15 Ways To Know If Your Ex Is Stalking You On Social Media

So you've broken up with your ex and you're finally ready to move onward and upward. Like the saying goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea,” and you are swimming upstream. The relationship ran its course, from love to something less-than, and it just was n't meant to be. You're cool with the fact you're no longer together, but it seems your ex is still invested. In fact, you are starting to get the idea they may be stalking you. Surely not the way a smooth breakup is supposed to go by any stretch of the imagination.

Just when you thought you were finally rid of them, their creepy behavior has got you beyond pissed off and frankly, a little spooked. Something is off and you're sure it's your ex being super-sketchy and sneaky. You feel like you're being watched and it's unsettling to say the very least. You thought breaking up would be good riddance, but things between the two of you are even worse now than when you were together. Stalking is so not cool, just like your wacko ex.

Do you have a sneaking suspicion your ex is stalking you? Don’t ignore your gut. Here are 15 signs they are creeping and spying on your every move. Call them out on their freaky ways and put them in their place. Stalking is serious business and they need to get a life— preferably one without you in it. No wonder you broke up!

15 You See Their Car in the Parking Lot Where You Work

Every morning, when you show up at the office, you see the same car driving slowly around the parking lot. Upon closer inspection, you come to realize that it's the same color, make, and model of your ex's automobile! While you're not able to get close enough to see who is driving, you are convinced that it's your ex stalking you. To make matters worse, every day, when you clock out, the same car is lingering in the lot. You feel unsettled and unsafe. But since you can't see who is in the car, you are not able to call them out. Don't they have somewhere else to be? What are they looking for and what do they want from you? You had better start carpooling with a coworker just in case this loser tries to do something stupid.

14 They Got A Dog So They Can Hit Up Your Dog Park

Your ex never much cared for Fido when you were a couple, so when you see them show up at your go-to dog park with a Cocker Spaniel puppy, you're shocked. You assume they are dog sitting, but come to learn that they went ahead and adopted a dog. Since they know what time you tend to take your dog to the park, they schedule their visits to coincide with yours. This ex of yours is barking up the wrong tree if they think you don't see through this obvious stalker behavior. Let's hope they actually take the proper care of this pup and not just use it as a pawn. Find a new place to walk your dog and avoid bumping into your dog of an ex ever again.

13 They've Been "Liking" All Your Facebook And Instagram Posts

You have "unfriended" your ex on Facebook, but suddenly find out they've somehow made your friend list once again. How this happened, you're not sure, but you are now being watched online by your ex. Everything you post they can see and seem to be all up in your business. No matter what you write or which photos you put up, the first person to give it a “like” is your ex, who you now really don’t like at all. Do you want to bother to create brand new profiles under an alias so your ex can’t find you? Or do you just let them in on your personal life via social media and hope their interest eventually wanes? This online stalking is almost as creepy as if they were peeping into your bedroom window.

12 They Joined Your Gym

You love to work out to keep healthy and stay in shape. You go to the gym to release stress and get your blood flowing, and it's your only chance for much-needed alone time. But who is that fancying themselves in the lifting room mirror? Why, it’s your ex who has suddenly become the latest gym rat. They never gave much thought to their health or appearance while you were an item, so seeing them at the gym means only one thing — they 're stalking you. Every time you hop on a treadmill, they seem to be up to the cardio portion of their workout as well. And when you’re there, they are there too. Even when you switch up your schedule, they seem to wind up at the gym at the same time. Perhaps it is time for you to switch gyms or do your workout at home.

11 They Show Up At The Same Places On The Same Night As You

Just when you were excited to head out as a newly single person, you find out your ex seems to show up at all of your favorite bars and restaurants on the very same nights you decide to hit the town. One time may have been a coincidence, but they seem to be everywhere you are. This is more than a coincidence. They seem to know your plans and make it a habit to show up where you are going to be. How could they know your plans? Are they tapped into your phone or logging into your email account or social media accounts? This is too weird to just be a funny coincidence. This ex of yours is definitely stalking you. Change your passwords and find some new places to hang out. What a creeper!

10 They're Jogging In Your Hood

You don't live very close to where your ex does, so why are they jogging the streets of your neighborhood? Here's a hint — they're stalking you. Their town has plenty of jog-worthy streets and parks with running trails, so what is the draw to come to your neck of the woods for an outdoor run? You are not even within a decent jogging distance from their house, so they likely drove all the way to your neighborhood just to be able to jog past your house. You're all for people staying fit and active, but not when it means your ex is breezing past your front porch covered in sweat just to hope to catch a glimpse of you. Shut the blinds and pay them no attention.

9 They're Suddenly Religious And Join Your Place Of Worship

You prayed for your relationship to be over, and now it finally is. Hallelujah! And every time you go to your place of worship, you thank the “big man” above that you are now single and available to find someone better suited for you. Just when you 're about to release a big “amen,” you take a look a few rows back and see your ex praising and praying among the other worshipers. Weren’t they an atheist when you were together? What happened to those steadfast beliefs? It seems like this stalker has suddenly found their religion. What to do? You can simply ignore them or unwillingly join another place of worship. They say, “A couple who prays together, stays together,” but what about the couple that just broke up?

8 They're Hitting Up Your Coffee Joint

There is nothing quite like that first cup of coffee to get your day started with a tasty boost. And you love your afternoon pumpkin spice latte ritual before heading back to your desk after your lunch break. You have time to sit back, sip, and savor, interruption-free, and get that much-needed caffeine kick to get you through the day. But a week after your breakup, your ex starts to hit up the same out-of-the-way coffee shop you adore. You never even told them about this super-cool, hole-in-the-wall place, so what gives? They apparently followed you there and are now hooked on the café’s delicious frappes. Guess it’s time to hit up Starbucks instead. Now your coffee break is busted by your breakup.

7 They're Volunteering At Your Grandma's Nursing Home

You love your grandma to pieces, and when she had to move into a nursing home, you felt sad but knew she would be in great hands. You visit her as often as you can and adore the kind and caring staff. She loves being with the other elderly peeps who also reside in the home and she's always in good spirits when you visit her. That was until the day you came by only to learn that your ex is the nursing home’s newest volunteer! This is no coincidence — you were still dating when granny moved in, so they're well-aware that you’d be visiting the home frequently. They don’t care about giving back, they just want to get back with you.

6 Your Delivery Packages Keep Disappearing From Your Home

Your mom said she sent you a birthday gift, yet you never got it. You ordered a case of protein bars, but they never showed up. Christmas came and went and not a soul sent you a present. You were very good this year, so why is Santa interfering with your holiday cheer? Wait a minute, could it be your ex taking your packages? They're the only person who knows the key code to your apartment complex. You check the video surveillance footage and alas, it's your ex in disguise, swiping your missing packages left by FedEx and UPS. This is not only seriously stalker behavior, but criminal! Catch this no-good thief and get your precious stuff back. What a slime ball! And let’s hope they haven’t already eaten all the protein bars.

5 You Keep Getting Cryptic Texts From Random Numbers

Right after you broke things off with your ex, you decided to block them from your phone — nice and neat. When it’s over, it’s over. But suddenly, you begin to get weird texts from unknown numbers. Oddly enough, the texts are a little too personal to be a "wrong number" situation. Whoever has been texting knows who you are, and you're now starting to think that you know who is behind the barrage of texts! Now you're going to have to change your number just to get this stalker off your back. What a pain, but worth it to get those pesky texts to stop bugging you all day.

4 They Send Friend Requests To Your Friends And Family 

Your ex seems to think that they're still part of your tight-knit social circle. But your pals and family members would never take your ex’s side. Without being able to remain in contact with you, your ex has decided that they'll pester your buddies and family members to be their “friend” on social media. Perhaps, this is a way to remain close to you and have the chance to see your pics and get clued in on what you're up to. But you don’t want your ex to have any access whatsoever to such personal information. Your good friends and loyal family members obviously won’t accept the ex’s invite, but there is always that one frenemy who wants to start trouble. Watch out for a wolf in sheep’s clothing in your inner circle.

3 They Apply For A Job At Your Place Of Business

The company you work for is growing and they are hiring. Good news for the business and your future with the company. But would you even want to have a future with the company if you knew your ex could be their next employee? Your ex has applied for a job at your place of business, in your department, no less. This is insane! There is no way you would want to work with them, even when you were together as a couple. Business and pleasure don’t mix in your book, and business with an ex is even harder to handle. Let’s hope human resources finds your ex to be as unacceptable as you do and they don’t land the job. Otherwise, it seems like you’ll be the next one seeking employment.

2 Your House Keeps Getting Egged And It Is Not Halloween

This one is definitely a doozy and you are fuming. It's bad enough to find your house “egged” on Halloween. Usually a group of mischievous teenagers run around town and think it is hilarious to chuck eggs at people’s windows. It's rude, makes a mess, and is completely idiotic. Why can’t they just go from house to house asking for candy instead? But when it happens, we don’t take it personally and clean things up by November 1. But what about the rest of the year? Nobody’s getting “egged” except for you. And you have an inkling as to who the culprit is. What an immature thing to do. You never catch them doing the deed, but you know it’s them. The vandalization began the night of your breakup. They got dumped, but it doesn’t mean they’re Humpty Dumpty.

1 You Have An Obsessive "Secret Admire" 

It's always flattering to receive fresh flowers at the office, and when they're from a secret admirer, the thrill is all the more exhilarating. But you have a gut feeling that this admirer is no secret at all. You would recognize that chicken-scratch handwriting on the love note anywhere. It's your ex’s and these flowers are no longer appreciated. After all they've done to you, to think a basic bouquet of carnations would win you back is downright insulting. Put those cheap yellow buds in an equally blah vase and stick it in the communal lunch area where the sun doesn’t shine. You certainly don’t need an all-day reminder of how bad things got with your ex staring you in the face when you’re trying to work.

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