15 Whisper Confessions That Make Us Question Humanity

Whisper was initially released in 2012 as a way for anonymous users to spill their guts and share their most private secrets. Since its debut, some of the craziest confessions have been spotted on the app and the website. Pulling up certain categories, such as romance, LGBT, and food, will suck you down a rabbit hole and straight into thousands of anonymous users' innermost thoughts. These secrets range from creepy and gross to hilarious and downright disturbing.

Unsurprisingly, when they're able to hide behind an anonymous feature, people are more prone to share the bizarre experiences that they're too afraid to divulge in real life. From cheating with their partner's mom, spilling the disgusting truth about hotel bed sheets, and users who hate their own children, these Whisper confessions will make you shudder, cringe, and maybe even dry heave. For those who live boring lives without anything fascinating to share, they can still peruse the voyeuristic-like app to gawk at some of the juicy stories from people far and wide.

If you had an ounce of hope left for humanity, you'll be completely devoid of confidence once you see this list. Check out 15 of the best (or worst) Whisper confessions we've ever seen.


15 My Brother's My Fiancé

Dinner is great, and free dinner is even better. However, we never knew the depths of how low some people would go to get a meal on the house. We're going to assume this brother and sister duo were a little strapped for cash, but we still can't believe they actually went this far...and got away with it.

In this Whisper confession, the sister spilled the truth about the dinner she enjoyed while out with her brother. To have their bill taken care of, her brother actually proposed to her in front of the entire restaurant, and they got their meal for FREE. The only thing we're curious about is if the siblings locked lips to celebrate their "engagement" after he slipped the ring on her finger. Ew, gross! We'd rather just foot the bill.

14 Five Terminated Pregnancies


There are countless women in the world who would love to get pregnant by the one they love. Sometimes, fertility treatments aren't enough for some women to experience the joys of pregnancy. That's why this next confession is so heart-wrenching.

A woman took to the anonymous site and admitted she had five abortions throughout her life. In her words, she "loved getting pregnant," but she wasn't quite ready to be a mother. It's hard not to judge when you see a confession like this one, especially since this woman committed a completely selfish act over and over again. No matter where your beliefs lie on the abortion debate, we wouldn't be surprised if you felt sick to your stomach reading something like this. Protection exists for a reason, and this girl definitely needs to stock up!

13 Ketchup Explosion

Public restrooms are like minefields. You have to dodge wads of toilet paper lying on the ground, watch out for mysterious "spills" on the floor, and if you're a female, there are the insane acrobatic moves you have to bust out with so your butt doesn't touch the filthy toilet seat. And now, there's another thing we have to watch out for when we visit the loo.

This Whisper user revealed they leave packets of ketchup underneath the toilet seat in bathrooms. Then, when an unsuspecting person plops down on the seat, the packet bursts wide open and sprays gooey ketchup all over the place. Since we don't know where this user originates from, that means these packets could literally be hiding anywhere in the world! There's a time and place for humor, and bathrooms are the wrong place to play a prank!

Note to self: Check beneath the seat each and every time.

12 I Hate My Son


There are some parents who aren't too concerned about the gender of their unborn baby. All they care about is having a healthy and happy bundle of joy. But, on the flip side, there are some people who are really invested in whether they're having a boy or a girl. They'll hope and dream for their desired gender, and if their child is anything other than what they wanted, they suck it up and accept it...but not this user. She revealed to the world that she actually hated her son because she wanted to have a girl. To hate your own child is puzzling. It's not like the baby could decide which gender they would be. We suggest this parent get a grip and stop acting so childish!

11 Bad Teacher


Going to school is a struggle in itself. We have to deal with homework, pop quizzes, bullies, and disgusting cafeteria food. Little did we know, there are some teachers out there who are actually conspiring against their own students! This teacher, for example, had no shame in revealing that they actually throw away homework belonging to the students they don't like. They're also knocking off points and they revealed that some of their students have F's thanks to them! Sorry, not sorry, but this teacher deserves to be fired! There's no room for playing favorites, especially not in class where everyone's just trying to do their best and get an education. Stuff like this really ticks us off, and hopefully, someone will be able to track this teacher down one day and expose their shady ways.

10 Fake Brit


Heading off to college is the time when a young adult can get a fresh start in life. They're leaving behind whatever reputation (or lack thereof) they had in high school. And they're embarking on a journey in a new institution with brand new faces and the chance to completely transform themselves. Some people switch up their hairstyle, while others buy a new wardrobe. The person in this confession decided to completely go against the grain and concoct a brand new identity. For the past three years, they actually faked a British accent. Now that's what we call determination! Can you imagine having to put on a fake voice every single time you talked? We're sure we would probably slip up at some point and get exposed! This also makes us wonder what will happen after this user graduates college. If they keep in touch with their university pals, they'll have to continue the charade of being a fake Brit for the rest of their life! We're getting a headache just thinking about it...

9 So Broke...


We know some people don't always have the funds to buy the things they want in life. And sometimes, we have to make ends meet by scraping up the last bit of money we have to make a purchase at the store. This Whisper user obviously wasn't going to dig in the backseat of their car for some spare change. Instead, they decided to pull a little switcheroo at their local store.

This person actually took their empty shampoo bottle, refilled it with water, and returned it to the store for a refund. So essentially, they got the product for free. Not only is this dishonest, but they clearly weren't thinking about how this would affect someone else in the near future. We're sure the store put the returned bottle back on the shelf, and an unlucky customer purchased it - only to realize it was nothing but a bottle full of water! It's not the most outrageous Whisper confession we've seen, but it's still pretty shady.


8 Film Star


Oh.Em.Gee. If I were his bride, this wedding would be canceled, the ring would be returned, and a full-panel worth of tests would be ordered STAT! We know people get stressed out when it comes to planning, preparing, and paying for their wedding. It's one of the most important days of their life, and they want everything to be absolutely perfect. This man must've gone through so many money making ideas before finally settling for Plan Z. He actually became an adult star just to make some extra cash! So not only was he essentially cheating on his fiancée, but he was knowingly putting her in danger of potentially catching something icky. I'm sure if he went to her about his financial concerns, they would've been able to work something out as a couple. But if she ever finds out he went behind her back and sold his body for cash, may the force be with him.

7 Mom Bod


A woman's body goes through all sorts of changes during and after pregnancy. This is why some celebs - like Black Chyna, for example - spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to transform their bodies after giving birth. Non-celebs are no strangers to mommy makeovers either. A little nip and tuck never hurt anybody, right? For those who can't afford or simply aren't concerned with the way their body looks, then more power to them! Having a mom bod is a natural part of life, and giving birth to an adorable baby is worth every single stretch mark.

It's just too bad this woman's husband didn't learn to love her new body. She revealed that he hadn't touched her in a year because the baby had damaged the way she looked. But then, she dropped a bombshell! She has been secretly hooking up with his best friend. Talk about a scandal!

6 Faux Gay


Getting rejected sucks, but handing out a rejection isn't any easier. For those who have empathy and compassion, turning someone down can be hard for them to deal with. They don't want to hurt the other person's feelings, but they know they have to tell them the truth. Unrequited love is the pits, but it's always best to be upfront and honest with the other person. You'll definitely get a lot more respect that way! But this guy obviously didn't get the memo. Instead of coming clean and telling his admirer he wasn't interested, he told her he was gay instead! Now, if he ever settles down and gets married to a woman, his secret will be exposed! But we guess he can always claim to be bi to cover his tracks.

5 Nasty Blankets


We've all seen the documentaries about how filthy hotel rooms are. Taking a black light across the floors and sheets usually exposes all the dirt, grit and grime that's breeding in even the fanciest, five-star accommodations. We like to think that hotels have changed their ways in recent years, and they've gotten better about keeping the area inside of their rooms nice and clean. But this Whisper user completely burst our bubble.

They revealed that things in their hotel are worse than we could've ever imagined. The blankets are probably crawling with dead skin cells, bed bugs, and who knows what else because the hotel only washes the blankets once a year! We really hope they're just exaggerating, or maybe they posted this lie on Whisper in hopes that it would go viral. But something tells us they're telling us the truth.

4 The Ultimate Betrayal


Shows like "16 and Pregnant" give viewers a peek into what life is like for a teen mom. Some viewers thought the program was encouraging teen pregnancy, while others believed it was a positive way to deter young people from getting pregnant at an early age. Teenagers engaging in these acts is nothing new, but there are so many resources available to help prevent the spread of diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Reading this next Whisper confession makes us furious. This user was holding on to resentment that built up throughout the years. Instead of talking to their friend about what was going on, they decided to sabotage her life instead. To poke holes in someone's condoms is really low! This young girl is now pregnant at the age of 17 because her friend wanted to be malicious and petty.

3 Drunk Mom


There's no bigger betrayal than cheating on the one you love. The pain runs deep, whether someone cheats with a stranger or with someone they know. But when your partner cheats on you with one of your family members, that's grounds for getting your butt kicked!

We can't imagine the pain this Whisper user was going through when she found out her boyfriend got so drunk, he had an intimate moment with her own mother! Now, that makes us wonder - was her mom drunk, too? Either way, there's no logical explanation as to why something like this even happened. Both the mom and the boyfriend crossed the line. We wouldn't be surprised if she was never able to trust either one of them again.

2 Old Bra


Again, we understand that times are rough. But come on, people! This is just foul on so many levels! We guess if you're a klepto, any merchandise is in danger of being snatched. But we really don't see bras as being a top item that people actually steal. You could literally buy one for ten bucks at your local department store! But apparently, this woman wasn't willing to shell out the cash. So she swiped a brand new bra without paying for it. If you thought that was bad, it gets even worse. She also revealed that she left her old bra hanging on the rack. Um, why? She couldn't just stuff it in her purse or toss it in the trash on her way out? We hope no one accidentally picked up her old bra and decided to try it on!

1 Wedding Party


A wedding is a joyous occasion when family and friends come together to see two people tie the knot. If you're lucky, you'll know a few of the people in attendance. And you all can chat at the reception and dance the night away. This woman knew more than a few people at the nuptials she was invited to, but something tells us the bride would've nixed her invitation if she knew just how cordial this woman really was.

Not only did she sleep with the groom, but she slept with the groomsmen, too! That must've been one of the most awkward weddings ever! Hopefully, this woman didn't raise her hand when the preacher asked if anyone had any objections.


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