15 Women Confess What They Do When Their Husband Is Out Of Town

Who doesn’t love being in a relationship? Relationships mean romance, love, support, and friendship. But they can also mean lack of personal space, feeling constrained, and keeping up with high expectations. As a result, sometimes it is nice to take a break from our partner and spend some time by ourselves, relaxing and doing things that only we like.

Women get these opportunities to spend some time alone when their husbands go out of town for business. But what do they do alone? What kind of things do they get up to? Well, we're sure that each woman reacts differently to their husband leaving for a few days.

Some women are overjoyed at spending some time alone because it means eating junk food, watching chick flicks and skipping showers. For some, it may even mean meeting other guys. However, some hate it when their husbands leave – they feel lonely and are scared of staying home alone at night.

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15 Not Showering

Having a partner means being more aware of our physical attractiveness and our appearance. Women with partners shave, shower and generally look after themselves more than those who are single purely because they are expected to.

However, when women are left on their own they sometimes like to take some time out and do nothing at all, which includes skipping showers and other hygiene-related rituals. One wife confesses that she doesn’t bother showering when her husband is out of town – “My husband is out of town and I haven’t showered in 3 days. That’s gross. I’m gross.”

14 Not Shaving

When we have a partner we are more likely to look after ourselves. This is especially true for women. When women are seeing someone or are living with someone, they are more likely to shave, shower, dress nicely and do other such things. However, when their partner is not there, women sometimes let themselves go because looking after oneself can be so much work.

Shaving is especially annoying so it is no surprise that many women skip the unpleasant task until their husband is back – “I stopped shaving because my husband is out of town for a long while. No one’s going to see it, so why bother.”

13 Late To Work

Having a partner means having someone to look after you, and vice versa. Whether it means that you always have someone prepare a proper dinner for you or that you always have someone to comfort you, it’s a nice thing to have.

So when your partner is away you might realize that you miss them precisely because of the little favors they do for you – “My husband always gets up before me and he wakes me up with a cup of coffee when he hears me hit snooze. He’s been working out of town for 2 weeks and I’ve been late to work every single day.”

12 Open Marriage

While some couples are monogamous, others have an open marriage which means that they can see other people and sleep with them. However, some couples have an agreement whereby they remain faithful to each other when they are together but allow each other to see other people when they are apart from each other.

For example, one wife confesses that she and her husband have an open marriage when he is away on business – “So my husband and I have agreed to an open marriage, just while he is away on business. If our families found out we would probably be disowned.”

11 Sleeping In The Buff

No matter how much you love or care for a person, sometimes their presence can begin to irritate you. That is especially true when you spend too much time with them. We all need our personal space to do our own thing with no one else there to watch us, judge us or touch us.

As such, you can see how some wives cherish their alone time when their husbands are out of town. Doing little things such as sleeping naked and not having anyone look at you or touch you can be a nice change from the usual routine.

10 Having Guys Over

Monogamy is certainly not for everyone, but in our society it is monogamy and not polyamory that is deemed normal and morally right. Cheating on our partners is frowned upon and being faithful is congratulated.

But what if you can’t help wanting to see other people? Well, then you probably wait for the right opportunities, such as when your husband is out of town. Take the above confession as an example – “I always have guys over when my husband is out of town” – it certainly sounds like the woman in question would feel better if she was in a polyamorous relationship.

9 When Your Hubby Is In AA

If your husband is a recovering alcoholic then it is only fair that you don’t drink around him so as not to tempt him. However, it can be hard to give up alcohol completely and so women might wait for those moments when their husbands are out of town before they go loose and party hard – “I don’t drink around my husband because he is a recovering alcoholic. So when he goes out of town for business, I invite friends over and get hammered.”

When you think about, it’s fair – why should women give up drinking completely when they are not the ones addicted to it?

8 Smoking In The Living Room

Having a partner can sometimes put a lot of pressure on us. It is not easy living with another person – everyone has a different idea of what is right and what is wrong. Everyone thinks their way of living is the best.

And everyone wants their partner to be the best they can possibly be. That may mean doing exercise when you don’t want to do exercise because your partner is really sporty and fit. Or it may mean giving up drinking and drugs because your partner does not approve. Thus, sometimes, we look forward to our partner going away because it gives us an opportunity to go back to our old habits, even if only for a few days.

7 Dominating People

Sometimes women feel pressurized into doing things they don’t necessarily like. For example, one woman says that her husband always complained that she didn’t make enough money for their family so now she is dominating people when he is out of town as a way of earning money – “My husband complained I didn’t make enough money for our family, so... I dominate people on the days that he is out of town and he doesn’t ask where I get the money.” Perhaps the husband knows what is going on when he is not home and perhaps he doesn’t.

6 Letting Your Child Sleep In The Same Bed

In most relationships, there is always that one person who has the final say when it comes to decisions. And of course, while the other partner may not agree with the decision they nevertheless go with it because arguing about it too much might not be worth it.

However, when the partner is away we might do whatever may feel right to us, at least until he or she returns. So, for example, while one wife says that her husband does not allow their child to sleep in the same bed as them, when he goes away she disregards this “rule” completely.

5 Too Scared To Be Home Alone

If you’re used to your partner always being around then it can be scary to be left on your own. Think of all those situations when your partner went away and you had to stay at home alone at night time. Most women are uncomfortable with this situation and try to avoid it. Because who likes to be home alone by themselves at night time?

One woman says that when her husband goes away she goes back to her mom’s house – “I go to my mom’s house to do my laundry instead of going to a laundry mat as an excuse to spend the night when my husband is out of town. I hate being home alone, it’s creepy.”

4 Watching Chick Flicks And Wine

Some women are scared to stay home alone when their husbands are out of town. So they go back to their parents’ house or invite friends over. Other women take the opportunity to have some fun – they go out and hook up with guys or invite guys over and cheat on their husbands.

However, some women take advantage of an empty house to just relax and have a good time alone. For example, one woman says that she drinks wine and watches films when her husband is out of town – “Husband is out of town. What to do? I know! I’ll drink wine, watch chick flicks, enjoy the empty house, and not cheat on him. This should be common sense.”

3 Scared Of Every Creak In The House

Most women are scared to be left alone at night time, especially if their husband or partner is away for a couple of days or even weeks. The prospect of having to mind the house seems alluring and even fun during daytime but at night time every sound seems scary.

One wife says that she hates it when her husband goes out of town because every single creak in the house terrifies her – “Why is it that every time my husband goes out of town, I turn into Rambo at the slightest creak or noise at night? I serpentine down that hallway like a boss.”

2 Wearing His Shirt

While some women love it when their husbands go out of town because it means they get to spend some time alone, others absolutely hate it and can’t wait for their husbands to return. They count down the days until their return and they wear their partner’s clothes to be reminded of their smell and their presence in general.

For example, one woman says that she wears her husband’s shirt when he is away to feel closer to him – “My husband is away on business so I’ve been using the shirt he wore before he left as his replacement on his side of the bed. Night 2 of 5 and the shirt isn’t cutting it anymore, I miss him so bad!”

1 Eating Junk Food And Going To Sleep Early

Our partners always keep us on our toes. When they’re around we’re more likely to look after ourselves. We’re more likely to shave, exercise, eat healthily and look after ourselves in other ways. However, when they’re not around we sometimes let ourselves go because we give in to our laziness and our bad habits.

For example, one woman says that when her husband is away she loves to snack on junk food and go to bed early – “Husband is out of town. Know what this means?? Junk food and going to bed at 9 every night!”

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