15 Whisper Confessions From Men Seeing Their Wives In The Delivery Room

Some men have found themselves a little freaked out by the things that go on when women are giving birth.

Not long ago, men were not just discouraged from being in the delivery room when their son or daughter was born but were actually forbidden from being by their wife’s side, to offer her help and support–or just someone to scream at–throughout childbirth. It was only in 1970’s or even 80’s that hospitals started opening the doors to their delivery rooms to expectant dads, and these days, men want and are expected to be present to see the birth of their child.

While birth itself is an emotional experience, the hours of labor that go before it are not always fun for mom or dad, and some men have found themselves a little freaked out by the things that go on when women are giving birth.

Not that they would ever tell the mother of the child that they found the whole episode disgusting, traumatizing, or just plain magical, though. So it’s a good job that Whisper affords new dads an opportunity to make their confessions about their delivery room experience. Check out the list below of the most honest Whisper confessions men have made after seeing their wives in the delivery room. Which one sounds most familiar to you?

15 Nothing A Military Guy Had Seen Overseas Could Be Compared To Childbirth


Even the toughest guys can find themselves quaking in their boots in the delivery room, as the realization dawns that they are about to become a father. One military dad confessed on Whisper that he had never felt so nervous as he did now that he was in the delivery room, despite having been on two tours overseas. In fact, he confessed that nothing he had seen or experienced while serving overseas affected him just as much as watching his wife give birth. So guys, if you start to feel nervous when your wife goes into labor, don't worry, you’re in good company!

14 His 110-Pound Wife Broke His Arm During Childbirth—He Was 275 Pounds!

Yes, dads can get nervous and a little scared in the delivery room, but they should also remember that their job is to do and say anything (and we mean ANYTHING) that their wife needs them to. Anything. One dad-to-be confessed on Whisper that his wife had managed to break his hand while squeezing it too hard during a contraction and that was just fine. Even though this large, 275-pound guy had suffered broken fingers at the hands of his much smaller, 110-pound wife, that to him was just proof of how extremely painful and difficult childbirth is and was just another reason to love and admire his other half that much more.

13 It Was Truly Magical

Childbirth may be painful, messy, and very chaotic, but there is no doubt that it is also a truly magical experience, and for most fathers, life will never be the same again. One new dad expressed this feeling brilliantly in his Whisper confession from the delivery room. He knew that after what he had just seen his wife do, that nothing else would ever be able to compare, or as he put it, that “everything in life needs spice, just to make it as amazing.” Beautiful sentiments, no doubt, but please go ahead and tell your wife that’s how you feel; not just strangers on the internet!

12 He Was That Bored...

Boring is one word you would definitely not use to describe childbirth. Ever! Sure, in the early stages, there can be long periods of time where nothing much happens. But surely, the excitement of knowing that you’re going to have a baby in a few hours would be enough to keep you wide awake. That wasn’t the case for one father-to-be who confessed to Whisper that he had been really bored throughout the whole process. So bored, in fact, that he had fallen sleep and woken up with a stiff neck. I’m sure his wife was full of sympathy for him.

11 He Hated It, So Much Poop


For every man who sees the magic and beauty in childbirth, there will be several who simply cannot see past the range and volume of bodily fluids involved in pushing a human being out of your vee-jay. Yes, there will be blood, and yes, there will be poop. Lots of poop. And lots of other things as well. However, it seemed that one germaphobe dad was simply not prepared for the scene that faced him when he joined his wife in the delivery room, confessing that he actually hated watching her give birth (Ouch!) and that there wasn’t anywhere near enough hand sanitizer in the room to keep him happy. Not cool, dude.

10 She Should Have Had The Damn Epidural

It’s well-known that men have a much (much) lower pain threshold than women, and that if it was the male of the species who had to give birth and go through that whole process, then the human race would be in so much trouble. Many men simply don’t understand why their wives or girlfriends want to go through childbirth without the drugs, perhaps not understanding that some women want to experience everything; even the bad parts. Yes, that's right. One nervous dad posted on Whisper that he couldn’t believe his wife was refusing to take anything for the pain and that she should just have the “damn epidural.”

9 He Still Loves Her.... Despite Being Sewn 3 Times


The delivery room isn’t really an appropriate place to be thinking about you know what... even if that is what got you into this mess in the first place. Yet, a surprisingly high number of men find their minds wandering to the bedroom while they’re in the delivery room, waiting for the action to start. One old romantic confessed to Whisper that despite having seen his wife give birth to three kids and be sewn up again every single time, he still made love to her (or “hit it” as he so poetically put it) at every opportunity. Romance definitely isn’t dead, and this guy is living proof.

8 He Saw Resentment And Anger

Too many men seem to have the idea that the delivery room is all about them, when that couldn’t be further from the truth! One Whisper confession, not quite from the delivery room itself, came from a husband whose wife had asked him to leave while she was giving birth and who now only saw “resentment and anger” when he looked at the mother of his child. Get over yourself! There are no rules that say a husband has to be in the delivery room, and if the woman is going to be happier and more comfortable without you there, so be it.

7 He Laughed All The Way


Stress does strange things to some people, and many men find watching their partner give birth to be one of the most stressful situations of all. However, finding yourself in fits of giggles while your poor wife is laid on her back in agonizing pain in the delivery room is a particularly unusual reaction and one that was confessed by a father only several years after the event when he admitted that he laughed his way through their entire labor. Apparently, he laughs when he’s nervous, but that hasn’t made any difference to his wife who still hasn’t forgiven the reaction...four years later. Would you be forgiven?

6 He Did What His Wife Told Him

Women in labor are not in the best frame of mind. They are inflicted with excruciating pain, all while trying to force an actual human being out of a hole that is just too damn small. I think we can forgive some women for being a bit grumpy when the contractions start and the labor begins. One husband realized that it was best to just do what his wife said while she was delivering their child, and when she screamed at him to get in the corner, that’s exactly where he went! Of course, he lost brownie points for his confession when he called the mother of his child a b****.

5 His Mentality And Approach To Life Changed

At least some men understand the enormity of what goes on in the delivery room. In fact, there are lots of Whisper confessions from men whose lives have been completely changed since they became fathers. One has gone a step further, however, confessing that since he watched his daughter being born, his whole mentality and approach to life had changed. His wife and daughter are certainly lucky women, as he goes on to admit that his little girl means everything in the world to him. Hopefully, he will tell her that to her face one day. And hopefully he said this to his wife after all the hard work she put into labor.

4 His Wife Broke His Finger

Being present when your baby is born is one of the most amazing things a man will ever do. If you can stomach the bodily fluids and the screamed insults of your wife, that is. And then, of course, there’s the violence. Some women don’t just yell when they’re having a contraction; they also give their loving husband’s hands a good squeeze. One user told Whisper users that he had just watched his wife go through a 15-hour labor before giving birth to their beautiful baby daughter, and that even though his wife had managed to break his finger he had never been happier!

3 He Was In Awe Of His Wife


First-time mums and dads are often overwhelmed by childbirth and all it involves, and the process often invokes a great deal of fear. One doting dad told Whisper how frightened he was that his wife had been at the prospect of giving birth, yet she had done an amazing job in giving birth to their baby girl. In fact, the new father actually described himself as “in awe” of his wife, after doing so well in labor even after being so afraid before the whole thing even started. If he thinks so much of his other half, then he will no doubt end up doting on his daughter too.

2 He Still Didn’t Know If He Was Ready To Be A Dad


Perhaps this is the most honest, and most relatable, Whisper confession available. It is also one of the simplest, for obvious reasons. Simply stating that he was sitting in the delivery room, just waiting for his wife to give birth, this young dad-to-be summed up the feelings of most men when it comes to the birth of their first child (or any child for that matter). You’ve had months to get used to the idea of becoming a dad (or adding to your family), but reality only really hits you once you’re sitting in that hospital room and your child is ready to make his or her entrance into the world.

1 It Was Traumatic


When it comes to being in the delivery room, there really is only one rule for the men—you are there for your wife or girlfriend. She is the one doing the hard work–the hardest work anyone can do, if we’re being honest here–so you are there to take her abuse, comfort her, and fetch her anything she needs that might make just one iota more comfortable. You are certainly not there to think about yourself. Unlike one Whisper confessor, who admitted to finding watching his girlfriend giving birth to be “traumatic.” No wonder he shared that with the internet and not with his girlfriend. That'a kind of pathetic...

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15 Whisper Confessions From Men Seeing Their Wives In The Delivery Room