16 Myths That Are Scientifically True About Women

Women are an interesting lot. Come to think of it, humans are an interesting lot too with their need to categorize groups of people in order to navigate the very confusing world they live in. It frees

Women are an interesting lot. Come to think of it, humans are an interesting lot too with their need to categorize groups of people in order to navigate the very confusing world they live in. It frees up their mental space. Interestingly, we now know that everyone uses stereotypes, even if we’d like to think otherwise. None of us is even really aware we’re doing it.

When it comes to women, there are a lot of ideas about them, many of which are perpetuated through the media. But is there any kernel of truth to the fact that women are supposed to be the more emotional sex, or that they can’t handle their liquor? We bring in science to help us weed through all of the myths and legends, but keep in mind that for every study that supports the idea that women are more emotional, there are bound to be a couple of studies that prove the opposite. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to take a look at whether our stereotypes about women are not entirely bogus. Of course, let’s not go ahead and assume that just because some of these stereotypes may be true, that they apply to each and every woman. Without further ado, here are 15 stereotypes that are scientifically true about women.

16 Women See More Colors Than Men


15  15. Women Have A Better Sense of Smell 


14 Women Care More Than Men


How many times have you found yourself listening to your girlfriend talk about her problems while you pretend to listen? Don't lie to us. Indeed, a study by Griffith University found that women cared more about their partner’s problems and also displayed more empathy than men displayed toward their partners. Interestingly, the male capacity for empathy was higher when it was an event that directly pertained to them. In other words, this study would suggest that females should vent to their girlfriends because their boyfriends simply didn’t care about their problems.

13 Women Can Do More Things At Once 

12 Women Are Cleaner

When it comes to hygiene, women are thought to be the cleaner of the sexes. And science tells us it’s true (kind of). State University of San Diego and The University of Arizona found that men’s offices had significantly more germs than women’s and that their chairs and phones were particularly nasty. The study chops up the results of the fact that men are typically less hygienic than women, as well as to the fact that they are bigger in size.

11 Women Feel More Pain

10 Women Are Not As Funny As Men

9 Women Can’t Hold Their Liquor


Give yourself a pat on the back if you are a male who can proudly slug back a six pack without having to make a mad dash to the loo to vomit. The stereotype is that women can’t hold their liquor nearly as well as men, but is it true? Yet again, the science says it is. It actually has nothing to do with body size, but there are a couple of biological reasons. For one, it’s partly because women’s bodies are made up of less water than men's (52% versus 61%), which means that their bodies water down the booze by a whopping 10% less than in men. They also have less of a liver enzyme that breaks down alcohol. So, think again before calling all the women in the room to play a second round of beer pong (the poor souls just can’t handle it).

8 Women Really Do Talk More

7 Women Are Worse Drivers

This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Indeed, how many times has your girlfriend gotten lost and had to call you to help her out? In 2008, research conducted by the University of London found women (and gay men) to be the worst drivers. Both their navigational skills and spatial awareness were not as good as straight men. For example, men can use general cues to figure out if they are headed north or south while women (and gay men) lack this skill. Since women (and gay men) lack a sense of direction, this means they take longer to get to places because they tend to make a lot of wrong turns. We know: you’re not surprised.

6 Women Are More Emotional


5 Women Don’t Think About The Deed As Much As Men

4 Women Want It As Much As Men (Even Casually)

3 No Boob Is Created Equal


2 Women Find Food As Thrilling As "Doing it"


Also, did you know that the same part of a woman's brain lights up during sex as when she's going to town on a slice of pizza or other delicious food? That's right: pizza is just as good as sex, at least for the lucky women out there. But is anyone surprised? Now you know why your girlfriend always needs to indulge in that weekly slice of ‘za, by which we mean to say an entire box of pizza. But no one is judging.

1 Gender Bias Is Real


Let's get serious for a moment. Gender bias is, sadly, a very real thing with troubling consequences. In a landmark study by Yale University in 2012, researchers examined whether gender bias played a role in hiring people in the field of science. Scientists were given job applications that were randomly given a male or female name. The study found that the male applicants were much preferred and were rated higher in terms of competence and hire-ability than the females, even though they had identical resumes! Scary. Males were then offered higher salaries to accompany the perceived notion that they were more competent. Interestingly, both males and females both committed gender bias. So, there's that...

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16 Myths That Are Scientifically True About Women