16 Photos Showing The Evolution Of Kim Kardashian's Famous "Assets"

Whether you love her or hate her, there is no denying that Kim Kardashian has one of the most talked abut booties in Hollywood. In 2007, Kim thrust into pop culture via Keeping up with the Kardashi

Whether you love her or hate her, there is no denying that Kim Kardashian has one of the most talked abut booties in Hollywood.

In 2007, Kim thrust into pop culture via Keeping up with the Kardashians and the world was enamored. The show helped Kim cultivate a public persona that was both shallow and materialistic, but also warm and family-oriented. This juxtaposition is what has kept people tuning in for the 181 episodes that have already aired. Yes, it's entertaining to watch someone shop for a Prada purse in Beverly Hills, because many of us will never indulge in such a luxury, but the show grounded itself through the family fights and reconciliations. And, the show has yet to be cancelled… and may never be cancelled. It’s a Kardashian world and we’re just living it, guys.

Despite her many business ventures, what Kim remains most well known for is her backside and her sex tape. These two things, quite literally in regard to her booty, continue to follow her around. Her famous buns have also continued to be so talked about because of all the speculation surrounded them. The fact that they fluctuate in size so frequently has led people to question if her butt is natural or if she gets some special help in that department. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Below are 16 pictures of Kim’s booty throughout the years, through the good times and the bad. Afterwards, decide for yourself if her buns are natural or artificial.

16 Introduction To Kim, 2006


This photo is from 2006, a whole decade ago. As you can easily see, Kim Kardashian has changed a lot since this photo was taken. When she first stepped out into the spotlight, it was as Paris Hilton’s assistant. Now, Kim Kardashian doesn’t assist people, but rather has a herd of assistants herself. Her whole look in this photo is also something she’d never walk out of the house wearing today. Since her union with Kanye, Kim has transformed from her B-list club-going clothes into a high-fashion icon. Seriously, you don’t see Kim K rocking that shiny lipgloss much nowadays.

Lastly, her entire brand has changed since this photo was taken. She was once known as a party girl. If you look on the internet hard enough, you can find photos of Kim at a club, chugging Grey Goose straight from the bottle. Her brand is more motherly now. She’s pushing a ‘hot mom’ brand, meaning she’s mommy dearest but also able to slay at New York Fashion Week.

Oh, and her butt has changed too. In this particular photo, she definitely has a big butt, but it’s certainly not the size that it is today.

15 Red Carpet, 2007


2007 was when Kim was becoming a household name. With Keeping up with the Kardashians airing its first season, people couldn’t stop talking about her, mostly because they loved hating her.

At this point, Kim just seemed to be another girl who was famous for being famous. She had used a sex tape to propel herself into the spotlight and America always shames women who use their sexuality to get ahead. Kim was, well, the laughing stock of American, but she persevered. Soon enough, people would stop being so embarrassed of their guilty-pleasure show and start loving Kim K out loud.

This is yet another photo of Kim K looking much different. She always had a beautiful face, but the clothes she used to wear were deliciously awful. This tight silk dress hugs her body and highlights her booty, which looks huge on her tiny frame.

14 Clubbing at TAO, 2008


This photo is from a red carpet event for TAO Las Vegas. The Kardashians and TAO have had a long relationship, with them hosting many evens at the swanky club. It was even reported in 2014 that TAO paid Kim a whooping $500,000 to celebrate her birthday there. What a cool present, right? Instead of paying an obscene amount of money to get into the club and order bottle service, Kim was actually paid to go to the club. Of course, many clubs operate this way since celebrity faces up their notoriety, which brings in guests and profit. However, most celebrities cannot command this kind of payout for a single appearance. Kim’s huge social media following is certainly part of the reason why TAO is willing to fork out so much money for her birthday party.

Back in 2008, though, Kim was not getting paid that much money for her TAO appearances, though she was still raking in a good penny. In this photo, her butt looks noticeably smaller than in the previous photo. This could be because of the angle or material of the dress, but it’s worth noting. We mean, it's still there and all, but it's just not Kardashian level booty.

13 Noticeably Smaller, 2008


This photo is embarrassing for Kim for a number of reasons. First of all, those bracelets. As if the outfit wasn’t bad enough, she needed to top it off with those bracelets. Girl, no. On top of that, the shirt is not great and made even worse by the assaulting color of yellow. But, hey, at least she has matching yellow shoes. Oh, Kim. Thankfully, you slay red carpets now, because your style was dicey back in the day.

The oddest part of the whole look may be her teeny, tiny butt. This is perhaps the smallest her booty has ever looked, which is completely odd. Of course, it could be the jeans that are flattening her butt, which is horrible publicity for Bongo. If someone wears Bongo jeans to a Bongo event, they should be the most flattering jeans ever, right? 2008 looks like it may have been the year when Kim K's butt shrunk two sizes. Don't worry, world, it quickly puffed back up.

12 In A Herve Leger Dress, 2010


We told you, Kim K’s plump buns would be back. Here she is in 2010, rocking a Hervé Léger bodycon dress. You’ll most likely recognize this style of dress since if was a must-have for every girl under 30 in 2010. You can thank Kim for that. Kim wore a Hervé Léger to just about every event she was invited to until 2011. She loooooved his dresses and we totally understand why. The bodycon dress was extremely tight and showed off every curve. However, the way the material was cut was also very flattering. This worked wonders for Kim, as it showed off her gorgeous curves but also hid her trouble area. By "gorgeous curves," it’s pretty obvious that we’re talking about her booty.

These dresses made her butt look amazing. Though her booty was looking smaller and flatter in 2008, it looks like the Kim K booty we all know and love in 2010.

11 Black Dress, 2010


Like we said, Kim’s butt was back in action in 2010. This photo is further proof.

2010 was a big year for Kim for several other reasons. She signed several endorsement deals, including one with food chain Carl’s Jr. She appeared along side Khloe and Kourtney in the season 3 premiere of 90210. The New York Madame Tussaud's revealed a wax figure of Kim Kardashian. The same year she also hosted The Apprentice with future president-elect Donald Trump. There’s even more, guys. Kim and her sisters released Kardashian Konfidential, an autobiography, which landed on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Unfortunately, this was also the year that Kim released that awful song she recorded. Well, you can’t win them all.

10 The Butt X-ray, 2011


Oh, the infamous time Kim had her butt x-rayed on television. Due to the media’s obsession with Kim’s backside, she had it x-rayed on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Her reasoning was that an x-ray would prove once and for all that she didn’t have butt implants.

First, the doctor x-rayed Kourtney’s breasts, which do have implants. He then showed what an implant looks like when it’s x-rayed. After this, Kim let the doctor x-ray her bum, which showed that there is no implant. As far as a reality television show science experiment goes, this was fun to watch.

This didn’t stop the speculation. People still theorize that Kim has actually had the Brazilian butt lift done, in which fat is taken from other parts of your body and injected into your butt. This wouldn’t show up on an x-ray like an implant would, thus finding a loophole in her experiment.

9 Rocking Leggings, 2012


There’s a reason why guys love when woman wear yoga pants and leggings. It’s because they can see everything - every single curve of your legs and your bottom. They are kind of an essential part of workout clothing, so guys are in luck in that regard.

In this photo, Kim appears to be leaving a workout with a friend. Not only does Kim’s bum look big and round in this photo, it also looks even better in comparison to her friend’s flat bottom. Yes, Kim K won this butt competition - and most butt competitions for that matter.

In 2012, Kim was dealing with the aftermath of her 72-day Kris Humphries marriage. She may have been the laughing stock of, well, the world, but at least her butt looked awesome.

8 Red Carpet Event, 2012


This photo would be one of the last where Kim’s butt looks like this. It’s round and big, but also believable. People can totally believe that she may have been born with a figure like this. Shit was about to hit the fan butt-wise.

Before all of that, though, there was 2012. This was the year when Kim started dating Kanye, all while still legally married to Kris Humphries. What a mess, right? 2013 still shaped up to be a great year for Kim. She was invited to her first Met Gala with Kanye West. The Met Gala is a who’s who of fashion. If you're not invited, you're basically a fashion nobody... and until 2013, Kim was a fashion nobody. In fact, it was even rumored that Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue and Queen of Fashion, had banned Kim from coming. Kim was neither invited nor able to purchase a $25,000 ticket to the event.

Finally getting a coveted invite in 2013 was a big deal for Kim, who has attended the ball every year since.

7 Post-North Body, 2013


This is when Kim’s butt completely changed forever. For the record, her whole body also changed forever, y’know since she created a human being in her body. Kim and Kanye welcomed North West into the world on June 15, 2013. However, it was a long road to getting there. Kim’s pregnancy was highly photographed and highly talked about. The mom-to-be gained some weight. Like we said, she was making a human inside her body. The world would not get over this, even though it’s what happens to women around the world since the dawn of time.

The obsession over Kim’s body went to new heights when she posted this photo of her post-baby body. People were impressed with her weight loss but also pointed to her bum looked a bit different. This speculation over Kim’s bottom led to the next photo…

6 #TBT From 2009


In response to all the criticism for her post-baby body, Kim posted this #TBT from 2009. She had posted the photo in order to prove that she always had a big butt (obviously not in order to prove that she always had good style).

While this TBT photo does make her assets look rather large, one has to admit that her post-baby body does have a bigger bum than before. Of course, this could be from the whole growing a human inside of her body thing, which we totally get. Though, others speculated that she may have had a Brazilian butt lift after the birth, in order to get rid of all that pesky pregnancy fat and to plump up her bottom. We’ll probably never know the true answer, but according to this photo, Kim's had a great bottom since 2009.

5 The Belfie of 2013


"Belfie" has yet to officially make it into the dictionary, but it’s a commonly used term for a butt-selfie. Kim K is obviously the queen of belfies. Here she is pictured with Blac Chyna in 2013, years before Blac Chyna would marry her way into the Kardashian empire.

The whole Blac Chyna and Kardashian family saga is quite odd. Chyna was previously engaged to the rapper Tyga, with whom she has a son. The engaged couple were friends of the family, and even attended Kim and Kanye’s wedding. When Chyna and Tyga split, Tyga started dating the then underage Kylie Jenner, who is Kim’s half-sister. Chyna moved on with Rob Kardashian, with whom she recently gave birth to a daughter. The whole thing is rather twisted, but we’d expect no less.

4 When Kim K Attempted To Break The Internet, 2014


No one can forget this Kim Kardashian moment in pop culture because… well, just look at the magazine cover!

When the Winter 2014 issue of Paper Magazine dropped with this cover, no one could stop talking about it. And for good reason. Kim’s body looks like it was engineered by a scientist. Her teeny, tiny waist leads into her big, round bum. Oh, and all her skin is perfectly smooth and dimple free. Sure, this has to be the work of Photoshop but, to some extent, she has to have the goods to start with.

Paper Magazine’s website received 15.9 million views on the day this photo was launched. This is compared to the 25,000 views it usually gets. So, yeah, Kim’s behind can bring the masses.

3 Post-North Photoshoot, July 2015


Don’t be fooled by the shorter blonde hair, that behind does, in fact, belong to Kim Kardashian. This was during the time when Kim went bleach blonde, for which she received both praise for being adventurous and criticism for its look.

Kim slipped herself into nude lingerie and thigh-high stockings for this sexy photoshoot. Her booty sure looks big. The photos of her body after giving birth to North highlight a rounder, bigger booty than she had before the pregnancy. Even if her bottom was always an asset, it undoubtedly grew in size.

Whether this is from her body changing due to age and pregnancy or due to the wonderful surgeries that good money can buy, the jury is out… and so are Kim’s cheeks in these photos. Sorry, totally had to go for that one there.

2 Pregnant With Saint, 2015


2015 saw Kim Kardashian pregnant with her and Kanye’s second child, their son Saint West. The above is a photo of Kim hopping into a car after a day spent shopping. She carried Saint the same way she did North. She gained weight, which is, again, what happens to most women. There are very few goddesses who only gain weight in their belly area when pregnant, Blake Lively being one of them.

In this photo, it's evident that Kim gained weight all over her body, but especially in her bum. We’re used to seeing her with a perfect butt, round and full. Instead, her butt looks… well, it looks more like the average butt you’d see shopping at Target. There isn’t much one can do to save their butt while they are growing a human inside of them. Of course, Kim was quick to lose this baby weight once again. She bounced back to her perfect bum shortly after giving birth to Saint.

1 Kim K in 2016


The final entry in out trip through the history of Kim Kardashian’s butt. It’s been a weird ride, hasn’t it? This photo was taken in 2016, after Kim gave birth to Saint. Like we said, girlfriend wastes no time bouncing back from her pregnancies. Her bum is back to the round state we’re all used to seeing it in. We have to point out, though, that this butt is definitely different from the bums pictured in 2006 through 2012. It’s rounder and wider. But, thus is life. Things change in that amount of time. Hell, Kim’s whole style changed. Here she looks chic AF in this monochrome outfit. She graduated from by the bodycon dresses that she'd wear to clubs, to highlighting her curves with high-waisted clothing.

How different will Kim be in 2026, 2036 or 2046? We don’t know. We’re willing to bet, though, that she booty will be round and perky as ever.

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