15 Women Who Got Their Success From Their Instagram Pics

If you’re a pretty girl with a large chest and a curvy butt, then you might be on The Richest’s net worth page.

All you have to do is create your very own Instagram account.

Instagram is an app that allows users to take photos of themselves or others, and then post their pics for the world (and their followers) to see. Just look at Kylie Jenner. She’s still in her teens yet she’s worth a whopping $3 million. A large part of her success comes from her family’s show, of course. However, she can also thank “the gram” for her revenue, too.

After all, the starlet just shared a snap of her in black lace, her head faced down, and butt in the air. Obviously, the likes came rolling in—all 300,000 of them. Even though other women can’t touch Jenner’s level of fame and fortune, they can still find their fifteen minutes of spotlight. All they have to do is just pose and say cheese.

However, if they’re still having trouble gaining clout, they can also use the Internet. There are articles aplenty about how to become an Instagram model. The lauded magazine Elle offers great insight on how to attract more subscribers, likes, and comments. One of the most surefire ways to rake in attention is through a celebrity, like an actor or rapper.

Why do you think Yo Gotti recorded the hit “Down in the DM?” People who are so thirsty for prestige will do anything for notoriety and, sometimes, their plan works.

15 Jen Selter

Move over, selfie.

Jen Selter, a woman with 11.3 million followers on Instagram, invented a new word to fit her social media style—belfie. Her kitschy term best described the many photos of her butt, her one asset that propelled her into a life of sponsorships, endorsements, and fans.

With big names like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Jennifer Lopez adopting Selter’s slang, the fitness guru was able to quit her day job so she could devote her time to her online platform. Now that she’s a certified Instagram model, people can see what they signed up for—side boob, bikini, and butt.

14 Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods

If you love Kylie Jenner, then you’re really going to love Jordyn Woods.

The young woman is only 19 years old, yet she’s accumulated a lifetime of followers on her Instagram account. Her fanbase of 3.1 million followers gives her more than love. They give her the boosts of fame that she needs. After all, paid trips to Marrakech and acclaimed titles in the modeling realm are nonexistent to women of low status.

Luckily for Woods, she’s best friends with the go-to millennial of the century. Best believe she’ll make use of every opportunity, and who could blame her? Instead of just posing in racy two-pieces, she’s also a model for Wilhelmina. Her star’s definitely rising.

13 Chantel Zales

Chantel Zales

The buxom blonde of your dreams is just a few clicks in reach.

Chantel Zales can thank her 4.5 million devotees for her millions upon millions of dollars. The Instagram model may not be well-known for her belfies, but she’s notorious for her selfies. In fact, her 454 posts look alike. Whether she’s in a red or white dress, her chest is bulging, her hair is askew, and her midriff is exposed. That’s what her admirers came for, though. She’s made good use of their infatuation.

“The 26-year-old also has her own clothing line of dresses, swimwear, and accessories. The Sun estimates she’s earned more than $4 million, thanks to Instagram,” an article states.

12 Cláudia Alende

If you like women like Megan Fox, then Cláudia Alende is the woman for you.

With 9.9 million followers on Instagram, Alende is wearing bikinis all the way to the bank. The model originally found fame on a pageant show called Miss Bum Bum, the Brazilian series that is focused on finding the best derrière in the country. Alende won in the 2014 contest.

Her popularity only increased since then. She proved that she was a star here to stay for more than just fifteen minutes. Between her tea and facial endorsements, the brunette beauty is building her fortune, not to mention giving Fox a run for her money.

11 Gabrielle Epstein

Gabrielle Epstein

Are Gigi Hadid and Gabrielle Epstein twins!?

The two models share similar facial features, but they also share a large number of fans. Epstein has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, which has given her quite the platform. “Instagram has its perks and has helped me a lot with getting my name out there,” she tells Gold Post Bulletin. Unlike other social media socialites, Epstein chose to skyrocket herself into stardom by promoting her tutorials on how to become famous on Instagram.

She’s giving her advice to any aspirant out there looking for clout. If your sister, girlfriend, or best friend is interested, they can go to Crushfame and pay a $72 fee. They should enroll at their own risk.

10 Ana Cherí

Ana Cherí

The Playboy bunny hops into the online world.

Ana Cherí, a woman who used to pose for the magazine Playboy, set her sights on much greener pastures, like Instagram. Between her glam shots and workout routines, Cherí’s made quite the name for herself. She’s known for her slim-thick figure.

People were quick to notice. The businesswoman has 10.1 million followers on Instagram, which is great for her ventures. Now, she can promote her endeavors through her online presence. “She has her own series of fitness e-books, owns a gym, and has her own workout apparel line,” according to Headlines Network. In layman’s terms, she has hit life’s jackpot.

9 Iskra Lawrence

With women like Iskra Lawrence, no wonder gentlemen prefer blondes.

Lawrence is your atypical model. Not only did she find her voice on Instagram, but she’s also a voluptuous woman who posts raw, real photos of herself. In other words, her 3.5 million followers are only seeing untouched pics. Enhanced lips and skinnier stomachs need not apply. Lawrence is perfectly content with her figure.

She wants other women to feel the same way, so she started her own campaign. “British model Lawrence, a U.S. size 10, was actually signed to an agency at age 13 but dropped because her hips were ‘too big.’ This led to her body-positive campaign,” an article states.

8 Charlie Barker

Charlie Barker may redefine the modeling world, just like Gia Marie Carangi.

With her multicolored hair, piercing eyes, and androgynous build, Baker would look hot as a man or woman. She’s beautiful. Her unique look has made her Instagram famous to boot. She has 573,000 followers, after all. As they admire her aesthetic photo shoots and wild style, she’s basking in the perks of success.

However, she remains humble. “I’m not famous. I’m just doing my own thing, getting recognition doing it,” she tells Independent. The collegiate was recognized for her quirky sense of fashion, not to mention striking look. Baker might as well be too cool for school.

7 Laci Kay Somers

If you love sexy pictures, visit Laci Kay Somers’ Instagram profile.

The girl’s got more than enough steam to fog your computer screen, but that’s what she’s known for. Originally a Playboy model, Somers had the gift of good genetics. Her cup sizes, plump pout, and perky assets have gained her eight million followers. Obviously, she has capitalized on their interest.

“Somers monetizes her reach by selling posters, making YouTube videos, and through sponsored posts,” an article states. Her hard work, dedication, and determination were enough to grow the size of her pockets. If she was sad before, she now has 2.5 million reasons to be happy.

6 Amanda Lee

If you’re more of an a*s man, then you need to follow Amanda Lee’s Instagram...right now!

The workout junkie only has a couple hundred photos, yet she’s amassed 9.2 million fans. With a butt even the Kardashian sisters would envy, Lee’s followers are either men who adore her or women who admire her. Their infatuation has made her plenty of profit over the years. “I was suddenly flooded with followers and requests to post workout videos, so I figured I would go with it,” she says to a Maxim representative.

According to Headlines Network, the breakout star can make up to $5,000 per post. With Lee receiving hundreds of thousands of likes on each photo, no wonder her paychecks are so hefty. She’s a beast.

5 Kayla Itsines

One Australian babe could teach you a lesson or two.

Kayla Itsines, an Instagram model and fitness pundit, is known for her exercises. Her videos can gain thousands of views, especially when Itsines is demonstrating a workout session that’s difficult to do. She’s very talented at what she does, which is why she has seven million followers. They’re dedicated to her page as much as they are to her. However, unlike 99.9 percent of Instagram users, Itsines is one model who never intended to have a large following.

“I used Instagram and had my own blog, I know this sounds stupid, but I didn’t know people could see what I was uploading. I didn’t want to make a name for myself,” she says.

4 Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday

The definition of a busty, beautiful woman is Tess Holliday.

The plus-sized model is not only a mother and a wife, but she’s also a self-proclaimed feminist and Instagram model. With 1.4 million followers, she has yet to disappoint. The redhead posts regularly, and her photos range from cartoons to cake (the slang term for a*s). However, Holliday may be pretty, but she still has her fair share of haters. They’re always ready to disappoint. Their sadness only propelled the woman to continue her grind.

“Holliday gained major Insta-fame after starting the viral hashtag, which she would use alongside gorgeous shots of herself in pinup ensembles,” an article states.

3 Lindsey Pelas

Who’s the definition of an Instagram model? Lindsey Pelas.

The Louisiana State University graduate (she majored in history) flew to Los Angeles to make her modeling dream come true, and, after her arrival in the sunny state of California, she created an Instagram account. Apparently, in one month, she gained a million subs. Her popularity was spreading quickly, which set her career’s foundation.

“Instagram’s legitimized me a little bit. It’s a very lucrative business,” she says. With more than six million followers, she probably makes more in one post than what most make in a few months. It pays to be pretty.

2 Gizele Oliveira

Instagram is your girlfriend’s gateway to a modeling contract.

Gizele Oliveira, a model signed with IMG Models, was literally found by the team through her social media accounts, particularly Instagram. Obviously, her striking beauty got their attention, so they booked her a flight to New York City. She got to sign on the dotted line, and since then, her career has flourished. From Forever 21 to Victoria’s Secret, Oliveira is one of the few Instagram models who can actually say they’re a supermodel.

“She’s walked in Sao Paulo Fashion Week, modeled for Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdale’s, and Forever 21, and has been featured in Indian Vogue,” an article explains. Her success seems to parallel that of her cult following—huge. All 407,000 of her followers must be so proud.

1 Nadia Rahmat

Who knew Marc Jacobs could find his models through Instagram?

According to Internet sensation Nadia Rahmat, she was found through her social media page. She’s very thankful for her platform, and she’s even more thankful for her followers. Without their support, her career would probably be anything but an international model. She considers herself blessed. “I don’t think I would have received the opportunity if not for social media. It is a revolutionary platform,” she says.

Her 10.8 thousand followers have kick-started her modeling career. Instead of being just another Instagram girl, she’s a part of the Upfront Models team. She’s living the dream.

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