15 Unbelievably Funny Texts Parents Sent To Their Children

Over the past few years, the Internet has evolved at a ridiculous pace. Not only the Internet, but cell phones and electronics have also become widely popular around societies in every corner of the world. And, by all intents and purposes, that has been a blessing in many fronts. When it comes to education, being able to get information with the click of a mouse has allowed people to learn at a much faster pace and helped folks to get their hands on valuable knowledge more quickly. Medicine has also evolved, and communications have taken a huge step forward as well. However, every single one of those blessings has a hidden problem that only the people who have come face to face with it have realized.

Now, we are here to show you that there is a problem with this advent in communication. That problem is that most of our parents are now on the Internet or are regularly using their cellphones. The issue here is not that they are using the objects, but that they might be overusing the stuff without actually understanding what they are doing. The biggest example of that is, more often than not, parents will send dirty texts to their children thinking they are sending it to their significant other. Yes, things like this have happened more times than you could possibly count. And yes, we cannot imagine how many shrinks have heard about this or how many will hear this from now on. Either way, we are here to show you some of these gems as we present a list of 15 unbelievably funny texts parents sent to their children.

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15 LOL

Via: highrated.net

The biggest paradox of the new technology of texting is that even though it’s easier than ever to write something down, we have become more and more prone to using abbreviations instead of actually writing out phrases. WTH, LOL, and WTF are just a few of the many acronyms of common phrases we use every day when we are texting. And while for us it doesn’t seem like much and they seem fairly easy to understand, it doesn’t seem like that is the case for some parents. Here is the perfect example of a mom who had no idea what LOL meant but still used it on every other phrase because she thought it meant ‘lots of love’ when it actually means ‘laughing out loud’. While that is hilarious for us, just try to imagine what happened every time she sent one of these and someone mourning the death of a loved one received a LOL in their inbox.

14 Hero Dad

Via: blazepress.com

While in most entries on this list we are going to be making fun of parents who have a hard time understanding the actual art of texting, there are a few progenitors out there who have put their kids to shame when it comes to being funny through text messages. Here is a father who was just going to the store, like every other day, and asked his son if he needed something from the shop. Of course, the smart-a*s had to make a joke and say he needed some c*ndoms because that is something totally fine to ask a parent to get for you, right?

Well, this dad just went from nice-dad level to hero-dad level after he burned his son to a crisp. If we are to be honest with you, we have no idea how we would react to getting burned like this by a parent. Still, this must be quite the interesting family.

13 Don’t Tell The Cops

Via: blazepress.com

In order to be a hero dad, you don’t really need to burn your kids. It is possible to work together with your kids to make up some of the funniest texts anyone will ever find screenshot online. Here is the perfect example. Instead of the usual issue of a parent mistakenly texting their kids something they didn’t intend for them, here we have a daughter who mistakenly texted her father something that was not supposed to go to him.

Now, while the majority of parents would have scolded their kids if they ever got a text like this, this dad is a hero dad. And hero dads do nothing but be awesome. We do share the sentiment of the daughter because the most amazing part of it all is that the guy didn’t even ask her why or who she wanted to punch in the eye with a rusty fork. And he still gave her some tips on how to get away with it.

12 Hero Dad Number Three

Via: brilio.net

Now we have already seen a couple of examples of hero dads. We have seen the hero dad who burned his kid, and we have also seen the hero dad who worked together with his daughter and helped her in her criminal endeavors. But we had yet to see the hero dad who makes fun of his kid’s fears. Seriously, this is hilarious to a fault. What makes it even funnier is that we cannot help but believe that this daughter (or wimpy son) panicked even more after reading that text.

Moreover, we would just like to draw your attention to the time tags on those texts. The kid started texting at 2:14 PM, but the dad only answered at 2:30 PM. So yes, there is a huge chance that this kid spent 15 minutes inside the bathroom because they were scared of going out and facing a freaking moth. We’re sorry, but some people just deserve to be made fun of.

11 Kids Also Make Mistakes

Via: pagely.com

Now, it wouldn’t be fair if we made this entire list just about parents making texting mistakes and not even mention that sometimes kids are the ones in the wrong. Here is a perfect example of that. When you are young and from a religious family, you are pretty much obliged to go to church every Sunday. But, depending on how religious your family is, that responsibility grows weaker and weaker as the years go by, and ultimately, you are given the choice of not going to church on a Sunday if that is your decision.

That seems to have been the case with this kid, who finally got his religious independence after a while. Nevertheless, his mom still thought it would be good for him to go to church on Sunday. First, it was just a suggestion. And then, after he mistakenly sent a text that was clearly (hopefully) not meant for his mom, she saw that the devil was in him and that he needed to go to church on Sunday.

10 The Talented Mom

Via: aintviral.com

One of the things that seem almost impossible for parents to grasp these days is the music their kids are into. More often than not, we will see parents botching and pretty much ruining a song for their kids whenever they are trying to be nice and find a way to relate to them. Honestly, there is no easier way to ruin something for a kid than to see their parents doing it. Still, there are a few times in which parents can pick up a song their kids like and make a great use out of it.

For example, this legendary mom decided to pick the classic hit song “Sexy and I Know It” and put her own spin on it. And let us just say that after reading her rendering of “Sexy and You Know It,” her son will think twice before just randomly leaving a c*ndom lying on the floor of his room.

9 Scarred For Life

Via: static.tbdcdn.com

If there is one thing that kids do not want to hear about or much less see, it is the text conversations between their parents. We are sure there are a lot of couples that don’t get to this point, but you would be surprised at the majority that do. Yes, we are talking about how parents can sometimes get pretty dirty in the messages they send to each other. If we think about it, it is not all that surprising when you take into account how teenagers and young adults interact with each other through texting, especially boyfriends and girlfriends. Nevertheless, the mere thought of your parents doing something like this is nothing short of disturbing.

To make matters worse, there are the unfortunate souls who are tormented for the rest of their lives because they ended up being the recipient of one of these messages. This son just wanted to wish his mother a happy anniversary, but in return, he didn’t get a thank you. He got something that will fuel his visits to a shrink for the rest of his life.

8 Check Your Spelling

Via: respectyourself.info

While many parents could be considered social media and technology pariahs, there are those who have adapted rather well to this new reality. One thing kids found out with the Internet is that their parents actually know about a lot, if not all, of the things kids do in secrecy and think they hide well. For example, this daughter thought she was really sly and that her parents knew nothing about her meeting her boyfriend whenever they were out of the house.

Unfortunately for her, she was just another victim of a wrongfully-sent text. The interesting thing here is that her mom clearly did not care about the idea of her daughter seeing her boyfriend in secrecy while they were away from home. She was more worried about the girl’s terrible spelling. This is a mom who has her priorities straight. Now, we’re just left wondering if this conversation would have gone the same way if the text went to her dad instead.

7 Bye Mom

Via: pinterest.com

So, sending a text has to be one of the easiest things to do with your cellphone. You literally just have to choose a contact from your contact list and write the freakin' text. Sometimes, however, people can get confused, and this is especially true with parents. Of course, we believe there are times when folks don’t even bother to double-check who they are sending a text to, but we really think they should. That is especially true when we are talking about sending pictures of yourself in this risqué kind of attire.

This mom clearly meant to send this to her husband, but for whatever reason, she ended up forwarding this “sexy” pic of her in her new lingerie to her son or daughter. Now, this would be bad enough if that was just for her daughter, but if it was for her son, this kid is going to need some therapy.

6 Recipe For What?

Via: shandymedia.com

Now, there are a lot of ways we could go about discussing this particular text. The first thing we could ask is what kind of a recipe did the kid ask for? The easy answer here is that what he got was a recipe for disaster. This is disturbing to an entirely new level. Seriously, we don’t know how you recover from this. Just put yourself in this son or daughter’s shoes. You just went back to college and wanted to start a new phase in life in which you start cooking for yourself instead of eating the chow they feed you at the dining halls. So, the most sensible thing to do here is to ask your mom for a healthy recipe she usually makes when you are home. After all, there is nothing better than your mom’s cooking, right?

Well, before you do something like that, you should try to teach your mom how to send a picture through text, or you could end up becoming a victim and receiving a disturbingly sexy pic of your mom.

5 Abbreviations Again

Via: justsomething.co

Seriously, we have a hard time believing this was actually a conversation between a mom and a daughter. This is just too perfect to be true. First of all, under the assumption that we are looking at a real text exchange between a mom and a daughter and not a montage by some Internet troll, we have to give this mom props. It takes a lot to ask people for help, especially when you ask your kids to explain something to you when they are most likely to make fun of you. This mom just asked for an explanation. She wanted to know what those abbreviations she saw on the Internet and people sent her through text all the time meant.

Meanwhile, her son or daughter answered the question without making fun of her. But then you have to wonder how the relationship between these two is, because this mom immediately thought she was being made fun of and said she would ask the sister instead. Still, the placement of the abbreviations is just too perfect.

4 Looks Good, Mom

Via: boredpanda.com

It is hard for us to explain this to you because we don’t really understand it either. How the mind of a parent who does not understand technology works is a mystery that younger folk will never understand. People might want to tell you, “Oh, you will be old one day too, and you’ll understand.”

Perhaps we will, but the odds are heavily against that. We have grown up with this technology, so it is hard to believe that we will be unable to grasp the concept of taking a photograph and not putting our finger in front of the camera. Now, if the next generation comes up with holographic imagery and stuff like that, we might face a similar problem, but we still think it would be easier for us to adapt than it was for our parents to adjust to using a cellphone camera. You gotta give this mom points for trying, though.

3 AutoCorrect Attacks

Via: buzzive.com

We could easily make up an article like this composed entirely of AutoCorrect mistakes in texts that ended up being some of the most embarrassing messages ever sent to anyone. But since this is just about parents sending weird and disturbing texts to their kids, we could not help ourselves but throw in just a couple AutoCorrect mistakes that were just too golden to leave out.

Now, while most AutoCorrect mistakes are easy to point out, some of them fit so perfectly into a wrong phrase that it seems like this mom really wanted to send a disturbing message to her kid. After all, there is nothing more disturbing than receiving a text from your mom saying that she and your dad have been “fondling” all afternoon.

But the cherry on top is that the fondling was not even the worst part. The hilariousness is in how perfectly the mistake fit into the phrase and how even when she tried to correct herself, the mom kept getting everything wrong. Just imagine how desperate this woman was to fix the mistake.

2 Bruh

Via: blazepress.com

This is a little tip for parents out there. If there is something annoying your kid does that you want them to stop, don’t tell them to stop doing it. Just start doing it yourself. Seriously, this is a flawless way of making a son or daughter stop doing something. It is kind of unfair, but the reality is that most kids do not want to be seen doing the same things that their parents are doing. Sure, there are exceptions, but when those teenage years come around, no kid wants to be recognized as the spitting image of their father or mother.

At the same time, you should try to control yourself before you start falling into that limbo that parents who try to become “cool” parents fall into. That is a place of no return. Even though it might seem entertaining and funny to you, it is not. We know sometimes parents want to be relatable, but this is like a narc trying to blend into a house party. Everyone can see that you’re out of place.

1 Gotcha

Via: seenox.org

Even though Mark Zuckerberg tried and managed to ruin a lot of people’s lives by adding the “seen” feature to Facebook messages that were visualized by the recipient and cellphone makers replicated that with some text messaging apps, kids still try to evade having conversations with their parents.

Honestly, it is annoying enough to have your mom reminding you of every single little chore you have to do throughout the day in person. Then, it becomes 10 times worse when they start doing it via text. Come on, mom, give me a break. I know I have to do all that stuff, and I’ll get to it later. One answer some kids found is to just not look at the text.

However, there are cunning parents out there, like this mom, who found the perfect way of burning her son or daughter for not replying her messages. And like a little bunny rabbit, the kid fell for the trap.

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