15 Weird AF Fantasies Every Human Has

Oh life, sometimes, the life we are living is just never enough. It’s basic human nature to be unsatisfied with what we have. It’s a sad reality that we have to face but there are some steps we can take into making our lives what we want to be. Sometimes however, what we want in life isn’t something we should get. It’s at these times that all we can do is fantasize.

Be it on our free time or before we go to bed, every single one of us have fantasized about a specific scenario one way or the other. We can’t help but think about the life we should have or about the things that we want to do. It’s within our minds that we get to live our wildest and weirdest fantasies.

Some fantasies are common. What if you win the jackpot at a lottery? What if your favorite star wanted to be with you? What if you invent a time machine? The possibilities are endless and the only limit is what our minds can think of.

However, some fantasies are just downright insane and these are the fantasies we keep to ourselves. Here are 15 weird AF fantasies that many of us are guilty of thinking about.

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Let’s start off this list with one of the most common sexual fantasies out there; BDSM. We don’t really need to explain what BDSM actually is because it’s just THAT popular. But for those who’ve been living in a cave for the past 5 years or so, BDSM stands form Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission.

Many often confuse BDSM with forced sex but in actuality, it’s completely different from that. BDSM is more related to roleplaying and submitting oneself (being submissive), to another person (being dominant). There are a ton of ways BDSM is expressed but the most common one is through the use of whips and rope. Many people have BDSM fantasies at one point or another in their lives. Due to the sudden popularity of this fantasy, more and more people are looking into fulfilling it.

14 The Oedipus Complex


We all know the tragic tale of Oedipus. In Greek mythology, Oedipus is the King of Thebes who was prophesied to kill his father; the former King, and marry his mother. He didn’t know of the prophecy but it was fulfilled nonetheless, and Oedipus did marry his mother and ended up killing himself in his despair.

Through this myth, renowned psychiatrist Sigmund Freud developed a concept called the Oedipus Complex. Basically, it's a male child’s (ages 3-6) desire to have a sexual relationship with his mother.

We’re all guilty of this fantasy be it consciously or subconsciously. At least we’re all saved from the guilt of actually desiring our parents. We were very young then and it’s probably something that we couldn’t have helped – not to mention it's unlikely that a boy's desire to be with his mother was sexual at all (Freud's theories have been questioned and discredited on many occasions).

13 Shoplifting


We all LOVE going shopping and that’s a fact that we can’t deny. But let’s get real, we don’t have money all of the time so what do most of us want to do? Steal the item. More specifically, we fantasize about shoplifting.

The thought of getting the item we want for free is amazing. Perhaps what’s the most exciting part of shoplifting is the THRILL! The thrill of getting away with the crime is exhilarating and it’s perhaps the main reason why we often picture ourselves pocketing an item from a store and then leaving without having to pay for it.

We all know better though. Our shoplifting fantasies are to remain as they are, just fantasies. With all the anti-theft and anti-crime tech in stores, we’re too scared to get caught.

12 Running Into An Ex While Being SO Fab


Hopefully not all of us went through a terrible heartbreak but we’re sure that many actually did. If we did go through a heartbreak, all that’s on our mind is REVENGE. Sweet, sweet revenge. But of course, murder and all other heinous crimes are out of the question because no one wants to be put behind bars. Or, you know, commit a crime and do something bad to someone for real.

The second best option is to just have them see us while we’re on our brightest day ever. They broke our hearts so it’s just fair that we break theirs. Having them see us in a state that’s better than when they left us would just feel so amazing. They’d have second thoughts of being with us again but we know better than to let them back in our lives.

An even better fantasy is when they see us looking all fabulous while they’re with their new significant other who’s way worse than we are.

11 Making Love In An Unusual Place


What is it with people and doing things in the most unusual places? Making love or having sex usually takes place in the bed or in any other private place where the chances of a person walking in on the act is slim to none. However, having sex in the most unusual of places is one fantasy many of us are guilty of.

We are all familiar with the term 'The Mile High Club'. It’s a special group of people that have some way, somehow had sex in an airplane bathroom. This fantasy isn’t limited to just airplane bathrooms though as some would go to extremely unusual places to have sex. Some even go as far as having sex in public.

Like other odd fantasies, it’s very likely that people fantasize about making love in unusual places because of the thrill it brings.

10 Living A Day As The Opposite Sex


This one we’re all really guilty of. Since birth, we’re stuck with whatever gender we’re born with – of course, unless you get a special procedure, but we won't go there. And while a person can change their downstairs area to whatever gender they prefer, it's still not quite the same as living a day as someone of the opposite gender (and a tad drastic for those who are just curious).

Without a doubt, many men have imagined what it’s like to be a woman. The classic "what if I had boobs?" fantasy comes to mind. Women probably don't fantasize about this stuff as often as men do, but there are without a doubt many who wonder what it's like to pee standing up.

9 Killing Your Terrible Boss

Let’s all get it off our chest, we’ve all had a horrible boss (or co-worker) at one point that really grinds our gears. They're horrible, rude and you just don’t plain like them. Even worse, these horrible bosses don’t like us either and they go to great lengths to give us a hard time at work. It’s because of them that people might fantasize about killing their bosses.

When you’re stuck in a humdrum routine, a horrible boss isn’t someone you want to deal with everyday. It’s only a matter of time before we begin fantasizing of brutal ways we could get rid of them. But the good thing is that it’s only our fantasy. Surely enough, no one actually killed their boss out of pure hatred, right?

8 Committing A Heinous Crime

From one crime to another, let’s now tackle the little devil in all of us that consistently whispers, “c’mon, you can do it! Do SOMETHING HEINOUS.” There’s a sociopath hidden within us but almost everyone can control their inner criminals. If no one had control, then the world would definitely be in anarchy.

There are a ton of outlets for our inner sociopaths to run wildly. For starters, we can play games like Grand Theft Auto to simulate what we’d be like as criminals. It’s a pretty weird fantasy to have but it’s one we’re all guilty of. Basic human knowledge tells us that suddenly rampaging in the streets of a busy city is wrong but our curiosity just keeps egging us on to do things that would immediately send us to death row.

7 Living Life In Another Person’s Shoes


Now this. This we’re really all guilty of. While it’s common to be unsatisfied with our lives every now and then, it’s more common to fantasize about what it’s like to live the life of another person. Be it our favorite rockstar, our significant other, someone famous or someone you just admire, we’re all curious as to what it’s like to live the life of another.

The most common fantasy is that we imagine what it’s like to live the life of our favorite celebrity. What is it like to live in luxury? What is it like when they shoot our favorite series? The possibilities are endless yet again.

Another interesting take on the fantasy is that we often think about what it’s like to live the life of those around us. Particularly our significant other. Wouldn’t it be neat to see what our boyfriend/girlfriend sees in us?

6 Living In A Zombie Apocalypse


Oh, zombies. Zombies in pop culture have gained more and more popularity in the recent years thanks to Resident Evil, The Walking Dead and many other popular undead media. The hype behind the living dead is so big, many people are fantasizing that they are in an actual zombie apocalypse.

That would of course mean that many are fantasizing about the world being in anarchy and more than half of the entire population being dead. What’s weird about this fantasy is that it’s so inconvenient. No people. No service. No food (after a while). So much danger everywhere!

We’re guessing that it’s the adrenaline junkies within us that want a zombie apocalypse so badly. And let’s face it, if a zombie apocalypse does happen (and studies say it theoretically could), we’re all probably going to die immediately.

5 Having Superpowers


Super strength, super reflexes, super speed, super senses – anything super. Even before the advent of the Marvel and DC cinematic universe, people often fantasized about getting superpowers. Who wouldn’t though? It would probably be amazing to run faster than a speeding bullet.

Origin stories of how our favorite characters are awesome, wacky and just downright insane. For example, Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive spider to become Spider-Man. If that happened to us, we'd most likely be dead. When it comes to whether or not humans can get superpowers, we’re all probably stuck with fantasizing. It’s not just about getting powers actually. It’s also about doing good (or bad) deeds with our powers. We all hate being a regular Joe. It’s probably better to become a superpowered Joe instead.

4 Humiliating Your Enemy In Public


Revenge is sweet indeed. We’ve seen a lot of movies depicting our favorite heroes’ enemies being humiliated in public. Remember the Shermanator from American Pie. Boy, the highlight of the entire film (or franchise) was when this guy got humiliated in front of the entire student body. There was not an ounce in us that felt sorry for him.

We’ve all had our fair share of enemies and sometimes, it’s not enough to just hurt them physically. We’re all guilty of fantasizing about humiliating them in front of everyone we (and they) know and love. It’s a satisfying moment that will forever be a fantasy as it would take intricate planning to pull off. Plus, we’ll probably be thought of as the bad guy if we did actually go through with anything like that.

3 Becoming President

One of the most powerful people in the world is the President. We’re all guilty of thinking about what it could be like to become the fattest cat in the senate at one point or another. It’s similar to fantasizing about getting superpowers, minus the “super” part of course.

Thanks to countless conspiracy theories online, we’re all so eager to become President for the sole purpose of finding out the secrets of a country. I mean, there is a vault of secrets in the White House, right? At least that’s how those who fantasize about being a President picture things.

The good thing is, this fantasy is more realistic than having superpowers. Study hard, lead hard, learn the tricks of the trade, make people love you, have the perfect sense of right and wrong, be smart, be decisive and– on second thought, it's better being a regular Joe.

2 Becoming Your Favorite Fictional Character


Our imagination takes us to many places under the right condition. But sometimes, thinking just doesn’t cut it. That’s where books, films, and video games come in to do the storytelling for us. However, entertainment forms such as the ones mentioned just don’t cut it either. There are a bunch of fictional characters that we love. We love them so much, it gets to a point when we just want to be them so badly.

Harry Potter, Link, Terminator, Katniss Everdeen. The list of amazing fictional characters that we want to be is endless but we’re all stuck with the fact that we can do nothing more than fantasize about being them. They’ve been through amazing adventures, the toughest of challenges and we just plain admire them. It’s no surprise that most of our time daydreaming is spent thinking about how life would be if we were our favorite fictional character.

1 Time Travel


Since time machines aren’t a real thing yet, we’re all stuck with fantasizing about what it would be like to live in either the past or the future. What would it be like to clash swords with medieval knights? What’s it really like in the old west? Are flying cars really in the future?

We’ve all thought about time travel and it comes in all shapes and sizes. It could be something as grand as going back to the prehistoric era. It could also be something as small as going back to the amazing meal you had last week. Whenever it is, we’ve fantasized about time travel one way or the other. Since there’s no means of doing it yet, we’re stuck with the crummy time period that is now.

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