15 Weird AF Photos And Clips Of Walmart People

The people of Walmart, now commonly referred to as Walmartians, are a breed of people, unlike anything the world has ever seen before.

If you’re feeling down there’s one thing that is always guaranteed to make you feel better. Just grab your phone and check out the strange and outrageous people of Walmart. Their weird antics and questionable fashion statements are enough to make anyone smile – and feel instantly better about their own lives!

The people of Walmart, now commonly referred to as Walmartians, are a breed of people, unlike anything the world has ever seen before. And the internet is obsessed with them. There are hundreds of sites completely devoted to showcasing pictures and videos of bizarre people doing their shopping and compilation videos of these pictures are intensely popular on YouTube. And we just can’t seem to get enough of them. However gross they may be, we can’t seem to look away. Whether it’s their choice of clothes, which usually don’t fit or have questionable stains, their hairstyles, their behavior or their cars in the parking lot, they promise us hours of hilarious entertainment.

Today we’re heading out on a virtual Walmart tour to see just what sort of offbeat entertainment could be found at your local store. It’s fun and it’s free, so grab a trolley and let’s get started.

15 The Low Down

Shopping with children can be difficult at the best of times. And in Walmart, we’ve seen some pretty unusual ways parents have found to control their children. There’ve been pictures of everything from leashes to handcuffs(!) but we don’t think we’ve even seen anything like this before.

These two ladies don’t seem to be too concerned that their young son has decided to take a load off in the under compartment of their shopping cart. What is he doing? Licking the floor? Looking for loose change? Kids in trollies are not unusual but this position seems to be an accident just waiting to happen. Perhaps he needs a sugar boost – maybe grab him one of those Cokes? Let’s leave them and move on, we’ve still got plenty to see.

14 Flash Fashion Fail

As we enter the next aisle you may feel that you’ve slipped into a time warp. Don’t be alarmed. It’s just this outfit.

Now, this looks like a pretty regular family except for the girl (or even guy, here you just can’t be sure) with the cotton candy pink hair. Look, the nineties called and said they need their fashion back – and they’re shocked by what you did with it. Where do you even buy a metallic rainbow skirt? And while we’re critiquing this outfit just WFT is that around his/her waist? A corset? Please don’t say duct tape.

There’s a reason we left platform shoes in the nineties – they didn’t look hot. Ditto netted tops (especially in luminous yellow) and furry handbags.

13 Hat Trick

As we round the corner and enter what seems to be the toiletries section you almost run straight into this cheerful guy. And why shouldn't he be cheerful – he’s wearing a cap with a pair of boobies on it! Oh man, there are so many jokes I could make right now but what I'm really curious about is where such a hat came from? And what purpose would it have been made for? Perhaps this is his way of advertising what he’s looking for in a woman? Maybe, and this is disturbing, he made it himself? We don’t have time to stop and talk to him about it so let’s just slowly move away – perhaps we should head for the fruits and vegetables, it’s sure to be more wholesome there, right?

12 Too Hot For You

While this person (again, not sure if it’s a guy or girl) contemplates the cabbages we can get a good look at their outrageous outfit. It’s not the sort of thing that you or I would wear to do our weekly shopping but at least it provides coverage. Something which is severely lacking in most Walmart fashion fails! It’s also been carefully coordinated so you have to give the person credit for that. At least they took the time to decide what to wear. The furry boots are a perfect match for the white jacket and they’ve taken care to add a belt to those sexy red pants. Again, at least they have pants on! And if they suddenly need to participate in a dance contest you know they’ll be bringing it in that getup.

11 What Is Seen Cannot Be Unseen

Just when you thought it was safe, you spot this. And once you’ve seen it there’s no way to unsee it – the image is burned deep into your brain. This, right here, is the reason for the whole “Leggings are not pants” movement. Ladies, please take notice, they do not provide the coverage you need. Can someone please direct these women to the clothing department and help them get some pants? Preferably ones that are not this hideously colorful.

Also, what is the deal with the one on the left? Are those cut-outs? Is she aware that her shirt is a shirt and not a dress? Perhaps they were in a real rush to get dressed? That’s the only reason we can think of for committing these massive fashion faux-pas.

10 This Is Your Brain

This is your brain. Now, this is your brain on drugs – doing the weekly shop. It doesn’t get any more embarrassing than this.

In this video, a man and his young son catch up to a hyperactive woman in Walmart and it doesn’t seem like her energy or movements are natural at all. She couches, reaches, does weird little dance moves and drops down to her knees, all the while piling more and more stuff into her cart. Of course, we don’t know the backstory here but it’s clear that something was definitely not altogether right with this woman. Whether it was psychosis or chemically induced we can’t say. Although I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone enjoying shopping for food like this before. At least she’s happy.

9 The Hair Thing

I don’t know who I feel sorrier for in this picture. The poor customer service representative who will eventually have to assist this lady or the woman standing behind her who looks as if she is biting her phone to stop herself from laughing out loud. I mean really, have you ever seen anything like this? Only in Walmart, that’s for sure.

Let’s start with the obvious questions – what is that? It cannot, surely, be just one hairpiece am I right? And what would drive you to wear something like this? Long hair is pretty, but this... it looks like something could be living inside it! Doesn’t it get caught up in everything? I don’t even want to think of the fire hazard or about accidentally bumping into her.

8 Just Married?

Now here’s something you don’t see every day – a wedding dress in the grocery store. I can’t help but imagine this woman’s to-do list. Maybe it looks a little something like this: 8am- eat breakfast, 9am- get married, 10am- pick up a few things at Walmart. Look, wedding dresses are pricey whether you make them, buy them, or rent them and I get that maybe she wants to get her money’s worth out of it but Walmart isn’t exactly the place to show off your wedding apparel. Maybe it was laundry day and she just didn’t have anything else to wear?

What’s a little more concerning is his outfit. You have to ask yourself – did he just get married in shorts and a t-shirt or did he just remember to bring a change of clothes along?

7 French Maid

Ladies, get your phone number ready – here’s a guy that looks like a catch. If you’re looking for a date with a man who doesn’t seem to be afraid of housework, and even comes with his own cute maid's outfit, then this is your chance. You might need to upgrade the size of the feather duster though but we’re sure he won’t mind. He’s even got a matching white hair band to keep the dust and sweat off his face – what a winner.

I don’t know what is worse – that someone might willingly go out dressed like this or that he might be an employee of some sort judging by what appears to be a name tag on his right-hand side. Actually, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

6 You Know It’s Hot When...

5 That’s MY Water!

Disaster scenarios truly bring out the worst in people. It gives us a chance to see their true colors and this video is the perfect example of just that.

In this short clip, filmed in September 2016 just before Hurricane Matthew hit Florida, we see Walmart shoppers literally fight each other over supplies. And what was the item in question? It was the last case of water in the store.

Check out the charming woman in the white dress as she literally punches the smaller lady who tried to take the water. She thinks she’s succeeded and walks away but the victim wasn’t about to let it go and goes back for round two – hurling things at her attacker and belting her with a handbag. Someone call Jerry Springer quick, these two look perfect for his show.

4 Are Those Shoes Or Weapons?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder you spot this around the corner. What’s your next move going to be? Do you stand and watch and wait for her to inevitably fall flat on her face? Of course you do! The question is, do you help her up before or after you laugh?

You’ve got to give credit where’s it’s due – this gal is not lacking confidence at all. There are not many people who would have the guts to put these shoes (or weapons) on and then go out shopping. I can only imagine the expressions on the other shoppers' faces when she walks by them, towering over everything like an awkward giraffe.

3 Sweet Hair

Right we’ve made it to the checkout but while you’re standing in line you spot someone who seems to be sporting some very... interesting hair accessories.

Now you might be thinking that incorporating candy into your hair styling is just one step too far but maybe this person's on to something here. Perhaps they suffer from low blood sugar and hate having candies melt into a mess in their pockets? Maybe that’s why they've carefully braided them into their locks for easy removal at a later stage. Didn’t think of that, did you? However, it’s probably far more likely that this is just another example of a strange Walmart person trying to be avant-garde and failing miserably. Remove the sweets, only Lady Gaga can pull off edible fashions.

2 Dino-Car

We’re going into the parking lot now – the last stop before we leave the store. But the tour of The World of Walmart isn’t over quite yet – if you thought the people inside were a little over the top wait until you see the cars they arrived in.

Ah, here is an excellent example. Now at first glance it may look like this purple van drove under a flock of exceptionally messy birds but a closer look reveals that those are all toys – looks like dinosaurs mainly – each lovingly attached to the roof, bonnet, and doors. There are so many questions here but I guess the biggest one is what is this car going to look like when they all have to be taken off – and when last was it washed?

1 Hillbilly Heaven

Just when it thought it was over – there’s this thing. Remember that truck that the hillbilly cannibals drove in those Wrong Turn movies? You thought it was just a movie vehicle, didn’t you? Well here’s proof that it survived and now seems to have taken on a life of its own.

How do you even start turning a car into something like this? What are the thought processes that a person would run through? Are there even any thought processes? What are you trying to say when you drive this? I mean the skins and skulls are one thing but the taxidermy animals just take it to a whole new level. Do you think he would even notice if he hit something now? Or would it just add more flavor?

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15 Weird AF Photos And Clips Of Walmart People