15 Worst Ways Women Got Back At Their Exes

Ever gotten revenge on an ex?

Maybe he cheated on you or maybe she ghosted you and left you wondering if you were single or just in a fight. You weren’t ready to move on and you did something nefarious – something you’d never admit to now that a few months have passed and you’ve learned to live without the person who ruined your life.

Many would say that men are more dangerous than women, but there’s just a little something extra that comes out when women feel like they’ve been mistreated. Women might be more loving and caring in general, but if you mess with them, they come back with a vengeance!

The ladies on this list got back at exes in the worst way possible. Some of them were cheated on and wanted to get revenge. Others just realized that they were dating jerks and wanted to get back at them for their douchbaggery. Some hit their men exactly where it hurt – right in the privates. Others went for the widest canvas they could find, exposing cheaters in the most public ways possible. Some got downright nasty – by doing the nasty or else getting just plain gross.

Whatever you thought of gentler tendencies of the fairer s*x, after reading this list, you might have second thoughts. Maybe it’s not the best idea to mess with that girl lying in bed next you. You’ll never know what she’s capable of until you’re standing in front of the doctor with your head down as you ask if the test came back positive.


15 Vandalized His Boat


Trashing a guy’s car is an age-old way of getting back at him. From shrink-wrapping to toilet-papering to spray-painting his vehicle, there are dozens of pictures on the internet of girls who’ve messed up a guy’s ride. But have you ever heard of someone vandalizing a boat? This angry woman found out her man was messing around behind her back and took it out on his most prized possession – his speedboat.

The message scrawled on this boat is barely legible, but the prominent display of the word “Cheater” gets the main message across. This guy fooled around, and now he’s stuck lugging a huge sign advertising that fact down the highway towards the cottage (or the nearest paint shop he can find). What’s most awkward about this is that you know it’s the guilty party who’s towing this thing.

They say riding the waves is liberating – but I’m pretty sure this guy just got liberated from his marriage.

14 Exposed Him On National TV At The Big Game


Not only did this Packers fan miss out on the big game, he also got found out by the rest of the country. Pro-tip – make sure you don’t get caught cheating until after the big game. NFL tickets are expensive, man!

This sign made this girl an instant celebrity and a hero for women all over the world who got cheated on by their sports-loving partners. Here’s betting she doesn’t even like football, and took the tickets just to get back at him. She probably invested in these tickets as a big surprise for his birthday, but when she found out what he was doing behind her back, decided to keep them for herself. And if there’s one way to get back at your man, it’s exposing him on a national broadcast so that everyone who ever met the two of you in your lifetimes will unequivocally know what he did.

After all that grief, we hope the Packers won, if only to make this revenge even sweeter. And hey – maybe she even found a new man in the crowd. She’s not bad-looking, after all.

13 Superglued His What?


These women were on a mission. They found out that the same man was sleeping with all three of them and playing them off each other, pretending that each was his only girl. So when they found out about one another, they put their heads together and hatched a devious plan. They surprised him one night, revealing that they all knew about each other – but they pretended that they were down for some group action. They persuaded the unsuspecting philanderer to let them tie him up as some sort of role-play, but then instead of giving him a happy ending, they superglued his dangly bits to his stomach. Ouch!

That must have been one awkward trip to hospital. “Doc, I’m just here because some angry women attached my junk to the rest of my body. Oh, and also, I’m a cheating asshole.”

On the plus side, at least they didn’t quite go full Lorena Bobbitt on him. Maybe next time he’ll be more careful about letting a woman tie him up in bed.

12 Put A "Cheating Husband" Sign On The Lawn


This woman didn’t want to keep her husband’s indiscretions private – far from it. She posted an enormous yellow sign on her lawn to tell all her neighbours what he’d been up to. While we appreciate the sentiment, it does seem a little garish. First of all, the sign is ugly, and second of all, does a random passerby really care that this home got wrecked? She’s really putting her private life on public display here. Like, tough break, girl – maybe time to move on? It’s none of my business.

The worst part of all might be the postscript – a sob story about how this woman was busy being a devoted and caring daughter-in-law, and her man couldn’t help but philandering while she was busy. Have some compassion, dude – wait to fool around until after she’s done care-taking for your ill mother. That’s some ice-cold cheating.

11 Slept With His Brother


This girl didn’t mess around. Or rather, she did mess around, and that’s how she got her revenge. There’s nothing your significant other wants less than for you to sleep with their sibling. It’s like banging his best friend, only worse. Some things should be sacred, and you just don’t go there.

Then there’s the whole underage factor coming into play in this situation. While sleeping with a guy who’s a little too old for you might seem exciting for now, it’s also kind of gross. Like, is that even legal? While it might seem like a great way to get back at your boy for now, in fifteen years are you going to look back and shudder?

I guess this girl can at least say she knows which brother is better. And if she ever gets invited to Thanksgiving dinner again, she can feel right at home. As they say, it’s “all in the family.”

10 Put Poison Ivy In His Undies


This is just vindictive. Sure, the fear of herpes is bad enough, but getting poison ivy on your junk is no joke, either. This is kind of a double-whammy – horrible discomfort combined with fear. A revenge nightmare.

If there’s one thing you don’t mess with, it’s itch down there. This guy was probably walking around in public and scratching his junk for days afterwards. As much as he might deserve it for cheating on her, that seems like punishment enough. And then you’ve got the doctor visits, the tests, all to find out that it’s nothing but an angry (probably ex-) girlfriend. I hope this girl was at least nice enough to apologize afterwards for doing horrible, horrible things to his junk, and break up with him like a normal person.

Then again, maybe he wasn’t sensitive to poison ivy – in which case, the joke’s on her.

9 Became His Mistress, Then Broke Up His Marriage


“Ex cheated on me and dumped me for her. Years later they are married with 2 kids and we reconnect, have an affair. I convince him to leave his wife for me, which he does. Then I dumped him as soon as the divorce was final. Sh*tty, I know. Now that I’m older, I feel pretty bad for doing that to his kids.” (thoughtcatalog)

This girl really knew how to make karma work in her favour. Screw me once, joke’s on me. Screw yourself twice over, joke’s on you.

This see-saw love affair – first me, then her, then her, then me, then no-one – is straight out of a twisted romance novel. And through it all, this guy seems completely oblivious. Like, you really thought that you could get away with going back to your ex after screwing her over – and not have it come back to bite you? Of course she’s going to resent that you dumped her to get married.

It seems like this guy really needs to learn how to pick one girl and stick with her.


8 Put Laxatives In His...


“My ex was a narcissistic a**hole who gaslighted me. When I left I poured laxatives in every single bottle of booze he had and gave his secret stash of coke away. This was in Australia where neither of those things are cheap.” (thoughtcatalog)

This woman knew that her ex had a problem, so when it came time for her to take revenge on him, she hit him where it hurt.

It sounds like this guy had it coming, given that he apparently had a coke and an alcohol problem and went out of his way to mess with his girlfriend’s head. Stealing his stash  might not be a crime, but it’s not exactly as if he can report her to the police for this kind of theft. And while that might have seemed like revenge enough, she made sure he felt her anger towards him in a different way – by crapping bullets for the next few weeks. I wonder how long it took him to figure out that his booze was compromised? Maybe after the third or fourth day spent squatting, he realized that he’d made a huge mistake…and messed with the wrong girl…

7 Framed Him As Gay (And Ran Up An Enormous Phone Bill)


“After he went to work. My friends and I went to an adult bookstore and bought an all male gay magazine. We went thru it and found a s*x line number. We called and of course a gay guy answered. I told him that no we didn’t want to talk to him but I was just going to lay the phone down and I would hang up when I was finished. Well.. 8 hours later when I was done packing all of my stuff (and putting it in my new car) I returned to the phone and thanked the gentleman for his time. He laughed and said you're welcome (the phone bill came up to over $13,000). I took the magazine and put it in the nightstand on my side of the bed because I knew he would never open it. New girlfriends are very nosy and I knew it would be found. About a month later I was at the bar he and I frequented when we were together and several girls came up to me and asked if he was really gay…The rumor went around and got so bad that he had to move out of town.” (revengelady.com)

This lady really had it for her man. I’m guessing he hung around with a homophobic crowd and when this rumour got around town, he just couldn’t handle trying to live it down.

6 Faked It To Get Him Arrested


“…she threw herself down a flight of stairs and called the cops to say he beat her up. She would hit herself and call the cops almost weekly, so my SO installed a gps tracker on his car to try and prove his whereabouts during the times she was accusing him of the abuse. The absolute worst though was probably when she told him he could come over Christmas morning to see their then 2 year old daughter open her gifts only to call the police and have him arrested in front of their daughter. Eventually she was recorded admitting she was making it all up and the charges were dropped.” (Reddit)

This crazy whack job injured herself just to make her ex’s life miserable. It sounds like it was a repeated ploy to get back at him, despite the fact that they have children together and should really be focused on some more important things.

This woman also gives the real victims of domestic abuse a bad name with her deceptions. People hear stories like this and then when they hear a story about someone who’s really being beaten by their husband, they go, oh, she’s probably just faking it

5 Stole All The Spoons


“Ex-wife, moved out while I was at basic, took all the spoons in the kitchen. Serving spoons, tea spoons, soup spoons, even measuring spoons. Left all knives, and forks. Honestly, who does that?” (Reddit)

This wife had a weird way of getting back at her man when she decided to leave. Instead of stealing something important, like, say, the car, she stole a bunch of spoons.

I’m sure it was annoying to come back and have no way to eat soup, but spoons aren’t exactly a staple of life. In addition to the fact that this military man has to fear for his life everyday and come back to an empty house, now he needs to make an extra trip to Costco to deal with his ex’s revenge…doesn’t quite have that extra ring to it.

This one is more hilarious than vindictive, but still vengeful.

4 Put Used Kotex Pads On His Car


“My friend's sister saved her used tampons and scattered them around her ex bf's car after breaking into it one night.” (Reddit)

This ex got back by getting dirty. Seriously…that’s just nasty. I wonder if there was some kind of message behind this revenge move, like maybe he forced her to get an abortion? If not, this move is just cruel. Check that - smearing your bodily fluids all over someone else’s belongings crosses the lines from socially acceptable into just ratchet. I don’t even care what the guy did to deserve it.

Either way, this ex definitely got her revenge when her poor former beau had to clean up the mess. The worst part is that he had to drive the vehicle around afterwards. Can you imagine the conversation when he tries to pick up another girl?

“Is it just me, or does it smell a little rank in here?”

“Oh, don’t worry, that’s just my ex’s blood…”

3 Changed His Email Password


“So after finding out the answers that us girls need to know regarding this new relationship, I decided to teach him one last little lesson! Security! So tomorrow morning when he decides to catch up with his mates and e mails his current girlfriend when she is working away guess what?

The computer says NO!

Access denied!

Oh poor baby won't be able to contact his friends or the girlfriend! Crying shames boo hoo! and if he reads this yes it was me!” (revengelady.com)

This lady still doesn’t seem to be over her ex. Not only did she hack into his computer using the password she gave him, she angrily changed the passwords to prevent him from getting back in.

It certainly seems stupid to leave your ex with your email password, especially if she hates your guts. That’s one of those things where it might make sense to reset your whole life after you screw over your partner.

You can just hear the fury dripping through this message. She says that her man took up with a “Scottish wench” and that is why she’s so mad at him. I just hope she doesn’t go out and do something even worse. Some people just need to let it go…

2 Posted The Other Girl's Gross Panties


This girl was mad when her boyfriend cheated on her, but more than that she was disgusted. And looking at those gnarly panties, who can blame her? She posted the offending female’s gross underwear sweat for the world to see.

Just so many unanswered questions here. Does this “other girl” not know how to operate a laundry machine? Like, those look like they have remnants of week-old trips to the toilet hanging out in them. You’ve also got to wonder what the girl was thinking in leaving them behind in the first place. Who leaves underwear behind when sneaking around behind someone’s back? And especially when it’s underwear that looks like it belongs to a grandmother with incontinence problems? And couldn’t this guy have just turned her down once he saw what was in her pants?

I hope this guy got what he needed out of his cheating adventure – I’m kind of afraid to see who he’s sleeping with in the first place, if he’s cheating with that.

1 Sold His Things On eBay


Taylor Morgan’s boyfriend cheated on her, so she decided to sell off his stuff. But unlike many jilted exes who piled everything on the front lawn and held a yard sale, she did it in a slightly different way. Instead, she posed for half-naked pictures with her ex’s clothes draped suggestively over her body, and posted them for sale on eBay. She posted several pictures with the item just barely covering up her near-nude breasts – safe for work, but barely. She managed to show off her curves, make some money, and get back at her man. And it worked! She made thousands off the auction and became a minor celebrity.

With that body, you have to wonder what the boyfriend was thinking to be cheating in the first place. Morgan said that she didn’t do the sexy sale as a revenge tactic, but as therapy. She said her boyfriend never let her dress seductively, and doing it on eBay was liberating.

Now that’s a great way to get back at your ex.


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