15 Ways She's Trying To Lock You Down

From simple crushes to puppy love, to something even deeper. Witnessing a developing relationship between a man and a woman is a wonderful sight to behold. As spectators from a friend's point of view, we've all been in a spot where our best friends are finally being able to settle down with their significant other, but this isn't a one-step process.

For girls, settling down with a man requires a ton of thorough decisions and this goes the same way for the men. It's not as simple as a couple getting married after a few years of sharing life as boyfriend and girlfriend. Before the proposal, wedding bells, and wedding vows, there is such a thing as "locking down" first. Women are very savvy in this department.

Locking down is basically a woman trying to let the world — and her man — know that she's here to stay. This lengthy process is one of the first steps of any couple that's starting to settle down, and it's a very mysterious one at that. Women aren't open about what they do to lock down a man, but there are sure signs anyway. Here are 15 ways she's trying to lock you down.

15 She Suddenly Likes What You Like

It's nearly impossible for a couple to be a match right from the start. Women are from Venus, men are from Mars. Regardless of a person's upbringing, men and women just have different interests and this is a fact we all have to live with. Finding someone who shares the same interests as you is way too hard, so we make do with people who like different things from us. That doesn't mean it has to stay that way though.

Once a woman wants to lock down a guy, there's a good chance she's doing her best to fit in what the man's interests are. This is to ensure that there are no dull moments between the couple. The guys often reciprocate their lady's efforts by trying to take interest in what they like as well. A couple that shares common hobbies, likes, and dislikes will last in the long run, so when a lady begins to try out what her guy loves, then she must love him for real.

14 She Starts Controlling Your Spending

Men often criticize women for spending a ton of money on clothes, accessories, and makeup, but the harsh reality is, guys have a spending problem as well. Guys are actually more prone to spending more than women at times, but that's because their hobbies are often more expensive. When a woman tries to control her man's spending habits, then there's a good chance she's trying to help out the guy save up some money for their future family.

Clothes and makeup are expensive at times, but video games, gadgets, and tickets to a sports game don't actually come cheap as well. If left unchecked, guys can spend a lot on their hobbies as well. In many households, women are the ones who take control of the budgeting, and what better way to practice it than by doing it while the vows haven't been said yet.

13 She Sleeps In More Often

There's no doubting that couples are more comfortable when sleeping in each other's arms. It's a romantic way to cap off the day and, let's face it, cuddling makes sleeping 100 percent better. But of course, couples don't sleep next to each other right from the start. It takes time for a couple to become comfortable enough sleeping next to each other. When we wake up, we're ugly and boy are our breaths stinky. No man or woman would want to be seen by their new partner in this condition, at least not immediately.

Once a woman sees the man she wants to settle down with, she'll become more and more comfortable around him. If she begins sleeping in more often and has no fear of seeing everyone's haggard morning looks, she's definitely signaling for a long-lasting relationship.

12 She Starts Leaving Stuff At Your Place

Women have a lot of stuff to carry at times, and it's probably tiring going back and forth between their house and their significant other's house carrying that stuff. Whether consciously or subconsciously, women who are locking down their man will begin slowly moving into their house. It starts with hairpins, toothbrushes, and other essentials. Next thing we know, they're bringing in bags of clothes. It's not exactly a bad thing, as at least there'll be more time spent together at that point.

Women begin leaving things at their man's house for other purposes as well. Think of it like a territorial mark. Once other ladies see that the man of the house already has a significant other to share the home with, they'll mostly retract any advances. It's a messy process, but living under the same roof with a significant other is very warm and comforting.

11 She Wants Other Girls To Stay Away From You

Young girls can be jealous types. While guys do get jealous and suspicious of their girl's guy friends at times, they'd rather care about other things than jealousy. Early in the relationship between a man and woman, the ladies do get jealous at times, but since their relationship is still fresh, they keep the feelings to themselves to avoid coming out as too possessive. Things take a completely different turn deep into the relationship, though.

Girls just have this instinct that lets them know when another woman is interested in their man. If this instinct kicks in, the guys better listen or there'll be a woman scorned. If a girl really wants to settle down with the guy she's currently dating, she's going to be protective of him. This means asking guys to stay away from girls who are obviously interested in them and aren't going to have second thoughts about ruining their relationship.

10 She Wants To Stay In Instead Of Go Out

First impressions last. When guys are still in the courting phase, they try to impress their lady with a nice date. It could be a fancy candlelit dinner or a unique and fun activity. These fancy night outs continue into the early stages of a relationship, as both parties involved are still trying to measure each other's likes and dislikes. Women do love the romantic nights out, but when she begins to lock the guy down, she's going to want to show her man that he doesn't need to spend a lot all the time.

Nights in are going to be more common to a couple that's beginning to become more serious about each other. While candlelit dinners are the dream of many girls, something as simple as watching Netflix during a cold night is often preferred as well. It's cheaper, more comfortable, and most importantly, there's so much time to cuddle.

9 She Asks For Access To Your Social Media Accounts And Cell Phone

In this day and age, it's harder to keep secrets. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and all other tech and social media pioneers, people are now forced to take extra steps if they choose to cheat on their significant others. Still, all the safety precautions aren't scaring away some unfaithful people from dragging a third party into their relationships.

Almost all men who are deep into a relationship have gone through the phase where their partner will begin asking for their social media and smartphone passwords. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, as this is a sure sign that the woman is taking steps into settling down with her man. Women are protective and cautious, but most importantly, it's hard to establish trust with them. Some guys won't budge and will not give their gals access to their accounts and gadgets. This is a bad idea.

8 She Becomes More Comfortable Around You

Every couple goes through an awkward stage. Regardless of how many times a new couple has said their 'I love you's to each other, there are still invisible barriers that keep a couple from truly being themselves around one another. Once this barrier begins to slowly disappear, then the couple is headed down the right path and soon enough, wedding bells will ring.

Ladies tend to keep most of their disgusting habits hidden from guys, even years after they become a couple. A girl will only show her true self to the person she's really comfortable with. If she's beginning to lock down a man, then she'll slowly but surely become more like herself around him. She'll begin wearing the simplest clothes, she'll begin wearing less and less makeup, she'll shave less, and others more. The girl will become happier as she no longer has to hide her other side from the guy and the guy will finally see the girl he'll end up with.

7 She Dresses You Up

Regardless of how guys are raised, the majority of them just don't plain like dressing themselves up neatly. Unless there's a really important occasion, expect guys to walk out and about with messy beards, unironed clothes, and unkempt hair. As expected, women would prefer it if their man was more presentable than what he already looks like, and once a lady begins caring about how her man looks to others, then she's trying to lock him down.

Guys may have noticed that after the long run, their girlfriends will begin helping them dress up. This includes picking out the guy's outfit, getting him a proper barber, and forcing him to trim his beard. Ladies love to flaunt what they have, so that's why their man should be at his finest always. Both parties win in this situation, as some guys really do need the makeover.

6 She Wants More Time Together

As much as possible, couples choose to give themselves time alone so they won't get sick and tired of each other early. There are times when couples just can't help but be next to each other, and we really can't blame them. Since adult life calls for strict schedules and less time to relax and be carefree, couples often have to find time for each other behind their busy schedules.

More and more, couples are going to want to spend time with each other since they're most comfortable in each other's company. When a girl is beginning to truly set her mind on settling down with her current partner, she's going to begin asking for more time with him. She'll make requests such as, "Can you cancel your fishing trip with your friends?" For the guys out there, just make time for her.

5 She Begins Talking About The Future

When a girl begins talking about her future with a guy, many would instantly label her as being too clingy or sometimes even, psychotic. Well, that's partly true in some cases while in others, guys should really begin taking a hint that their girlfriend wants to finally settle down with someone. A girl talking about her future with a guy shouldn't be a bad thing though, as when this happens it means he's really special to her.

Once a girl begins talking about wedding plans; what house she wants, what names she wants for her children; she's definitely hinting that she finally wants to settle down with the guy. Unlike men, women love to think ahead, and for them building a family requires careful planning. It does! When she begins talking about the future, don't call her crazy or too attached, help her build that future.

4 She Splits The Bill

There's always that awkward moment during first dates where a guy isn't sure about whether or not he should split the bill with the girl, and boy do we hate these moments. This can't be helped though, as some guys can't really determine what a girl wants. In a relationship that has stood the test of time, the girl is more likely going to split the bill with the guy without him having to ask first.

We're not just talking about dinner bills, we're talking about the whole package. She'll move in with the guy and then she'll split utility bills. Not only is it a sweet gesture for guys, it's also the more economical approach to living together. Splitting the bill is sort of like a sign that a couple is finally willing to shoulder each other's burdens, and it's one of the steps to becoming a closer couple.

3 She Spends More Time With You

Girls are as busy as guys. They have to work hard for themselves, their families, and their future family too. It's the same deal with guys. It's not always that the girl has time to spend with her boyfriend as work has to be the priority because time is money. Guys might notice that, as their relationship goes longer, the ladies will begin to sort out their schedules so that they get to spend time with their significant other a lot more.

If a woman truly loves a guy, she'll prioritize him over other things, like her favorite TV show, and in some cases, friends. This fact goes either way. Who doesn't want to spend hour after hour with a significant other? It's basic human instinct to long for the company of the person we love, so if a girl wants to lock down a man, she'll show it by making more time for him.

2 She Lets You Meet The Family

Regardless of how special a guy is in the life of his girlfriend, his significant other will still love her family more. Even if they are dysfunctional and very strict, a girl's family is very important to her and you can bet that she's not going to introduce just any guy to her parents. If one is lucky enough to get to meet the parents of a girl, it's the beginning of an even longer relationship.

The norm is that the girl will introduce her boyfriend to her family at dinner. It's just a simple get together, but for a girl, introducing her boyfriend to her parents has been her lifelong dream, so the guy is going to have to be really special. For the guys, you'll have to meet her parents and family at one point, so just go to that dinner, look your best, and impress everyone at the dinner table.

1 She Introduces You To Her Friends

As the Spice Girls song goes, "If you wanna be my lover; You gotta get with my friends." A girl's squad is very important to her. It's similar to how guys treat their "boys". It's true that only really special guys get to meet her friends. Remember that this group is the one that knows more about you already, as there's a good chance the girl has ratted out your biggest and deepest secrets to them.

It's not hard getting along with the friends or squad of a woman because a woman is picky when it comes to friends. They won't befriend just anyone. They have to jive with that person first. She'll likely hang out with people who think and act like her, and that spells good news for the guys as they don't have to radically adjust to their girlfriend's best friends since they already act and think the same way.

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