15 Wild Coincidences You Have To See To Believe

Every once in a while the universe seems to piece together some incredible abnormalities that seem to just randomly make sense. What you are about to see is 15 examples of the cosmic universe doing exactly that, and every one of these unique coincidences is more astonishing than the next. Whether it is random strangers seated next to each other on an airplane who appear to look like identical twins or coincidences that only popular culture will understand, like a rainbow appearing behind an Irish beer truck; all of the examples we are about to present depict these circumstances perfectly.

Some of these images might take a second to ‘click’ in your mind, but once they do, you can no longer objectively look at the same image without immediately noticing the blatant coincidence. Some of these images are strictly circumstantial, and some are historic, like the incredible statistical data that has emerged from the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations. What is truly amazing about some of these images is that some of these coincidences appear to be drawn from Mother Nature herself, in that no outside human influence could have possibly played a role in the remarkable happenstance that has been captured. Whether a coincidental redundancy or an apparent reincarnation of the same human being, all of these images have a common characteristic of incredible coincidence. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of these incredible images!

15 It Just Makes Sense 

It may take a second or two for you to understand why this image landed itself in our coincidence group, but after a moments glance, it becomes incredibly apparent that this ‘random’ image fits perfectly. The ‘dot.com’ pictured here is inherently coincidental, captured by what we can only imagine is an incredibly excited passenger following this unique occurrence, the universe appears to have placed these two together on an otherwise incalculable mathematical equation. The chances that these two vehicles not only travel on the same stretch of road but to travel together in the fashion that they are able to take this very picture we are looking at, we can only imagine as mathematically impossible. Yet, here we are...this absolutely remarkable coincidence has taken place.

14 Ice Cream Gene Simmons

It might be hard to glance at this photograph and not burst out laughing instantly, the coincidental nature of this image is quite staggering. What could be funnier to picture than Gene Simmons rocking out in the middle of a raucous crowd swinging their heads and getting lost in his music, then to picture him doing all of this while licking an ice cream cone? What this image truly represents are the consequences of the coincidence (try saying that 5 times fast), in consequence, we are talking about the notion of Gene Simmons eating a scoop of Neapolitan Ice Cream during the set of a bone-shaking rock concert. This coincidence is simple and funny by nature, but then again most of the best coincidences are, this picture should remind people of the innocent nature of this article.

13 Superstar Coincidence

It once again appears that the gods of irony have come out to play allowing us to read helpless words across the road on the backs of semi-trucks. While some of the images that we have included aren't self-explanatory in their nature, this one should effortlessly express itself to you immediately. It is likely that the man or woman who captured this picture indulged in a grand laugh and undoubtedly couldn't believe his or her eyes when they came driving across such an anomaly. When passing a semi truck in the future, it is likely that we will not be able to objectively look at the slogan or advertisement on the back of semi-trucks anymore without instantly thinking of Taylor Swift belting a high-pitched tune.

12 Lights Out! 

While it might not be rare to witness a local Motel 6 or Best Western with a dimly-lit barely readable notice of ‘No-Vacancy’, what you probably haven't seen every day is a restaurant sign that has lost half of its lit-up letters, and somehow still manages to read correctly. What you have witnessed before you is a sign that Thomas Edison (inventor of electricity) would likely be proud to have accomplished, even if its efforts to remain ‘lit’ haven't exactly succeeded. While the marketing and sponsorship managers are probably irate that their well-designed sign and subsequently their image is undoubtedly taking a hit, it still must appear shocking to them as well that this sign while only 50% working, still provides 100% of the message.

11 The Simpsons Strike Again

When it comes to the topic of The Simpsons and predicting the future, well an entire article on that subject could be written. However, this prediction is particularly eerie when one takes into account the previous presidential election. While most of the Simpson’s foreshadowings include simple things that leave popular culture no better or worse, this prediction is frightening because the President Of The United States does, in fact, hold all of our best interests’ in his grasp. Hopefully, we can one day look back on this prediction and laugh, like so many of the other sketches the Simpson’s have drawn into being, and hopefully, this is just another chance to point at the coincidence and laugh and then get along with the rest of our daily lives.

10 Eternal Coincidence?

Again we have come face to face with the incredible idea that perhaps some of these coincidences we have included aren't truly random at all. The idea of reincarnation is widely only a belief that is held by religious fanaticism and a cultural fringe of larger society, but when confronted with information like that included in the above image, it does become much less transparent doesn't it? It becomes no wonder how such a cultural fringe can possibly come to believe such a notion, however minuscule those chances of reincarnation might actually be. The likelihood that the man on the left side of the frame is the same person as the younger man born in the same year of his death is incredibly (if not impossibly) small, but it does give one 'cause to pause’ doesn't it?

9 Roommate Coincidence 

Imagine you show up giddy and joyous for your first day of school, prior to your first day of classes you have to check into your dorms. When you show up to meet the random stranger who has been assigned to be your roommate you should have a fair amount of anxiety, but when you finally meet the individual and this person just so happens to look like your biological twin, well...things might get interesting. We’re not sure what the standard reaction should be when you run into this coincidence of a lifetime, but the two appear to be taking it in stride. They are definitely in for a long semester of introducing themselves and then correcting anyone who gets them mixed up with the other, but other than the occasional mishap this pairing of a lifetime should be relatively harmless.

8 Coincidence Of Love 

In every relationship, there is a fair amount of nostalgia, a rummaging of the high school yearbooks, a glancing of the baby album, and the fairytale stories of your first school play for Christmas. What you shouldn't expect to happen is finding an old war photograph of your grandfather, only to find out that you're basically dating his twin. The reaction probably was one of joy and laughter, but it is however quite spooky, this man and her grandfather look like identical twins. At first glance, you might think that this is the grandfather of the gentleman’s, but when you find out this is actually the grandfather of the woman’s, there’s no way to wrap your head around that. Like a cruel joke played by the universe, this family’s gene pool might start to pump out nothing but twins.

7 Airplane Madness

Imagine you're boarding a flight to go visit your family, when you finally find your seat and get ready to sit down and enjoy your flight, you glance to your side and see the person sitting to your left, and he looks exactly like you. Imagine how perplexing this must have been for each of these two gentlemen, looking at the person they were going to be sitting next to and realizing that they look practically identical to each other. What’s even weirder is that these two gentlemen not only look identical, they also have identical facial hair, which certainly increases the coincidence even more. This is the type of coincidence that makes even strangers on the airplane feel incredibly lucky to get to witness first hand.

6 Theme Song Coincidence

Once you notice the coincidence in this photograph there is no way to objectively look at these cute and cuddly kids the same way again. Unless you are unfamiliar with the ‘Batman Theme Song’, then you are likely to be humming the effortless theme song of Batman in your head as we speak. This hilarious coincidence was noticed by the father, after asking his wife to dress the kids for school. When both of the kids lined up the dad couldn't help but bust out laughing, while the wife had no idea why he was so enchanted with laughter. When she found out we are sure she couldn't help but laughing, either because it’s genuinely funny or because the coincidence that she would choose those two shirts on the same day is so slim.

5 Most Irish Coincidence EVER

It’s no secret that the Irish have a heritage that doesn't shy away from drinking, and the fact that this image was caught allows us to laugh even more at this circumstance. It’s not every day that you wind up behind a truck hauling countless kegs of Guinness, and it’s not every day that you see a rainbow. However, it’s really an anomaly when you see both a Guinness truck and a rainbow on the same day, even more so when you take into account that this photograph captured the exact moment when the rainbow crossed with the truck. Truly unbelievable. A picture like this is enough to make even a non-Irish man smile, and maybe that has more to do with the excess of beer on the back of the truck, or maybe it’s just a coincidence...

4 Super Fan Coincidence

Unless you live in Hollywood you are pretty unlikely to run into your favorite superstar on the streets, and on the rare chance you do it’s probably safe to assume that you're not going to be wearing your ‘superfan’ t-shirt, unless you're this lucky guy. It must be a nice added bonus that the star he chose to be obsessed with happens to be a blonde bombshell, and lucky for him he didn't choke on his words and freeze under the pressure; he was calm and collected, at least enough so that he could grab a sweet picture. Coincidences like this might be self-explanatory from the image, but we’re sure that these two enjoyed a nice cordial conversation and a wild circumstance that they just had to have a picture to capture the moment.

3 Historically Creepy

When we speak of the universe creating such unbelievable coincidences that they almost are easier to believe if you think that they aren't coincidences at all; well this is that kind of coincidence. The amount of evidence that has compiled the historic lives of these two presidents is absolutely astounding, it’s almost impossible to believe that all of these things actually happened...but they did. When coincidences of this magnitude formulate, it's increasingly more ominous when you think about how no one could have possibly made any of these things happen, they just appeared to have happened by random. The mathematical tendencies alone of this coincidence seem improbable at best, but coupled with the fact they were both assassinated, this coincidence is especially spooky.

2 Redundant Coincidence

Unless your last name happens to be ‘reporter’, or in this case ‘correspondent’, then this is likely to seem incredibly coincidental and rare. If you are Matthew Correspondent, the European Correspondent pictured above, then this is likely just another tedious day at the office and another day receiving the look of furrowed brows and double-takes. The fact that this man's last name is the same as his position at his company might not be entirely unthinkable, for instance, there are individuals around the world with the last name ‘Glassmaker’, but having the last name correspondent is rather peculiar, coupled with the fact that he actually grew up to be a news correspondent; well that's just an epic coincidence. This is likely the first and the last time that you will ever come across a coincidence like this one.

1 Cosmic Coincidence?

There are some cosmological coincidences that are really so breathtaking there is no amount of verbiage and vernacular that can truly give them justice. For a man so popular and so profound as Mark Twain, to have almost predicted the years in which he would have come and gone, by an epic appliance of a worldly happening like Haley’s Comet, well it seems so unlikely that it doesn't feel like much of a coincidence at all does it? It is true that all coincidences are exactly that, happenstance and completely ‘accidental’, but this coincidence appears to be so grand that is cannot be fathomed how it could just ‘randomly’ occur. It makes one wonder just what really is going on out in the origin of our cosmos, that is, just who might be in charge..if anyone at all?

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