15 Ways Celebs Get Their Bodies Award-Show Ready (Including Colonic Spa Treatment)

We are in the midst of award shows and the Academy Awards are the next up for this year. We saw a ton of amazing celebrities at the Golden Globes looking better than they have in a while. It’s that time of year, though, and they bring out the best dresses and make sure their bodies are fine-tuned for all the pictures that will be taken of them on the red carpet.

The awards are more than finding out the best movies and music of the year. It’s about making a statement. We saw the statement made at The 75th Golden Globes this year where everyone wore black to support the Time’s Up movement. It was also the night where Oprah gave one of the most epic speeches of her career. Not only is it about making statements, but it’s also about the designers that the celebrities are wearing that year. We can’t help but love the moment when we get to see all the outfits that are chosen for the awards.

All these celebrities want to look amazing for the awards, especially if there is a chance they will be receiving one. So, out come the plastic surgeons, personal trainers, and aestheticians before these special events. You might be surprised at what they are willing to go through in order to look their best. Check out these 15 ways celebs get their bodies award-show ready.

15 Celebrities Focus On Toning-Specific Workouts

This is, of course, for the celebrities that work out regularly. If you just started working out during award season, chances are you won’t see much of a difference come the night of the awards. But for those that want that extra tone for the night, they do toning-specific workouts. So, what does that mean?

It doesn’t mean that they do extreme workouts like SoulCycle, it means that they target specific areas and work those extra hard.

So, their trainers will likely have them do exercises for key areas so that their arms and legs looked extra toned and strong for the event. If they don’t have a trainer, some celebs will hit up Pilates, Modelfit, or Megaformer classes to tone certain areas during award season. If you see a celebrity with super toned arms, you can give them a wink because you know that they were doing toning-specific workouts.

14 It’s Time To Eat Clean

If they weren’t dieting before then, they certainly are now. This is crunch time and they usually take about 4 to 6 weeks prior to awards season to start their diet. At this point, the diets tend to be pretty extreme and that means that they aren’t any fun to be on. When a celebrity decides to tighten up their diet, it means cutting out a lot of things that make day to day life enjoyable. That means no drinking for 4 to 6 weeks.

It also means cutting things out like no sugar, no white flour or wheat, no processed foods, and no fried foods.

During this time, it is highly unlikely that they are eating out that often and definitely no fast foods. Some celebrities will have a meal delivery service handle their meals or hire a chef that keeps them disciplined.

13 Celebrities Are Downing Water By The Gallon

Drinking a lot of water is a great idea throughout the day, especially if you are trying to lose weight because it helps you to feel full and it flushes toxins out of your body regularly. If a celebrity looks like they are glowing on the red carpet, it’s likely that they have been guzzling water for weeks. Anyone in the fitness industry will always tell you to drink tons of water regardless of your goals in the gym.

Celebrities who are trying to look their best during award season will drink extra water to eliminate the toxins in their bodies.

It also clears your skin and give it a nice glow. Drinking tons of water does a lot of awesome things for you, like lubricating your organs and joints. But if a celebrity is doing it for award season, she is likely doing it to stay hydrated and giving her the feeling of being full so that she doesn’t have the urge to snack.

12 They Endure “Painless” Colonic Spa Treatments

Seriously, it is just as bad as it sounds, but it’s all the rage in Hollywood. This might be a little graphic but if you want to know the tricks of the trade then sometimes it can get ugly. If you have never heard of a colonic spa treatment, then you are really in for a treat. The treatment involves inserting a tube into the rectum and then flushing it out with water. It’s not supposed to be painful, but allegedly, there have been some screams that emanate from the room. It’s also called an enema, but Hollywood thought they would class it up a bit.

The treatment is supposed to literally clean you out, so to speak, as well as remove any toxins in your body and it costs close to $5,000.

So, why are these celebrities putting themselves through this? Apparently, they can lose up to seven pounds because of the “cleansing.”

11 They Are Ramping Up Their Exercise Programs

If award season is starting to roll around and a celebrity finds that he or she has a few pounds to lose, sometimes all it will take is increasing the intensity of their current workout routine. That usually requires a lot more cardio and possibly even some circuit training routines. It’s all about losing as many calories in a short period of time. Extra cardio will be piled on by the trainer and that may mean an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill or taking up a kickboxing or spin class.

Many celebrities have been known to go to the gym twice a day when they are preparing for award season.

They will usually do their circuit weight session and then come again to do their cardio routine. It means being in the gym for multiple hours in the day.

10 Celebrities Are Sleeping Like Babies 

This one actually sounds like a really good idea and it’s something that more of us need in our lives. One thing that is recommended for a celebrity to look their best during award season is to get a lot of sleep. Their trainers are for sure recommending they get lots of sleep. It’s all about looking as fresh-faced as possible and leaving those dark circles behind. We’re not sure how much of a difference it is actually making, but let’s be honest, no one would be complaining if they were told to sleep more. We would even go out and buy a new pillow for the occasion.

9 They Get To Relax At The Spa

As if sleeping all day wasn’t enough, some celebrities get to bask in total relaxation at the spa during the last week before the awards. The whole point of this sacred ritual is to relax and rejuvenate the body as much as possible before the event. Their body is likely exhausted from the extra exercising and extreme dieting that they just need to take a moment to themselves.

So, the plan here is to schedule multiple appointments throughout the week before the award show.

They want to be completely chilled out before they have to get all gussied up for the event.

8 They Get Their Meals Delivered

There is one thing that we would enjoy immensely and that’s having our meals made and delivered to our door. That would just save so much time. Well, part of being on a diet means that the things you eat are very limited. If you have ever tried cooking on an extreme diet, it can be difficult.

Celebrities have their meals delivered to them so that they are perfect for their calorie intake and only include foods they are allowed to have.

It can make dieting so much easier and it can prevent someone from binging on pizza if they are in a hurry. They also have the option of having everything organic which is so much healthier. A favorite for the celebrities is Sakara because they specialize in plant-based items which will have your skin glowing as well as help you lose weight.

7 They Do Amazing Things To Their Skin

It’s truly amazing what can be done to the body and face of a celebrity in just a matter of weeks before the red-carpet event. There are so many things that can give your skin the added boost that some of those things are taken care of weeks before an event. These aren’t just about facials, they are very specific facials that are called “red carpet facials.”

Celebrities get them the day before the event and it apparently makes them look younger and will even make their cheekbones appear more defined on camera.

It sounds pretty amazing. We would like to get our hands on some red-carpet facials. The facials are so awesome, they will lift your jawbone and cheeks and erase wrinkles. We want to know what they are putting in this stuff. You have to book it early though because they will only see people who are nominated for awards the day of the event.

6 Celebrities Refuse Bubbly 

We mentioned this previously in regards to a diet, but celebrities take this one very seriously. When it comes to drinking, it can dehydrate your body and it’s even been known to change your skin if you drink excessively. Never mind the fact that it’s just empty calories. There are a lot of people including celebrities that find this difficult to do.

Many dieticians will recommend to their clients that they quit drinking for at least a month before an event.

Alcohol has that great way of making you look puffy especially the day after drinking it, so it’s best just to abstain when going to an event. The last thing any celebrity would want is to look puffy on the red carpet because those photos are forever. The one high point is they’ll be a cheap drunk at the after party.

5 Celebrities Are Not Into Chewing Gum

Not chewing gum? But what about coffee breath? Sometimes, it just cannot be helped. Now, this one definitely sounds just a little bit weird, but apparently, it’s a thing. Some people think that chewing gum means that it will trick your body into thinking it’s eating, but that will only get you so far. Scott Keppel is a certified fitness coach and the owner of Scott’s Training Systems. He trains women who are interested in winning pageants.

He believes that chewing gum is a big no-no when you are trying to lose weight because if you have to cut back on eating, then the lack of food will only cause an acid buildup.

That will lead to indigestion which is definitely not something that you want during an event. So. celebrities also say no to gum, which is both bizarre and a little crazy.

4 Celebrities Are Using The Power Peel

The power peel isn’t just for the face; you can use it for your whole body. Celebrities want their faces and bodies to look incredible when it comes to attending a red-carpet event. The power peel is a means of detoxifying the skin by using a resurfacing peel.

They then use LED therapy and even oxygen to make the celebrity look as if they spent the last month in a luxurious spa.

Their skin from head to toe is glowing and now we know how they get that red-carpet glow. Celebrities have so many options at their disposal that it’s really remarkable how many of them can manage to have a bad day. They don’t have to worry about their skin looking dehydrated or tired, a power peel takes care of all of that.

3 Celebrities Are Rocking The Fitbit Lifestyle

You may think that the Fitbit is just a fun little tool, but it’s not. Celebrities are using them to get red-carpet ready. Some of the trainers recommend the Fitbit so that their clients can track their movements at all time. Harley Pasternak, trainer and author of The Body Reset Diet says,

“All my clients carry a Fitbit and I'll have them up their steps before events. If they're doing 10,000, I'll increase it to 12,000 — the goal is to burn more calories from the moment they wake up until they go to bed and I monitor it from my computer.

The most important thing is cutting back on sugar intake in the weeks leading up to an award show. I limit the net carbs (that's total carbs minus the amount of fibre) to 40 grams.”

2 Celebrities Are Encouraged To Get Massages

Experts recommend that celebrities get a lot of reflexology massage because it helps with blood flow. They are exercising more and they want their bodies to look perfect and that means treating the body wel,l too. The pain management expert Vicky Vlachonis, author of The Body Doesn't Lie says,

"Some might want to consider a tummy massage to encourage lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow to the abdomen. No one asks to get the front of their body massaged, but it's very important.

Tummy massage can make space for the diaphragm muscle, which rests under the ribcage and can hold a lot of tension, and the solar plexus, which can cause panic under stress. When you are keyed up, that muscle spasm and strain can cause shortness of breath, heightened nerves, fear and pain. Tummy massage releases increased blood flow and oxygen to the area and also helps move the bowels — very helpful in this week of release to clear out the whole system.”

1 They Are Focusing On Acupuncture For Their Body

Celebrities will go to extreme lengths to make sure that they feel and look amazing on awards day. They don’t care what it costs or how extreme the method, just as long as it gets them the results that they want. Some celebrities will get acupuncture and cranial sacral to release any bad vibes going on in their bodies. It sounds kind of weird but Vicky Vlachonis recommends it to all of her clients.

“Schedule a treatment featuring cranial sacral and acupuncture to release any lingering negative energy and to ensure deep relaxation.”

Some of these methods seem pretty crazy and even a little extreme, but these are the things that celebrities will do to make sure that their bodies are perfect for the entire awards season. These things can be a good and a bad thing.


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