15 Women Confess What They Don't Want Men To Know They Find Attractive

Some people like blondes, some like brunettes. Some people are more attracted to people who are tall, while others prefer someone on the short side. For some people a sense of humor is the most important trait they look for in a partner, but for some others it's intelligence or a strong moral code. When most of us think about what we look for in a significant other it's a pretty standard lists of wants and deal breakers, maybe with a few particular quirks thrown in for good measure.

But if someone asked you what you look for in a partner right now, you probably wouldn't say that you want someone who has exceptionally straight toes or someone who can list every episode of The Twilight Zone in order of air date off the top of their heads, because most people don't have such random and incredibly specific traits that they find really attractive. But that doesn't mean that there isn't anyone in the world who doesn't get a real thrill off of some super specific physical or personality traits that they are attracted to in others. And luckily we've managed to find 15 women who were willing to cop to the strangest and most particular things that make them automatically attracted to a guy (that they normally wouldn't want to admit in public). So if you're curious to know whether or not some woman out there might be drawn to the gap in your teeth or the ring on your finger, read on.

15 I Get Excited When My Boyfriend Gets Jealous

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Jealousy and possessiveness isn't usually a trait that people look for in a mate, and when it gets taken to an extreme it can ultimately be a deal breaker in a relationship, but that doesn't mean that some people aren't into it. On some level having someone feel jealous over you can make you feel like that person really cares about you a lot, so finding it attractive makes a little sense from that perspective. And it's no secret that there are some women in the world who are more attracted to a man when that man gets particularly heated about something, and I'm sure that something being the woman herself can make the passion all the more appealing. Aggression can be scary in a lot of situations, but some ladies also find certain types of aggression really appealing, and obviously our secret confessor is included in the latter category.

14 I Find A Guy More Attractive When He Can Drive A Stick

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Sadly, driving a manual is becoming a bit of a lost art, and it's a skill that takes quite a bit of time and practice to become comfortable with, so it's no surprise that this girl is confessing her eternal crushes on all men who can drive stick. Plus, automotive skills are kind of an inherently manly corner of the world, so I can see why someone might think it's pretty sexy for a man to have some special skills when it comes to the world of cars. And aside from that, it does just look kind of cool, and it is just kind of fun. Also, while new cars are certainly a cool luxury to have, being able to drive a manual transmission is pretty much a requirement if you ever want to drive certain classic cars. But this particular confessor might have to go after a slightly older man if she wants someone who can drive stick.

13 I Am Into Married Men Because It Shows They Can Commit

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A lot of guys are totally mystified by the fact that a whole lot of women suddenly seem to be more interested in them once they finally have a girlfriend, but it's really not that complex. Considering how many dudes seem to only be interested in hitting it and quitting it demonstrating that you actually want a relationship is a pretty decent check in your pro column. And aside from that, being in a committed relationship also signals that a woman has already found you worthy of committing to, so it's kind of like being previously vetted. However, this particular lass seems to be taking this somewhat common preference to its greatest, grossest extreme. Thinking that someone who's taken is attractive isn't a crime, but if someone has gone to the extent of actually legally binding themselves to their partner then you should back off. Not to mention, the obvious catch-22 of this is that if a man in a committed relationship decides to ditch his girlfriend or wife for you then clearly he's not very good at commitment.

12 I Like Seeing A Man Swim

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There is definitely something pretty universally appealing about watching any person performing a feat of athleticism, but our confessing lady seems to have a particular predilection for mermen. Swimming is an activity that forces you to work with almost all of your muscles, so regular swimmers usually do have incredible physiques, but this lass seems to have an attraction to all men frolicking in the water. I guess that is a somewhat understandable preference, though. I mean, even the homeliest person can look like they're in a Calgon ad if they can look even remotely graceful in the water. It's usually a fantasy you associate with women, though. I mean, you have mythological mermaids and sirens, and usually when you see a watery fashion shoot or commercial it's women in super sexy bikinis who are the center of attention. But maybe our confessor will get lucky and someday find her own King Triton.

11 I Am So Into People With A Gap Between Their Front Teeth

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Well, supermodels Lauren Hutton and Alek Wek have one, pop legend Madonna has one, the lovely Anna Paquin has one, so I guess it's not that shocking that keeping a natural gap between your teeth is a bit of a fashion statement. I can see why someone might find it appealing too. I mean, it's not like a tooth gap is horrifying to look at, but considering how common braces are and how generally Americans are obsessed with perfect teeth, it is kind of a bold choice to leave a slightly imperfect smile intact. Aside from it seeming like a unique side of confidence, it can also just be plain cute. There's something inherently youthful about a gap between your teeth, so if a cute baby face is your thing then it only makes sense to like this particular trait. It is a super specific preference, though, so I wonder what led to this particular woman's fascination with it.

10 When Guys Blush, It Does Things To Me

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Having that tinge of rosiness in your cheeks is pretty much an official sign of beauty, so much so that blush is a required element of a good makeup look. However, a pink flush is also something that most people associate with the female half of the human race. It's probably not too much of a shock to find a few women who have this personal preference of the look of their guy, though. Usually being flushed is a signal of some kind of psychological stimulation. Most people associate it with feeling embarrassed or ashamed about something, but people also often blush when they're feeling romantically stimulated. It's a pretty particular thing to be attracted to, but if it's a sign that you are making a guy hot in the most literal sense of the word then it's understandable that this confessing gal might have such a strong preference for blushing lads.

9 I Love Seeing A Man Write With His Left Hand

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I mean yeah, it is a bit of an odd preference, but not as weird as it could be, I guess? At least this confessor shouldn't have too hard of a time finding a southpaw, as about 10% of people in the world are naturally left-handed, and apparently men are actually more likely to be left-handed than women are, so they're not the rarest of rare birds. And there could possibly be a somewhat legit reason behind the preference, since left-handed people may be more likely to be exceptionally skilled at something like math or music (even though studies show that for the most part lefties are on par with righties in most areas of life). And she's lucky that she wasn't born into one of the many generations where natural lefties were actually forced to learn to use their right hands to write with. But I hope she doesn't mind performing menial tasks for her man, since most things in the world are designed for use by right handed-people.

8 A Man Who Brings Me Breakfast In Bed Is Very Attractive

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Beds are awesome. Breakfast is awesome. So logically, breakfast and beds combined would be awesome squared. Eating breakfast in bed always feels luxurious and fun, but when someone is considerate enough to plan it ahead of time and do all of the heavy lifting for you, it really makes you feel like a queen. It's also one of the easiest and cheapest treat to pull off for your significant other, so it's a bit of a shame that more people don't do it more often. Not to mention, doing a favor for someone you love while they're still in bed can certainly create a good situation if your partner is feeling especially grateful, if you catch my drift. There's definitely something naturally sexy about having breakfast in bed, so it's no shock that our lady confessor is super into it. You might not have the luck of finding this particular girl who loves this treat above all other things, but you're also never going to meet a girl who would turn it down.

7 I Find Hockey Goalies Hot, But Only With All Their Gear On

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It's not that weird or unusual to be attracted to an athlete, but having a thing for a hockey goalie is not only super specific, it is a little weird. It's a little weird because when hockey goalies are fully outfitted for a game you basically can't see any part of their faces or bodies; it's like being super into Ralphie's kid brother in A Christmas Story when he's all wrapped up like a swollen tick in his winter gear. But different strokes for different folks, and at least this lady probably doesn't have a lot of competition when it comes to the constant crushing on fully decked out hockey goalies. You've also got to wonder how exactly this confessor got so into the hockey goalie look. Did she spend days on end watching hockey as a child and the pillowy softness of the goalie's pads were too enticing for her to forget or something?

6 Men Who Are Good With Kids Are The Best

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Not all women want to have or even like babies, but obviously the impulse to reproduce is pretty strong in general, so it's only logical that a lot of women, including this woman, would find men who are good at handling kids to be extra attractive. When it comes to guys dating girls they tend to prioritize quantity, but when it comes to girls dating guys they usually prioritize quality, and the ability to care for tiny humans is definitely a plus to a lot of women. Not to mention, most guys are sadly uneducated when it comes to caring for kids. Only recently have men been expected to carry as much of the childcare weight as women, and a lot of girls learn how to take care of children when they're barely more than children themselves, whereas dudes definitely do not. People skills are always a good thing to have when looking for a mate, so having kid skills is extra beneficial.

5 I Love A Young Hipster Guy With Glasses And Facial Hair

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Well, the girl confessing this little tidbit is certainly lucky to have a strong personal preference that also happens to be totally on trend. Finding a bearded hipster dude right now is about as easy as finding a Starbucks. And while fads definitely come and go, finding a man with facial hair and glasses should be pretty easy no matter what day and age you're living in. And it's a pretty sensible combo to be attracted to. I mean, facial hair is a pretty traditionally manly look to be sporting, and it's scientifically proven that people tend to think that people with glasses are more intelligent, so being attracted to a smart masculine guy seems like a pretty standard preference. However, you gotta wonder why this confessor wants to keep her hipster preference a secret. I mean, it's such a common style now and it's such a tame preference that there doesn't seem to be any reason to hold it close to the vest.

4 There's Something About A Guy's Wrists, Especially While Driving

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I think everyone has a particular body part that they are attracted to the most or that they just like the most, but the wrist is a pretty unique body part to be fascinated with. But, I guess if you're going to obsess about a totally random and super specific body part, wrists are at least a pretty convenient choice. I mean, men don't really go out of the way to hide their wrists. If wrists are your obsessuib then all you need to do is walk out the door and you're surrounded by fully exposed man wrists doing all sorts of things. But this is another quirky attraction that has got to make you wonder how exactly this confessing lady developed it. How exactly do you come to the realization that wrists are what really gets you going? Or did she just meet one particular dude with amazing wrists that made her fall in love with the body part?

3 I'm A Sucker For A Guy In A Slim-Fitting Suit

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There's definitely a good reason why a good suit is the absolute standard for any man who wants to dress up, because no matter what you look like you're almost guaranteed to look better in a nicely fitting suit. Aside from it being a look that is pretty much universally flattering for guys, dressing yourself in a tailored suit shows that you might care about your appearance and presenting yourself more than the average man, or just that you're a serious guy with a serious job. Suits are also a really obvious signal that you've moved past the "dudebro" phase and are now an adult man, and let's be real, adult men are attractive. But unless this confessor lives in New York or some other major city she might be plum out of luck. A nice suit looks great on almost anyone but it's pretty rare that you see someone in one unless it's a special occasion or if they work somewhere that requires it.

2 When A Guy Understands My Sarcasm

I think pretty much everyone on earth finds a sense of humor sexy, but everyone also has a different kind of humor. What is funny to one person can be crass or inappropriate or just plain stupid to another. So finding someone who actually syncs up with your sense of humor and can banter with you easily and naturally can be a definite rare find. It's no surprise that the girl making this confession feels this way, because on some level probably everyone feels like this in one way or another. But sometimes an amazing sense of humor is all you need to get a woman's attention, which is obviously the case in this situation. Most women wouldn't want people to know that an almost instantaneous way to her heart is through her laugh, though. It's definitely the kind of secret you want to keep close to the vest, especially so that someone doesn't fake it just to get with you.

1 Men Who See Women As Their Equals Are My Thing

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This is one that seems like a total no-brainer for most women to be attracted to, but honestly, the amount of dudes in the world who are legitimately feminists is so low that it probably wouldn't even occur to some girls to put that on their lists of requirements. But obviously a man who legitimately believes that women are his equal and should be equal in society would probably make really good boyfriend material. Also most guys grow up within a really strong and pressure filled societal expectation to perform masculinity, and unfortunately one of the more toxic elements of societal masculinity is that women are somehow inferior. So in that sense a guy who not only sees women as equals, but who also is willing to say that to the world, is actually pretty ballsy and brave. It's no surprise that this confessor has this particular predilection, because if you're a girl who values yourself, why wouldn't you?

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