15 Worst Parenting Moments Ever Spotted In Walmart

We've seen plenty of embarrassing photos hit the web of people at Walmart. It's become an ongoing thing to associate the big chain store with unusual, weird, and wacky people casually shopping like it's no big deal. From thousands of snapshots capturing people walking around with their derriere's out, to the many ridiculous outfits, it appears that Walmart will just allow anyone to come shop at their store.

While we've seen plenty of embarrassing photos of people in Walmart, nothing is more embarrassing than seeing parents doing extremely perplexing things and wearing barely anything while shopping with their children. Some of these children are young and innocent, and we're kind of glad that they don't really know what's going on and why mom and dad are wearing bathing suits while shopping for milk. Or, have you seen the photos of a mom sitting in a shopping cart with her young baby while making her kid push her into Walmart? Yes, that is real, and we have the photo to prove it.

These 15 photos show the worst parenting moments ever seen at the major chain. They are downright embarrassing, and some of them are just really sad. So, here you have it!


15 The Ultimate Crazy Cat Lady - How Do Those Cats Stay Still?


This woman may not have a bunch of kids running around, but it looks like her three cats can just count as her kids. We all know the saying "crazy cat lady," but common, this woman just takes it to a whole other level. Three cats in a baby's stroller? First of all, how do they all stay still in that stroller? Because let's face it, that's pretty freaking amazing. Second, this woman looks like the ultimate cat lady, can't we all agree? Lastly, we're all pretty sure she has more than just these three cats at home.

14 When You Refuse To Allow Your Daughter To Grow Up - Reliving Childhood Memories?

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Sometimes, young kids find it fun to ride in shopping carts while mom and dad push it around and load it up with groceries. But when you're this old and can barely fit in it, it's never okay. It appears as though this mom has no problem pushing around her older (teenage) daughter as if she was still a young child. Plus, the huge pack of beer doesn't really help the situation either. Maybe this girl wanted to relive her childhood memories and ride around Walmart, but we're sure she got a lot of stares and a lot of strange looks at the checkout counter.

13 When You Have To Get The Kids Food After You've Finished Dancing - Those Definitely Don't Look Comfortable

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We don't know if this woman at Walmart has kids at home or not, but what we can tell is that she's probably pole dancing, based on her ridiculous high heels. We thought the pole dancing gear should be left at home, but it looks like this woman in Walmart was in a rush. How on earth does anyone walk in those? We give her props, but just imagine how slow she must be walking in those shoes. They don't even look comfortable since she's gripping the shopping cart really tight as if she needs something to keep stable. Please leave the stripper heels home, people!

12 When Mom Just Wants To Be A Kid, Too - Leave The Onesies For The Children

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Remember when we were kids and our parents dressed us up in cute onesies? Okay, maybe not everyone wore them, but they definitely don't belong on adults. Did this mom not have anything else in her closet to wear... at all? We hope this isn't her son's or daughter's onesie either; because that would be even more embarrassing and troubling. What makes it worse is that her onesie is a unicorn, and that's not even a real thing. Well, at least she's covered up; unlike most Walmart people we see walking around with their behinds out or wearing clothes that are just way too small on them.

11 This Is Not Okay - At Least She's Wearing Some Sort Of Attire

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Why would anyone walk out of their house and think this was appropriate? I'm sure this couple knew they would be photographed or stared at constantly while shopping at Walmart. Also, her confederate flag bikini is not doing any justice. Why do these items even exist, and why would anyone bother buying them? And is this guy really just wearing his briefs or whatever these things are? If these are anyone's parents, I'd be ashamed and very embarrassed. Why do normal people shopping at Walmart allow this to happen? We think a dress code should be in place for this place and pronto.

10 Is She Breathing Okay? - We Give This Mom An "F" For Terrible Parenting Skills


This mom deserves an award for being a terrible parent. She seems oblivious that her very young daughter has a plastic bag over her head like it's not a big deal. What's even sadder are the people in the background who don't think anything of it. Besides a dress code that needs to definitely be in place at Walmart, maybe there should also be huge signs that read "How to make sure your children don't harm themselves (a.k.a. put plastic bags over their heads)." I guess this little girl does this often every time she shops with her mom because her mother does not give a care in the world.

9 Is That What It's For? - Nothing Says Great Parenting Skills Like Pretending Your Kid Is A Toilet Bowl

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The parents at Walmart are so unpredictable. This little boy may have thought what his dad was doing was pretty funny, but it's not. In fact, it's just plain weird and embarrassing for both parties. What parent suddenly thinks, "Hey, a plunger. Let's see if it'll work on my kid." Plungers aren't the most sanitary things in our households, and we don't think any parent would think to try it on their kids at a store. Also, comparing your kids to a toilet bowl doesn't seem very kind. This is just one big no-no. We're fairly certain that if the guy's wife saw this, she wouldn't be too pleased...


8 Drag Race Anyone? - That Can't Be Sanitary

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Walmart floors scream germs. Thousands of people shop at the big chain store everyday, and we don't even want to know what's under their shoes. This one little girl must really hate walking because it looks like grandma invented a way that she could easily go from aisle to aisle by holding onto grandma's scooter. The photo even shows the little girl passing the restroom, and we don't even want to think about the germs lingering on that part of the floor. Meanwhile, grandma doesn't seem to care about what's going on behind her. Hopefully, Walmart sets up some rules about trying to literally "drag" race on the floors of the store.

7 Pretty Sure That Scooter's Meant For One - The Laziness In This Photo Is Disturbing To Say The Least

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Stores like Walmart provide scooters for people who are old or disabled, and it's a great idea for people to shop without having to rely on others to do the shopping for them. However, we've seen plenty of people taking advantage of these scooters because they're just too lazy to walk. Take for example this mom-and-daughter duo. The mom seems like she can do just fine walking on her own, but it looks like her daughter is slowly starting to give up. Is she really standing on the scooter so she doesn't have to walk? We get it, Walmart is a pretty big store, but it can also be a great exercise to get up and move all around the place. This photo is just proving the whole stigma that Americans are lazy.

6 This Is Just Sad - The Struggle Is Real For This Young Boy

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Is this photo of a mother holding her young baby in a shopping cart and having her son push her into Walmart really happening? We hope this was just a joke or just for laughs because this little boy isn't going to be able to go very far. This photo is quite embarrassing (and kind of sad), but we're glad someone managed to capture it. Seriously, the struggle is very real for this little guy. He already looks stressed about having to push his mom and infant brother around. What parent would make his/her kid attempt to do this?!

5 And The Mother Of The Year Award Goes To... - Leashing Your Kid Is Not The Answer

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The whole thing about using a leash for your kid so they don't run away when out in a public place is still pretty disturbing to a lot of us. The fact that you are comparing your child to a dog is also pretty sad and troubling. This mom in Walmart just seemed to give up all hope and ended up having to drag her young son around. We do get that kids can be a hassle at times, but it just looks like this poor guy is too tired to even care about causing a ruckus at Walmart.

4 Hopefully, Her Daughter Doesn't Know How To Read - We Pray She Doesn't Know How To Read Actually


Oh, so that's how her daughter was conceived? Who would ever want to wear a shirt that reads: "I like it against the wall" in a public setting? The daughter looks big enough to know how to read. So hopefully, she just doesn't get the dirty meaning behind it. Maybe this mom was rushing and just threw something on without realizing what was printed on her back, but we highly doubt that. When the daughter gets older, we hope she finds the shirt and burns it before her mom still thinks it's okay to wear something as vulgar as that shirt in a public space.

3 That Will Definitely Horrify Your Baby - Now There's A Way To Scare The Bejeezus Out Of Someone

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Dance party anyone? This mom loved the music playlist at Walmart so much, someone captured a photo of her dancing and rocking out while her baby sat in its stroller and looked on (likely in embarrassment). The head gear is terrifying in itself, and we're pretty sure that baby had a breakdown after seeing mom with a new face. The sad part of all this is that the headpiece isn't even cute. It appears to be the head of a horrifying-looking unicorn or horse of some sort. That baby might have nightmares for years.

2 New Fashion Trend At Walmart - What Happened To The Rest Of Her Pants?

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The thousands of embarrassing fashion choices we see at Walmart is pretty disturbing. This photo shows a mom who is missing some important pieces to her jeans. For some reason, she believed that cutting her jeans at the thigh area was a great fashion trend and one she needed to wear to Walmart. Sadly, she just looks awful, and we hope her daughter doesn't follow her mother's fashion choices in the future. This is a definite no-no in our book, but what can you expect when walking into the massive chainstore? Put the scissors down, mom!

1 Why Are Sagging Pants Still Acceptable? - Let's Get This Dress Code Enforced

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So, this is the last of them, folks. There are thousands among thousands of photos of embarrassing, awkward, and downright weird things going on at Walmart, but these photos of parents at the store are shocking, and they should all get awards for "being the worst parents." To think it's okay to have your pants fall below your knees is a dress code violation that should be discussed. We don't want to see your bottom while we're out grocery shopping, and it appears that this guy could have easily told his partner to help him pick up his trousers. But for some reason, guys think dressing like this is cool. No woman likes it, FYI. Except maybe for this one.


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