15 Types Of Chicks You'll Date In Your 20s

If there is one thing that most guys have in common is that they all tend to date a lot in their 20s. Of course there are a few outliers involved in that scenario. There are of course the guys that don't date much at all, and sit around and gaze at wonder at all the men that hang out with women. Then there are the sorts of guys who actually couple up when they are in their late teens or early 20's, thus missing out on one of the most fabulous times of a man's life, the decade that is otherwise known as "mating season."

Of course for most men, being in your 20's is all about hooking up. Some people try to hook up with a woman to try and find a partner, while others hook up because they are trying to have fun.

If you do hook up with a lot of women, and I for one certainly hope that you do, then you are going to meet all sorts of different types of chicks, but after a while and you become more experienced, you recognize that all of these women all fit into the same basic categories. While all women think they are a special snowflake, they really are not, and identifying their species will save you a lot of time, and effort, and let's face it, who really wants to put a lot of time and effort into women?

Here are the 15 types of women you will date in your 20s.


15 The Drama Queen

The drama queen might seem kind of fun at first, and when I say "at first" I mean within the first hour. After that it is all completely downhill. When you date the drama queen get ready to listen to how her family doesn't understand her, and how her last ten boyfriends were all so totally mean to her. It won't take long for you to understand that all of her exes were mean to her for a reason, mainly because she is such a huge pain. A chick like this is not happy until she is unhappy. She lays in the weeds waiting for you to screw up, so she can cry into her pillow and then draw you in to some big screaming fight. Some guys like this kind of thing of course, they live for drama, but that is because they are drama queens too.

14 Daddy's Girl


This girl can fly under the radar for a little while, but sooner or later you recognize what you are dealing with, and let me tell you it is not pretty. The Daddy's girl is almost always spoiled, and she also always has a man in her life that she thinks is more important than you, which is her dad. She has these certain expectations of you that you will never be able to meet, and is always judging you. This type is more than fine if you want to date and hook up with a few times and then run, she is going to go crying to her dad when you dump her after all, and not you. But if you are thinking about being in a real relationship with her forget it. You will always come second and you will never stack up to the real man in her life.

13 The "Wants To Get Married" Girl

This type can be amusing, but only if you have a major cruel streak in you. One can always tell this type almost within the first few dates. She starts looking deeply into your eyes, and acting like you two might be kind of special. She may say that she loves you early on, and if for some reason you are crazy enough to say it to her, she gushes and gets all excited. She wants to be with you every night, even right after you first met. Listen, I can not say this strongly enough, get the heck away from this one - it is going to get creepier and creepier as you go along. If you two are meant to be it will happen in time, the types that want to rush it and go super fast are almost always psychos, or totally needy, which are two dating pools you want to avoid.

12 The Crazy Girl


Alright I have to admit, this one is kind of a major weakness for me. This one is usually a cross between the party girl and the artistic girl, combined with the fact that they are pretty much always good in bed. Of course these types of relationships always turn out awfully. The police are called, there are lots of tears and bad behaviors, but before all that goes down one usually gets a few weeks, or a few months, of something that seems totally amazing, until one day you wake up and go "Oh...this chick is totally nuts, how did I not see that?" From then on you have to try to get rid of her, which is not easy. Usually it takes you about 3 times as long to get out of a relationship with a crazy chick than the relationship actually lasted. It often is still worth it though, you know if you like them crazy, and I do.

11 The Beauty Queen

The Beauty Queen is the type that I personally can't stand, but a lot of guys go totally nuts over and prefer above all others. She is always making sure that her hair is perfect, that she has on all the right makeup and clothes, and that her body is toned and tanned. This is all fine I suppose but it says a lot about someone when they are totally fixated on their looks. I mean come on, taking care of yourself is good, and having confidence in yourself is good, but if it is all you think about then you need to get over yourself. Another aspect to this is that almost all of the beauty queen types are horrible in the sack. Yes, you heard me, crazy chicks are good, beauty queens are bad. The whole thing is just one of life's cruel jokes.

10 The Detective


The detective is a particularly irritating type of woman you are going to date. Not so much because of her personality, but more because, when it comes right down to it she is going to be right a lot of the time. She never takes anything at face value. She is going to wonder why you like her (it is because she is hot), whether or not you are just manipulating her (you are) and if you are seeing other people (yep). She is going to question where you are at night, why it took you so long to respond to her texts, who knows, she might even figure out that you mow lawns for a living and are not a venture capitalist. Try and get rid of the detective, as soon as possible. Unless of course you are looking to be locked up, some guys are.

9 The Indecisive Girl

This girl is a total drag to hang out with. There is nothing worse than a chick that can not figure out what she wants. One day you will be having some incredible passion with her, she will be looking deeply into your eyes and wondering if you are the one, the next day she will refuse to respond to your text messages as she thinks she is not ready for a relationship. This kind of woman is no big deal to date if you don't want a real relationship, I mean  come on, who cares what she thinks right? But this type will often suck you into their vortex, and before long she often turns into the drama queen, telling you she doesn't like you one day, then turning up on your doorstep in tears the next.


8 The User


Now a lot of you guys will never date the type of girl I am talking about here.  Lucky you, right? Well no, not really. The reason you will never date one of these girls is because you don't have anything. There are all sorts of users, going right up and down the line. The top shelf users might date a guy who is really rich and will take her on vacations to exotic places and buy her things, while a more low rent user will date a guy who will buy her a beer and a cheeseburger and take her to the arcade at the mall. Either way, you want to avoid this type without a doubt. There is only one exception to that rule of course, if you are also using her by buying her things so she will like you then it's on. You two deserve each other.

7 The Insecure Girl

Unless you are a certain type of guy, then the insecure girl is a total pain to hang out with. Some guys actually like insecure girls, although they would probably never admit it. They get into hanging out with women with no self esteem because it makes them feel more powerful. I am here to tell you this is not a good idea. Until you have hung out with a totally hot woman who always talks about how fat she is, or how unattractive she is, you have no idea how irritating it is. These women almost always eventually turn into The Detective, or the Drama Queen, so if you can stay far away. Of course it is kind of preferable if she is a little insecure, if she wasn't, she would not be dating you in the first place.

6 The Party Girl


The party girl is totally awesome, for a while anyway.  She is going to be down for anything that you are up to, will party with you all night, will usually go all the way on the first date, and will never judge you for anything. That is as long as you do not judge her either. But how long are you going to be able to do that? Because as fun as the party girl is, she also comes with some baggage, and by that I mean she is also super messed up. She usually has some pretty major mental problems, which is why she is partying in the first place, she also almost certainly has some financial problems, because chicks like this don't hold a job for too long. So basically when she is partying things will be fine, as long as she doesn't bang your friends, but at all other times, it will be awful.

5 The Professional Girl

This type of girl is pretty easy to ask out and have some dates with as long as you are professional too, or at least can pretend to be. She is usually fine at first, but often you will find does not like to go out and party, or even likes to hook up. The way that she is in her professional life is going to be the way she is with you, too. She is not going to want to take risks, and is only going to want to do things when she knows that she is going to be able to get a good result from it. Dates will end because she needs to get up in the morning; she won't want to have that third drink because of her meeting the next day. None of this is bad of course, but this is an article about chicks you date in your 20s. Save this one for chicks you date in your 30s.

4 The Hipster


The hipster can be kind of fun for a little while. She is sort of a combination of the insecure girl, and the party girl, with a little bit of artist thrown in as well. But the thing is, if that combination sounds kind of awful, it usually is.  This type of chick wants nothing more than to be different, and wants the whole world to know it too. If you are not a hipster she won't date you because you are not nearly cool enough, and if you are a hipster you two will be bored stiff within a few weeks, because lets face it, hipsters are almost always boring. A pro tip is that when you see someone who is trying super hard to appear interesting, they almost never are. Most of these hipster chicks are just playing games, not with you, but with themselves.

3 The Artist

Artistic chicks are fun without a doubt. Out of most of the women on this list I would suggest dating them over most others.  They tend to be fun, they tend to be interesting and smart, and they tend to like to party and hook up, but not overly so. The only real problems  with this type is that they tend to be a bit pretentious, and they also tend to be a little loose with who they hook up with from time to time. I am certainly not saying that an artist chick is worse than you in this way, but she probably will be as bad as you. Of course most of you guys could never date a chick like this anyway, because artist chicks almost always date someone else that is creative. It is like some sort of law or something I believe.

2 The Jealous Girl


This particular girl is awful. Okay, first of all let me get this right out of the way: When I was dating women in my 20s they were totally right to be jealous. I cheated on them every chance I got. But so why were they dating me anyway? It was not like I was the kind of guy that seemed like I wouldn't. This is the thing about the jealous girl, they always, and I mean always, pick a guy that is going to do them wrong. This type of woman are born and not made. So unless you enjoy being questioned, spied on and stalked by an angry lunatic, I would probably forego dating the jealous girl. And don't tell me you dated her by accident. You can always tell with this type how nuts they are pretty much right away.

1 The One You Can't Get Over

Yeah we know, you are a super player. You hook up with women and they lose it over you, and not the other way around. Sadly, I am not buying it. I know, and you know there was that one chick that you went out with, hung out with a few times, or maybe even just once, and you still can't get over her. You think about her all the time, stalk her social media, and maybe even text her from time to time.  Of course she blows you off and treats you awfully. The whole thing is kind of the circle of the dating life, because for this one woman, you are some type of guy on her list that she does not want to date again. See how that works? Now get back out there. Happy hunting.

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