15 Unforgettable Photos Of A Young Mariah Carey

Whether you prefer the young Mariah or appreciate her regardless, here are pictures of her that might bring back childhood memories.

Mariah Carey was almost every man's dream when her first single "Vision of Love" was featured on MTV and Much Music. Her soft curls, look of innocence and angelic voice made little girls want to be her. The one thing I liked about Mariah when she was younger is she knew how to sing a pop single and turn a remix into a hip hop perfect people could dance to in the club.

If we look back in history, she allegedly dated many celebrities, and whether the rumors were true or not, this woman knows how to have fun. A few of the men on the list include Eminem, Luis Miguel, and Derek Jeter.

Some of Mariah Carey’s biggest fans believe that she still looks amazing despite her age. Whether you prefer the young Mariah or appreciate her regardless, here are pictures of her that might bring back childhood memories.

15 1997 MTV Video Music Awards

14 The Tommy Mottola Days

On the other hand, some believed that she decided to be with him because he is a music executive and it would help her career. Whatever her intentions were, Mariah seemed like she had a fairy tale lifestyle because she finally found someone that understands her and the reality of being in the music business.

After her marriage with Tommy Mottola ended, she admitted that it was not all that it seemed.

Mariah said that she spent a lot of time alone on their honeymoon and always carried her wallet with her even around her house because if things went sour, she wanted to be ready to take care of herself.

13 1997 Butterfly Album Cover

Many thought she was becoming a different person with racier images and lustful songs about men. All she wanted to do was write and sing traditional music, and the fans loved it. Before this album, some industry executives stopped her from singing urban music, but at this time, she had more independence in her career and she made it happen.

12 Mariah's 1997 Honey Music Video

Most men remember her wearing the golden swimsuit coming out of the swimming pool. Others might recall her dancing with Puff Daddy and the rest of the Bad Boy team in a sparkly brown tube top and mini dress in a golden tunnel. No matter what part of this video that you enjoyed, check out YouTube to watch it again.

11 The Time She Dated MBA Baseball Player Derek Jeter

Nonetheless, she was dating a few other celebrities at that time that included Luis Miguel, Marcus Schenkenberg, Jamie Theakston, and Eddie Griffin.

While we are not sure how serious the other relationships got, she definitely wasn't able to escape the paparazzi with Jeter.

One thing is for sure, she was glowing when she was dating Derek Jeter and it seemed that at the time he was into her too. Maybe it didn’t work out because of her schedule or maybe because he was a playboy at the time, but the photo makes for a great entry!

10 The 1998 Version of Mariah Carey and Will Smith

At this time of Will’s career, he was known for his musical ability and had not yet starred on the TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She was 18 years old in this photo and Will be 19. It was at the time that she left Long Island living with her mother.

Mariah found a small apartment in New York City where she had a difficult time getting the attention of music labels to take her music demos seriously. The story has it that a pop star named Brenda K. Starr let Mariah work as her backup singer and the rest is history.

9 1998 MTV Video Music Awards

They walked on stage wearing the same tight fitting dress, ripped off the bottom to make it a mini dress and laughed at the situation. Rather than feeding into the negative rumors, they played into it with the help of their short skit.

Mariah looked amazing in this dress and proved to the world that despite her divorce with music executive Tommy Mottola she could still look among the hottest of the celebrities on the red carpet.

8 Timeless Black and White 1999 "Heart Breaker" Remix Music Video


In the summer of 1999, Mariah Carey was on her way to being an R&B princess, and it helped that rappers like Da Brat, Missy Elliot, and Snoop Dog had her back. After the single “Heart Breaker” came out people were waiting for the remix. Then one happened with Jay-Z that was a classic. While you may love Jay-Z, it may be hard to forget the black and white video with Da Brat and Missy Elliot that stole the show.

In the video, Mariah does one of the things she does best; look pretty in a cute outfit and let her hair fly in the wind. DJ Clue and Desert Storm made the remix sound much better than the first.

Though you can't please everyone and there were many mixed reviews about this song with some saying that the rap lyrics made the song plummet after the original song's popularity.

7 The 2003 NBA Washington Wizards Basketball Jersey

As she continued, the camera moved towards Michael, and if you look closely, he had tears in his eyes. If you love MJ, it's hard to watch without shedding a tear. He sat there watching Mariah with respect as she looked amazing in the NBA jersey dress.

After she was done singing the song she announced Michael Jordan onto the stage with her singing voice. Although he did his best to pretend he didn’t notice how good she looked, I caught him looking at her outfit. Michael tried to start his speech, but for about one minute the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

6 The 23 Michael Jordan Jersey

She had a glistening bling bracelet, and at the end of the song, she hit the C note perfectly although it seemed like she was slightly out of breath while dancing and performing. Fans understood that instead of the song being a serenaded melody to flirt with Michael Jackson, it meant that the NBA needed MJ to keep playing even though was getting up there in age.

This performance shows us that Mariah’s style is timeless. After this incident, it definitely became more common for women to wear basketball dress jerseys when they want to impress their date at an NBA game or look cute.

5 The Epic Hot Pink Dress at the 2006 ESPY Awards


The night that Mariah Carey attended the ESPY Awards in 2006, the only thing that men were focusing on was the tight hot pink dress that she wore. She presented the Best Male Athlete ESPY Award that night to Lance Armstrong, and she was struggling to open the envelope before he got on stage. Whether it was a publicity stunt or the envelope was sealed tight, Mariah looked amazing. As she walked off of the stage the cameras that were filming stayed glued to Mariah as she was walking and despite the envelope moment she kept a beautiful smile and walked off with grace.

The year of 2006 was an excellent time for Mariah because her album Emancipation of MiMi delivered the hit “We Belong Together” and earned her 10 Grammy nominations. She was also on her The Adventures of Mimi tour that year traveling to Africa, Canada, United States and Asia.

4 Mariah Carey's 2010 Merry Christmas II You Album

Her music video “All I Want for Christmas Is You” aired in 1990 and twenty-seven years later, there are 287 million views on YouTube.

People still purchase this album as a stocking stuffer because the songs on it are timeless. Despite the fact she was wearing a red puffy snow suit and a red winter hat, she still looks amazing. It was her innocent smile and flirtatious waves to the camera that reeled in the hearts of men.

3 2010 "Say Something" Video featuring Snoop Dogg


The Emancipation of MiMi album will continue to be a Mariah Carey album classic. During the time that she worked on the album with artists like Jermaine Dupri, Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg and Nelly. She also decided to use her nickname ‘MiMi' for the album because it was right around the time that she was able to break free from personal issues in her life and commercial projects that went sour

Many song critics considered the album a party record, and it had the “highest first-week sales of Carey's career at the time” according to Wikipedia.

We know she had a lot of fun filming this video. She filmed it in Europe and had several wardrobe changes to match who she was within a scene. Although the other scenes were risqué, Mariah kept it urban in this shot with the one and only Snoop Dogg.

2 Unforgettable Beach Photos of Mariah and Nick Cannon

We can’t forget the infamous beach photos of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. She was still relatively younger and happier after they got together. Many fans and music critics were starting to wonder if she would ever get married. After all, she is a self-made pop and R&B star that many men in the music business were attracted to. Nick admitted that he had a long time crush on her before they met and shortly after two months of getting to know each, he asked for her hand in marriage.

Every year that went by the two would renew their vows to show themselves (and the world) just how much they appreciated their marital union. However, after six years of being together, the two called it quits.

Despite the fact their relationship ended, Mariah looked amazing at this time.

1 The Halloween Costumes We Will Never Forget

When we saw Mariah dressed up as a box of chocolate chip cookies with Nick as a gallon of milk, some couldn’t stop laughing. Others were happy to see that the two were still together even though people doubted that their marriage would last.

In that same year during Halloween, the two dressed up as firefighters. Mariah wore a red bikini top, and mini skirt and Nick wore a white T-shirt while the both wore matching firefighter jackets. And in 2009, the two dressed up as they walked out of heaven. Mariah wore a white silk bustier with wings and Nick wore a white dapper suit with a fuzzy halo on his head.

Single or not, Carey is always worth looking for on Halloween.

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15 Unforgettable Photos Of A Young Mariah Carey