15 WWE Wrestlers You'd Be Surprised Have Children

The difficulty of life in the wrestling business makes it very hard to have a family. WWE wrestlers have one of the toughest schedules of any profession in the world. They travel all around the world typically working four-to-five nights per week putting their body on the line every time. The lack of time at home has caused many to put off starting a family. John Cena specifically stated he doesn’t want to have a child while he is working full-time for WWE. Despite the sacrifices, many do it to support a good lifestyle for their families. A few stories of wrestlers being parents have been documented.

Kevin Owens often references his two young children being the reason for doing whatever it takes to thrive in WWE. It sparked his prizefighter persona having a ruthless mentality but showed honorable intentions for a multi-faceted character. There are a few wrestlers working for WWE that have a family life at home but most fans aren’t aware of it. Many of the wrestlers don’t discuss their private life, some are rather young to be parents and others just don’t seem like they would be mothers or fathers. We’ll break down all of them here with a look at fifteen current WWE wrestlers you wouldn’t expect to have children.

16 Jimmy Uso


The Uso brothers are one of the cornerstones of the Smackdown tag team division. WWE has valued Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso among their best teams for many years. As fraternal twins, the Usos work perfectly together and fans sometimes confuse them due to it. Total Divas has helped separate their identities. Jimmy Uso is married to Naomi and their personal life together has been one of the more entertaining aspects of the show.

15 Kofi Kingston


Another wrestler that has been involved in the WWE world for a long time is Kofi Kingston. The company has viewed Kingston as one of the most loyal and hardworking employees on the roster. Kofi struggled for many years to find a relevant spot on the roster. That all changed when Kingston aligned with Big E and Xavier Woods to form the New Day. Life is great for Kingston having the time of his career and using the newfound popularity to make a great living for his family.

14 Heath Slater


Heath Slater makes the list despite his official WWE t-shirt literally being about having children. The character of Slater has reached new highs in WWE following his plea for a job on Raw and Smackdown as a comical free agent. Slater exaggerating the number of children he needs to take care provided great entertainment and landed him a Smackdown Tag Team Championship run with Rhyno. The comedy involved with Slater’s “I Got Kids” t-shirt on WWE Shop has led to many wondering if he actually has kids.

13 R-Truth


The veteran locker room presence of R-Truth has landed him a position in WWE for the past few years. One good thing for Truth is the fact that he looks like he never ages. R-Truth moves around the ring well and physically looks very young despite nearing his 45th birthday. The tag team of Truth and Goldust are one of the more entertaining house show acts that keep the young audience satisfied with the silliness of pro wrestling.

12 Tamina


Tamina is one of the rare WWE female wrestlers to have children at home. The more common story in wrestling has seen the fathers continue to work on the road, but the mothers frequently retire from in-ring competition for a few years. Tamina has struggled to get consistent television in WWE but has held down a main roster spot for the past six years. The only things really discussed about the mysterious Tamina are her being the daughter of Jimmy Snuka and a relative to The Rock and Roman Reigns.

11 Bobby Roode


The newest superstar in NXT is actually one of the older wrestlers signed by WWE. Triple H signed former TNA main event star Bobby Roode to help add roster depth in NXT. The fans have already made it a home run with their treating Roode like one of the biggest stars on the show. Roode’s “Glorious” theme song and entrance set him apart from the rest of the roster as possibly a future WWE star.

10 Jack Swagger


Jack Swagger has transitioned into a midcarder on Smackdown after struggling to get television time on Raw. WWE once viewed as future main event star due to his tremendous athletic ability. Swagger unfortunately couldn’t connect to the audience and spent the majority of his career in obscurity. Rumors circulated that he would consider leaving WWE in the past year when his contract ended to try his luck in the world of mixed martial arts.


8 Randy Orton


WWE has showcased Randy Orton on television for the past thirteen years as one of the faces of the company. Orton has done many great things but has also caused a great deal of disappointment during his various pushes. Many of Orton’s issues came from being an immature person not yet capable of having a top spot in WWE. The growing process of Orton taking along with his brash personality makes it unclear if he’d be the kind of person to have children.

7 Karl Anderson


The signing of Karl Anderson by the WWE made big news early in 2016. Anderson has been one of the top stars for New Japan over the past eight years. No one wanted to take the chance on him in the United States, so he took the risk of moving to Japan and it paid off. WWE signed him and Luke Gallows to continue their NJPW tag team in their commitment to aggressively pursuit the top free agents in the wrestling world.

6 Curtis Axel


Curtis Axel is mostly known for two things in the wrestling world. The good thing is his ties to a legend as the son of the late great Mr. Perfect. The less wonderful impact is his reputation of being nothing more than a glorified enhancement talent. WWE tried to utilize Axel in a few different roles, but he struggled to ever over as a singles star. A bland personality and lackluster in-ring presence have each made Axel one of the lower tier wrestlers currently in WWE.

5 Roman Reigns


The young WWE career of Roman Reigns has already seen him accomplish more than the majority of wrestlers will ever get to achieve. Reigns has main event the prior two WrestleMania events with three WWE World Championship reigns. A polarizing reaction has made Reigns among the most controversial figures in the business. Many fans view him as the top guy while an equally strong sect of the audience root against him.

4 Erick Rowan


The Wyatt Family coming to WWE has given us a great faction. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan all work well together. Despite being around for a few years now, all three members of the group have an aura of mystery behind them. We at least know about the backgrounds of Harper and Wyatt. Rowan is relatively unknown when it comes to his personal life. Hopefully he doesn’t wear the sheep mask in everyday life to scare others as he is actually a family man.

3 Cedric Alexander


WWE’s cruiserweight division has led to the company going after many of the top independent wrestling stars. Cedric Alexander cut a lot of weight to qualify for the Cruiserweight Classic and it paid off big time. Many believe Alexander stood out more than the rest of the field and it resulted in him earning a contract. The Raw Cruiserweight division is in its early stages with Alexander being one of the better talents to perform so far.

2 Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar is making huge money for WWE to wrestle a part-time schedule due to his drawing power as an attraction. The prior stint in WWE made Lesnar hate the traveling aspect of the wrestling business. With more leverage in his current run, Lesnar demanded a part-time schedule that only sees him wrestle a handful of times per year. The secluded life of Brock sees him have his own farm in Saskatchewan, Canada.

1 Bray Wyatt


Very few wrestlers carry the intrigue and mystery as Bray Wyatt does. WWE has their own thinking man’s heel with the hopes of him becoming a big part of the future. Wyatt made an impact on the main roster introducing his peculiar gimmick as the leader of The Wyatt Family. The acting work done by Wyatt for his character is amazing, and most would find it hard to believe he has a normal life outside of the ring.

Wyatt did his best to keep the character going by refusing to break kayfabe for a few years. Unfortunately for him, everything gets leaked eventually and it was revealed Bray is actually a family man. Aside from the Wyatt Family, he is the leader of Rotunda household. Wyatt is married to his wife Samantha and the couple has a pair of kids. Kendyl and Cayden are the loves of Bray’s life. Good luck continuing to view Wyatt as The Eater of Worlds after realizing he is a loving husband and the father of two adorable kids when he’s not on WWE television.

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15 WWE Wrestlers You'd Be Surprised Have Children