15 Unbelievably Funny Texts Moms And Dads Sent Their Kids

There are some things that just don’t click well together. For example, the Buffalo Bills and Super Bowls, Ketchup and honey, cats and dogs, and the list goes on. Parents and technology should be a part of that list. It is kind of sad because we know that this will happen to most of us one day. Yeah, it doesn’t seem possible now, but the odds are that the future technology is going to be so advanced that we will barely understand it by the time our kids are the ones ruling the world.

Hell, our parents probably thought they could own the entire thing and that they were at the epitome of technology when they learned how to use a fax machine. Are there fax machines still out there? It has been a while since we saw one working. Well, that is all besides the point, so let’s get back to the subject at hand.

Moms and dads have problems with technology from time to time, but as the years go by, they have been evolving rather quickly with a phone in their hands. To prove that point, we have separated a list of 15 unbelievably funny texts moms and dads sent to their kids.

15 Short And To The Point

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Honesty is the cornerstone of every family. Husbands and wives should be faithful and honest with each other as should they be honest with their children about what they are doing, what they want their kids to do, and things like that. So, most of the time, we could consider honesty to be the best of things. However, this is one of the instances in which a kid probably wanted his dad to be dishonest with him.

First, let’s start with the fact that the kid just tried to start a regular conversation with his dad and was answered with a pun right away. But that blow was not enough. He tried to explain to his dad what he was asking, and his dad was, once again, very honest with his response.

14 The Cool Dad

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How many times have your parents texted you asking where you were, and you completely forgot to answer them only to come home and get railed with complaints? Most of the time, kids don’t respond because they really don’t want to lie to their parents nor do they want their parents to know where they actually are. How comfortable would you be telling your dad that you were "buying" from your friendly neighborhood dealer while you were supposed to be in a study group?

Well, it turns out that some parents are somewhat okay with things like that. Who knew that they actually really just wanted to know where you were? Maybe honesty really is the key to a good relationship with your folks. At the same time, we cannot help but think that this text was a fake. No parent would answer like that, would they?

13 I’ll Google It

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Sometimes, we cannot help but feel bad for some parents. The hardest thing for older people to grasp when they start using text messaging is the idea of acronyms. Things like IDK, LOL, WTF, and all the others can be tough for someone who has been using proper grammar their entire life to understand. That being said, this mom did the right thing and asked her son or daughter what each of the acronyms she had doubts about meant.

The only thing she didn’t expect was that the acronyms she sent, in the order she sent them, would make for a rather harsh message if they were put together in that same order. The poor kid just tried to explain to their mom what she wanted to know, but she didn’t understand and thought they were being sassy or something like that. Freaking technology, man…

12 This Dad Gets It

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Okay, we had to open up an exception for this exchange. It is not exactly a funny text that a dad sent to his kid, but it is an exchange that every single person should read. Whether you are the son or the dad, there is no way you could be angry at someone for getting suspended after an occurrence like this.

First, the person in the wrong here is clearly the teacher. You can’t really be calling your students idiots anymore. That used to fly back in the old days, but those days are long gone. At the same time, this is just a testament to how quick and witty kids these days are. This is arguably the greatest in-class comeback we ever heard. We just hope this entire exchange really happened because it is priceless.

11 Grandma’s What?

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We have seen babies take naps in some of the weirdest places. The most common place for a baby to take a nap is either in her crib or the arms of one of her loved ones. Nevertheless, AutoCorrect provided us with quite the exquisite new place for a baby to take a nap in. Yes, baby Eli woke up early and disturbed his parents because he took a long nap during the afternoon. All of that seems to be very common for any baby. The only thing we didn’t expect was that the baby took a long nap in grandma’s a*s.

Yeah, this was one of those AutoCorrect mistakes for the ages. Imagine how long this daughter is going to keep grilling her mother and laughing at her because of this one AutoCorrect mistake. Why can’t things like these happen to us?

10 This Dad Is Good

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We talked about how older adults (a.k.a. mom and dad) can have trouble with finding out and learning about the acronyms people use while they are texting every day. Well, this is no problem for this special dad. In a conversation with his daughter, the guy clearly opened up by showing how he knew what the basics were. ROFL is something that could be considered a medium-level acronym in the mom and dad scale. What we didn’t expect was that this guy would be able to solve his daughter’s riddle while he was rolling on the floor laughing at whatever she had said before.

Take a good look at that acronym and be honest with yourself. Would you be able to solve that one? We certainly would not. How many letters were in the thing? Honestly, we have nothing but respect for this man.

9 The Excited Mom

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Perhaps the biggest problem with moms and dads being able to text their kids these days is that this is yet another way of them keeping tabs on you. We are not even talking about them wanting to know where you are at all times; we are talking about giving them the opportunity to blow up your phone whenever they want. This could be a good thing for some families, but if you have a mom like this one, it could turn out to be quite the annoyance.

Sometimes, hurdles for communication are necessary in order to keep everyone happy. Just imagine how annoyed this daughter would be if she was on that date and her phone kept buzzing with her mom’s questions. We hope she remembered to turn it off, or else her date would be very curious as to who was texting her.

8 Another Cool Dad

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A vital part of text conversations is AutoCorrect. You will not have a hard time finding people complaining about the stupid things that they mistakenly sent to friends, loved ones, mistresses, you name it, because of AutoCorrect. Sometimes, however, AutoCorrect could turn out to be a blessing, as you could find out some things about your parents that they would never tell you if not for a terrible AutoCorrect mistake.

Nine times out of 10, if this kid sent a text telling her or his dad that they were having the best “weed” of their life, they would get scolded like hell. Luckily for them, this was that one time in which, instead of getting scolded, they got blackmailing material. This should become an example for all stoner dads out there. Do not fall into this trap or your kids will blackmail the hell out of you.

7 Little Girl Needs Protection

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AutoCorrect strikes again in yet another hilarious mistake a mom sent to her daughter. If you are out in college, you are probably used to receiving care packages from your parents. These are the usual food and necessary things you need to survive that you usually forget to buy when you are a college student. Parents just look out for their kids, and that is part of being a good parent. This mom was apparently a good parent and supposedly sent her daughter regular shipments of things she needed.

There was that one time, however, in which she packed up a couple of thugs and sent them down to protect her little girl. This is yet another priceless AutoCorrect mistake that we cannot imagine this girl will ever let her mother live down. How did she pack those thugs though? LOL.

6 Get A Job

Since we are talking about parents and kids living away from home, let’s bring to the surface a topic that a lot of parents are probably annoyed by. Kids in college are notorious for always asking their parents for money. We are not generalizing here. We are sure there are a lot of people who work their butts off during their college days in order to support themselves. But there is a good portion of the college population that is supported by mommy and daddy. Nothing wrong with that; you play the hand you are dealt.

Nevertheless, it is clear that some parents are very annoyed by how their kids ask for money. A prime example is this smart-a*s who thought he was being cool by putting the $’s in his texts to dad. Fortunately for us, his dad was pretty clever with the NOs.

5 The Realist Dad

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Fathers are supposed to show their sons how things are done. That includes all of the manly things you need to learn in your life. We are talking shaving, hair growing in places you never thought it would grow, and things like that. There are a few guys who also delve into the topic of showing their kids how to get girls. Well, if they are married, it is not as much showing as it is telling them how. Either way, this was one dad who didn’t seem too keen on giving his kid a step-by-step guide on how to get girls.

And if we are to be honest, the dad got the gist of it. You can try to learn all the tricks in the book, but it all comes down to growing a pair talking to them.

4 Sometimes You Need Luck

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By now, you have probably realized that we could fill out a list with only the struggles of moms and dads against the monsters that are acronyms. Nevertheless, there are times in which moms and dads do manage to vanquish their foes in quite the spectacular way. Sometimes, you don’t even need to know what an acronym is to use it properly. How many times do you think there were when people used acronyms like LOL without even knowing what they meant? Probably countless.

Acronyms like YOLO, on the other hand, are actually harder to use and to understand depending on who we are talking about. YOLO became quite mainstream now, but it was not such a commonly-used acronym before. Luckily for this mom, she used it at the perfect moment. Maybe if she knew what it meant, it wouldn’t have sounded so perfect.

3 Wait, What?

Well, if there is one big villain in the world of texting, it has to be AutoCorrect. We are sure it has helped some people at some point, but the thing does more harm than it does good. Seriously, we have already shown you a bunch of AutoCorrect mistakes that were for the bad. How many instances can you mention in which AutoCorrect saved someone from embarrassment instead of causing said embarrassment? Not that many, right?

Either way, we can also seldom find instances in which AutoCorrect turned a regular text into something as inappropriate as this one a mom sent to her son. She just wanted to tell Josh not to shake his drink because it would explode. Something Josh should know since carbonated drinks pretty much turn into bombs when you shake them. Nevertheless, that was not what AutoCorrect told him not to shake.

2 That’s Just Gross

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Talking about inappropriate moms… This is well beyond our realm of understanding. Did she really think that those characters put together looked like a hug? Maybe our minds are just messed up, but there is only one thing we can see when we look at that. Perhaps that just tells us how messed up humanity is these days, but we are not trying to get philosophical with you today. We are here to talk about texting, and the bottom line is that this “hug” was an incredibly embarrassing and inappropriate thing for a “momma” to send to her young cub.

Do you see a hug there? We are looking at it over and over again, and we just cannot see it. Well, maybe we should all take a lesson out of this mom’s playbook or, you know, maybe her kids should buy her a pair of glasses.

1 The King Of Dads

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This dad is undoubtedly the most awesome dad we ran across today. It takes a sense of humor to tell your kids some truths, but to tell them something like this guy just did takes a large pair of you-know-whats and an incredible sense of humor. On the other hand, to hear something like this from your dad can be nothing less than humiliating. Honestly, how can you recover in the game when your own dad burns you this hard?

If one of the two people who put you in the world thinks this lowly of you, what does the rest of the bunch think? Harsh or not, this was arguably the greatest comeback in the history of dad texts. “You realize that you can’t get your hand pregnant…”

How can anyone ever top that?

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