15 Whisper Confessions From Men Who Only Date Cougars

Some people say that age is just a number — that it doesn’t define a person. Anyone could be over 50 and still have the stamina, the looks or the personality of someone in their 20s. And when it comes to dating, looks and personality matter more than anyone’s age. That's probably why some people prefer to date men and women who are significantly older than them.

While the practice may draw ire from the elders as well as traditional-minded individuals, it has actually become more accepted to date someone beyond their years. From here also spawns the sugar baby culture, in which younger men and women seek out those who are much older than them to provide them with whatever they need emotionally, physically or financially. The sugar culture has become a business of sorts, as the younger party involved is getting paid and treated to the luxuries of life in exchange for companionship or even something more.

But does this really lead to long-term relationships? And longevity aside, can this really lead to something real and serious? What can one learn from dating someone significantly older than them? We take a closer look at a few people who have had the opportunity to date older folks and find out what they think about the experience. From exhilaration to confusion and awe, these people have the best reactions to having intimate relations with older women, or as most people call them, "cougars." Check out their dirtiest secrets and find out what it really means to date an older female partner.

15 Going For Seconds

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Some experiences are just too good to let go, so you have to do it again. That's the case for this lucky guy, whose first encounter with a cougar was so great that he couldn't wait to date another older woman again. Who could be so lucky? While he didn't explicitly say what made the experience so awesome, we're guessing that it was her experience and confidence that blew his mind. After all, he wouldn't be so enamored with the experience that he would love to do it again if she wasn't amazing. He even went on to call it the "best experience" he had ever had. We're now left to wonder about her skills and talents, given the way he described his relationship with her. Was he specifically talking about the way she handled the relationship? Or was he talking about how good she was in other areas? We’ll never know.

14 Dirty Little Secret

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There are some things that you must keep secret, even from your best friends. This guy probably regrets sharing with his friends that he is dating and is enjoying dating cougars because they totally judged him for it. What they do not know, however, is that he got with not one, but three other cougars. Cougars like to prowl and he's one who chanced upon a pack. This makes us wonder what his friends' reaction would be if he told them about how great his experiences were. What a lucky guy, huh? Would his friends maybe feel jealous about his encounter and change their minds about cougars? But this encounter is best kept a secret — one that only he and the three other women should know about. We’re guessing that encounter wouldn’t be the last.

13 Stacy's Mom

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This guy has taken his love for older women to a new level, and taken it into his own circle of friends. He has gotten with not one but all four of his friends’ mothers. It would be interesting to find if these women are still with their spouses and hooking up with this guy behind their backs, or if they even know that they’ve been with the same boy. And we wonder if his four friends know that he, their friend and someone they trust, has been with their moms. If they don’t, it would be a shocking revelation, one that we wish we could witness with our very own eyes. It could look like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie. For now, we’re left to imagine if this boy is still collecting adventures with women who are significantly older than him, or if his friends have already found him out.

12 Professor And Student

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A one-night encounter is all fun and games until you realize that the person you were with will be an integral part of your life down the road. Imagine meeting someone and finding out later that it’s your roommate’s partner that’s about to move in. The man behind this confession made a mistake of dating an older woman who turned out to be a professor. Now before anyone panics, it's alright, as it happened before he got into college, so there shouldn’t be any student-teacher relationship cases to be filed. Although this actually means that he was most likely quite young when this encounter happened, and that’s a little bit problematic (also, the professor should’ve known this). But what came as a shock to this young man is that he crossed paths with his woman once again, and in school, of all places.

11 Mommy Issues

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You know how girls with daddy issues sometimes end up going down a certain road? This guy blamed his mother, who abandoned him as a child, for his odd preference in women. It turned out to be a totally non-harmful thing, as he just happens to like cougars, enough so that he and his dad even bond over checking out attractive older women together. Now that's definitely one father and son bonding session that's truly unconventional. Makes us wonder what his father thinks, given that his son is into women who are probably his age or are old enough to be his mother. There's an interesting psychological connection there somewhere and we'd love to know the explanation for this kind of behavior in men and women. Or perhaps the explanation has already been given (Freud’s Oedipus complex and Jung’s Electra complex, anyone?) and we’ve just yet to believe it.

10 Favorite Kardashian

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If you don't know the Kardashians, you've definitely been living under a rock. The clan is composed of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kendall and Kylie, each of which has their own personalities and multi-million businesses, all thanks to family matriarch Kris Kardashian. While many have become fans of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, some guys are really into Kris, who at 62 still has a bangin' bod. In fact, her boyfriends are significantly younger than her, making her a cougar. This guy who submitted this confession about liking Kris is just one of the many men who believe that Kris can still give her daughters a run for their money even at her age. After all, she's the reason why all of them (and their careers) exist. But her skills in business aside, you have to admit, she really does still look very attractive, thanks to her genes which she also passed on to her lovely daughters.

9 Like Mother, Like Daughter

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There's nothing quite like a rude awakening. In this guy’s case, what led to it was seeing a family photo in the house of an older woman that he just got with. The cougar turned out to be the mother of some girl he dated in the past. Such serendipity. Imagine being attracted to both a girl and her mother, and getting to be with them both. Sounds like a fantasy many a guy has been wishing to come true. He definitely hit the jackpot right there, but the big question is, how did he not see the resemblance? Did the daughter take after her father, perhaps? Did the daughter eventually find out about her mom and former love? What about the cougar — did she find out the guy used to date her daughter? And the biggest question, who was better? We have so many questions for this guy.

8 To Increase One's Chances

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There are people who leave things to destiny and there are people who seek out their own adventures. The case for this man is the latter, as he is determined to find a cougar to date through various dating websites that he admitted to signing up for. It's a brave step towards getting what you want, as online dating seems to be more difficult than dating in real life. Of course, we understand that there are pros to online dating — many happy couples, married or otherwise, actually met through dating websites. But props to this guy for getting out there online and finding what he really wants in terms of a partner. We're hoping that he does find his special cougar and if and when he does, they both live a long and happy life together, minus all the drama.

7 Was It Really A Mistake?

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Some things are just serendipitous, like realizing you're into older women after accidentally getting with one. This man learned things the hard way when he was partying and "accidentally" had a good time with what he called a "cougar." To be fair, he had enough decency to refrain from repeating his misstep with the same woman, who happened to be married. This guy had a good enough head on his shoulders to realize he didn't want to ruin anyone's marriage, so he opted to find a single and available cougar for himself instead. Meeting that older, married woman did pay off in the end, as he realized what he truly wanted in a partner: someone who's more mature and older than him. Here's to hoping he can find one. He seems like a good guy who deserves a good partner.

6 Fatal Attraction

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Love at first sight? This man seemed to have caught a bug when he went out on a date with what he called a "cougar" or an older woman. The best part of his experience was that he became totally attracted to her after just one date. In fact, there was no physical intimacy involved yet but he was already hooked on the woman. It's kind of refreshing to see someone fall in love with another individual's personality and not just their looks or talent in bed. His desire to see her again and spend time with her is indicative that he's truly smitten. Now whether or not it will work out between these two given the age gap remains to be seen. Here's to hoping they're enjoying an amazing vacation by the sea. And if they’re not, we hope he finds another lovely older woman for himself.

5 Comes With Age

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Dating is an extremely difficult game to play — and definitely not one for the faint of heart. Despite numerous apps like Tinder and Bumble and dating sites like OKCupid, it's still quite challenging to find the right person to spend extended periods of time with. This man had quite an epiphany when he realized he was approaching his 30s. He discovered that he preferred dating women aged 28 and up, most likely because he was looking to eventually settle down and stop fooling around with younger women. He probably learned that as he grew older, he also craved for the maturity of a lady who was as old as or older than him — someone he could share his priorities and life goals with. Women who are older tend to be more specific with their relationship goals, too, which probably makes it easier for men (or other women). Younger women often don’t know what they really want.

4 Childish Or Childlike?

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Being childlike is a good trait, but a lot of people mistake it for being childish, which is a huge turn-off, especially for people who look for maturity in a partner. For this man, dating an older woman made him realize just that. There's a big difference in terms of attitude when it comes to younger ladies and older women, often referred to as "cougars." These cougars exude a certain confidence and charm that younger ladies just don't have yet. Thanks to their years of experience that most likely toughened them up to face life's challenges, these women have a better sense of the world as well as wisdom and maturity that helps them become more in touch with what they want in and out of life — a trait men fall hard for.

3 Only The Best

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Older men and women come off as more attractive to some for their bravery. As one ages, it becomes easier to be comfortable in one's skin and express themselves in any way possible. For this guy, he believes that older women are more attractive than their younger counterparts because of their high standards (thanks to the many years of dating mediocre partners, perhaps?) and their outspokenness to call out people on their lies. Not only do they have great standards from years of experience dating people who have not quite met them, but older partners know better what they truly want in life. It's like they've finally decided on what they like and don't like in a partner and are not afraid to make it known to others. They’re not easily deceived either. They know what’s going on most, if not all the time, and they don’t let other people try to control them.

2 Princesses Vs. Queens

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To be fair, there is a stark difference between being a princess and being a queen. A queen is a governing figure, a leader and an inspiration. Princesses are queens in training and aren't quite there yet. This man has experienced both sides of the coin and prefers older women, whom he calls queens, to younger women, who he believes has a "princess complex" that makes them feel that they have to be the center of all attention. While princesses may seek attention by causing a scene, queens receive attention merely by gracing others with their presence, confidence and maturity. These women need not steal the show; they are the show. That's why some men (and women) prefer dating older partners, given their go-getter attitude and inherent appeal that's specific to this age range.

1 Straight As An Arrow

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A 15-year age gap may be questionable to some, but for this man, it's definitely a turn-on for him to date older women. The reason? He says there's a different kind of appeal that's found only in these types of women. And because they're older, they waste no time in getting what they want because they already know what they want. These older women know very well that life is short and time must never be wasted. They have a certain kind of straightforwardness that is a turn on for some. It also comes in handy in long-term relationships, as older women can better communicate with their partners and make their feelings and needs known. For these people, there's no such thing as beating around the bushes. And for this guy, that’s exactly the kind of woman he needs in his life.

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