15 Youngest Billionaires That Make Us Feel Poor

We can probably all agree that our twenties are a time where most of us are starting our careers, starting to earn a little bit of money and hoping to find a decently sized apartment to rent. But for a select few, the coming of age decade is spent making millions and even billions of dollars. Whether it’s creating a new app, a popular beverage establishment, or a completely innovative social network; these young billionaires had what it took to completely change their lives forever.

There are plenty of investors and entrepreneurs that get into the million—or even billion— dollar range in earnings, but what’s really impressive are the ones who do it before they even turn forty years old. We’re even more blown away by the ones that get into the billion dollar bracket before they even turn 30. Even if some of the young billionaires on this list made their money simply by being born into the right family, we have to say; it takes a lot of skill to maintain that amount of money and take on the family business. But mainly, we’re jealous. We’re really, really jealous.

So go ahead and take a break from stressing about making rent or paying your bills and live vicariously through these young billionaires who are absolutely loving life, living large and never stressing about paying extra for guacamole. Below is a list of the world’s youngest billionaires that make us feel like pathetic peasants just trying to get by.

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15 Mark Zuckerberg, 34


It’s no surprise that Mark Zuckerberg made it onto this list— we all are very familiar with his little company called Facebook. Today, Facebook has 1.86 billion users. That’s more users than WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram combined. Billions of people use Facebook as their main form of communication, major news source and general form of entertainment. The social media platform has basically changed the way humans communicate in many ways, and Mark Zuckerberg is most definitely reaping all the benefits.

Zuckerberg’s current net worth is $58.9 billion as of March 2017, and the guy is just 34. But he’s not new to the money game— Zuckerberg started Facebook back when he was just 19 years old. Talk about ambitious. Today, Zuckerberg is married with a family and regularly donates to charities quite generously. Most recently, Zuckerberg took a public political stance against President Donald Trump regarding the Ban on Muslims. Being that he and his wife are products of immigrants, he took the matter very personally and wanted to speak out. We have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from this incredibly smart billionaire in the near future.

14 Lukas Walton, 29


Unlike the founder of Facebook, young billionaire, Lukas Walton earned his insane amount of cash from a fat inheritance. Walton is the grandson of Wal-Mart’s founder Sam Walton and inherited his share when his father tragically died in a plane crash. Lukas received a third of his father’s estate (his mother only received one sixth) and owns stakes in the extremely popular department store. Lukas also owns stakes in companies like First Solar and Arvest Bank.

Lukas tends to keep his life on the private side, so it’s hard to learn a lot of personal information about him. We’d probably be off the radar too if we had enough money to take any yacht or plane on vacation whenever we wanted. Must be nice to be a billionaire.

13 Alexandra Andresen, 20 and Katharina Andresen, 21


For the second year in a row, Alexandra Andresen, age 20, is the youngest billionaire in the world. She and her sister, Katharina Andresen, age 21, both inherited their father’s fortune when he passed on his family business to them, leaving them with $1.19 billion each. Yes, you read that right: each. The Andresen sisters each inherited 42% of their father, Johan Andresen’s investment company called, Ferd. Today, Ferd runs various hedge funds and has private equity investments along with its Nordic stock exchange investments.

The Andresen family is also known for their tobacco brand, Tiedemanns. The Andresens sold the tobacco business for a cool $480 million before focusing solely on investments.

12 Dustin Moskovitz, 32


Facebook has touched the lives of more than one person on this list— financially, that is. Dustin Moskovitz is an internet entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of you guessed it, Facebook. Moskovitz attended Harvard alongside Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg and eventually he (and other business partner Chris Hughes) moved away from the prestigious school to further their business in Palo Alto, CA. At one time, Moskovitz served as the social media network’s first technology officer and vice president of engineering.

Moskovitz no longer works for Facebook and has moved on to other business ventures. The entrepreneur has since co-founded yet another company called Asana, a business management software company. That’s quite impressive for someone who’s barely into their thirties.

11 Evan Spiegel, 26


At just 26 years old, Evan Spiegel is a successful billionaire with a net worth of $4.4 billion. How did this man earn that amount of cash at such a young age? We’ll give you a hint: without him, we wouldn’t be wasting time— er, mean having fun— posting pictures of ourselves as cute dogs or freaking out all of our friends with disturbing face-swaps. That’s right, Evan Spiegel is the brilliant creator behind Snapchat. What’s even crazier, is Spiegel came up with the app idea while working on a project for his product design class at Stanford University. Currently, Spiegel is the co-founder of Snapchat along with his two business partners, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown.

Today, Spiegel is ranked at #854 on the Forbes 400 and has pledged to donate at least $13 million in shares over a span of 20 years to a youth non-profit focusing on arts and education. And last year, Spiegel landed supermodel, Miranda Kerr and they are now engaged. Now that’s something to be envious of.

10 Eduardo Saverin, 35


Wow. Yet again, we have another self-made billionaire thanks to our favorite social media site, Facebook. Brazilian-born Eduardo Saverin is one of the three co-founders of the one and only Facebook. Just like his two business partners mentioned previously on this list, Saverin attended Harvard. During his junior year, he was introduced to Zuckerberg and together they made history. Saverin at the time served as business manger and was in charge of finances.

However, things didn't end so great between Zuckerberg and Saverin. In 2012, a lawsuit was made against Saverin by Facebook after Zuckerberg had allegedly removed Saverin from the Facebook team. Luckily the lawsuit settled out of court and didn’t get too messy. Since then, Saverin has continued to do well as he worked closely with the start-up Ninja Van and co-founded Aprota, a charity portal.

9 Yang Huiyan, 35


The U.S.A. isn’t the only country with incredibly impressive young billionaires. Yang Huiyan is not only the wealthiest woman in Asia, but she’s also the youngest. At just 35 years old, Huiyan has a reported net worth of a whopping $9.4 billion according to Forbes. Huiyan first got a taste of the billionaire life in 2007 when her father handed down her stake in Country Garden Holdings, a real estate developer. In simple terms, Country Garden Holdings is integral in building Forest City, a billion dollar project expected to create housing along the border of Singapore and Malaysia. Now that’s some serious girl power.

8 Gustav Magnat Witzoe, 23


Is it just us, or is there something very fishy about a guy having $1.44 billion at just 23 years old? Something is definitely fishy alright, given the fact that Gustav Magnat Witzoe owns almost half of Salmar ASA’s equity; one of the largest producers of salmon in the world. Witzoe earned his fortune thanks to his father, Gustav Witzoe in 2013. Why is salmon such a big deal? Look at it this way: Salmar ASA is basically the Beyonce to the Norway fish market. He's a big deal.

While Witzoe’s father is still working in Salmar ASA, the young billionaire works primarily in real estate as a tech start-up investor. At just 23, we have a feeling this young billionaire has a long life of luxury ahead of him.

7 Wang Han, 29


According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Wang Han is worth about $1.5 billion and he’s not even 30 years old! Han inherited his sweet $1.5 billion from his deceased father, an aviation billionaire connected to Shanghai- based Juneyao Airlines Co. The asian airline made history after Han’s budget tripled in value in just under a month. Along with his impressive involvement with the now highly profitable Juneyao Airlines, Han is involved with various business ventures in the realm of retailing, education and food.

6 Ludwig Theodor Braun, 27


Understandably, there’s a lot of money to go around in the world of medicine and medical supplies as they will always be in high demand. Ludwig Theador Braun is the youngest son of Ludwig Georg Braun who turned a small medical supply company into a multi-billion dollar business— $6.5 billion in annual revenue to be precise. The company has multiple sects, supplying hospitals and other medical technologies with important supplies. Braun owns about 10% of the family company which sounds little, but it’s quite a lot— like, 1.13 billion dollars a lot.

5 Scott Duncan, 33


He may be only 33 years old, but American born Scott Duncan is a proud member of the youngest billionaire club. Scott Duncan along with his siblings inherited some major money bags from their father after he passed away thanks to a little company called, Enterprise, one of America's top midstream energy companies. What really made Duncan a true billionaire was the fact that he just barely escaped the estate tax before it was implemented in 2010. In fact, he was the first billionaire in America to forgo the tax. What does that mean? According to yahoo.com, Duncan’s net worth grew to a whopping $6.3 billion. Duncan and his family prove that being a millionaire doesn't always have to start with an innovated tech-start up.

4 Brian Chesky, 35


We can all agree, finding a hotel room can be a pain thanks to high rates of overbooked establishments. Many of us have come to know and love an innovative company called Airbnb, allowing us to crash in someone’s home for a much cheaper price. If it weren’t for Brian Chesky and his business partner, Joe Gebbia, we’d never know such a luxury. In 2008, Chesky and his two other co-founders announced the beginning of Airbnb, a service that allows people to open up their homes to short-term tenants for reasonable prices. Chesky and his partners were the masterminds behind Airbnb’s 24 hour hotline and extensive staff support. Chesky’s Airbnb was even a sponsor of the Olympics in 2015.

Today, Chesky is recognized as one of Forbes’ America’s Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40. Even president Obama awarded Chesky and named him an Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship.

3 Joe Gebbia, 35


Joe Gebbia is another co-founder of the aforementioned business, Airbnb. The American designer serves as co-founder of Airbnb as well as its chief product officer. Together, Joe and co-founder, Brian Chesky came up with the idea for Airbnb after putting up some visitors in town for a conference in the hopes that they would make enough money to pay their expensive San Francisco rent. After coming up with its original name, Airbed & Breakfast, the two teamed up with third co-founder, Nathan Blecharczyk.

Today, Gebbia has proven to be quite generous with his earned $3.8 billion and belongs to an exclusive group called The Giving Pledge along with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who are committed to donating much of their wealth to worthy causes.

2 Kelly Zong, 35


Kelly Zong is the daughter of big-time beverage seller, Zong Quinghou who owns China’s biggest seller of bottled water, teas and milk beverages. Kelly is the heir to her father’s drink empire, Wahaha at just 35 and has an estimated net worth of $20 billion. Today, Zong is the purchasing manager of Hangzou Wahaha Group alongside her mother, Shi Youzhen and her father and controls 80% of the company.

In the last couple years, Zong has publicly expressed her disappointment with her love life, due to the fact that most men only want her for her fortune and not for her. Honestly, who cares! Our advice to Zong is to take her money and jet off on a permanent vacation— who wouldn’t feel better after that?

1 Sean Parker, 37


37 year old, Sean Parker, earned his cash from being a co-founder of Napster, the iconic music sharing network that completely changed the music industry. With a net worth of $2.4 billion, Parker was ranked #772 on the Forbes 2016 list. Sean also co-founded Plaxo, Causes, Airtime and Brigade (an online platform for civic engagement). Parker also served as president of Facebook when it was a mere 5 months old. Parker was one of the first investors in Facebook and saw its potential very early on, giving Zuckerberg the faith he needed to keep Facebook going strong.

However, it wasn’t always money and rainbows for Parker. Back in 2005, police found cocaine in Parker’s vacation home and arrested him for suspicion of drug possession. Luckily, Parker wasn’t charged but was forced to resign as Facebook president. Parker continued to be a present force in Facebook’s expansion. Parker is also currently an investor in Spotify after seeing its potential early on and helped it really get off the ground. Seems like Parker really knows his stuff.

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