15 Ways To Keep Her Pleased...So She Never Cheats

Men (and women), if you want to please your lover, then continue reading.

With the world barely hanging on by a thread, the last thing anyone needs is an unsatisfying relationship...or romp. The physical, emotional, and spiritual connection two partners share should be celebrated, as well as cultivated. In such an uncertain time, lives are too short to be spent on arguments and anger.

Spend them on devotion and dedication instead.

The book The Five Love Languages offers sound advice on “how to express heartfelt commitment to your mate.” But, if you can’t read 207 pages of material, then a helpful Wikipedia page or Cosmopolitan article should do the trick. Sometimes, simple gifts and encouraging words of affirmation go further than you may think. But kind acts inside of the bedroom go just as far.

More than 1000 women took a poll on what they wanted from their men. Gestures like passionate kisses on the lips or neck appeared as must-haves. Women (myself included) would love anything their partner gives them, especially if they exert time, effort, and energy into the sweet surprises. It's refreshing, and it's highly recommended.

Happy wife, happy life.

15 "Can't Buy Me Love" (Not True)

Even if your Velcro wallet carries a $10 bill at the most, you can still treat your woman to a McDonald's Happy Meal, at the very least.

Whether you buy her junk food or flowers, the fact that you made an effort to think about her own well-being and wants show your softer, tender side. She'll appreciate your acts of kindness (no matter how small), and maybe she'll even thank you by watching Atomic Blonde or playing golf with you.

The little things in life go a very long way, especially in terms of a relationship.

14 Listen To Your Her Heart

Kendall Jenner
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Sometimes a pearl necklace and a flashy diamond ring dull in the light of something that is much more valuable—your presence, literally.

Be physically, mentally, and emotionally present whenever you and your girl go out on a date, talk on the phone, or even have a silly argument. Your words matter as much as her words do, so hear her out when she rants about her crotchety boss, vents about her mother, or just gives you a complete rundown on her day at the office.

Your silence speaks volumes.

13 Reserve A Table For Two

If you and your girlfriend (or wife) share a mortgage, bills, and several children together, then finding some time for intimacy can be challenging at best.

But intimacy keeps your love strong and sturdy, so just make some time for both you and her. Not every date needs to pop off at an expensive restaurant followed by a fancy bar and a luxury hotel room. A simple walk through the park or picnic under the stars will satiate the lovebirds within each of you.

Your attraction to her will grow...and vice versa.

12 Spend Time With Her Loved Ones

Meet The Parents
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Quality time with you may be at the top of her list, but a close second is certainly quality time well spent with her and her family and friends.

She can watch you interact with the people she loves and respects the most, and your willingness and openness to commune with her mom, dad, or little brother will increase strong feelings of desire within her. When her favorite people can come together in a beautiful way, nobody can break the bond.

She will be yours forever.

11 Parent A Pet Together

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Even though you should make memories with her family and friends, don't forget about making your own memories with her.

Once you guys become more invested in the relationship, you may want to add to your growing family by adopting a furry, little friend. By going to an animal shelter, you two can give a loving home to a cat or dog in serious need of nurturing parents. Not only do the two of you get to experience a different side to the relationship, but you also get to multiply the love in the family, not to mention rescue an animal from horrid living conditions or even death.

It's a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

10 Volunteer At Her Local Church...

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If you're dating a Christian girl, then a surefire way to impress her would be through common acts of service.

Whether you want to volunteer at a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, or volunteer at a local school, you can show the love of your life just how much you care for the community. Your selfless acts and caring persona will surely make your woman feel like the luckiest girl alive. How could she ever resist a man that is so charming, charismatic, and kind?

Simple. The answer? She can't.

9 Take Part In Her Favorite Activities

Love means more than just playing house, making babies and starting families, and splitting the cost of living down the middle.

Love means much more. Love means sacrifice, and as much as you may hate a cheesy rom-com or nail salon, you stuff down your personal opinions for her by sitting on the couch with her and watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days or painting your toenails pink. Even though you'd much rather watch a football game or go out to the bars, you'd much rather spend time with her.

It's time well spent. And you will likely be rewarded for these actions.

8 (Try To) Please Her When The Lights Are Off

So many parts go into a worthwhile relationship, and yes, there is no doubt that intimacy plays a key role in the success of your romance.

Even if you two share more differences than commonalities inside the bedroom, you guys can still make your love life work; it just takes more time, effort, and more energy. But once you two find your rhythm, the blood, sweat, and tears will be worth the painstaking lack of pleasure. However, between a renowned "therapist" and unending supply of enthusiasm, your time in between the sheets will feel like a new journey and not a tired routine.

Unleash your inner freak.

7 Take Her On A Vacation

Couples Retreat

Your relationship can only improve with the help of sandy beaches, sunny skies, excursion adventure and of course, several Margaritas or Vodka tonics (whichever floats your boat).

Who can resist love when you vacation in paradise, am I right? Just look at all the couples who exploit their romance on Bachelor in Paradise. Even though they say their goodbyes after a couple months, they rarely split up while the cameras roll, and this is likely thanks to an unending supply of booze and heat. Islands do wonders for the mind, body, and soul.

They also do wonders for you and your girl.

6 Make Her Laugh

No woman can resist a man who can find her funny bone (it can even be more elusive than the sensitive spots on her body... if you catch our drift).

And the best part is that you don't necessarily need the charisma of Robin Williams or knee-slappers of Seth Rogen to make your girl laugh. You just need the willingness to try. And even if you fail at cracking funny jokes, you won't fail at cracking a smile. Sometimes your cheesy puns and quirky one-liners can turn your girlfriend's frown upside down.

After all, the best medicine is laughter, right?

5 Prepare A Home-Cooked Meal For Her

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The old adage about a man's heart and stomach being linked together also bears the same truth for a woman.

After all, food is more than just fuel, especially if your babe's a foodie. From a McDonald's burger to a five-star lobster and steak meal, she enjoys dinner just as much as you enjoy it. Instead of spending money on fast food or fine dining though, you can spend time playing chef for the night. She'll value anything you serve on her plate. Why? Well, because you took the time out of your busy schedule to cook the meal, of course.

Ah, you can smell the love (and fresh food) from here.

4 Watch Home Videos With Her

Whether you sit with her to watch VHS footage of her kindergarten graduation or her birthday parties with her family, you truly make your presence known.

Her fond memories are now becoming your fond memories too, and the two of you can morph into one while sharing this bond. Even though watching dated videos of her dance recitals looks pretty boring, she'll appreciate the fact that you pushed aside your personal agenda for someone who's most important to you—her. You can be certain that the brave effort won't go unnoticed either.

Maybe she'll even reward you later on in the evening.

3 Update Your Facebook Status

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Since it's the year 2017, an age where social media means more than socializing, your Facebook status is a telling representation of your relationship (or lack thereof). And it's an important one.

If you really want to win your girlfriend's heart, actually make her your girlfriend both off and online (as tacky as that may sound to you). By sharing photos of her on your wall with your loved ones, they can also meet your latest lover. She's now a part of their lives too, which can only strengthen the bond she shares with you. What do you have to lose? Nothing.

Instead you have everything, including new friend requests, to gain.

2 Conquer Her Fears...And Yours

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Sweaty palms, heavy breathing, and an increased heart rate can only mean one thing—you are excited.

Even though fear can drive couples away, it can also bring them closer together. By overcoming agoraphobia or acrophobia, you two may as well get married. You guys cemented your love the second you jumped out of an airplane, rode America's tallest roller-coaster, or killed that venomous spider in the bathtub. Because you did it together.

You courageous heroes might as well book a round trip to Las Vegas now. (The Graceland Wedding Chapel awaits you.)

1 Get Married

Anfisa and Jorge
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While marriage is one of life's most binding commitments, not all marriages should be taken seriously.

In Las Vegas, you can also get fake marriage certificates. Complete with cheesy, white tuxes, and gaudy ballroom gowns, a minister will proceed over your union as the bubbly gets poured. Even though people get wasted, meet the "love of their life" at a nightclub, and rush to the altar hours later, you and your woman can go against the grain by going to a chapel that specializes in fake marriages.

Because if your romance bites the dust, you guys won't need a divorce! (You'll just need more champagne.)

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