15 Wrong Texts That Cost These People Dearly

Texting might just be the easiest form of communication human beings ever created. It really has never been easier to communicate. All you have to do to talk to someone these days is pick up your phone and write something. It immediately shows up on the other person’s screen, and you can continue your conversation in whichever way you like. It all might seem obvious to us today, but if you go back a little bit in history and tell someone how this works, they will either call you the smartest person in the universe or label you as a witch and burn you at the stake. But you get what we are trying to say.

Nevertheless, while it might be super easy to text someone, people still find ways to mess up. Be it not double-checking their AutoCorrect or any number of other mistakes. A text can be just as destructive as it can be useful. We are here to show you a few instances in which a wrongfully sent text caused someone’s life to be turned upside down. These are the people who neglected to do the easiest thing you can and should do before submitting a message. You should always double-check who you are sending that message to. It might sound simple, but apparently, it isn’t. This is especially true for people who are cheating on a loved one or doing other bad things. While we are glad that most of these scumbags got caught, the reason behind it was so stupid that we almost feel bad for them.


15 Family Problems

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Husbands and wives might just be the worst texters in the world. Moms and dads always make mistakes, but it seems like when an adult sends the wrong text, it usually has something to do with their relationship. This right here is a primetime example of most of what you are going to see throughout the rest of this list. While there are some texts that are even funnier, this one is just golden.

Just put yourself in this guy’s position for a little bit. You received a text from your wife in which she tells you she is pregnant. That is something you have always wanted—to be a father. You are on top of the world, and you want her to know it as well. The only problem was that the message was not supposed to go to you. It was going to your brother. So yeah, not only has your wife cheated on you; she cheated on you with your brother. That’s cold.

14 New Girlfriend?

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Husbands and wives certainly have their problems, but boyfriends and girlfriends are just as bad. Actually, anyone who is a cheater is a terrible person, and we hope they all get caught. Now, while we wait for karma to do its job and catch everyone else, let’s just enjoy for a bit how stupid some of these people can be. If you have just cheated on your girlfriend, you might want to make sure that the texts you are intending to send to your mistress don’t end up in your girlfriend’s hands. More than that, you should just try not to send them directly to your girlfriend. But apparently, even that little double-checking is too hard for some people.

Come on man, you literally just have to check the contact you are sending this to. It is not that hard. Sometimes, we think these people want to get caught. And we are certainly not sorry that this guy lost his Xbox.

13 The Good Nephew

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Here is one unorthodox entry we decided to add to our list. Usually, when wrong texts are the subject, the culprits are among the first layer of your family. We are talking husbands and wives, kids, and sometimes even grandparents. But this particular wrong text caught a second layer, which somehow became even more hilarious. We don’t know if this is a nephew or a niece, but whoever it is, they sure got uncle Joe good.

Now, when we say that this kid got uncle Joe good, we really mean it. There is blackmail, and then there is asking your uncle for $500 cash and the deed to his Porsche. Seriously, this kid is a genius. It is not like we want the people in our family to be cheaters, but if you are going to get a Porsche out of it, it might not be so bad to take advantage of a bad situation.

12 The Idiot

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Seriously, how hard is it to check who the contact you are sending a message to is? We are really asking because it seems to be the hardest thing in the world. This husband is an idiot, but he is just one little cell in an entire organism of idiots. The dude just dropped his wife off at work and was already planning to cheat on her as soon as he got home. Sure, the life is yours, you can do whatever you want and screw it up however you want. And yet sometimes, things happen that we might even call them divine intervention.

Whatever higher power is out there just saw this guy about to do a horrible thing and decided, “Okay, let’s screw with this a-hole for a bit and see what happens.” You gotta give it to the guy, though; he still tried to explain the whole thing away. What did he really expect his wife to answer when he said he sent it to the wrong person?

11 King James

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We are calling this guy King James from now on because he really played this off like a boss. There is nothing harder for someone to hear than finding out that their significant other is cheating on them. Well, maybe if you found out that your girlfriend or wife was cheating on you with a guy named Jared. Seriously, that has to be the worst thing in the world. Now back to the issue, just how fake could a person be?

This girlfriend literally went through three or four changes of mind in that little exchange. From being sure that she wanted to break up with James to start dating Jared, to pleading to God for James to forgive her. Then we have the cherry on top, which was how James reacted. This guy didn’t act like most people who would start cursing right away. He played along and found out just how deep the wound was. And then he broke up with her like a boss.

10 It Runs In The Family

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If you are a dad or a mom and you decide to cheat on your significant other, please just make sure you don’t send a text like this to one of your kids. It is already hard enough to find out that one of your parents is cheating on the other, but to get a text like this is just terrifying. Depending on how young the kid is, this could scar them for life. Yeah man, we are sure you couldn’t wait to have some REAL fun as soon as your wife left home for her business trip and you sent your daughter to her grandma’s.

Too bad you were too stupid not to blow up your own spot. He even gave the classic “oh my God I meant to send that to someone else” explanation. You don’t say. We really thought you meant to send this to your daughter. SMH. Then, to make matters even worse, the daughter makes the same mistake. Yeah, this one does not need a paternity test.

9 Keep Your Kids In Your Corner

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We have already established that parents should make sure not to send texts like these to their kids. These are just terrible. But if you are a cheating parent, you should still try to cover your bases. We cannot wait for you to get caught, but after reading so many of these mistakes, we could not help but come up with a little list of bits of advice so that people wouldn’t get caught in such stupid ways. After all, these mistakes make the entire human race look awful.

One of these little pieces of advice would be to keep your kids in your corner. What we mean by this is that you should try to be the “nice” parent. If you are usually the one playing bad cop and you end up sending a distastefully graphic wrong text like this to one of your kids, you will not end up regretting having grounded them over the weekend.


8 No Shame


The one thing that might be worst than the cheating is the bragging about it. If you cheat on someone, you should probably just try to keep it on the down low, with only you and your mistress knowing about the whole ordeal. If you have friends who cheer you on as you cheat on your significant other, they are probably not very good friends, and the chance of one of them ratting you out is massive.

Either way, one of the reasons why you wouldn’t want to brag about cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend is that, if you brag via text, you run a significant risk of ending up on a list like this. We have already established that people are not capable of checking their contacts before sending a text, so the chance that you will mistakenly send this to your significant other is enormous. And in this case, we kind of agree with her reaction. No one would be too sad if you got herpes from your mistress.

7 The Worst Excuse

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We have been trying really hard to understand, but it just doesn’t get through to our heads why people think they can explain away one of these ridiculous texts by just saying something like, “that was meant for someone else.” We seriously cannot fathom the reality in which this would solve anything. You literally just got caught talking about cheating on your significant other, and you think everything will be fine just because you meant to send that to someone else?

This doesn’t make any sense. You could at least try to say it was a joke or something like that. But just saying you didn’t mean to send that to your significant other doesn’t help the issue. You clearly did not intend to send this to them. This was supposed to go to your mistress, and everyone knows that. Either way, this is just another wall in the maze of stupidity we have been trekking through.

6 Double Surprise

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Being a kid and finding out that one of your parents is cheating on the other cannot be easy. We already established that. But let’s just put another layer of surprise on top of that. This son or daughter was just going through their day as they usually would. Maybe they were at school or hanging out with their friends. Suddenly, their phone vibrates with a text from their mom.

You can immediately tell that the text was not supposed to go to you, and you do not try to play along. Now, instead of putting out the fire, your mom goes on to tell you that this was supposed to go to your dad. Now, you know that your mom has been cheating on your dad with his boss. But wait, how could she be cheating on your dad with his boss? Dad’s boss is a girl. Here is where you connect the dots and find out that your mom is either gay or bisexual. #Mindblown

5 When A Misunderstanding Unearths The Truth

This is not exactly a text sent to a wrong person. But it has a piece of wrong in it, in the idea that a misunderstood phrase could change everything in your life. You are a devoted boyfriend, but you are not exactly the smartest guy in school. Your girlfriend, on the other hand, is very book smart so you know she is going to get a good grade in whatever test you are taking. Of course, she will get pissed off at you if she finds out that you looked over her shoulder during the exam and cheated off of her.

Nevertheless, you know that the truth is essential for a relationship, so you decide to tell her. Well, it turns out that your girlfriend could use a class or two in text interpretation. One little misunderstanding and she vindictively tells you that she did "it" with your brother. That is a quick way to end a relationship and probably the next Thanksgiving.

4 I Guess She Loves Josh


Here is where we get to a whole new level of stupid. As terrible as the first mistake was, this girlfriend could still explain it, which she did. It is not that hard to agree that AutoCorrect could have indeed mistaken John and Josh. That being said, this woman should count herself lucky that she managed to get away with that one mistake and make sure that she would never do something like that again.

However, some people are just too dumb to think that a bolt of lightning could strike the same place twice. When that bolt is a wrong text, you can be very sure that it could strike again, and it probably will strike again. You must double-check who you are sending a message to, especially if you are a cheater who deserves to get caught. But seriously, just how bad is this Sabrina girl that she would brag about it to her friend Kassie? We are glad she got caught.

3 Wait, What?


Sometimes, we just want to die when we realize someone actually did something like this. This time, the John is not the one getting cheated on; this time, the John is the one doing the cheating. Call it vindication or whatever you will. Either way, this guy almost got away with the worst excuse for a wrong text. Apparently, he has been in a relationship with this particular girl for nearly two years, and things seemed to be going well judging by how she reacted to the text he sent saying that things were not working out anymore and that they had to break up.

Luckily for her, the text wasn’t meant for her and John told her just that. Wait, if it wasn’t meant for her, who was it meant to? Yeah, this guy almost got away with the worst excuse ever for cheating. He was breaking up with his mistress via text and ended up sending it to his girlfriend.

2 Bad Dad

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Seriously, sometimes we just do not understand how some people could be parents. If you are cheating on your wife and you want to tell your mistress to come home because you are all alone, you might at least want to make sure you are not sending that text to your daughter. This devoted father figure was getting tired of his marriage and wanted to spice things up by having a relationship with a mistress. And, the guy really seems to have had it all figured out, at least for a while. The wife was out of town, the kids were still at school, and he still had some time before he had to go pick them up. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Well, it turns out he was not alone at home since his daughter was already back and downstairs. And even if he was, not double-checking the recipient of his message proved to be his doom. Still, how hilarious would it be if the mistress just walked in and the daughter was waiting for them downstairs?

1 Wrong Ex

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After a breakup, there is usually one person who wants to get back together. That one person keeps waiting and waiting, hoping that one day their former significant other will see that they should really be together. After all, you love each other, and you should spend the rest of your lives together. At least, that is what this guy’s ex thought for a very long time. The day when he finally saw that the fight they had was stupid and that they really belonged together, she was ecstatic. The woman was on top of the world and even admitted that she was also wrong in whatever fight culminated in their breakup.

But then, the dude literally threw a bucket of cold water on top of her head. This was a wrong text to the wrong ex. You seriously cannot make this stuff up. Can you even imagine how heartbroken and pissed off this girl must’ve been?


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