15 Vanessa Hudgens Fashion Looks That Were A Little Too Much

Vanessa Hudgens rose to fame after she was cast as one of the main stars of the High School Musical series more than a decade ago and was then seen as one of that era's breed of Disney stars. It seems that Vanessa has been around the acting world since before High School Musical after she made her acting debut in Thirteen back in 2003.

Like many other members of the High School Musical cast, Vanessa became a star when she was 18 years old and has been able to continue her acting journey over the past decade. It seems that Vanessa grew up in the 1990s and they were the years that were best remembered for their bad taste in fashion, which could be why the actress has continued this bad taste over the past few years.

When the 29-year-old is on set, it seems that she has a stylist who tells her what to wear, but outside of her movie sets, Vanessa has attempted to make some of the most shocking fashion choices. Some of these were too much for many of her fans and have landed her on the worst dressed list many times for some of the red carpet events that she has attended. The following list looks at just 15 of Vanessa Hudgens' worst outfits that have just become a little bit too much for her fans. They have left many wondering if she is trying to make too much of a statement with her fashion sense.

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15 This Coachella Look Is Way Too Over-The-Top

via: Zimbio.com

Vanessa was spotted at Coachella for the second year in a row back in 2011, but instead of being pictured with Zac Efron, the star that Vanessa was dating the year before, she was instead pictured with her new beau and co-star Josh Hutcherson. It seems that Coachella is a place that many stars go to relax and Vanessa definitely looks like she's dressed down for the event.

Vanessa is wearing flared trousers and a cropped shirt as she hangs out with Hutcherson, who is also dressed casually. It seems that this just isn't really the place for many stars to be pictured since they do like to dress a lot differently than they usually would if they knew that they were going to be spotted and photographed. Vanessa has the kind of body that will allow her to pull any outfit off, but this one doesn't seem to be working for her at all.

14 She Can Fit Three Other People Into These Enormous Trousers

via: bloglovin.com

Every now and then there is a fashion trend that comes around and leaves many people questioning what the hell these designers were thinking. Here, Vanessa is modelling some of the biggest flared trousers that became trendy a few years ago.

Maybe it's the colour of the trousers or the fact that they look as though they look like they need to be ironed, but either way, these don't seem as though they are a fashion statement that anyone should be making, let alone stars who are seen as fashion icons. The trousers don't go with the sandals either. From the waist up this outfit is really cute, but from the waist down this was a really bad decision for Vanessa. Maybe next time the actress can try wearing these trousers in a different colour and then it will be clear if it really is a design flaw or not.

13 Crushed Velvet Should Never Be Used To Make A Suit

via: Dailymail.co.uk

There are some people who prefer to take comfort above being fashionable but it wasn't thought that Vanessa was one of these people. The above outfit does look as though it is incredibly comfortable, but it isn't necessarily one that many women would wear outside of a cosy night in watching Netflix.

In early 2017, Vanessa joined The Women's March protesting the current American administration in Los Angeles, before having dinner with her sister Stella. The two were spotted out in West Hollywood and Vanessa was seen wearing a baby pink crushed velvet jacket and trousers as well as a low cut grey t-shirt. It seems that on this day all the actress cared about was being comfortable because even though this isn't a look that many people would want to replicate, I'm sure we can all agree that she looks incredibly comfy, so she deserves points for that at least.

12 This Coffee Shop Look Is A Total Mess

via: moejackson.com

Vanessa is a well-known Hollywood star so it seems that she will always be pictured when she's spotted out in public, regardless of where she is. The above image was taken from early 2017 when the actress and singer was pictured out for coffee in Studio City, California.

Once again it seems that Vanessa is showing off her apparent obsession with trousers that are way too big. The bottoms of these pants are a little bit too big and it seems that she hasn't bothered to brush her hair either since it just hangs down her shoulders on her grey shapeless cropped jumper. Once again Vanessa has tried to rock the casual look but completely failed. The shoes just didn't go with the outfit at all, and it seems that she just wanted to nip out for coffee and threw on an outfit without realizing that she might have been photographed.

11 These Brown Lace Pants Are Incredibly Unflattering

via: fanshare.com

Sometimes clothes can look much better in your head than when you actually put them together. It's a daily routine for most women but it seems that Vanessa didn't picture this outfit in her head before she put it on, since it is considered one of the worst outfits she's been seen outside in.

The actress is seen wearing brown lace trousers which show off her undergarments. She decided to wear these with a blue cardigan, a white t-shirt and a black fringe bag. There is nothing about this outfit that actually works. No wonder she has decided to put sunglasses on when it obviously isn't that bright outside. She probably doesn't actually want to be spotted in this outfit. This could easily have been saved if she had decided to wear a pair of trousers that weren't sheer, but now she has to live with that decision since there will always be proof of it online.

10 This Look Is A Whole Lot Of "No"

via: popsugar.com

Vanessa definitely brightened up the Electric Run in LA back in 2013 as she looks almost unrecognizable following her rave makeover. The actress went for a head-turning electric pink outfit that consisted of a bright pink wig as well as neon pink gym leggings. She decided to pair these with pink sweatbands and furry boots as well as a furry winter hat.

The actress looks as though she is dressed for the winter except for the fact that she's opted to wear a cropped "Neff" shirt that shows off the abs that she has been working so hard for in the gym over the past few years. The aim of the race is to wear this kind of clothing, but it seems that this will definitely not be a fashion statement that many of the star's fan base will be copying. There is such a thing as too much pink.

9 This Lime Two-Piece Is Fit For A Grandma

via: tomandlorenzo.om

Vanessa attended the 2016 NBC Universal Upfront Presentation in New York City in a Monique Lhuillier outfit that seemingly was a little bit too bright for anyone to take seriously. The actress had walked a number of red carpets at this point and it seems that she was aware that there was a dress code, but this colour and the fact that it's completely sleeveless was a little bit too much.

Vanessa is once again showing the versatility of her hair as she rocks the curls that she has been trying to hide by straightening and cutting it for a number of years. If it wasn't for the brightness of the outfit then this would be a great look for Vanessa, but it seems that the colour was just the wrong option for her. Don't feel bad, though; there aren't many people who would be able to convincingly rock this colour.

8 This Mermaid-Style Dress Is Not A Good Look

via: Stylebistro.com

Sometimes a dress can just be a little bit too much for someone and it seems that this is the case for Vanessa here as she attended the Elton John AIDS Foundation viewing party back in 2012. It seems that the actress tried so hard to make this outfit work and even rocked retro curls and dangling earrings in the hope that it would help the look, but it seems that the mermaid theme just didn't go down too well.

Vanessa's tiny frame has been taken over by this dress and it seems that the gold leather fish scale gown by Georges Chakra wasn't a huge hit when it comes to the critics who have seen this outfit. Once again Vanessa's name ended up on the worst dressed list for the event. Maybe the mermaid style hair was in fashion at the time, but it seems that dressing like the mythical creature didn't go down very well.

7 She Is Definitely Making A Colourful Statement

via: Pinterest.co.uk

Vanessa is now almost 30 years old and it seems that she has become much riskier when it comes to her style. Here she is pictured at the Moschino Spring/Summer 18 Menswear and Women’s Resort Collection at Milk Studio in Hollywood, California back in the summer of 2017.

Now, Vanessa can usually wear whatever she wants to show off her toned legs and her incredible figure, but it seems that this dress was not something that fitted in with this. There are too many colours going on at once for this not to be a distraction and the fact that the jacket that matches isn't a solid colour either just seems to make it even worse. Maybe a stylist would be a good idea if this is something the actress thought was a good look. Even models who have been pictured in this dress aren't able to pull it off, so it isn't just Vanessa.

6 We Are Not Quite Sure What's Going On With This Outfit

via: popsugar.com

This style of dress has been on trend for the past few years and it seems that this one is very similar to the dress that Nikki Bella wore to the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony back in April 2017. It seems that Vanessa decided to follow in her footsteps at the MTV Video Music Awards back in the summer of 2017.

The dress is beautiful but it seems that many critics have claimed that it made Vanessa look like a popular dancing emoji. Vanessa is one of those people who can get away with wearing a dress that has much of it either cut out or left in lace. She looks incredible, but maybe the fact that she looks so much like an emoji is the reason why so many critics are hating on this look, since there doesn't see to be that much actually wrong with it. While it is a little out there, it is not her worst look.

5 This Hippie Look Went Very Wrong

via: stylebistro.com

Vanessa's style at Coachella back in 2011 has already been showcased, but it doesn't seem to have improved much by 12 months later at Coachella in 2012. Vanessa is seen wearing thigh-high lace tights even though her dress isn't long enough to reach the top of the stockings.

She also opted to wear a red hat even though her dress is black and white and her ankle boots are black as well. It seems that once again Vanessa didn't care much about what she looked like while she was chilling at Coachella; she just wanted to feel comfortable. There is too much going on in this outfit for it to ever be taken seriously, but it seems that Vanessa looks quite happy wearing it, so that's something. Maybe next time opt for a longer dress and a different coloured hat and then it won't be as bad.

4 These Thigh-High Boots Don't Go Well With Those Shorts

via: Pinterest.co.uk

Vanessa is someone who many fans see as a fashion icon when she's seen on the street, but it seems that some of her outfits seemingly contradict themselves. Vanessa is seen here wearing thigh-high brown boots as well as shorts and a woolly jumper that is seemingly a size too big.

It makes it seem as though it's quite cold out in West Hollywood in February 2015, which is where this was taken but to wear shorts and a pair of thigh-high boots just don't go with the jumper. Once again Vanessa is going casual as she decides against wearing her hair in any kind of style instead opting to go with a messy down theme. Fans love Vanessa's legs so if it was warm enough to show them off, then there is always a good enough reason to. They just don't look right when they're covered up by brown boots.

3  This Boho Snakeskin Look Failed

via: surferwife.com

Snakeskin was seemingly one of the huge on-trend things back in 2011 and it was seen all over the red carpet with shoes, dresses and even clutch purses, but it seems that Vanessa decided to take it one step further when she showed off the above outfit which is all patterned like snakeskin while she partied at the Pure Nightclub Caesars Palace Resort and Casino back in 2011.

The short snakeskin dress was paired with a snakeskin patterned jacket, which has tasselled edges. While the black heels seemingly go quite well with the outfit, the bohemian vibe is ruined by the sandy coloured brown bag that Vanessa has decided to put with the snakeskin patterned theme. This was just a little bit too much, even though it was on trend at the time. Looking back even Vanessa will think that this was a little bit more snakeskin than she ever wanted to wear.

2 This Fashion Disaster Is Way Too Much To Take In

via: thegloss.com

Vanessa appeared on the red carpet for the WWE and E! Entertainment Superstars for Hope event back in 2013 in what was considered to be one of the worst dresses that the actress has ever decided to wear out in public.

Vanessa wore a Temperley London dress that contained polka dot sheer panels, lace, gold embroidery, tulle, and appliqués and it seems that it just doesn't suit her at all. It looks as though the dress was made for someone who was much taller than the High School Musical star. It also has forced her to dress in a way that doesn't suit her, which includes her hair. We miss the old Vanessa. This just wasn't a good look for her and five years later it isn't a look that has caught on either. Luckily, Vanessa hasn't tried to dress this way since either, so it seems that she also realized her error.

1 She Looks Like She Is Wearing A Curtain

via: dailymail.co.uk

Even though Miley Cyrus stole all the headlines for the way she dressed at the 2015 Video Music Awards, it seems that Vanessa's name was also on the worst dressed list and it wasn't very far down it. Vanessa showed up to the award ceremony dressed in what many critics thought was a pair of curtains.

Vanessa is stunning and she has the added effect that she looks beautiful in everything that she wears but incredibly it seems that even she couldn't pull off this look. When you have a body as stunning as Vanessa's, floor-length dresses shouldn't be her first option. She could show off her incredible legs much more than she does, which could be why this dress looks so strange on her. Her hair looks beautiful as does her makeup, but the one thing that is ruining this look is the dress and the fact that it looks like a pair of drapes.

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