15 Women Prince Harry Should Have Shacked Up With Instead Of Meghan

The world is full of great happiness and cheer thanks to the recent engagement announcement from the royal family. Prince Harry has proposed to actress Meghan Markle, and the two couldn’t be happier. Many people think they make a great match, while others think they're not the right fit. But they're the only ones who can decide if their union is the perfect one, so let’s all wish them the best for the future. And so begins the countdown to the royal wedding!

But before we throw rice and offer a hearty “congratulations,” let us imagine who else Prince Harry would pair well with. Maybe if he had the chance to meet one of these 15 steamy celebs, he would not have given Markle a second look. All of these ladies are gorgeous, talented, and single. Any fella would love to have the chance to be with any one of them, so why wouldn’t Prince Harry want to get with one (or more) of them as well? He obviously has no issues with dating a famous person, so these ladies would make for good contenders.

Obviously, Prince Harry isn’t going to ditch Markle now, but if we could turn back the hands of time, perhaps he would have been better suited for one of these lovely ladies. Any one of them would make for a pretty princess, so let’s close our eyes and picture that sparkly ring on one of their fingers rather than Markle’s.

Which of the 15 do you think would be the best woman for Prince Harry to shack up with?


15 Kendall Jenner

It's obvious Prince Harry adores beautiful and talented women — just take a look at his gorgeous fiancé — so model Kendall Jenner would surely be his cup of tea. Sure, she is about a decade younger than he is, but she is no slouch. Jenner has a fantastic modeling career, is known worldwide, and would surely love to become a princess. Her older sister Kim may think she is the royal one in the family, but once Prince Harry gets a glimpse of Kim’s little (and much taller) sis, he’d be instantly smitten. Jenner may think she's too young to shack up with a 33-year-old guy, but she is of age and super-sensational. Meghan Markle may have the sparkle, but Jenner is a gem in her own right.

14 Angelina Jolie


The beautiful and talented Angelina Jolie may be nine years older than Prince Harry, but he does seem to have a thing for older women, as his current fiancé is a few years his senior. But age aside, who would pass up the chance to shack up with the incomparable Jolie? She is one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, she oozes sexiness, and she has devoted much of her life to giving back to those in need. Prince Harry surely appreciates that, and he’d jump at the chance to have a woman like Jolie on his arm. Would there be room for all her kids in the royal palace? Of course, it’s huge! Brad Pitt may not like his kids’ new stepdad, but Prince Harry seems like he’d be a lot of fun. “Princess Angelina” certainly has a nice ring to it!

13 Bella Hadid

The beautiful Bella Hadid is one of the hottest young models of the moment. She is tall, glamorous, and knows how to strut her stuff on the catwalk. She is only 21 years old, but surely Prince Harry would not mind showing this babe the ropes. Like Prince Harry, her family is well-known and in the public eye. With beauty like hers, Hadid would make for the perfect mate for a dapper dude like Prince Harry. He loves an attractive woman, and Hadid looks better every time we see her. She may have to tone down her sexy style in front of the royal family, but when they're alone, Prince Harry and Hadid can hold a private fashion show of their very own. Hey Bella, how about making Prince Harry your fella?

12 Taylor Swift


Plenty of A-list guys have dated singer Taylor Swift, so why not add the powerful Prince Harry to the list? And if things don’t work out for the pair, she will surely write a catchy and revealing song about the romance and breakup. But surely Prince Harry is willing to take the chance, as Swift is sexy, talented, famous, and rich. Not that he needs the money, but at least he'll know that she isn’t after his fat royal wallet. Swift is tall and gorgeous, and at 27, she's in the age bracket that most would deem appropriate for Prince Harry. And what a lovely pair the two would make. They are both super-attractive and seem like they would have lots of fun together — both in and out of the bedroom! Move over Markle, Swift is suddenly Prince Harry’s perfect match.

11 Rihanna

Rihanna may seem a little edgy for a royal, but Prince Harry seems to have a wild side. And surely, he would love to hook up with a hottie like Rihanna. She is uniquely gorgeous and super-talented. Just ask her thousands of fans worldwide. The Barbados native would make for a new sort of British royal, but then again, Ms. Markle is from the U.S., so things are about to change up in the royal palace. Rihanna is 29 years old, a fine age match for Prince Harry who is just four years older than she is. These two could hang out and listen to music, dance, and go out on the town. Just because Prince Harry is from a royal background does not mean he doesn’t know how to kick it! And who better to chill with than the remarkable Rihanna?

10 Jennifer Lawrence


Who would have ever thought that a gal from Kentucky would make it big in Hollywood, let alone become the darling of a royal? But if Jennifer Lawrence and Prince Harry were to shack up, things would shake up in Britain and all over the world. Lawrence seems like she is a lot of fun, and from what we've seen from Prince Harry over the years, he loves to have a good time, too. Lawrence has model-like looks, a great sense of humor, a fabulous (and tall) figure, and raw talent on screen. Prince Harry would be impressed by all Lawrence has to offer and would definitely love to date her. She just broke up with her boyfriend, but too bad Prince Harry already locked things down with Markle.

9 Paris Hilton

Everyone’s favorite blonde socialite, Paris Hilton, would be a great match for Prince Harry. Both come from well-to-do families, they are both great looking, and they both seem to love to take a bite out of life. Hilton is a few years older than Prince Harry, but she is the same age as his fiancé Meghan Markle, so obviously he would be okay with shacking up with a slightly older woman. Hilton is a gal who seems to have it all and do it all. She is a successful businesswoman, TV personality, DJ, model, actress, singer, and more, so why not add “princess” to her many titles? She's dated many men but has yet to settle down. Perhaps she's been waiting for her “Prince Charming” in Prince Harry.


8 Emilia Clarke


The 31-year-old actress would be the perfect gal for Prince Harry to shack up with. Emilia Clarke is a great age match, she’s a Brit, and she is absolutely gorgeous. Her talent is undeniable, and her sex appeal is through the roof — even the grand roof of the royal palace! Prince Harry is surely a fan of Clarke’s work and her great looks. Clarke is a standout on both the small and big screen and fans cannot get enough of the spectacular star. Her role on TV’s Game of Thrones have audiences on the edge of their seats, and Clarke’s movies like Me Before You, Spike Island, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Voice From the Stone were all fan-favorites. Clarke is elegant, beautiful, and single. What more could Prince Harry desire?

7 Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry would be a great match for the adorable Prince Harry. They are the same age — 33 — and both love to have a ton of fun. Yes, Perry was once married, but so was Prince Harry’s current fiancé. If Prince Harry is a fan of Perry’s pop music, then it would be so cool if he could shack up with his celeb crush. Sure, Perry has dated some famous fellas, but none of them were as impressive as Prince Harry. Who knows if she's into redheads, but we do know she's into Brits. Perry may have “kissed a girl,” but has she ever kissed a royal? Surely that would taste better than cherry lip gloss. Wouldn’t you love to see Perry in her wild costumes at the royal palace?

6 Charlize Theron


The blonde and beautiful Charlize Theron would make for a great gal for Prince Harry. She is super-talented, outrageously gorgeous, and sophisticated. She is a bit older than the royal cutie, but he wouldn't mind the age difference, especially when the woman in question is the tempting Theron. Theron hails from South Africa, and surely Prince Harry has visited the region before. And like thousands of others, we bet Prince Harry is a fan of Theron’s body of work. How could he not love watching the beauty in films like Atomic Blonde, Young Adult, Mad Max: Fury Road, Snow White and the Huntsman, and The Fate of the Furious? Seeing a star like Theron on the big screen is a thrill, but shacking up with her would be even better.

5 Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a Hollywood darling Prince Harry would surely love to shack up with. Her girl-next-door beauty is unique, and her awesome talent speaks for itself. She is 29 years old and hails from Arizona. But Prince Harry would not mind dating an American, just look at his fiancé. No need for Prince Harry to bring home a Brit, so Stone would be a real catch. Stone’s ravishing red hair would match with Prince Harry’s, and her big smile would make him smile right back. Stone is super-talented as we have seen in her many films including La La Land, The Help, Superbad, Birdman, The House Bunny, Aloha, Gangster Squad, Battle of the Sexes, and The Amazing Spider-Man, to name a few. These two would make for an adorable couple. Don’t you agree?

4 Elizabeth Olsen


The younger sister of the famous Olsen twins, Elizabeth Olsen, would be a fine choice for a shack-up mate for Prince Harry. She is undeniably gorgeous and wonderfully talented. Olsen is 28 years old and hails from L.A. She knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight, so she would have no problem being on Prince Harry’s arm and being photographed by the paparazzi. Olsen is a stunner and surely Prince Harry finds her attractive. She simply lights up the room and steals the show when she performs on the big screen. Perhaps you've seen Olsen act in movies including Godzilla, Wind River, Silent House, Very Good Girls, Liberal Arts, Ingrid Goes West, Avengers: Age of Ultron, or I Saw the Light, to name some of her popular films. Olsen seems to have a good head on her shoulders and a pretty one at that. Prince Harry would be lucky to have her as his main squeeze.

3 Kristen Stewart

Don’t you think Prince Harry would love to shack up with the amazing actress Kristen Stewart? She seems to be mysterious and interesting, something Prince Harry would be sure to find attractive. Stewart is 27 years old and is very talented. Her beauty is unique and she often changes up her look, making her intriguing and exciting. Fans loved her in the Twilight series, but she has also acted in many other shows and movies. Some of her popular films include Personal Shopper, Snow White and the Huntsman, Adventureland, American Ultra, Café Society, The Runaways, Panic Room, and Into the Wild. Her star power never fades and she only gets hotter year by year. Prince Harry would be the perfect guy for this California cutie. Who needs vampires when you can have a royal?

2 Emma Watson


The Harry Potter hottie, Emma Watson, would be a great match for the adorable Prince Harry. She is super-cute, wonderfully talented, and at 27 years old, Watson is the perfect age for the royal. She was born in France but raised in England, making her familiar with the ways of the Brits. We have seen the wonderful Watson grow up before our eyes from a cute girl to a remarkably beautiful woman. And she gets better with every passing year. Do you think Prince Harry is a Harry Potter fan? He does share a name with the main character, after all. But whether or not he enjoys the film franchise, he must think Watson is a winner. Who could resist that sweet smile and those captivating brown eyes? Even Prince Harry would go weak in the knees.

1 Rita Ora

The gorgeous singer and actress Rita Ora would be a great gal for Prince Harry. He’d just love to shack up with this sexy celeb. She was born in London, England, so the two would have their nationality in common. Surely as a little girl, she dreamed of one day being a princess, and if she had her way, she’d be in the tender arms of the cute Prince Harry. Ora is 27 years old, making her a good age for Prince Harry, and she knows all about the ins and outs of being in the public eye. Prince Harry may be a fan of the star and might even listen to her music. Some of her hits include “Your Song,” “Body on Me,” “I Will Never Let You Down,” “Shine Ya Light,” and “Been Lying.” Ora’s unique look and sex appeal would win Prince Harry over in a heartbeat.


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