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15 Whisper Confessions From Girlfriends Who Are Hiding Something

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15 Whisper Confessions From Girlfriends Who Are Hiding Something

Ever since Whisper went online five years ago people have been spilling their most shocking, horrifying, and well-kept secrets to the world anonymously, and there are apparently quite a lot of people in the world who love to lie about the smallest or craziest things in their lives for one reason or another. And as anyone who has used the internet for more than a week understands, the anonymity of the internet emboldens many of its users to reveal their strangest and worst characteristics and behaviors, so it only makes sense that they might turn to a website where they can literally spill their biggest secrets while still keeping their identities a secret.

But what Whisper also shows us is that most people at their core want to share their real selves with other people, even if they’re afraid of what might happen or what people will think if they know the truth. So then, it seems a little paradoxical that so many people want to make confessions involving their significant others. I mean, isn’t the whole point of being in a relationship getting to know someone for who they really are, and letting them get to know you for who you really are? Well, apparently, when it comes to some people, the need to share with the person you love only goes so far, and apparently there are quite a few ladies who are more comfortable spilling their guts to an entire world of strangers instead of sharing it with their boyfriends.

15. Oh Baby


A lot of men seem to be concerned about the possibility of their girlfriends or wives getting pregnant without their knowledge in the hope of stabilizing the relationship and keeping their guy around, but in this case it seems like the complete opposite. This confessor apparently can’t wait to do her boyfriend and her child wrong and bail on them both shortly after the baby is born. Motherhood certainly isn’t for everyone, but there are also much less scummy ways to go about avoiding parenthood than just abandoning your child the moment they’re out of your stomach. Unless this boyfriend somehow sabotaged his girlfriend’s birth control then she should have been able to prevent this situation from happening, and if she already had one foot out the door in this relationship then she should have made sure she was protected. But considering how horrible this girl sounds, presumably the boyfriend and baby are better off without her.

14. Fast Mover


Feeling bummed out is not a good time for anybody, and obviously it’s 10 times harder if you’re actually coping with some kind of clinical depression. But isolating yourself from the people who love you is not going to help you feel any better, so it honestly, wasn’t a great move for this girl to break it off with her guy in a moment of sadness. And it’s nice that she recognizes that, but sometimes it is just too little, too late. It always burns when a significant other can get over you and get together with someone else so quickly, but someone who does that was likely checked out of the relationship long before that relationship actually officially ended. It might be a painful breakup now, but in the end it might be for the best. If she was depressed in the relationship and he managed to get over it in a week then it probably wasn’t a great match to begin with.

13. Curiosity Killed The Cat


You’ve got to wonder who this confessor’s boyfriend is, since most dudes would be thrilled to death at the thought of their girlfriends having some interest in other women. It’s understandable to be shy or nervous sharing this kind of sensitive information, but it seems lile half of the male romantic fantasies in existence start off this way, so I’m not so sure it’s something that this girl should be too worried about. Plus, if you can’t trust your significant other with your personal information then that person probably isn’t the right one for you, so even if this woman is never planning on actually acting on her desires it does say something that she doesn’t want to share this info with her boyfriend. But as the old saying goes, sharing is caring, and I don’t doubt that this girl’s boyfriend probably has some desires of his own that he would like to share with her.

12. Daddy Issues


Good lord, that would be a pretty awkward conversation to have. Everyone likes to feel attractive and everyone notices attractive people, but if someone is young enough to be dating your own son, then maybe you shouldn’t be overtly checking them out, and if that person is actually going out with your child, then you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be overtly checking them out. I don’t really know how you’d bring up that kind of issue with your significant other either, so I guess just try to avoid Thanksgiving and Christmas visits as much as possible or something? Obviously this confessor can’t just start wearing a burlap sack around her boyfriend’s family at all times, but calling out her boyfriend’s dad doesn’t seem like a viable option either. It’s too bad that this dad can’t just keep his eyeballs to himself. There’s no reason that his little crush should be making anyone else around him uncomfortable.

11. No Love Lost


“I love you but I’m not in love with you” is a pretty common refrain from dumpers who want to save the feelings of the dumped ones, but it seems like this girl can’t even say that about her current boyfriend. Being someone’s first real relationship does feel like kind of a big deal, and it’s probably an even bigger deal if that relationship starts a little later than normal, but there’s no reason to string somebody along if you know that you’re not right for them and that they’re not right for you. Plus, who actually expects to spend their entire lives with the first person they seriously date? I’d be surprised if the dude seriously thinks he’s currently with his future wife, so if she’s not into it or into him anymore then why not cut him loose and get some more dating and relationship experiences under his belt.

10. Hospitalization Due To Pants On Fire


Wow. Getting arrested is definitely embarrassing, and getting arrested on your one year anniversary is definitely a major relationship faux pas, but was that screw-up really worth the lie? One has to wonder what this confessor was actually arrested for if she felt she needed to lie about it, but you also have to ask what kind of boyfriend she has if she told him she was in the hospital on their anniversary and he didn’t even come to check on her. Ultimately, the blame for this problem has to lie squarely on her shoulders, though, since she was the one who wound up in the clink and she’s the one who decided on the bad attempt at hiding it. Also, unless her boyfriend is super sensitive then you’d think her concern was pretty much unwarranted. I mean, I think a lot of people would consider their significant other getting arrested on their anniversary as a kind of hilarious story to tell more than anything.

9. Friends Crossing The Line


There will never be anything dumber or weirder than cheating on your significant other with someone who is in both of your immediate circle of friends. Obviously they’re the most accessible and available people for a hookup, but how could you ever even possibly hope to get away with it when you’re hooking up with one of your friends? Or worse, hooking up with one of THEIR friends? Coming clean seems like the only acceptable course of action, especially since the cheater is almost sure to get found out anyway. Also, as much as ripping this band-aid off might hurt, ultimately the boyfriend deserves to know how horrible his girlfriend and supposed best friend are. I’m sure the revelation will sting more than a little, but in the end this guy will probably be thankful and relieved to be rid of this pair of jerks sooner rather than later.

8. She’s Just Not That Into You


Well that will certainly be a kind of awkward conversation to have. Obviously it’s totally impossible for someone to “turn” another person gay, but it has got to be a little weird to be that person who is with someone who realizes they’re gay during a relationship, and it seems only natural to wonder what exactly triggered that realization and if you possibly had anything to do with it. But if you find any intimacy with your partner to be disgusting then it’s already way past time to cut the cord, because they almost certainly can sense that something is off, and this is one of the rare occasions where “it’s not you, it’s me” is 100% accurate. I guess this girl could just break up with her boyfriend without actually coming out to him, but either way she knows that this relationship is for sure going to end at some point, so might as well end it now.

7. Letting Go


I think that on some level everyone has these thoughts or feels these kinds of insecurities in a relationship, and on the flip side, pretty much everyone thinks about what might happen or how they might feel if their partner decided to “let themselves go.” And ultimately if you’re trying to do something for anyone other than yourself then you’ll probably fail, so if this girl is trying to stay fit for her boyfriend’s sake then it’s probably not going to work out. However fitness can be its own reward, and most people have better self esteem when they’re feeling healthy and beautiful. Or even better, why not make this a thing you can do with your boyfriend? Most people are better about sticking to things if they have some extra support, and both you and your partner feeling hotter and better about yourselves is bound to improve the relationship overall.

6. Trapped


Have these people never seen an episode of 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom in their lives?! The whole trap baby thing NEVER WORKS. If anything, it seems to bring an even speedier end to already troubled relationships. In that sense, maybe this confessor just got really lucky and was with a guy who genuinely wanted to spend his life with her too, but that was quite the gamble to take, and another human life should never just be a pawn in a scheme to keep someone else around or in your life. This also seems like an awful secret to keep, but might actually be an even more awful secret to share. I mean, this girl’s boyfriend would probably be pretty horrified to realize that his entire life is the way it is now because his girlfriend was afraid to lose him, and I can’t imagine that any kid in the world wouldn’t shudder at the thought that they existed purely so their mom could keep their dad around.

5. Abstinence Only Education


Being intimate before marriage is a personal choice for everyone, but at this point it seems like a completely unreasonable expectation to place on another person. When people were typically getting married at age 19 or 20, sure, it’s a reasonable goal for someone to keep. But now some people aren’t getting hitched until their 30s or even their 40s, and spending all of that time being completely romantically repressed is a recipe for disaster. However, it’s also 100% up to someone to make that decision for themselves, and it’s also up to someone to decide whether or not they’re comfortable with their partner’s previous experiences before being intimate with them themselves, which is why this girl should come clean with her boyfriend. If that is something that he only wants to share with someone who places as much importance on it as he does, then that’s his prerogative.

4. Too Much Tension


This is a pretty brutal confession to be making, but might not be the kind of information that should be shared with anyone else unless the confessor actually plans on acting on these feelings. It’s normal to feel attraction towards other people even if you’re in a relationship, but your significant other knowing that you are more into one of your friends than you are to them is not something most people would want to know (that is, if the boyfriend hasn’t already figured out that his girlfriend has more than friendly feelings for her friend). But even then it’d be a bit of a risk, because just because this girl wants to hook up with her friend, that doesn’t necessarily mean that her friend wants to hook up with her. Sometimes crushes are just destined to remain crushes, because this revelation could cause a whole lot of drama for a lot of people for no reason.

3. Appearance Issues


If any of you have ever had a relationship on the internet then you probably understand exactly what this fear feels like. And it’s a totally understandable insecurity to have, especially considering how superficial so many people can be. But this is also easily avoidable by just sending your picture to your potential future mate. Honestly, it’s probably less of a problem than most people would expect it to be because if you really like someone personally, then they tend to look more attractive to you anyway. But also, let’s be real; there is a pretty important lesson to be learned from all of the tales of catfishing. You better make sure that the person you’re about to meet in real life actually exists and is actually who they say they are, and honestly it’s a bit of a red flag on both ends if someone won’t verify themselves to you or if someone doesn’t care whether or not you’ve verified who you are for them.

2. Work Trip


It’s always an awkward situation in a relationship where one person is employed and the other is not, but this seems like an incredibly shady situation on the part of this unemployed lady. If she’s waiting to break up with her boyfriend until she actually has a job then that implies that she is somehow financially dependent on him, and it is the wrongest of wrong to use someone for their money just so you can ditch them later. I mean, come on, lady. Just ask your parents for a loan or something. Don’t string someone along just so you can use them as much as possible. And if the boyfriend is sticking with this girlfriend partially because he feels bad for her and her employment situation then that’s even more cringe-worthy. Honestly, a lot of people don’t even want to date someone who doesn’t have a job, so maybe this girl should count herself lucky that she found someone willing to stick with her for richer or poorer.

1. Veggie Tales


I can’t even understand how a non-vegan could keep up this kind of ruse for TWO YEARS of a relationship, and it’s even more baffling that two people managed to separately keep this kind of a secret for the entire duration of their relationship. Finding vegan food and vegan places to eat is hard enough, and it’s mind-boggling that both of them managed to never slip up once in two years together. What did they have in their refrigerator and cupboards and stuff? I just don’t understand how this would even be possible without them actually pretty much being vegan anyway, because if you have no non-vegan food in your house and you always eat vegan food when you go out, then aren’t you basically a vegan? Also, why would someone who isn’t actually a vegan only want to date someone who is a vegan anyway? Sounds like a pretty odd relationship.

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