15 Uncomfortable Photos Of Celebs Being Jerks To Their Kids

One of the biggest complaints celebrities have is the fact that they don't have a real semblance of privacy. Celebrities are often hounded by the paparazzi so that the public can be made aware of every detail of their lives. This is often fluffed off as the price of fame, but many people think of it as extremely invasive. Cases of excessive practices by the paparazzi have been sighted to give weight to this way of thinking, especially when bringing up cases like Princess Diana. Yet, the biggest complaints that celebrities have about their private lives being put on display is how it relates to their children. While the celebrities themselves may have signed up for the pitfalls of fame, the children seem to be innocent bystanders in the situation.

On top of the children being hounded by the paparazzi and having the world comment on everything from their looks to their resemblance to their parents, celebrities are also judged on how well they are parenting. The paparazzi are able to follow around the celebrities when they're with their children and there have been more than a few times when their parenting skills have been put into question. Some of these snapshots show how self-centered these celebrities can be when it comes to their children. Check out our list of 15 uncomfortable photos of celebs being jerks to their kids and see how the world has sometimes changed their opinion of these celebrities because of their parenting skills.

15 Kim Kardashian Ignoring Her Falling Daughter

When it was announced that Kim Kardashian was going to have her first child with Kanye West, people didn't quite know what to think. Her older sister, Kourtney, had already had children of her own and people generally thought of her as a great mother. It should stand to reason that Kim would also be a good mother, but there was definitely a bit of doubt. Kim seemed like the most selfish of all her sisters and she was definitely accustomed to having everything revolve around her. Yet, people started to feel sympathy for Kim once they saw all the hardships she was having during the pregnancy. Once she finally had the baby, people hoped that she would follow in her older sister's footsteps, but that definitely wasn't the case. This photo shows just how self-absorbed Kim was with North since she can't even be bothered to ensure her child's safety while walking down the street.

14 Kim Kardashian Dragging Her Daughter Along

There are some events that have more of an open-door policy when it comes to bringing small children, but there are some that simply aren't appropriate. When Kim Kardashian got a front row seat at New York Fashion Week in 2015, she didn't hesitate to bring her daughter, North, with her. It doesn't exactly seem she was all too concerned with the fact that this wasn't an event that was kid-friendly. With North West being super young at the time, it's understandable that she would find it difficult to sit through such a long and tedious event. While there, North started having an outburst, but Kim didn't seem at all bothered. People around her looked visibly bothered, especially the editor of US Vogue, Anna Wintour. Yet, nothing was going to stop Kim from going out and using her daughter as an accessory.

13 Charlize Theron Man-Handling Her Adopted Son

Hollywood seems to be filled with celebrities that are opting to adopt rather than have children of their own. While not all of them choose this route because of their age or inability to have their own children, it is a common theme since many actresses choose to put their career first during their peak childbearing years. Charlize Theron definitely doesn't fit the stereotype when it comes to actresses in need of starting a family without a significant other, especially since she's considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Yet, she didn't let anything stop her when it came to starting a family. She wound up adopting all on her own, but people started to question her parenting style and choices. This series of photos was definitely at the top of the list.

12 Britney Spears Driving With Her Baby On Her Lap

In February 2006, there were photos captured by the paparazzi of Britney Spears driving with her infant baby in her lap. This was during a time when Spears seemed to be going through some sort of mental breakdown. She was constantly seen in a disheveled state and there were rumors about alleged drug use. Her personal life seemed to be falling apart and she eventually had to go through the court system because of a custody battle. It resulted in Spears having her children taken away from her rather than having sole custody. The paparazzi caught Spears in the driver seat of her car with her infant on her lap. Not only is this a safety issue for the baby but it also puts more of her fragile mental state on the forefront of people's minds.

11 Madonna’s Interesting Decorating Choices

Madonna has come under scrutiny over her parenting techniques over the years, but the biggest headlines have come from her adoptions out of Malawai. There were some that criticized the way the adoptions had gone through in the country of Malawi and Madonna often had to defend herself to news outlets. While dealing with the country's adoption process isn't exactly under her control, that doesn't mean that she hasn't added to the controversy due to her own actions. In this particular post, Madonna showed off her daughter posing in her house. Yet, it wasn't just the daughter that became the main focus of the picture because people couldn't help but comment on Madonna's choice of home décor. The pillow read "F*** Cocaine," and wasn't censored at all. Many people criticized the fact that she would allow her young daughter to be around such profanity.

10 Former Teen Mom Instilling An Early Sense Of Insecurity And Materialism

When Farrah Abraham was first featured as a pregnant girl dealing with the loss of the baby's father, she was a favorite to move onto Teen Mom. Yet, her struggle seemed to get worse and worse and people started to truly see how she was becoming unhinged. She later went into porn and didn't hesitate to post photos and videos of her growing daughter. People began criticizing her parenting skills since she admitted to waxing her daughter's eyebrows at 3 years old and had her daughter trash talk Nicki Minaj on the Internet. Yet, the biggest headline was in 2015 when Abraham posted a photo of her daughter's missing teeth and a cash reward of $600. Abraham clapped back by instilling the importance of her daughter's looks, saying, "I think it's really a struggle losing your teeth right now when everyone's looking at looks."

9 Kate Gosselin Mocking Asian People Despite Having 8 Asian Children

When Jon & Kate Plus 8 first aired on TLC, people loved watching the family deal with the struggles of having so many babies at one time. Kate Gosselin seemed completely overwhelmed and her marriage to Jon wasn't exactly the most loving, but people just loved seeing all the cute babies crawling around. As the babies grew and the family became more well-known, the show took on a completely different theme since the interaction between Jon and Kate became increasingly nasty. It wasn't long before some cheating scandals led to a bitter divorce and there were rumors thrown by both sides. This particular photo was allegedly stolen off of her home computer in an effort to publicly shame Kate. It showed her pulling at her eyes to appear "Asian" and she claimed that it was done in jest to show the kids what she would look like if she were Asian.

8 Hulk Hogan Rubbing His Daughter With Baby Oil

When Brooke Hogan was first introduced to the world, she was seen as just the daughter of Hulk Hogan. Yet, it wasn't long before she started to try and make a name for herself as a music artist. She embarked on a music career and it seemed like something would come of it in the beginning. However, her career never did parallel that of other pop stars like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. After a while, it seemed like she was going to give up her pursuit to be a music artist but then there were a number of photos that put her right back into the spotlight. One photo showed Hulk Hogan posting on social media about how amazing Brooke's legs looked and another photo showed him rubbing baby oil on her backside and inner thighs. This type of inappropriate touching was definitely raising some red flags.

7 Dina Lohan Incoherent And Kissing Lindsay

Over the years, there have been a number of heartbreaking tales that have come out of young celebrities in Hollywood. While everyone understands the concept of a "stage mom," there have been some celebrity parents that have taken that to a whole new level. Since Hollywood seems to open its doors to the rich and famous, there have been times when parents of celebrity kids have used their children's success to facilitate their partying ways. One great example of this was with Drew Barrymore after her fame as a child actress. It's been well-documented that Barrymore's mother used to tote her around to various nightclubs, which led to an extremely young Drew being introduced to cocaine and alcohol because of her mother's partying habits. Dina Lohan seems to be following in her shoes since this photo shows her out with her daughter, Lindsay, in a completely incoherent state, which only adds fuel to Lindsay's already weak sobriety.

6 Madonna Encouraging Her Underage Son To Drink

Madonna's marriage to Guy Ritchie resulted in two children that seem to have become a huge focus of turmoil in her life. Loras was photographed smoking on more than one occasion when she wasn't even legal to do so and her son, Rocco, has had a highly publicized feud that has played itself out in the news. Yet, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Rocco chose to go live with his dad instead of staying with Madonna because of the questionable parenting that has been well-documented on social media. In one post, Madonna took to the Internet to show off a then-13-year-old Rocco posing with a bottle of gin. She was immediately slammed for her stance on allowing her young son to already start his partying ways since it's not exactly instilling great behavior tendencies for her impressionable young son.

5 Michael Jackson Dangles His Baby Over Railing

While Michael Jackson was still alive, there were definitely some behaviors that made people wonder about his parenting skills. On top of the s*xual abuse allegations from other young children, the way he would escort his own kids around was definitely raising eyebrows. The kids would constantly have their faces covered with blankets or masks and it just seemed completely strange. Yet, upon the death of Michael Jackson, people started to understand the concept of the face covering in a new light. His daughter, Paris, gave an interview and explained that having her face covered allowed her to have some semblance of a private life because she was able to go out to the park and other places completely anonymous without her mask and wasn't hounded by the paparazzi. Yet, this photo of Michael Jackson dangling his newborn baby out of a hotel room is a little more difficult to explain.

4 Pink Cooking Far Too Close To Her Chil’s Face

Pink is one of the music artists that has truly evolved into something completely unique. When she first started out as a performer, people couldn't really put her into a box in regards to the music genre. She seemed far too hip-hop to be considered just pop and far too rock n' roll to be a folk singer. In the early part of her career, she was known for definitely living the rockstar lifestyle and there are even some photos that surfaced with her peeing outdoors without any apology. Yet, time has really changed Pink and she is now seen as an amazing stage performer that has true vocal talent. She was married and seemed to give her all to motherhood. Yet, this photo of her cooking on the stovetop started garnering some criticism because of how close her infant's face is to the pan.

3 Beyonce Putting Her Baby In The Hot Tub

When Beyoncé first revealed that she was pregnant with her husband, Jay-Z, people couldn't wait to see who this new celebrity child would be. Blu Ivy's birth was a celebrated event and people loved seeing all of the photos of her shared online. Yet, there was one photo that had people criticizing Beyoncé's parenting habits since it seemed to be endangering her health. Beyoncé posted a photo of herself, lounging in a hot tub. Her infant daughter, Blu Ivy, was in the tub with her and had the majority of her body in the water. While the hot temperature might have been relaxing to Beyoncé, it was actually quite dangerous for her child. With children's skin being a lot thinner than adult skin, having them in these hot temperatures can be extremely dangerous and it had people wondering whether or not Beyoncé was alright with endangering her daughter's health just so she could relax in a hot tub.

2 Kate Gosselin Smacking Her Kid In The Front Yard

While there are some celebrities that have managed to stay off the list of bad parenting photos, there are some that are so extreme, they have made the list more than once. Kate Gosselin has always been known as an ultra-strict parent that wasn't exactly affectionate or gentle in her demeanor. Yet, TLC was pretty good about representing her in a way where she wasn't completely horrifying to television audiences. However, that doesn't mean there weren't more extreme methods of punishment being carried out when she thought that the cameras weren't watching. This particular photo was released when she was still on television and it shows one of the younger children being smacked out in her front yard. While there are some people that are fine with spanking, there were others that couldn't believe her method of punishment.

1 Kris Jenner Persuading Kim To Pose For Playboy

When Kim Kardashian first starred in the reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it wasn't like she was completely unknown. She had already made quite a name for herself as the girl that starred in a s*x tape with her then-boyfriend, Ray J. While she undoubtedly wanted to put that sordid past behind her, the subject of her tape constantly seemed to come up and follow her around. While taping the reality series, audiences got to see when she was asked to pose naked for Playboy. Kim was completely against the idea because she was still trying to rid herself of that reputation, but her mother was fully onboard. Even with Kim crying her eyes out to her mother, Kris continued to push her and was even egging her on during the Playboy photo shoot.

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