You will get further on Tinder if you just post a nice picture of yourself.

12 You Are Vague About Your Job

Whether you want to believe it or not, most girls aren’t looking for a guy who makes a ton of money. Again, if we land a guy like that, it’s a bonus. But for the most part, girls just want to fall in love and be with a great guy. While we want someone who has a head on their shoulders and does have a job, we're not solely focusing on their resume. At the same time, we're probably not going to swipe right when it says you work at, “The School of Hard Knock Life." Not only is it not your actual profession, but it kind of makes you sound like an idiot. There isn’t a decent woman out there that is going to be impressed by you pretending to be cool. We get that you might not like to list your career because some girls are total gold diggers, so just don’t put anything there at all.

11 All Your Photos Have You In Groups

Well, at least we know that you are super popular, but the problem is, we have no idea who you are. You could be the guy chugging a beer, the man in a suit, or the guy with the sunglasses — it’s all up in the air for us. We have to start wondering if you ever spend any time alone. We’re not likely to go through all 8 of your photos trying to figure out who you are. What’s worse is when we finally do realize who you are and you happen to be the most unfortunate guy in the group — not good. You can have one group photo on your Tinder profile, but the rest should reflect who you are as a person. Throw your dog in there, we don’t care, but we want to know who you are without having to play Guess Who. Does he have a beard? Is he wearing glasses?

10 You Work And Play Hard — We Get It, You're A Basic

There are basic b*tches in both genders and men can be just as basic as women can. You guys can laugh at us all you want when the pumpkin-spice latte season comes around and you call us basic, but when we see you and 100 other guys on Tinder claiming to “work hard and play hard,” you can now assume that we have classified you as the basic b*tch in the man world. We’re sure you guys throw that statement around with your friends, but it’s ridiculous to put something like that on your profile because not only is it vague and unnecessary for you to say, but it has us rolling our eyes. Mainly because we know playing hard usually means partying “hard,” and if you’re still doing that in your forties, it's the last thing we want to know.

9 All Your Pictures Are In Front Of A Mirror

It’s really not hard to take a picture of yourself without using a mirror. Seriously, if all else fails, ask someone to take a picture of you. Before selfies became a thing, people got their friends to take pictures of them while they were hanging out. It’s a normal thing. We hate seeing pictures of you in front of your mirror, whether it’s in your dirty bathroom or at the gym. Some of the hottest guys that we have seen have taken pictures like this, but this pose is super awkward. To us, it says that you don’t have a social life, not one that equals getting a photo of you doing something else other than posing in front of a mirror. The mirror picture is a deal breaker for a lot of women. It’s not going to improve your chances on Tinder.

8 You Know Somebody That We Know

If you live in a small enough city, then it’s likely that you may see someone that you know or have met before on Tinder. If we realize that you know people that we know, then that might be a reason why we swipe left. If we realize that you know our best friend, that’s great news because then we can ask her about you. But if we find out that you know someone we don’t like or worse, our ex-boyfriend, then we aren’t going anywhere near you. That’s just a little too close to home for us. Granted, you may not know that person well, or you may even hate them but like trolling through their pictures, but we are not likely to give you a chance. If you happen to know our ex-boyfriend, we’re going to classify you in the same category as him and write you off as a loser.

7 You Only Have Travel Photos


Being a world traveler must be amazing — getting the chance to travel all the time is truly a gift and it’s something that a lot of people aspire to. But not everyone has the means or income to travel all the time. So, if it’s clear by your pictures or profile that you vacation all the time, and we don’t, then we are likely to swipe left. When we see you rock climbing and walking on sandy beaches in Thailand, we know right off that you’re probably going to ask us, “what was the best place you went on vacation?” Considering we spent the summer drinking on patios during our volleyball league we’re likely not to impress you. So, instead of finding out right off the bat that we aren’t the girl of your dreams, we’re just going to swipe left and save us both the trouble.

6 You Only Have Quotes On Your Profile

The only thing that quotes tell us is that you’re great at copying and pasting stuff onto your profile. When was the last time that a quote told you anything about another person? We’re guessing it was in your high school yearbook. Quotes suck for a lot of reasons. For one, like we said, it doesn’t give us any insight as to who you really are as a person and two, it’s lazy. What’s worse is when your profile picture is of an epic quote. We aren’t even going to look at what you’ve written, you have already gone in the left pile and we immediately don’t think of you again. The only reason we pause in swiping left is so that we can show our friends what you have done to yourself; then we swipe left. If you absolutely must have a quote, then make sure that it’s not vague and that it actually applies to your life in a way that makes sense.

5 You Post Photos That You’re Not In

We are all for looking at pictures of you and your dog, but if you post a picture of just your dog or your super cute niece, then we are bailing. It’s an automatic swipe left for us. Posting pictures of yourself can be uncomfortable for some people, but it’s kind of what you have to do to get attention online. We’re not interested in dating your dog or your niece for that matter, so please don’t post those kinds of pictures. We love a sense of passion in everyone and if you love cooking or love your dog, then that’s super cool, but your profile pictures are not the place to showcase this. Just for the record, we have also swiped left when we saw action figures, hamsters, the food you ate, robots, and even paintings. Don’t do it guys; you’re better than that.

4 You Post Gym Photos

When you post pictures of you at the gym, our creep meter goes off the charts. When you are topless and flexing at the gym, it just makes us wonder if you are in love with yourself. We have seen way too many men in tank tops and baseball caps at the gym and it’s just weird to us. Why would you wear a baseball cap to the gym? Putting that aside, gym photos are not a great representation of yourself. We don’t need to see photos of your massive thighs because it doesn't tell us much aside from the fact that you spend your downtime going to the gym.

3 You Insult Women

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to what they are attracted to, but if you use your profile to insult somebody, it’s doubtful that anyone is going to want to talk to you. Time and again, we have swiped through profiles where guys post in their bio that they aren’t interested in “fatties” or even a certain race. It’s beyond insulting and women are even guilty of doing the same thing. It shouldn’t be your goal to make someone else feel bad about themselves. If you aren't interested in certain physical features, then don't swipe right one them and risk getting matched! No one is on a mission to date a d-bag, and if you can be this mean on Tinder, then we can't imagine how insulting you'd be in person. Be classy on your profile and girls will come calling.

2 You Only Have Blurry Photos

We are in an age where people take a ridiculous number of photos of themselves. They will take photos of themselves in any location and from different angles. So, our suspicions go up when we see that the only photo that you have on Tinder is a blurry one. Why is it that you only have one photo and we really can’t make out your face in it? Either you don't care — in which case you’re not what we are looking for — or you really don’t know how to use Tinder properly. There must be a dozen or more pictures from your Facebook account that you could use that would be far superior to that blurry image. We would take that picture of you chugging a beer on Saint Patrick’s Day over a picture where we can’t determine if you’re human or alien. Put some effort into your profile guys and you might get a little more action.

1 You Have Inappropriate Words In Profile

We get it; you’re on Tinder looking for a hookup, we aren’t going to judge. But believe it or not, there are girls on there looking for a relationship. You may not think it’s fair or right, but every one of us girls has heard about a friend who found her husband on Tinder, so we’re going on there to see if we can find our soulmate on there as well. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of girls on there that are looking for a hookup and maybe some of them want to get kinky, but not all of us. If we are scrolling through and see a cute guy, we are likely to look at what you’re saying about yourself. If your bio is simply focused on how between-sheets activities and full of inappropriate words, we're swiping left. Even is some girls are just looking for a hookup, don't be so obvious in your profile — it screams desperation.

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