15 Ways Dogs Prove They're Smarter Than Us

Dogs are most popularly referred to as man's best friend. They've earned the name over the years, and there's a reason people don't say that man is man's best friend; we clearly aren't. Man is closer to man's worst enemy, which is unfortunate because we are the most dominant species on the planet (barring any alien intervention - see my article on predictions that came true and what may be to come).

Before we get into this, I want to say that obviously dogs are not smarter than humans. Dogs didn't create the internet or smartphones or even chew toys and dog treats. Humans did all that. Our rational mind and problem solving skills have gotten us to where we are today, which is pretty dang impressive if you ask me. Meanwhile there's a video online of a dog trying to cross a bridge with a huge stick in its mouth, only to be utterly flummoxed when he didn't fit. It's not a great look that we can put their brain in a figure-four when we pretend to throw a tennis ball. Humans are smarter - that's not a question.

Dogs do have a certain inherent intelligence, though, that's different from humans. They are much more intuitive, and are obviously more in-touch with their natural instincts. Some of their smarts come from pure ignorance of what's going on, but that doesn't mean that there isn't something that can be learned from these friendly beasts. They aren't as smart as humans in the traditional sense of the word, but humans have lost touch with many of the traits that we find so endearing in our canine companions.

15 Dogs Got Domesticated

14 Dogs Live In The Moment

13 Dogs Recognize The Need To Move

12 Dogs Are Happy When You’re Happy

11 Dogs Aren’t Self-Conscious

10 Dogs Stay Hydrated

9 Dogs Are At Play Constantly

8 Dogs Are Loyal

7 Dogs Forget

6 Dogs Value The Journey

5 Dogs Learn What’s Important

4 Dogs Don't Value Dominance

3 Dogs Don't Overthink

2 Dogs Detect Diseases And Other Ailments

1 Dogs Love Unconditionally

Your dog is always going to love you more than anything in its world. Dogs know who puts food on the table, and unlike a cat that's not the only reason they love you (I know some cat people may not like that statement but cats can be real b-words sometimes). Your dog won't think of all your shortcomings as a person, and they're always genuinely happy to see you. They love love, and no one provides love to a human like a dog will. There's no condition for a dog to love you; a dog doesn't care if you develop an annoying tendency or bad habit. They will never storm off in frustration when they don't get the response they were looking for. They will continue to love you no matter what. It's a beautiful thing, and a lot of people would benefit from this kind of love and loyalty.

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15 Ways Dogs Prove They're Smarter Than Us