16 Cringe-Inducing Photos Of Lindsay Lohan's Korean Hulk

Oh, Lindsay Lohan. Everyone’s favourite child-star-turned-celebrity-criminal has struggled to stay in the spotlight for her acting alone over the past decade, as she’s been arrested multiple times for DUIs, possession, theft, and countless other run-ins with the law. In the meantime, her movie choices have gotten worse and worse, and her career has spiraled.

But lately, it seems like Lindsay’s turned over a new leaf. She hasn’t been arrested since 2012, and she’s been out of rehab since 2013. She got off probation and even started acting in theater for the first time in her career. Lindsay’s latest attempt at getting her life together seems to involve a strange new man in her life—a man named Je-yong Ha. Je-yong is a Korean bodybuilder and billionaire and, apparently, Lindsay’s new BFF.

Why is Lindsay hanging out with a guy who looks like a sumo wrestler who lost a few pounds and started working out? Je-yong is built like a tank and loves to share selfies of himself flexing on Instagram, but no matter how big the Korean hulk gets, you can’t shake the feeling that you’re looking at a guy who used to be called the fat kid.

Are they boyfriend and girlfriend? Are they just hanging out? No one really knows (well, except Lindsay) but this list will let you know just how weird Lindsay’s new man is. Here are 16 cringey pictures of the Korean Hulk…

16 …Flashing His Bling


If there’s one thing that the Hulk likes to show off more than his biceps, it’s his bling. Here, he’s posing with a Hublot wristwatch. That watch is a pure symbol of class, with a typical watch running its owner a tab upwards of ten thousand dollars. Note that he’s flashing a Hublot on both wrists. Does anyone really need a watch on both wrists? They don’t even look like they convey the time in any useful way. This guy’s clearly just rocking them as a fashion statement to remind everyone in his vicinity that he’s got mad cash.

There’s something inherently douchey about doing that. It just seems like something a jacked-up Bond villain would do. Rocking one Hublot is classy and smooth—wearing two is like trying to fit your Harley into your Porsche. You’re trying way too hard, dude.

15 …Wearing A Large Animal

via fitnessvolt.com

There’s no doubt that this guy likes his expensive things, and this outfit is no different. What even is that thing? Is it a single animal pelt? If so, it must be something huge, given that he’s built like a Mack truck himself, and this thing appears to be bigger than he is.

While it’s a classic look, wearing furs isn’t really considered cool anymore, at least not in the West. You know, because of the whole murdering animals thing. People are trying to move towards fake fur and other substances in order to protect endangered animals from poachers. But, given that the Hulk reportedly lives in Russia these days, it’s probably not that surprising that his tastes are about 20 years behind the times.

This guy living in Russia just makes so much sense, doesn’t it?

14 …Flexing On The Street

via www.52hrttpic.com

This picture just seems entirely unnecessary. Apparently, the Hulk was just walking down the street, minding his own business, when someone shoved a camera in his face and asked him to flex. Because he loves showing off those bulging muscles, he obliged, but he looks totally friendly and unthreatening here. He’s just a normal guy who just happens to be totally jacked, guys! Not a douchey billionaire at all…

...maybe on the way to his regular job as a spokesman for a karaoke company. Yes, Hulk actually has a job. In fact, while the Hulk represents himself as a billionaire, some think he might not be at all. In South Korea, he's just a famous bodybuilder with a decent sponsorship deal.

But then you consider the under armor shirt, and the fact that the guy’s only purpose in life seems to be showing off those enormous biceps and…this picture is still pretty gross.

13 …Looking Tough?

via Noticias ao Minuto

This appears to be a shot of the Hulk hanging out at one of his karaoke sponsorship events. I’m not sure if this picture is supposed to be the Hulk playing tough or whether he’s trying to play the friendly gentle giant. He’s got his arms crossed like a security guard trying to intimidate, but there seems to be a little half-smile playing across his face like he’s just there to play. Somehow, I can imagine this guy being a camp counselor in this shot—the one that scares all the kids on the first day but turns out to be a decent guy.

This is also one of the few shots of the Hulk wearing something resembling ordinary clothing. He’s just hanging out at the mall in a golf shirt and shorts. Maybe he isn’t such a bad guy after all…

12 …Hanging Out With A Huge Dog

via fitnessvolt.com

There’s something about big guys that makes them just want to have big things. Call it overcompensation or whatever you like. But clearly, the Korean Hulk was drawn to this canine for its…shall we say…bulk. That’s one big dog. We’re not sure if the dog belongs to Je-yong Ha or if he’s just hanging out with it (funny, you could say the same thing about him and Lindsay!) but there’s just something almost poetic about this picture. They say dogs resemble their owners, and if this dog is the Hulk’s, you can write it down as truth.

The weirdest thing about this photo is probably Hulk’s face. It looks all crushed together. Is it a weird angle or is that actually what he looks like? Maybe it’s from the steroids.

After all, the face does match the rest of his body...

11 …Looking Too Cool For School With Lindsay

via scontent-yyz1-1.cdninstagram.com

Finally, we get to the good stuff—a shot of the two so-called “lovers” in action. This is a weird photo. The two are clearly posing for the photo, but they also look like they’ve been caught blindsided by the photographer. Lindsay’s busy checking out her phone, and Hulk is just standing next to her, seemingly more interested in making sure the camera has a good angle on his left bicep than in posing with Lindsay. In fact, they look like they could have been two different photos that were just Photoshopped together, for all the affection they seem to be showing for each other here.

The Hulk’s face is shielded by thick designer glasses which make it look like he thinks he’s way too cool for all of this, as if he’s totally unimpressed by his movie star friend/girlfriend next to him. But hey, I guess some stars like it that way…

10 …Hanging Out On His Private Plane

via SAPO Lifestyle

The Hulk just wants to let you know that he’s got money. And not a little bit of money, the kind you invest in a decent house. Real money. Big boy money. Money that gets you hanging out with former A-list Hollywood actresses who are still trying to get their lives together.

To be fair, that does look like a pretty snazzy jet. If we owned a jet like that, we’d make sure people on the internet could see pictures of it. More than anything, it looks spacious—roomy enough to accommodate a guy who looks like he belongs in an Avengers movie when he wants to get up and go to the bathroom in mid-air. Although the Hulk still looks like someone vacuum-packed him into that seat. I’m pretty sure he’s wider than the seat itself. That can’t be comfortable.

9 …Getting Ready To Bungee Jump

via Instagram

The Hulk’s got to do everything bigger than everyone else (see his biceps), so of course, when it comes to bungee jumping, he’s got to try the “World’s highest bungy.” We’ve got to say, that sounds terrifying to anyone who likes having solid ground beneath their feet, but the Hulk seems excited more than anything. He looks like he loves the challenge and can’t wait for the adrenaline rush.

The Hulk stands at just 5’4” and weighs in at 240, which means that he takes a weird shape. You can see in this picture that despite his enormous muscles, the two other guys on the jump dock tower over him. I’m not saying he’s compensating for anything. I’m just wondering if he would need to take the world’s highest jump if he stood, say, another 8 inches higher in real life.

8 ...Looking Serious

via Instagram

The Hulk just can’t help showing off. Even in this picture, where he seems to be relaxing and looking pensive, maybe pondering the meaning of life or the nearest GoodLife, he’s loaded to the gills with bling. Apparently, the watch wasn’t enough. He also needed three bracelets to adorn his wrist. Then, we’ve got–count ‘em–not one, not two, not three, but FOUR necklaces. Or is it five? They all begin to blur together after a while.

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s got to wear a shirt that says “Billionaire.” Whether he’s truly a billionaire or not, shouting it from the rooftops like that is pretty new-money. Old-money people don’t have to sit there and brag about what they have. They just know it’s there.

I feel like I can just smell the Axe body spray from here. Or, you know, whatever the $10,000 fragrance equivalent is.

7 …Chilling In His Expensive Apartment

via Instagram

If you couldn’t tell from the expensive watches, the fur coat or the private jet, the Hulk’s apartment will tell you that he has money to burn. That room is huge. The big man hunkered down on a couch in the middle of the room looks like an ant compared to all the furniture. And you can bet everything is of the highest quality too. This guy is first-class.

Then again, there’s just something a little…empty...about this room. The furniture may match in an interior decorator sort of way, but there’s no character or personality. It doesn’t look lived-in. Everything’s polished and clean. It’s possible that this isn’t an apartment at all but a hotel penthouse. But even then, the Hulk doesn’t really look like he knows how to make himself comfortable.

6 …Drinking Down By The Water

via Instagram

Did we mention that this guy enjoys the life of luxury? Here, he can be seen enjoying a fruity drink while basking on the coast of the Greek island of Mykonos. It’s the perfect picturesque destination for a rich guy with nothing to do. Or maybe the perfect place to take a new movie star girlfriend for a weekend of clubs and good times?

The Hulk looks surprisingly normal in this photo, but his look at the camera radiates all kinds of “look at me, I’m buff and rich” ego. First, you’ve got the too-tight shirt pulled up over his biceps. The white pants that barely fit over his tree trunk legs and too-white sandals add to the look. This is clearly a guy who wants you to think he’s rich enough that he doesn’t even get the soles of his feet dirty.

5 …Posing With Lindsay

via Instagram

Here we’ve got a shot of the two supposed lovebirds taking a photo of what appears to be late at night at some club. Hulk is still wearing sunglasses (they seem to be his go-to) and has his arm draped around Lindsay. Is that a lover’s embrace? Or is it just a fan trying to take a selfie with a movie star he idolizes? Lindsay’s face doesn’t seem to give away any secrets. She’s posing for the photo, and if you look closely, you’ll notice that she’s rocking some of Hulk’s trademark bling—the watch in particular.

Hulk’s face seems like it’s contorted at a weird angle, and he seems sweaty, like he’s uncomfortable in the club and wants to leave. Whether this is a true couple shot or just a casual snapshot in a bar, it’s truly an awkward photo.

4 …Chilling In The Back Of A Decked-Out SUV

via Instagram

Oh yeah, did we mention that this guy was loaded? Here he’s hanging out in the back of what looks to be an SUV. The Hulk has gone with a bright red interior which is loud but kind of works. Kind of. I’m not sure why he decided to go bright red over half of it but then contrast that with the most boring shade of beige imaginable for the walls and curtains. It gives the work a sort of half-finished feel, like he couldn’t quite make up his mind.

The weirdest thing about all of these pictures is that the Hulk doesn’t seem to be doing anything in any of them. His standard Insta-pose is “chilling like a villain.” It might look bada*s. But after a while, doesn’t it get a bit boring?

3 …Posing With Guys Who Are (Almost) As Big As He Is

via Instagram

So you thought you were big? Here the Hulk poses with a bunch of other bodybuilders. Every single one of them is jacked to the max and yet next to the Hulk, they look like average Joes. The Hulk is reportedly the 9th best arm wrestler in all of South Korea, to which we say only 9th? Man, those mandibles are enormous.

The one thing that stands out about these pictures are the weird proportions of the Hulk’s body. He’s got muscle mass all over the place on each one of these guys, but he’s about a foot shorter than Martin Ford (the bodybuilder in the photo on the bottom right). The result is a body that looks like it’s been forced to fit in a cube as wide as it is tall. I don’t think that’s normal.

2 …Flexing For A Selfie

via Instagram

We get it. You have big muscles. Your biceps are so huge that you could easily substitute them for thighs if someone needed a leg transplant. So, why do you need to emphasize them in a photo? It’s not like we can’t tell just from walking past you on the street that you’re ripped as all get-out. And still, the Hulk has to pull the old bodybuilder trick of holding the camera at just the right angle to get max muscle exposure. Pro tip: that trick is for newbies who are just starting month two of their GoodLife membership. Those guys are really excited to emphasize the definition that’s coming in, even if it’s barely noticeable. More than anything, they’re trying too hard.

But Hulk? You’ve got 22 inch biceps. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

1 …Wearing Heels?

via Instagram

Now this one is a little different. Is that the Hulk in heels? While we don’t think it’s intended to be (they’re probably just a certain brand of shoe with a raised heel caught at a bad angle), there’s something incredibly feminine about this photo. This enormous man is walking through a mall in heels and pink handbag. Maybe he’s just picking up a present from a women’s store for Lindsay or maybe there’s something we don’t know about the Hulk? Maybe he has a more…sensitive…side? There’s just something a little surprising about someone built like that putting down the testosterone pills and revealing his feminine side.

Come to think of it, if the Hulk ever came out as a certain kind of feminine fellow, it could put the rumors that he’s dating Lindsay to bed for good.

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