15 Troubling Confessions From People Who Stalked Their Crush

We’ve all been there, right? We get a crush on someone and we start feeling just a little bit crazy. Oh! Is it just me? Having crushes can certainly make some people crazy, after all, that’s where we get those creepy movies like Fatal Attraction or Swimfan. Sometimes, having a crush on someone can go just a little too far. We might not even expect our crushes to go as far as they do. It starts off small and then it grows into an obsession that some people have a hard time controlling. Whether or not you want to admit that you have done crazy things when you had a crush on someone, these people are spilling the beans on their secret obsessions.

You might get a little creeped out when you hear the extent that some people will go to just to be close to their crush. It might make you want to lock your doors and keep your windows sealed tight at night. What would you be willing to do just to have a chance to talk to or spend time with your crush? You might be surprised to know what people will do. Can crushes be dangerous? Of course they can. So just be sure you know who you're dealing with.

These 15 people may have gone just a little too far when it came to stalking their crushes. Read on to find out the creepy confessions from people who stalked their crush.


15 Inside Your Room

What would you do if you found out someone was in your room watching you? Pretty creepy, right? This girl somehow got into her crush’s home and thought nothing of watching him while he slept. We are pretty sure that he would be deeply disturbed to find out there was a girl in his room. This is totally Swimfan material. Stalkers can be very creepy, right? “I snuck into my crush’s house through the window at 3 in the morning. I watched him sleep and then I left before he woke up and he still doesn’t know.” We sure hope he doesn’t know because as soon as he does find out, this poor girl is sure to be on her way to jail. We think this story is beyond disturbing and it really makes us want to check our window locks at night.

14 The Box Cutter


What would you do for your crush? Would you cut his name into your skin? That’s exactly what one obsessed girl did. This is a story told from a friend’s perspective and we can’t believe this actually happened. "A girl told him that she had written his name on her leg with a box cutter so that she will always have him near her.” We can’t even believe that someone would do something like this and then actually tell the crush what they did. There’s no way a guy would have been okay with knowing that a girl carved his named permanently in her skin. We can guarantee that he went running in the opposite direction. He was probably also screaming as he was running away from her. Am I right?

13 It’s A Dog Crush

This girl is feeling so lonely, she pretends that her dog is the man of her dreams. “Sometimes, I pretend my crush has transformed into my dog, and when my dog cuddles with me, I feel like he’s my crush.” Ewww! There is just something wrong with this confession. She might need to start getting out there and meeting new people. Dogs can certainly be great companions and they often keep us from being lonely, but come on! This girl shouldn’t be pretending the dog is her crush, because, well, it's just plain weird. We’re having trouble getting the image out of our heads. We can’t say that we’ve ever heard about someone pretending their dog was their crush. It’s just disturbing.

12 The Cardinal Rule


Usually, when you stalk someone online, you don’t tell them. You just wait for them to tell you the information that you already know. “According to Smitteyy on Reddit, he was looking up his crushes’ Facebook page and then found himself looking at her tagged photos, then her sister’s page, and then finding out that they were in a band together. A few days later, he ends up seeing her when he was out with his friends and they got to talking. He asks her if she had a sister and if she played the flute in a band with her. Her response was, “how the f**k do you know this?” He broke the cardinal rule of social media stalking.” Indeed, how does he know? We would have liked to have seen how he talked his way out of this one.

11 The Photographer

Some stalkers like to stalk from afar. They are too shy to get up close and personal. Seeing their crush through a camera lens is all they need. Plus,they get to have all the pictures to look at and dream over later on. The fact that social media and camera phones make it so easy for us to take pictures wherever we are, this is definitely a common occurrence. “My crush doesn’t know that I secretly take pictures of him.” Tyler from 13 Reasons Why learned a hard lesson when he got caught photographing people in personal situations without their permission. You can actually get into a lot of trouble photographing people, especially if they are underage. Teenagers are still considered to be underage, so people who are stalking their crushes could get into some hot water for sure.

10 Fake Accounts


This girl went to the extent of building a fake account based on a life she doesn’t have. She pretty much mimic’s her crushes life just to find out everything about him. What’s her endgame here if the guy actually developed an interest in her? She’s lied about every aspect of her life. “I once made an elaborate LinkedIn account that 'worked in his industry,' amassed a decent amount of connections, then requested him so it wouldn’t seem like a scam. All of this because he didn’t use any other kind of social media and I wanted the dirt.” It’s probably a good thing that this guy doesn’t care about social media, he can avoid psychos like this one. Though he may not realize that this one knows everything about him. Yikes, we feel sorry for the guy — he has no idea what he's in for.

9 She Got Her Man

This stalker went to great lengths to make sure that she was around her crush all the time. It worked too because they started dating and they’ve been together ever since. Sometimes, it pays to be a stalker. “I changed my entire schedule — first my classes, then the work shifts at the coffee house that went around them — so I could be sure to be there when he came in every day to get his coffee. For the record, we’re still together three years later, and he has no idea I did this. But it was worth it.” Dear god, we wonder if she’s ever told him the real reason they ended up together. We bet he would find it pretty disturbing. Some people will go to great lengths to be with their crush, but we guess it works out sometimes.


8 Making Him Jealous


This girl was determined to make her crush jealous so that he would fall for her. She set up a fake account of a guy and then had “him” post on her wall frequently. It’s kind of creepy how she went to great length to make a guy jealous. “According to Laura from XO Jane, she set up a fake Twitter account to flirt with herself in an attempt to make the guy she had a crush on jealous! On the surface, this might not seem that bad, but when we think about the effort that went into this, it just screams creepy. In order to make her fake Twitter account look legit, she had to get an image of a guy for the profile picture. This picture can’t be a celebrity or someone that the guy she’s trying to make jealous will know. Next, she has to get people to follow this fake account, so it doesn’t look suspicious. Additionally, she has to actually tweet under this account because nothing screams ‘fake’ like a Twitter account with no posted tweets!”

7 Manifesting Is Real

Manifesting your perfect life is a popular theme these days. Have you ever tried manifesting your crush into your life? Apparently, there are classes where you can learn how to bring your crush into your life. It kind of sounds like Voodoo. “In practising manifestation, there is an exercise that is supposed to make someone dream about you at night in bed, imagining yourself leaving through the back of your neck and making your way to the guy, entering through the back of his neck, and then trying very hard to focus on vivid, specific memories of the two of you. I have definitely done this.” We can’t imagine there would be girls out there that are actually trying to manifest themselves physically into their crush’s life. It’s a little too close to witchcraft for our taste. These poor guys really have no idea.

6 The Drive-By


The drive-by was what we did back in the day before social media was so popular. It’s crazy to think that girls are driving past someone’s house repeatedly in the hopes of running into their crush. Seriously, if these guys only knew what girls were doing to make a connection. “When I was in high school, I was so obsessed with this guy that my friend and I would drive by his street multiple times a day just to see a glimpse of him. We would blast Missy Elliott’s “Work It” and act like we were super cool, when, in fact, clearly, so uncool. This is what you had to do to stalk in the non-Instagram/Facebook times: drive-bys to hopefully get a sneak-peek of their car. Lame!” Yes, we agree this method is totally lame. Girls, it's time to work up the courage to go up and meet the man of your dreams.

5 She Slept In His Bed

This stalking situation is beyond creepy and borderline dangerous. “A girl who had a crush on a guy broke into his parent’s apartment (where he lived) and she slept in his bed. Luckily for him, he had slept at his friend’s house that night and wasn’t subjected to the horror of finding someone in his bed. His mom even called him the next morning asking him who she was which means that she stayed there all night.” Wow, this is nuts. Why would she stay there long enough to get caught? Why wouldn’t the mother just call the cops when she saw a stranger in her son’s bed. There are so many unanswered questions here; we just can’t believe that someone would do that. It’s super creepy, and this girl must be humiliated now that the guy knows who she is and what she did.

4 She Changed Schools


This story is crazy because this girl changed schools to be near her crush even though they had never dated and he ended up marrying someone else. “I am not proud to admit this, but I was hesitating between two places for grad school, and I decided to go with the one where the guy I really liked was. We had not even been on a date at that point, but I was convinced that we were meant to be, so I went to Chicago (with its terrible winters) for two years of grad school (when I could have been in southern California) to be near him. He ended up dating a girl from his work shortly after I arrived, and they’re married now. FML.” She’s a pretty silly girl to go through all this for someone who obviously didn’t even know she existed.

3 She Really Liked Him

There’s a good chance that this girl is a complete psychopath. We can’t even believe this story. This girl was so obsessed with her crush that she told him he didn’t need to wear a condom. “According to Argle-Bargle on Crave Online, a girl who had a crush on him told him that he didn’t have to wear a condom. Her reasoning? She told him that she'd just ‘miscarry.’” That is easily the sickest, creepiest thing that a girl could ever say to a guy. He must have been deeply disturbed to hear her say that. Did she think she was being sweet? Yuck, it’s just bizarre the way these girls behave around guys that they are crushing on. Not only is she creepy, but she has the most ridiculous means of contraception on the planet. Hopefully, he ran away from that one.

2 He Gave Her A Key To Her Own Apartment


This story has some serious creep factor. She needs to get a restraining order on him because there is clearly something wrong with this guy. “According to Melissa on Knowable, when she was in college, a guy who had a serious crush on her decided to give her a present. No, it wasn’t Gwyneth Paltrow’s head, but it was just as creepy. The present he gave her was a working key to her front door. After the initial shock of hearing that, we wondered how it was even possible. It turns out, he was a locksmith and had managed to remember the pattern of her house key when she had left them on her desk.” This is completely insane; how did he think that something like this would go over well. She probably started to scream for some help at that point.

1 She Downloaded All Of His Pictures

This girl downloaded all of her crush’s photos from Facebook! Yikes! That’s psychotic, and what’s worse, is that she got caught doing it. It’s one thing to scroll through your crush’s pictures, but to download them all is just plain creepy. “According to DrewsephVladmir on Reddit, he got caught downloading a lot of photos from his crush’s Facebook page. Facebook actually sends someone a notification when someone else downloads multiple pictures from their page. We were even surprised to hear this. The notification includes the album name, but not specific pictures that were downloaded (like it matters at that point).” We had no idea that Facebook did that either, and that’s very interesting. She must have been mortified when her crush found out that she had downloaded his pictures. She probably died of embarrassment, but at least he was safe. This is not a girl you want to hang with.



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